Full Day Of Eating Ep. 12 | Does Eating Breakfast Start Your Metabolism? | Pumpkin Carving

Full Day Of Eating Ep. 12 | Does Eating Breakfast Start Your Metabolism? | Pumpkin Carving

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good morning guys so I just woke up and I’m not feeling really hungry today but this gives me a great chance to debunk one of the most common myths that I hear beginners talk about and that is that you have to eat breakfast to kick-start your metabolism your metabolism doesn’t start until you eat breakfast and that is crazy talk guys your metabolism is constantly working one of the biggest demands for your metabolism are your organs themselves and just because you went to bed and slept for eight hours doesn’t mean your organs themselves stopped working so if you’re like me and sometimes you wake up you’re not hungry or you just rather delay most of your calories until later in the day cuz that helps you adhere to your caloric deficit and those macros that help you hit the Clerc deficit and that’s definitely what you should do however I’m not trying to just bash breakfast if you like eating breakfast in the morning and you it helps you hit your caloric deficit and adhere to your macros and it helps you perform better at work get in the gym eat breakfasts are a lot of awesome things about owning a restaurant guys but one of my favorite things about owning a restaurant is the ability to cook hot food at work so today my first meal of the day breakfast and pre-workout is a hundred grams of brown rice with three whole eggs 270 grams of chicken from the restaurant and a little bit of Duff’s famous hot sauce for all you guys out there if you want to look better find yourself a good barber stop going to Supercuts in those discount hair places and have them cut your hair trim your beard every couple of weeks you will look so much better your facial appearance is like the most important thing because people see your face all the time not everybody’s gonna see what’s on under these clothes and you can hide things with clothes you can’t hide things with your face I always wait until I’m pretty much completely out of gas to fill up my gas tank does anybody fill up their gas take it like half empty my gas nozzle is actually not broken that’s like winning the lottery when you can like set it there and it can just fill itself how often does that happen never happens by the way guys there’s one exception to the filling your gas up when it’s not empty rule and that exception is when it’s freezing in Buffalo you pick the warmest day you could have just filled up a day ago if it’s warm outside you don’t care how empty your tank is you just you fill up regardless just pulling into the gym it’s like 4 o’clock this is one of my least favorite times to come because it’s right at about 5 o’clock when the gym just becomes a nuthouse Alisa and I are over at poppy papito aka me Padre Alisa ordered Chinese food she literally ordered the entire restaurant Alyssa’s mom is over here too they they all ate Chinese food I’m eating grilled chicken is 270 grams of grilled chicken couple of servings of grilled veggies and a Jersey waist we’ve tip also I got some dessert I’m really excited this is my favorite flavor of Arctic zero so I’m gonna have this whole pint of Arctic zero after dinner mama Gina’s gonna save them so some people we have grandkids I don’t think these things these nights work this little orange night think of two cloves cut in two way too close to the stem what was this your first rodeo it’s not gonna work usually go about like here honey don’t worry about what it is just worry about your own pumpkin you imagine kids we’re gonna carve pumpkins tonight okay dad and he puts this on the table steak knives what do you guys think my pumpkin Alissa’s pumpkin Alissa and I are back for my dad’s and my last meal of the day is 140 grams of frozen strawberries 140 grams of frozen blueberries because they really didn’t have a lot of fruits and vegetables today 100 grams of chicken didn’t have a lot of protein left and then an obscene amount of Cheerios because I had a ton of carbs left tonight so this is three servings of chocolate trios which are just absolutely delicious and then three servings of honey nut cheerios as far as my macros for the day I finished at 224 grams of protein 354 grams of carbs and actually this is my first official week at 350 grams of carbs so pretty much in my carb goal and then 42 grams of fat which is slightly under my 50 gram of fat that goal anyways guys I’m gonna call it a night here I hope you enjoyed the vlog I’m gonna go in some cereal can I guess

This Post Was All About Full Day Of Eating Ep. 12 | Does Eating Breakfast Start Your Metabolism? | Pumpkin Carving.
Full Day Of Eating Ep. 12 | Does Eating Breakfast Start Your Metabolism? | Pumpkin Carving

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Full Day Of Eating Ep. 12 | Does Eating Breakfast Start Your Metabolism? | Pumpkin Carving
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