Four Years of Heartburn & Acid Reflux Suffering

Four Years of Heartburn & Acid Reflux Suffering

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so we have ronica on here she has some pretty serious she had some pretty serious heart burns there’s still some issues but I wanted to talk about subject of heartburn four years ago she had heartburn and she’s been struggling with it for four years about I think three months ago was that three months ago a doctor the doctor kept giving you anti-acids yes and more anti acids and Mauryan acids and then some liquid anti assets and you start losing weight and how much weight did you was your lowest weight that you lost well I was 121 and I went down to 113 okay so you basically you just couldn’t eat you’re starving to death yeah exactly and then every time you ate the acid we just come up and it would just burn yes and you kept going to the doctor and you kept getting the same solution right yeah and I seen two different doctors and both doctors gave me a whole month of anti acids and h2 blocker to UM to take along with the anti acids right okay so then um your husband in California he emailed me about you and wanted me to help you so I suggested some things and did you start to feel a little bit better yes I did I started as soon as he got home he brought me a chlorophyll I took that immediately arm and I started feeling some movement going on in my stomach and then after that I started feeling a little better of course you know it was not gonna I was not gonna get better from one day to another but I need you lit started feeling better good and then the heartburn was less than us yes able to eat a little bit more I was actually that night I was actually able to eat so much better yeah well let me just tell people what I gave you or recommended I recommended adding more acid to your stomach that’s kind of weird isn’t it I mean like that’s the exact opposite thing that you were told to do yes so when I told you that were you kind of like what the heck is he talking about I was so they were giving you all sorts of things to get rid of your acid but here’s the here’s the hidden truth that a lot of people don’t know which I had to stumble nough scuzz I had to probably still live on Rolaids by the mega packs I don’t see that discount at Costco the big rolaid packs I would down that thing in a few days Wow so taking all this calcium and everything would you know what’s interesting calcium one of the side effects of calcium is officers oh really yeah peptic ulcers oh wow I’m gonna put a link down below this video so people can see that but here’s here’s the interesting thing when you don’t have enough acid in your stomach the body will not close the valve on the top of the stomach so that valve that keeps the stomach the acid in the stomach is controlled by the pH of your stomach and the acid so the acid should be very very acid like 1 2 3 that’s like battery acid when aki h goes higher less acid say 4 5 6 that valve won’t close and so you’re going to start getting s reflux like crazy people can call it GERD or whatever it’s all the same and so the exact thing that you should be not doing you were doing with this doctor just pushing all this calcium and protein inhibitors which basically that blocks the the H+ the hydrogen ions which basically then you can’t produce acid so it’s completely and utterly the worst scenario so now you know I’ve tried the dead just food especially protein without acid and they give you more an acid you it’s almost going to like destroy your whole body because you can’t digest so all we did we had the first heal your stomach a little bit so I gave you chlorophyll that’s like a liquid blood of the plant it actually heals the lining of the stomach Lee gave you something called petain hydrochloride that is a remedy that helps build up your stomach acids and you do it slowly over time to correct the pH because we want to drop your pH to about one to three and I’ve had people with such severe stomach heartburn and you give them more acid and it gets better and it’s the exact opposite thing that you’re doing and even when you get older your stomach needs more acid so that’s really what we did it’s really simple yeah now the problem is your esophagus is still it’s not right it needs more healing right it’s kind of raspy it bothers you you’re probably coughing tell me more about that right now um well right now um I’m just dealing with this I wake up fine and as soon as I start talking a little bit um my voice are seeing raspy and my throat starts hurting a lot it feels stiff I don’t even want to talk I it’s just last night I I couldn’t even see because I can feel the pain on my throw and I would swallow and it was just like so dry and I’m like it’s just so it was just so painful you know you still have the heartburn and the heartburn I don’t I don’t really have it I’ll get it once in a while depending on maybe what I eat maybe I ate something that I was not supposed to but I honestly I don’t have a compared to before good so that’s pretty much it’s gone now we just have other thing okay so here’s the thing that that you need to do it’s through by not because of lack of hydration or water that’s not why it’s dry it’s dry because you are missing some of the called fat soluble vitamins basically be more fat do you typically have a lower fat than your diet now um yes vitamin A has a very unique purpose to heal and control your skin not necessarily just the outside of skin but the inner body skin that lines the mouth the sinuses the throat the lungs all the internal skin on your body is controlled by vitamin a so I would bet you anything that you have night vision problems as well because I would you have a very severe vitamin A deficiency so when you actually drive at night or it gets dark is hard to see at night when you’re driving um yes yeah so that is a vitamin A deficiency so um instead of taking vitamin A as a supplement guess where you get vitamin A um don’t know it’s really um in all the animal fats specifically butter really yeah do you ever eat butter um actually I stopped using butter thinking maybe that’s something that was um not good for my GERD so again not I’m not eating butter I want you to live on butter right now okay and you can you know if you’re allergic to dairy a little bit there’s not a lot of proper allergies with butter but if someone is they can do ghee um but I think you’ll be fine you need to vitamin A I would get Kerrygold butter okay have Sam picks them up brings them home and you want to start downing butter okay that’s like the simplest solution the other option you could do is you can start eating animal organ meats like liver but I don’t think you probably I don’t know people don’t like liver I don’t like it so that’s the other option I don’t like guys everybody that’s gonna mute me feel better yeah when they tewi now have some grass-fed beef liver cut it up with onions with some put some some butter on your vegetables in about two or three days you’ll start your throat will start feeling better you don’t want to have a low fat diet okay because you’ll start drying out vegetarians have a lot of problems with that type of vitamins but that is the remedy that you need to to fix this last part of your digestive system um it’s that simple yeah I mean I I’ll definitely do it you know because it’s just I do customer service and I am on the phone and my voice choice just getting so dry and so raspy and um I am just so uncomfortable talking about Wow well I’m going to release some recipes next week or so on some real healthy alternative snacks that have butter like you need ways to eat butter absolutely um there’s certain cookies that you can make without any sugar you can start
eating those you pray you probably need to gain some weight right yes I do so you you want to add more fat to your diet now what happens though people go on the ketosis die which is higher fat to lose weight but what happens if if you have a slow metabolism and you eat too much fat it’ll tend to slow down the ability to lose weight because you’re going to burn you’ll be burning the dietary thought with you I think the fat would actually put some a little bit of weight on your body but typically you might find that you might not gain weight by eating the fat so you might need to add some carbs which I would recommend potatoes red potatoes maybe some wild rice but red potatoes was the best way to gain weight but you need to start eating this I’ll give you some let me see if I have them ready yeah I’ll send you a couple recipes that you can start making these um treats and that way you can actually cuz I want to put I don’t want you to have bread and butter I want you to have that frozen little cookies with butter and you can start eating those and you’ll your throat within a week will probably fully panel Oh awesome I can’t wait yeah very simple so so basically in summary heartburn is really caused by a deficiency of acid acid reflux is really a deficiency of acid hardly anyone knows that if you add the acid you can fix it outside a vinegar will help the tain hydrochloride is the remedy you should eat that with with food if there’s an ulcer you need to heal the ulcer first and that’s what we did with you because I didn’t want you to have the pertain hunter cord right away so we had you consume chlorophyll pearls from standard process and I had you sucked those and eat those like candy all day long and that actually healed the stomach and that’s what we did first and then we acidify the stomach yes so you probably want to keep taking those betaine how to chloride and maybe an occasional chlorophyll – okay all right so you know what to do yes I do okay great so let me know how you do okay thank you so much dr. Berg I really really really appreciate it you’re welcome I’m just waiting for that success story when your your throat is fully handled and I’ll email you call you right away as soon as that happened okay great all right we’ll see you later okay thank you dr. Bert sure

This Post Was All About Four Years of Heartburn & Acid Reflux Suffering.
Four Years of Heartburn & Acid Reflux Suffering

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for the chlorophyll until the stomach heals, then add the gallbladder formula, which contains betaine hydrochloride, bile salts and pancreatic enzymes.
Gallbladder Formula:
Dr. Eric Berg talks with one of the clients who is facing heartburn and acid reflux from quite sometime. She had various heartburn symptoms that was caused due to lower stomach acid. He discusses about the acid reflux home remedy to help her with the gerd symptoms.
Heartburn and acid reflux are mainly caused due to a deficiency of acid in the stomach. Due to insufficient acid in stomach the valve on the stomach does not close and causes heartburn and acid reflux. So the stomach needs to be acidified in order to cure indigestion and heal heartburn and acid reflux in the body.
Dr. Eric Berg DC talks to one of his clients with heart burn and what he did to help her.
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