Forget the Egg Whites – Eat the EGG YOLKS!

Forget the Egg Whites – Eat the EGG YOLKS!

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hey guys dr. Burke here listen we’re going to talk about egg yolks versus egg whites today okay the first thing I want to talk about is a misconception that the egg white is healthier than the egg yolk take a look at this nutritional profile protein you realize that the egg yolk has I mean almost as much protein as the light it has 2.7 grams versus 3.6 grams I mean that’s amazing you would think it’s just all fat and cholesterol no it’s protein calcium 20 20 times I’m sorry ten times more calcium than the egg whites 21.9 milligrams versus two point three milligrams for the white the government phosphorus sixty six point three versus five milligrams potassium well look at the whites are a little more potassium zinc it has more zinc it has more selenium more be one more folate that’s the B vitamin it has a heck of a lot more 812 and basically it has all the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A D and K 1 and K 2 okay so those are those are things that people need and also DHA with it which is a healthy fat that your brain needs which will improve memory and things like that so hands down you know shoot the egg white away and just consume the yolk now this king egg yolk is way more nutritious than egg whites okay it also has tons of what’s called phospholipids those are basically things that are surrounding the cellular membranes it’s actually your brain needs to function so it’s really good for cell and brain health vitamin k2 I mentioned that before what is vitamin k2 well the chicken eats the grass hopefully or even the cow eats the grass if you’re talking about milk and what happens if we convert K 1 to K 2 vitamin K 2 is very different than vitamin k1 vitamin k1 has to do with clotting factors vitamin k2 is a vitamin that will remove calcium from the wrong place it will extract calcification from the arteries it takes out calcium from the joints so it D calcifies the arteries so it’s great for lowering blood pressure it’s great for making the arteries elastic and also it makes your bones really really strong and hard so we need vitamin k2 vitamin k2 is a fat soluble vitamin and it’s in goose liver it’s in butter it’s in fatty or things that are grass-fed it’s also a you can get it in a Dell if you it’s like a fermented soybean but it’s pretty nasty tasting and you can get in the supplement but vitamin k2 is actually an egg yolks if it’s grass-fed now let’s talk about choline where’s choline it’s a B vitamin that helps pull fat out of the liver it’s a little traffic B vitamins that will help your liver and also help the brain and it’s a precursor to what’s called neurotransmitters which are like hormone like beings within the nervous system but the egg is loaded with choline let’s talk about biotin biotin is intimately involved with proteins especially your hair nails so if you consume like egg whites raw for example there’s a protein in there that will block the absorption of biotin and create a biotin deficiency and you may lose your hair if you consume a lot of raw egg whites so we want to cook the egg whites and keep the egg yolks fairly raw okay but yeah biotin is very very important here also there’s a concern about cholesterol people think that it’s going to worsen their cholesterol it’s not not to mention that there’s the choline and also lecithin in eggs which actually are the antidote to cholesterol here’s the fact your body makes a lot of cholesterol 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day that’s equivalent to 14 eggs 333 strips of bacon or a pound of butter that’s how much cholesterol that our body makes so if you’re concerned about getting high cluster with eggs you don’t have to be concerned the only thing that will increase when you consume eggs is the good cholesterol if you consume more cholesterol your body will just make more okay unless there’s a genetic effect that you have which is very rare by the way and if that’s the case then maybe you consume something like a red red yeast rice okay as an extract that will help you lower cholesterol naturally form now the other point I would make about eggs is that when you buy eggs it says free-range natural like chickens that are roaming all that is just like it doesn’t mean anything you want to get pasture-raised okay not pasteurized pasture-raised that means that these chickens actually go into the pasture and the grass and they consume the grass and the bugs and things like that and we want organic both of those okay it has to be pasture raised in organic why because the feed that they feed chickens mainly is soy and corn and I mean it’d be nice that they just consume grass but the problem if they use corn and soy at least make sure that’s organic because if not it’s GMO and you’re consuming pesticides and you’re consuming a lot of other issues so unfortunately most all the feed for chickens and other animals are corn and soy but if it’s organic it’s at least it’s not GMO okay so go ahead and start consuming eggs there’s not a problem I consume four eggs every single morning and I’m still alive so I’m sure it’s going to be fine for you too thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Forget the Egg Whites – Eat the EGG YOLKS!.
Forget the Egg Whites - Eat the EGG YOLKS!

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Dr. Berg talks about the difference between egg yolks and egg white. Egg yolks have way more nutrition. This includes:
Protein 3.6g 2.7g
Calcium 2.3mg 21.9mg
Phosphorus 5mg 66.3mg
Potassium 53mg 18.5mg
Sodium 54mg 8.2mg
Zinc 0.1mg 0.4mg
Selenium 6.6mcg 9.5mcg
B1 .01mg 0.3mg
Folate 1.3mcg 24.8mcg
B12 0.03mcg .331mcg
A 0IU 245IU
E 0IU .684IU
D 0IU 18.3IU
K 0IU .119IU
DHA 0mg 94mg
Carotine 0mcg 21mcg
Eggs are also loaded with:
phospholipids, choline and biotin.
Egg yolks also contain vitamin K2, the vitamin that can help transport calcium through the body.
Make sure you get pasture-raised organic eggs. Eggs will not increase your cholesterol:
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