Foods for Fluid Retention in the Feet and Ankles

Foods for Fluid Retention in the Feet and Ankles

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about what is the absolute best diet for swollen feet and ankles okay now the first thing you need to know is if you have this condition you have to realize it so it’s a major problem it’s not a little thing and lot of times people kind of brush it off as well use have food retention go to the doctor get lasix or a diuretic and push the fluid out no you need to really realize that it’s a major problem either with the liver or the kidney or the heart and you really need to take a systemic approach or a whole body approach because what’s happening in your ankles is happening in other places too and there’s several mechanisms like for example you can have an imbalance with electrolytes okay but that’s more unlikely because when you have like either pitting edema you’re pressing in there it’s usually the organ that is failing so it’s usually more of a low protein in the blood now it’s not just a matter of eating more protein to get more protein or blood so you can push the fluid out that’s not going to work because really the liver and the kidney are not allowing the production of the right types of protein like your liver takes from the blood amino acids and makes a certain protein called albumin which goes in the blood and then it actually helps in the transmission of fluid to the blood and when you don’t when this conversion doesn’t happen because the liver is damaged then you get all this this low protein albumin in the blood and then the fluid kind of goes out of the blood alright so the protein keeps the fluid in the blood you know correctly so here’s what you have to do as a foundation you need to get the diet corrected and it starts with vegetables that is the first thing you need to start including if you’re doing like a cup of vegetables that are steamed or cooked you’re never going to get well you’re going to have to do large quantities of raw salads and vegetables we’re not talking about romaine or sorry iceberg lettuce I’m talking about spinach kale high-quality vegetables because this has a lot of great things enzymes and minerals to help push the fluid out and also make you feel better but also people do like apple cider vinegar which is a great thing sometimes they’ll do certain fruit juices like watermelon juice or melon juice to push the fluid out that will work but it’s usually temporary so you just have to start including vegetables in the diet for the potassium the enzymes and also just to heal the organs quality protein you don’t want to do if you have swelling in ankles don’t be doing like protein powders you want to do like high quality from the health food store grass fed either beef or fish or seafood you want to do a high quality protein okay not a fast food you know burger that’s not going to work you’re going to have to get the sugar out for sure that’s a given I’m not even saying that because I’m assuming you already know that but you cannot have sugar around this at all because sugars is going to cause swelling just on it and itself now the other thing that’s really powerful is an enzyme called Serra pep taste okay you’ve never heard about this you need to know about this Serra pepper taste basically will dissolve scar tissue it gets rid of fibrous unwanted tissue it dissolves clots in the arteries and improve circulation it helps inflammation it also will help other cirrhosis on the liver see what happens with the liver is it has an inflammation State and in a develop scar tissue and most people with this a demon in the feet have a bit of cirrhosis at scar tissue in the liver this enzyme will help to dissolve that so this enzyme comes from a silkworm okay but I think they can now make it they can ferment it and make it in a certain way I don’t know the whole mechanics but this is one of the best solutions for fluid because it opens up your circulation it helps repair the liver especially the scar tissue and also the kidney too so it just gets the circulation going for you now can actually have a better protein and to happen this is a very powerful enzyme for proteins okay but it won’t harm your own body’s proteins it only seems to go after the proteins that shouldn’t be there so that’s good for so many things so anyway that’s what I’m going to recommend if you have this and I would get it’s a little pricey to get something but I would get something like get 120 international 120 thousand international units or maybe even you can find at 250 thousand I use of this enzyme and take it several times a day on an empty stomach if you take it with food it won’t work okay so it goes into the blood and starts cleaning and that’s a real good way to correct a liver but the reason I talked about this last is that I want you to correct the diet first so you’re not just dependent on some pill magical pill that’s going to heal everything you have to fix it up but this is just going to enhance everything and really get you in good shape alright thanks for watching put your comments below

This Post Was All About Foods for Fluid Retention in the Feet and Ankles.
Foods for Fluid Retention in the Feet and Ankles

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Dr. Berg talks about what foods and diet for fluid retention in the feet and ankles. If you have edema, swollen feet and ankles, Dr. Berg talks about the common remedies including foods high in potassium and a powerful enzyme called sarapeptase.
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