Flax Seeds & Dry Scaly Rough Skin

Flax Seeds & Dry Scaly Rough Skin

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hi guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about flax seeds okay now the flax seed has this really awesome nutrient called alpha linolenic acid this is an essential fatty acid mainly involved in making structural parts than yourself okay so it’s the raw material to help make certain membranes in yourself so if you’re deficient in this essential fatty acid you’re going to get the biggest thing you get is dry scaly rough skin now if you take this or consume flax seeds and it doesn’t work it could mean that you’re not digesting them because you don’t have a gallbladder or you don’t have the bile necessary to break down these fats okay so it could be your own digestive system but if you’re deficient you’ll get this symptom you can get brittle hair dry hair hot flashes cracking of the skin especially in your heels bumps in the back of the arm those little the little chicken skin type bumps right cardiovascular problems coronary heart stuff increase bad cholesterol so that’s all the deficiencies the cool thing about getting your essential fatty acids from the flax is that it’s very high in omega-3 versus omega-6 so it’s anti-inflammatory but you can also find this essential fatty acid in chia seed hemp walnuts okay but because it’s very sensitive to oxygen Jinna you want to grind it before you consume it and consume it very quick because if you wait you’re going to lose the nutritional value and it’s sort of summarize that there was a study talking about flax seeds making the prostate worse okay well they went back and they did a big review of these studies and they found that actually was not true so consuming flax seed will not enlarge your prostate will not cause prostate cancer I’ll put a link down below so you know to worry about that I think it’s a good thing to consume and especially if you have any of these right here thanks for watching press the subscribe button press it forget it forget it I’m done press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events 

This Post Was All About Flax Seeds & Dry Scaly Rough Skin.
Flax Seeds & Dry Scaly Rough Skin

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Dr. Berg talks about flax seeds and alpha-linolenic acid. If you are deficient in this essential fatty acid, you could experience:
1. Dry scaly rough skin
2. Brittle hair
3. Hot flashes or hot flushes if you are from a non-US country
4. Cracking skin
5. Little bumps on the back of your arm, thighs or butt.
6. Cardiovascular problems
7. Raised bad cholesterol (LDL)
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