Fix a Leaky Gut | Boosting Your Gut Bacteria with Fermented Foods – Thomas DeLauer

Fix a Leaky Gut | Boosting Your Gut Bacteria with Fermented Foods – Thomas DeLauer

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three reasons you should be fermenting your vegetables and here’s the thing fermenting Foods has been around for eight a long time tens of thousands of years but in this video I want to give you three main reasons that fermenting your vegetables might be the best way to consume them especially if you’re not a fan of diving into a salad all the time now we all know that fermentation has positive benefits we’ve probably heard by now that it can help increase that gut flora it can help stabilize the gut biome all the healthy bacteria within your debt you see when we eat a lot of processed food and we eat a lot of inorganic stuff but the body doesn’t really know how to process eventually it starts harming that gut biome and you get sort of a an imbalance of the healthy and unhealthy bacteria within the gut and that can make it hard to break down nutrients that can cause a world of problems so when you start reintroducing the healthy bacteria by way of fermented foods that have already started that proliferation of bacteria within the food product itself well then you can start feeling better so some of these reasons are gonna be linked directly to a healthy gut biome the first one I want to talk about is our mental health now when you start eating some kimchi or sauerkraut the last thing that you’re thinking about is the fact that it’s feeding your brain right well we have to remember that there’s such a strong correlation between the gut and the brain and every day it seems like there’s new science coming out touting how important it is to have a healthy gut biome in order to really take care of your brain in fact in a recent study it was also found that mothers that were expecting that were eating high processed foods and a lot of sugar it was actually found that their children later in life had a much higher risk of depression and were also associated with higher levels of anxiety and ultimately although somewhat not measurable lower levels of success probably stemming from a lack of focus or a lack of Drive so it really shows us right then and there that if we’re eating foods that are bad on the gut biome it can affect our mental health the next reason that you should be fermenting your foods is simply because of the nutrition content we don’t really think about it like this but if we’re eating a fermented carrot versus a raw carrot well the fermented carrot is a going to be preserves it’s going to have a lot more than nutrients it’s going to have the digestive enzymes and that bacteria that’s going to help it digest a little bit more within three there’s also some chemical reactions that can occur in the body when you’re eating a fermented food that allow more absorption of those nutrients to begin with in fact one thing that’s really interesting is that it’s been shown that eating fermented foods actually can help stabilize that omega-3 profile making it so that you absorb more of the omega-3s from a given food if it’s fermented than you would otherwise and I talked about in a lot of my videos how important that oh make a three to omega-6 ratio is now another thing is it also increases the absorption of polyphenols particularly with vitamin C so if you’re eating maybe even some vegetables that could be high in vitamin C you’re gonna get more benefit from that vitamin C more benefit from those polyphenols additionally for those men that are looking to boost their testosterone levels looking to get a little bit more out of their day a little bit more out of their energy fermenting your vegetables can help you absorb a little bit more in the way of sink zinc is very important when it comes to testosterone production but fermenting vegetables can also help you absorb a little bit more in the way of magnesium which if you watch my other videos magnesium can help you produce stress can help reduce muscle cramps and can flat-out promote a better mood the one that I’ve been saving for last is the fact that eating fermented vegetables can help promote the reduction of inflammation within the body I’m known as the inflammation guy by now you probably see me all over the internet talking about that stuff the thing is it’s eating fermented veggies help that gut biome and that gut biome has a direct correlation to the reduction of inflammation when you eat processed foods when you eat genetically modified foods that are completely wacky and foreign to your body your body and your gut biome starts producing endotoxins those endo toxins can break down the digestive tract a little bit causing what’s called the leaky gut now I can go into more detail about a leaky gut but essentially what that means is it allows particles from the digestive process even unhealthy particles and byproducts to leak into the bloodstream when those leak into the bloodstream they can start attacking your lymphatic system they can start attacking other components of your body causing a rampant increase in antibodies which put you in that inflammatory State so it’s very important that we maintain a healthy gut biome so we don’t have those endotoxins that break down the lining of the digestive tract now I can go into a lot more detail on that but I’ll save that for another video so let’s go real quick on how you can ferment your vegetables in a couple easy steps so it’s simple all you’re gonna do is I’m gonna grab a mason jar you’re gonna chop up your vegetables as finely as you can you’re gonna place them in the mason jar and you’re gonna add celery juice the reason I want you to use that celery brine is basically because it’s already got enough sodium in it that it’s gonna start the process so you don’t need to add any additional salt you’re gonna seal it up you’re gonna place it in the pantry or somewhere dark for about 72 to 96 hours just enough time to start that process and there you go that’s all there really is to it one thing I do recommend is start small only start with maybe a tablespoon of these fermented veggies to start and then slowly indoctrinate more as you go so your body is adjusted to it you don’t want to get gassy with it you also want to just gauge how your body responds in general sometimes it can give you an upset stomach when your body’s not used to the excess acids that sometimes come into the system as always keep it locked in here on my videos and that we’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Fix a Leaky Gut | Boosting Your Gut Bacteria with Fermented Foods – Thomas DeLauer.
Fix a Leaky Gut | Boosting Your Gut Bacteria with Fermented Foods - Thomas DeLauer

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Fix a Leaky Gut | Boosting Your Gut Bacteria with Fermented Foods – Thomas DeLauer
3 Reasons to Ferment Your Veggies
1. Mental Health
-Depression and other mental health disorders have been increasing, and this increase appears to be at least partly due to diet. (2)
-One study over five years found that children of mothers who had unhealthy diets, including those with processed and sugary foods, during and following pregnancy experienced higher risks of emotional and behavioral problems. (2)
-It has been shown that beneficial microbes within our bodies can have a positive impact on energy and mood, being linked with lower depression and improved mood. (2)
-Probiotics have been linked to decreased anxiety and stress and improved mood. (2)
-Fermented foods are full of probiotics that help feed our gut microbiome. (2)
2. Nutrition Content
-Fermented foods positively influence the nutritional content and absorption of the foods
-Omega-3 fatty acid profile has been shown to increase with fermentation, as well as protein quality and ability to absorb protein.
-Increases bioavailability of zinc, magnesium, vitamin K2 and vitamin B. These help your mood, bone strength and heart health.
-Preserves polyphenolic compounds and vitamin C
3. Inflammation
-Inflammation is linked to many health concerns, including digestive problems and obesity.
-When we consume sugary and processed foods, bacteria in our guts release endotoxins, which lead to leaky gut syndrome.
-Inflammation in our digestive tract and all around our bodies comes from the release of particles from the gut into the bloodstream.
-Avoiding sugary foods and helping the health of your gut bacteria are ways to avoid this health spiral.
-Probiotics from fermented veggies can help us to maintain a healthy microbiome, leading to less inflammation throughout the body.
How to Ferment Your Own Vegetables
1. Use a mason jar – this will make it easy to store and reduce any problems associated with using a crock pot, such as excess yeast.
2. You will need to shred or chop your veggies.
3. Use celery juice as a brine. This naturally contains sodium, so you do not need to add sea salt.
4. Combine your veggies, brine and either whey, a starter culture or starter powder into the jar. Make sure veggies are completely covered with brine.
5. Make sure there are no air bubbles, seal and store in a warm, moist place for 24 – 96 hours.
6. When complete, store in the fridge
1. Introduce fermented vegetables slowly, starting at one teaspoon per meal and working up to ¼ to ½ cup of them per meal
2. Research online for recipes and ideal culture times for different foods.
1. Low-carb vegetables to live by
2. Fermented foods, microbiota and mental health
3. How to easily and inexpensively ferment your own vegetables

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