Fat Burning Foods / Download the Fat Burning Food Chart Below

Fat Burning Foods / Download the Fat Burning Food Chart Below

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– All right, so we’re gonna
talk about fat burning foods. There are actually two sets of hormones. Those are hormones that
trigger fat burning, and them there are hormones that trigger fat storing, and this principle really
comes into play as you age, because when you’re young,
you have a good metabolism, you could pretty much
get away with anything. But, when you age, you have
to consider the hormones. So we want to go away
from the calorie counting and focus more on how foods
influence the hormone effects. I’m going to just cover
some real key points here. Number one, protein, all right? If you have the right amount of protein, which is three to four ounces per meal, you will trigger the fat burning process. That’s why skipping a meal,
especially for breakfast, is not a good thing, because
you’re not triggering any fat burning, you’re
actually starving your body. You’re creating a starvation reflex, and it’ll actually cause more fat storing. One of the triggering effects
of fat storing hormones is starvation, or going on a diet, or being hungry ’cause
you’re not eating correctly. That’s why, I think, people
will say sometimes, like “Oh, yeah, you have to eat
like seven meals a day,” or “You have to keep eating more. “I’m actually gaining weight
’cause I’m not eating enough.” Well, that may or may not be true. It really has to do with,
are you eating enough nutrients in the calories. Because, what we don’t want to– Basically be starving
your body, all right? What you want, a small amount of protein anything excess, like, let’s say 10 or even maybe sometimes, even, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, up to 17 ounces of protein per meal, you go to this restaurant
and they have all this protein, that can trigger
the fat storing hormones and prevent any chance for weight loss. Just because protein triggers fat burning, doesn’t mean you can have a lot of it. Now, the quality is
important, too, because is you start doing like this soy protein isolate powders, which is in a lot of the
diet pre-packaged foods, that’s not high quality. It may trigger the fat storing, but it comes with the package. It has a lot of side effects. It might create tumors in the liver. It might make you look
old as you lose weight. It’s not the best quality
to replace your body tissue, so I don’t recommend it. In fact, I don’t recommend
a lot of protein powders that are with the whey or the soy. Egg protein, pea protein,
any of the vegetarian protein powders are better,
but I’d prefer if you have actual food. Then, we’re gonna get into
this thing called fats here. Fat, believe it or not, even
though it has more calories, it’s neutral when it comes
down to the fat storing or fat burning. In other words, having
butter, for example, won’t necessarily just turn into your hips or stomach weight. It’s neutral. However, when you have certain fats like greasy, deep fried foods, that grease can affect your liver and block the fat burning process because
all the fat burning hormones work through the liver. Even though it’s an indirect effect, you need a healthy liver to burn fat. So, we don’t want to clog up
the liver with too much fat, but some neutral, healthy
fats are totally fine. Coconut oil. I’m not saying go out
of your way to eat them, but don’t worry about avoiding them. Butter is not a bad thing. Safflower oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, all that is totally
fine, but the problem is doing the fast food
fats that they would do in the big vats where you
have hydrogenated oils and all this corn oil
and things like that. OK, so not we got the carbs, all right? Now, this is interesting, because in one of the premier physiology books in all medical schools and chiropractic colleges, it’s
called Guyton’s Physiology. This book is like the bible of physiology. It states that one of the most powerful triggers of fat burning hormones is the absence of carbohydrates. So, it’s not something you do, its something that you
avoid, which is kind of like something like something you’re
doing, you’re avoiding it. But, you’re not really eating anything, you’re just not eating something. That would be the carbs, and
I’m talking about the sugar, refined carbohydrates, and refined grains. Let’s just talk about that. Like the hidden things like
juice or flavored yogurt, that would be hidden, or alcohol. Those are hidden carbs. The philosophy of everything in moderation or portion control doesn’t play into this
because all it takes is a tiny amount of the
carbohydrate to block fat burning. You might not know this now, but you, unless you watched my videos, but let’s pretend that you had a cookie, OK? It’s 80 calories. You could walk it off in
about one mile of walking, but the insulin response
in that one cookie, if your metabolism is slow, and you’re getting older,
could inhibit fat burning hormones by up to 72 hours. All it takes is tiny amounts. The reason I mention
it is because sometimes I’ll have people who’ll say, “Well, I can’t, I don’t
understand all these fat people, “they’re so big, it’s so simple. “All you have to eat, all you
have to do is portion control “and exercise more, and
they would lose weight. “They’re just lazy.” That’s absolutely not true. They don’t know this little piece of information right here. When you take a carb and
you add protein, it really spikes the fat storing hormones. Like, if you had a hamburger
or a sweet and sour pork at a Chinese restaurant, or like some type or protein
with bread or sugar, that is worse combined
than having them separate. It creates more of an effect
of the fat storing hormones. That usually comes into play when you’re going out to dinner. Now, MSG, monosodium glutamate, that will be hidden as
modified food starch. That’s a flavor enhancer,
that also will spike insulin by 300%, it’s in a lot of junk
foods to make the food taste better than it really is. This is a deadly fat storing substance because it acts
like sugar almost immed– even worse than sugar
’cause it creates a spike about 300% more than sugar. So, MSG is pretty deadly if
you’re trying to lose weight. Now, fruits, fruit
doesn’t necessarily cause you to gain weight because of
the fiber buffering effect, but if your metabolism is slow, and really slow, the less
fruit that you can eat… What I would recommend, is try not to eat a lot
of it, but hit your goal and then add the fruit in to maintain your weight. So, fiber does buffer
the insulin response, so that means instead of juicing, blend foods so you have all the fiber, it’s very, very important. OK, so then we have stress. Stress does trigger the
fat storing hormones. Now, if your metabolism is slow, and you’re burnt out
and you’re not sleeping, you should not be doing
high intense exercise because you’re not going
to able to recover from it. Low recovery, no sleep, high exercise, you’re gonna get fat, all right? Now, the best sleep, best exercise to do when you’re under stress
or you’re not sleeping is low intense exercise,
’cause you will burn more fat then high intensity
depending on your recovery and your sleep. But, sleep, in general,
does help you trigger the fat burning effects. So, sleep is one of the triggers, and intense exercise is also
one of the triggers if you’re sleeping, if
you are recovering, OK? So, the exercise thing is dependent on your overall health and your metabolism. What I did, is I actually combined, I actually combined all the hormones triggers for the fat burning and all the fat store
triggers, hormone triggers for the fat storing effects right here on one piece of paper. I summarized everything to make it simple so you can download this form in the link below and them read it, study it, apply it, memorize it, then, send me your success stories, because this really does
work if you follow it. Hope you enjoyed this. I will see you in the next video.

This Post Was All About Fat Burning Foods / Download the Fat Burning Food Chart Below.
Fat Burning Foods / Download the Fat Burning Food Chart Below

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There are two hormones. There is one that triggers fat burning and the other trigger fat storing. In this video, Dr. Berg discusses how to trigger the fat burning hormone by eating certain foods in your diet.
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