Fasting: Reduce Inflammation | Boost Longevity- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting: Reduce Inflammation | Boost Longevity- Thomas DeLauer

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if you take a couple days off for meeting you’re not going to waste away people always come to me are afraid of losing muscle and the idea of fasting absolutely freaks them out now I’ve done videos before I’ve talked about intermittent fasting I’ve talked about the benefits of fasting as it pertains to fitness as it pertains to getting in the best possible shape burning fat building muscle and that’s great intermittent fasting definitely has its place there and I’ve talked sort of about the 16-hour fasting window where then you introduce eight hours of eating talk about how all of that works and just for reference a lot of that works from the stimulation of growth hormone when you produce more growth hormone you stimulate more lean body mass you stimulate more bone density and you usually promote some fat loss in the process now there’s other things that come into play too you stimulate other hormones that help produce a little bit more in the mobilization of fat but I want to talk in this video about how fast it actually affects something else other than just the growth hormone other than just the fat loss other than just the energy I want to talk about inflammation I’m always talking about inflammation but I think the mainstream media when they’re talking about intermittent fasting they’re ignoring the fact that there’s actually some huge evidence towards potentially reducing inflammation now you might be wondering why the heck does inflammation matter if you’re just trying to get in shape well it means everything because every bit of recovery that you have every bit of healing every bit of soreness that’s all about inflammation so if we can fix that or we can control it and not have these chronic levels of inflammation that means that the body can use more energy to actually heal heal from your workouts and utilize the food that needs to be utilized when a lot of us think of inflammation we just think of bloating now I think one of the simplest ways that I can explain inflammation is to actually correlate it to pain you see whenever you have pain you generally have some form of inflammation occurring a good example is arthritis and you know me I like to talk about studies I like to go into research whenever I can so I’m going to start off with a little bit of research because I think it encompasses the entire topic the entire purpose of what I’m trying to convey so this study took arthritic patients they took patients that had rheumatoid arthritis and what they did with them is they had them fast for a period of a week now that’s extreme I’m not suggesting right out the gate that you go out fast for a week but this study was pretty interesting because it looked at how they fasted for a week and then it looked at the end result and after a week these arthritic patients showed a dramatic decrease in what is called leukotriene before now I’m just going to call it LT b4 and what LT b4 is it’s basically an inflammatory marker that triggers the aggregation and the mobilization of neutrophils a lot of fancy talk here but neutrophils are basically a fancy way of saying the most abundant white blood cell and these white blood cells are usually localized to wherever you have some inflammation so in this case the study found the LT b4 was decreased directly at the rheumatoid arthritis neutrophil what that means is right where the pain was right where there was inflammation there was a reduction in that LT b4 so putting it all together what does this mean it means that by fasting for a few days or for a week in this case they were able to reduce inflammation at the site that’s pretty remarkable now additionally they found in this study that phospholipids changed and when phospholipids change it means the cell structure is changing it means that the lipid profile of the cell membrane is changing which means that different things can cross in and out of that cell now it’s been known for quite some time that when we alter the cell when we alter sore that phospholipid component of the cell that inflammation can be reduced it was previously found by introducing a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids into the diet obviously a fad that changed that cell and made it have more fat in it right that reduced inflammation but what they also found with this study was when they fasted for a period of time that that fasting also changed that phospholipid component which means that inflammation was reduced just by fasting that phospholipid changing the cell resulted in less production at that same leukotriene b4 LT b4 all this is just a fancy way of saying inflammation is reduced when you fast now what does this mean for fitness though like seriously what does it mean for you that’s trying to get in shape what does it mean if you’re just trying to feel better well like I said at the very beginning when you have this inflammation your body has to sit all this energy to attack itself to heal to do what it’s supposed to do the body is just freaking amazing and it wants to heal wants you to feel good so when you take control of that immune system and you allow yourself to feel better and you allow your immune system to do what it needs to do just to keep yourself healthy well then you have more energy for protein synthesis then you have more energy to build muscle more energy to start mobilizing fat and more energy to get up and get going and feel the way that you want to feel now I wouldn’t be doing my best if I didn’t throw another study in here and this study takes something that I think is really interesting this is called beta-hydroxybutyrate that we’re going to talk about here this study found that a short term two to three day fast had a huge increase in bhp beta-hydroxybutyrate now I know you guys are thinking Thomas you’re getting like super scientific all your videos are getting all scientific now people have talked to me about trying to dumb them down a little bit more so I’m going to explain beta-hydroxybutyrate beta-hydroxybutyrate is sort of a break down sort of a broken down process of whenever we’re dieting now bhp is produced whenever we do like high-intensity interval activity it’s a byproduct it’s also produced when we go into ketosis but it’s also produced when we fast and this beta-hydroxybutyrate directly reduces inflammation through a pretty unique pathway it reduces inflammation by reducing something that is called the inflammasome I mean it sounds like Thunderdome like it sounds horrible it sounds terrible anyway in the inflammasome is terrible it’s basically a series of rogue proteins that go out and trigger inflammation throughout your body they’re like the greasers it’s like a gang that just travels around your body so there’s some inflammation here it’s not what we want so this beta-hydroxybutyrate actually reduces the inflammasome so those road proteins that cause inflammation get dramatically reduced that means no more Road proteins taking energy from you building muscle no more Road proteins taking energy from you burning fat just flat out you feeling your best and doing the best possible things that you can do with your day so what does this mean what’s the call to action what should you do okay I’m not a doctor I can’t go tell you that you need to fast for a week but I can tell you it may not be a bad idea to take two to three days every month and do a full day fast you’re not going to catabolized that much you’re not going to break down that much tissue I can promise you that it’s just a day and the long-term benefit is going too far supersede that short-term negative effect of not
having calories for a day do it on a non training day where you’re not expending extra calories you’re just allowing yourself to relax not focus energy on digestion and allowing your body to heal if you have any questions or comments post them below or if you have any ideas on videos that you’d like me do specifically surrounding inflammation or specifically surrounding fasting let me know you can always click on the button and email me you can always email my team I’ve got a full team of nutritionists I’ve got a full team of coaches on staff with me willing to work with anybody that really wants to be their best as always keep it locked in here in my videos see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Fasting: Reduce Inflammation | Boost Longevity- Thomas DeLauer.
Fasting: Reduce Inflammation | Boost Longevity- Thomas DeLauer

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Fasting: Reduce Inflammation | Boost Longevity- Thomas DeLauer…
How Does Fasting Affect Inflammation – There’s more to it than just “not eating” at
Fasting has been used as a medical and therapeutic tool for thousands of years. Intermittent fasting is a tool that is used frequently in the fitness space to maintain muscle while burning fat. The idea is to go without food for a period of time so that you deplete your immediate energy sources, ie your blood glucose and liver glycogen stores, so your body is forced into fat-burning mode. It also boosts human growth hormone, which is known to play a role in bone strength and lean body mass.
Two approaches: Full Day Fast or Daily Fast-
We are discovering that not only does IF help with fitness goals, but it also has an effect on inflammation. Inflammation is involved in many of today’s chronic conditions, including gastrointestinal diseases, arthritis, obesity, asthma and cancer. We experience inflammation when our body is trying to heal itself, but when the reaction becomes chronic, negative health impacts occur.
Fasting and Inflammation-
Inflammation is a major cause of musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from short term back pain to arthritis and osteoporosis. One study on rheumatoid arthritis found that fasting reduced the inflammatory symptoms of RA. 14 individuals with RA were studied before and after a 1 week fast. It was found that fasting reduced the release of leukotriene B4 from RA neutrophils, reduced the generation of cytotaxins from serum and altered the phospholipid fatty acid composition. Leukotriene B4 (LTB4) plays an important role in several cellular processes involved in inflammation, including oxidative metabolism, enzyme release and stimulation of neutrophil migration and aggregation. It is known that altering your lipid intake changes the phospholipid fatty acid composition of cell membranes. This has an impact on the precursor substance content for the production of inflammatory leukotrienes. It has been shown that a diet high in fish oil decreases the production of LTB4, so this experiment wanted to see how total calorie reduction would impact this. It was also shown that the phospholipid composition changed with a resulting reduction of LTB4 production. No adverse effects of fasting were found in the study, only lightheadedness and a bit of weakness during the fasting period.
Several other studies have shown that a calorie restriction diet, which is reducing your calories without malnutrition, reduce inflammatory markers. This occurred through the reduction of inflammatory cytokine production, including reduced tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6.
Studies have shown anti-inflammatory effect of CR on the brain tissue (hypothalamus), serum, liver and heart. Chronic inflammation can harm every part of our bodies, including the brain. Chronic neuroinflammation is typical in many neurodegenerative diseases, including depression and Alzheimer’s. In a 2015 study on rats it was found that IF reduced the risk of damage to brain function in both younger and older rats when looking at neurodegenerative diseases linked to central nervous system inflammation. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine conducted a study on mice in 2015 and found that beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) produced by fasting inhibits NLRP3, a set of proteins known as the inflammasome. The inflammatory response in several disorders is driven by the inflammasome. These disorders include auto-inflammatory disorders, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and
autoimmune disorders. BHB is produced when you fast, consume a ketogenic diet, do high-intensity exercise or experience calorie restriction.
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5. Auto-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed

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