Fastest Way to Rid Low Back Pain: MUST WATCH!

Fastest Way to Rid Low Back Pain: MUST WATCH!

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I’m going to show you the absolute fastest way to knock out back pain within a few minutes so check this out so what you’re going to do is you’re not going to work on the back you’re going to work on the opposite the front part so let’s just pretend that her back pain is right in the lower part of the right where her pants comes up that her belt okay if we draw a line to the front part but we press on the exact opposite side your belly button is right here so it’s just below the bed line I press into this point what’s going to happen it’s going to relieve the back over here now the use of secret the secret is you have to match wherever the back pain is just pretend there’s a line going right through her body okay and sometimes it’s like a broad area in the back so you might want to go this way in that way and what I like to do is use a massage to what I’m doing this myself I would use a massage tool to press into these spots so what you’re going to do is like sometimes the pain is over to this side then we just shift over and we press into it or if it’s on this side you press on this side what’s fascinating it’s always going to be very very very tender on the front part that’s opposing the back part pain and that’s how you know you hit the right spot what you’re going to do is going to feel around to the epicenter of where it hurts now I can already feel this is the spot that’s the most tight on her which is probably the most tender is it yeah and so I’m going to just massage this for a little bit less than 30 seconds and all that back pain is going away now two things going to happen either the pain is going to go away and you might have to do this several times or it’s going to keep coming back in which case that you have to look deeper into it could be a disc problem it could be other things but this is the fastest way to knock out back pain that I know and by working in the opposite side no one does this they work on the back they don’t work on the front all these muscles will melt the lower back okay so go ahead and try this and put your comments below

This Post Was All About Fastest Way to Rid Low Back Pain: MUST WATCH!.
Fastest Way to Rid Low Back Pain: MUST WATCH!

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Dr. Berg reveals the fastest way to rid and knockout low back pain. This acupressure technique addresses the opposite side, the front muscles opposing your low back, If your lower back pain is from a disc protrusion, the relief may not be long lasting, however, it the low back pain is muscle related, you will get relief. This is not really a stretch, or an exercise, but an do it yourself acupressure treatment.
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