Evaluation Basics – Part 2

Evaluation Basics – Part 2

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hey it’s me again we’re going to talk about evaluation again here’s another example we’re going to take a look at this 35 year old female just like you would a mechanic would look at an engine dysfunctioning or a engineer would look at a problem only in medicine do they separate everything out and they’re over specialized they treat each thing separately they treat it they don’t take all the data they don’t look at the body as a whole you don’t understand what symptoms mean and the bunny they’re just like suppressed so medicine has become the management of symptoms so we’re gonna just dissect the her data number one she has daily headaches high pulse rate high system pressure that’s the top number of the blood pressure is high rash can’t tolerate sun dry skin fatigue and then we put all the symptoms in this digestion bucket here irritable bowel bloating needs magnesium to eliminate burping pain on the left side of her shoulder back and neck nausea floating stool gallbladder removed then we have libido is down she took Astrid in ER she’s taking estrogen for fertility and Hashimoto’s kale makes her hair fall out it’s thyroid adrenal red cheeks puffy eyes sleep allergies nervous all right so now let’s just look at this thing the thing that I had jumps out to me is the most problems are in this digestive thing now bloating burping that’s gallbladder symptoms but she had a gallbladder removed so it’s still a deficiency of bio so we know we have a deficiency of bile okay but typically that problem is going to cause pain on the right side of the shoulder and neck not the left so she has left sided shoulder and come wraps right around the back and that would mean that’s pancreas so that’s a pancreatic problem so let’s write this down pancreatic insufficiency that’s the kind of that would create these symptoms because the pancreas if it swells up or if it works too hard it will irritate the tissue right around the pancreas which there’s a is a little nerve called the phrenic nerve it’s on both sides then the left side it goes right up to your right shoulder right up through here so the pancreas now let’s take a look at pancreatic insufficiency what does that mean the pancreas makes enzymes so it also regulates insulin but if it’s not making all the enzymes which makes sense because if she has a gallbladder problem she’s not going to actually have a really really healthy pancreas they both work together in the digestive tract so whatever she ate in the past that destroyed that gallbladder is probably also made the pancreas weak as well and depleted the enzymes but the symptoms for pancreatic insufficiency are very similar to low bile very similar so right here nausea that could be the pancreas the flute the stool that floats that could be a pancreatic insufficiency because you’re not able to release enough lipase that’s fat enzymes so when bile comes in there breaks down the fat lipase from the pancreas dissolves that fat even further down to a stage where you can digest it so this could easily be pancreatic insufficiency right here and so could not so could pain on the left side and irritable bowel because you’re gonna have a lot of inflammatory issues as well if you don’t have the enzymes so that’s one thing now let’s just take a look at let’s see here rash that could be another symptom can’t tolerate some well this is really a low vitamin K deficiency because CSUN gives you a lot of vitamin D but if you don’t have vitamin K that can create a symptom of vitamin D toxicity okay which is like like it’s like Sun is toxic to you but because she doesn’t have a gallbladder we know that she doesn’t have enough of the bile to absorb some of these fats and vitamins so she’s getting you know she might just basically get all the Sun on the skin and go in but she’s not getting all the other vitamins to balance it out so this can relate to this vile thing right here dry skin well that just indicates that she’s not absorbing some of the oils and the fats in the skin because she doesn’t have the bile so that’s interesting and then we write here Hashimoto’s let’s try to figure that out Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune and autoimmune there is some data on enzyme deficiencies and autoimmune but I don’t know if that relates but I do know that if the adrenal is to stress they can get autoimmune of pretty much any organ but I would like to before I evaluate this I’d like to get a history of when it started what happened just before it was there a stress event or reserve something was it that they took the gallbladder out so I can’t really know that kale makes her hair fall well that’s too much kale and some people can block it can block iodine and that can affect especially as she already has a thyroid issue she probably needs to be taking iodine but look at this she’s taking estrogen decreased libido this is estrogen dominance see the thyroid it’s very rare to have a primary thyroid the thyroid is usually influenced by three things one a lack of bile because t4 is converted to t3 through the liver that would make a lot of sense or it can come from high estrogen associate we have two things that can cause that or it could be the adrenal as well so it could be any one of those things so what I would do with this case is that would just take one thing I would support the pancreas first then the bile and then see how many of these things clear up because for example high pulse rate that’s the heart working harder be probably because she doesn’t have the fat side vitamins to transport the minerals and calcium around and see if that doesn’t just clear these things out right here so that’s the first thing I would try and then I would support the adrenals and then I might you know recommend that she doesn’t alternative for this estrogen thing because that there’s too many side effects with that’s what estrogen so I would just take the most likely thing first address that and then the next one boom boom boom to see what’s going to really clear out most of these issues but it looks to me that if her digestion is better should be converting more thyroid hormones should be able to detoxify estrogen better from her body and she’ll be able to absorb more nutrients she’s gonna have to take some bile extract for the rest of her life because she doesn’t have a gallbladder purified bile salts but to support the pancreas and get rid of all these things that would probably give her a huge relief and allow her to sleep take the stress off the adrenals so that’s where I would start first all right so that’s just kind of a I’m just talking out loud but that’s how I would take a look at this case

This Post Was All About Evaluation Basics – Part 2.
Evaluation Basics - Part 2

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Dr. Berg discusses about health evaluation and health assessment for women’s health. This case study involves studying the symptoms and then diagnosing the treatment. Symptoms are effects and not the causes, treating a symptom might in fact hide the underlying cause of the problem itself and it may persist to reoccur after sometime. So it is essential to identify the root cause of every health related problem and then to treat the source of that health issue for effective health care and healthy living. Dr. Berg shows on how to identify health problems and perform health risk assessment by analyzing the health information for actual health management.
Dr. Berg evaluates a 35 year old female with daily headaches, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, burping and pain in the left neck and back. There is also low libido, thyroid issues and many adrenal problems.
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