Estrogen, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Estrogen, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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hey guys dr. Burke here I want to talk about estrogen the good the bad and the ugly okay so a couple things you need to know number one estrogen is not really one hormone it’s a complex of about three hormones and those work together in certain ratios when the ratio becomes altered especially when you turn 50 you get too much of the sixteen hydroxy and not enough of the two hydroxy and I’m not going to get into the long names but just realize that the ratio becomes altered where you have too much of the bad estrogen but it’s not necessarily bad it’s just because you need some of it but you just don’t need too much of it but the point is when that ratio becomes altered it sets you up for being getting cancer from the breast and the uterus so this type of estrogen right here increases your risk this one protects you against cancer so what I want to talk about is two things primarily I’m going to talk about cruciferous and I’m going to talk about a concentrated chemo a natural chemical in cruciferous called gimm okay I’m not going to get to the name but it’s just a it’s a fact a concentrated phytochemical that’s very supportive and getting these ratios back to normal it’s not necessarily going to take all your estrogen down to zero it’s going to get rid of the bad and raise the good okay that’s what that dim does so dim is a concentrate and you can get it as a pill or just consume cruciferous itself to get that that protective mechanism so thank goodness there are natural things that we can get from the food to be able to balance our estrogen because right now we are bathed in a sea of estrogen GMO foods you mean like 95 percent of your food that you’re eating is like you don’t even know if you’re getting GM in the grocery store it’s like GMO because the animals eat the grains that’s why you gotta do grass-fed which are GMO or you just buy like in the dressings that has soy and most corn corns and almost everything so you’re getting bombarded with this estrogen so in men it turns into prostate problems which I’m going to get to in another video but for women with normally supposed to happen is that your liver is supposed to get rid of the excess bad estrogen but if the liver is fatty if it’s guard and you have cirrhosis or it you have hepatitis and you have like some type of virus that’s creating inflammation that can decrease the ability to get rid of these estrogens because normally the estrogen is detoxified from the liver and the gallbladder but if that function is not there because maybe you have digestive issues or a bad liver then you sets you up for getting cancer especially if you’re consuming too much environmental estrogen so so I like to look at number one if there’s a liver problem focus on that if not or or even both we start to put the person on more cruciferous on a regular basis Brussels sprouts awesome cook you can even steam them cook them and you’ll still get a lot of benefits brought broccoli is amazing arugula awesome so those are really good cruciferous to give you the dim to be able to balance these ratios right here another thing is seek help that’s good too because it has the iodine to actually help you lower the bad estrogen so that can clean it up it’s really good for cysts and fibrocystic breast but what happens estrogen is an anabolic hormone that means it makes things get bigger it creates tumors it creates cancer okay in summary if you’re over 50 you want to actively and aggressively start to help balance a situation out by adding more cruciferous add some sea kelp or take some dim as a supplement I’ll see you next video hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Estrogen, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.
Estrogen, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Dr. Berg talks about estrogen and the relationship between the different types of estrogen, and making sure your ratios are balanced.
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