Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about essential fatty acids okay essential meaning must be consumed from the diet your body doesn’t make it there’s basically two different types you got omega-3 and omega-6 okay and you should have a 1 to 1 ratio the names are very similar but they’re little confusing this one is called alpha leno lenok this is linoleic okay very similar but different I recommend not necessarily worrying about getting your ratios you should have a 1:1 ratio because it would be almost impossible to figure out from your foods to balance this and balance that I would just consume some of these foods flaxseed chia seed hemp seed and walnuts ok that will give you a nice balance of these fatty acids now of course some of these fatty acids are also in the vegetable oils and vegetables themselves I don’t recommend the oils that some of these are in like a soy or corn oil but if you’re eating a healthy diet you should get the right ratios but the point is this if you’re deficient in this specific value acid it’ll stunt your growth a little bit it’ll also you’ll feel weaker you won’t have the stamina your vision can go bad learning difficulties so how important is this to give to a child mood changes and omega 6 fatty acids has a function of transferring oxygen to the lungs so it exchanges it helps that oxygen exchange it’s like an oxygen magnet it pulls you agent in and it allows it to go into the blood the hemoglobin and also directly to the cells so we really need this fatty acid membrane in our cells to allow the oxygen to transport through it but essential fatty acids really make up the structure of your cell membranes and also a lot of the structures inside the cell they’re called organelles a little machinery that run the cell now if you’re deficient in in this fatty acid you have a lot of skin issues zima hair loss dehydration slow healing sterility in a male body miscarriage and female arthritis heart problems it also will help you recover so let’s say for example you do this intense workout and you’re soaring of this lactic acid buildup boom take some flaxseed oil or some chia seed oil and you will recover faster why because the oxygen carrying capacity and also it gets rid of lactic acid it’s an anti-inflammatory too now together essential fatty acids looking at the whole thing there’s some classical symptoms one is dry flaky peeling cracking skin okay you probably know people like that and you see them and I usually see like older men with these kind of crusty skin you see in their ears that’s that they need this right here bumps in the back of the arms right through in here that’s omega that’s fatty acid deficiencies so go ahead and apply this if you have these symptoms start consuming some of these foods right here and put your comments below thanks for watching first up please and yeah you’ll get future updates that’s right updates I knew there was a word how about I’m not sure just press it press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future event

This Post Was All About Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency.
Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

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Dr. Berg talks about essential fatty acids. Omega 3 and omega 3 at a 1:1 ratio. This includes alpha linoleic acid and linoleic acid.
EFA are in flax oils, chia seed oil, hemp oil and walnuts.
the classic symptoms are:
1. dry, flaky, peeling, cracking skin as well as bumps on the back of the arm.
There are many deficiencies that create these symptoms:
1. Eczema
2. Hair loss
3. Dehydration
4. Slow healing
5. Sterility
6. Miscarriage
7. Recovery
1. Lack of growth
2. Vision a problem
3. Learning difficulty
4. Oxygen transport
5. Mood changes
EFA make up our cell membranes
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