Eggs Increase Your Risk of Early Death from a Heart Attack…NEW STUDY!

Eggs Increase Your Risk of Early Death from a Heart Attack…NEW STUDY!

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sorry to tell you guys this um I don’t like to give you bad news but eggs have just been found out to cause heart disease a new study 30,000 people there was a well at least an association with higher risk of dying from consuming too many eggs so if you’re adding 300 milligrams of additional cholesterol every single day that’s going to increase your risk from cardiovascular disease by 17 percent and an 18 percent increased risk of dying that’s pretty scary I’m being very sarcastic I pretty much have to do one of these videos every single week don’t I first of all the diet data was another question here so I just want to give you one of the questions okay over the past 12 months how often in your lunch did you consume deli-style ham or light or low-fat or fat-free meats almost never or never about 1/4 of the time about 1/2 the time about 3/4 of the time almost always okay so the list went on and on and on and on right first of all who’s going to remember all the things that they ate and and how do you know if they’re true right so you have that so the data was collected during one single visit it didn’t look at patterns over a period of time it was a one-shot deal and they’re gonna determine this data and surprise the study was partially funded by the American Heart Association alright so the few questions for you did you know that the body makes cholesterol okay you did okay did you realize that the body makes 3,000 milligrams per day maybe not right that would be equivalent to consuming 14 eggs every single day and they’re telling you and that eating 300 milligrams is going to increase your risk or heart disease it’s not not true okay in fact I have a couple studies here will show you that here’s one an eggs serum cholesterol and coronary heart disease and I’ll put links down below it has concluded that within the range of egg intake of this population differences in egg consumption were unrelated to blood cholesterol levels or to coronary heart disease incidence here’s another one dietary cholesterol from eggs increased plasma HDL okay here’s another one dietary cholesterol from eggs increase the ratio of total cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and humans okay this is a meta-analysis so HDL is considered good cholesterol right so it didn’t say that it actually increased the bad cholesterol see eggs are very very healthy I consume four eggs every single day I’ve done this for about 35 years my cholesterol is fine my heart arees are clear of any type of plaquing or calcium deposits eggs are a really good source of choline and choline is essential to prevent a fatty liver and one last point I want to bring up about these questionnaire so-called credible studies there are so many variables that like why don’t we why don’t they say it was mushrooms that were linked to heart disease you know why do they pick out eggs will you know why because key though is becoming more popular it’s higher in fat it goes right up against the companies that sell refined carbohydrates and sugars anyway you don’t have to worry about consuming eggs they’re totally healthy make sure that they’re pasture raised and organic and an egg is actually near-perfect and it’s a nutrition profile it has almost all the vitamins and minerals that fat soluble vitamins and it’s a great protein healthy fat low carb keto friendly food alright thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Eggs Increase Your Risk of Early Death from a Heart Attack…NEW STUDY!.
Eggs Increase Your Risk of Early Death from a  Heart Attack...NEW STUDY!

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the new study about eggs increases the risk of early death. In a large study involving 30,000 people that eats 300mg of cholesterol per day and was associated with 17% higher risk of Cardio Vascular Disease and an 18% increased risk of all deaths and in just 3 to 4 eggs per week will increase the risk of heart disease by 6%.
This study is complete FALSE information. Here’s why..
• The diet that was collected during a single visit.
• It was based on a questionnaire.
• They did not look in the long term eating pattern.
• The study was supported in part by the American Heart Association.
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