Effects of Stress on the Brain

Effects of Stress on the Brain

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hey dr. burger in this video we’re going to talk about the cognitive effects of your adrenal glands your adrenal glands are the stress glands and you may have heard of the adrenals involved with something called the flight or fight mechanism basically that’s a stress state where you’re actively fighting or fleeing running away and so you have heightened awareness and you have all sorts of reactions that occur to prepare your body for stress so I want to show you something in civic collection of medical illustrations endocrinology Frank knitter and page 84 it talks about the effects of one of the adrenal hormones under stress States says increase neural excitability now what does that mean it means that on a cognitive function you are increasing your your thinking this a lot so you’re always thinking thinking thinking thinking the thoughts no longer become more linear they’re more like popcorn they kind of come in kind of dispersed so that’s the first thing that occurs under stress so we have that and then we get into this excessive problem-solving thing now what the body is trying to do is it’s it’s putting you in a stress state to solve problems relating to survival so you’re constantly every second of the day you’re solving problems and even solving non-existent problems just in case they might occur so a lot of Plan B’s a lot of plan C’s so that’s what’s happening and the problem is that it won’t turn off because even when you’re sleeping you got this thing running constantly going going going even if you’re talking to someone you’re already done with the conversation ready to move on to the next thing and then as it progresses you’re you’re going to find that your tolerance to stress is going to go way way way down people might get on your nerves a little bit so especially to anything that’s non survival like incompetent people people that make mistakes people that make errors slow people stupid things that people do will really upset you and also things that out of order so you may even look at go in a room and spot that one little piece of paper on the floor that no one else can see and you have to pick it up and clean it up because your environment has to be very very orderly so your attention goes to the nonsurvival thing the thing that’s out of order more than anything else so that’s one stage right here and I’m not saying that just because you do that you have an adrenal problem okay that’s my disclaimer but this could potential potentially happen under stress states over a long period of time so because certain personalities they’re they’re cleaners and I’m not saying that’s adrenal problem so you have to differentiate you two now later when it gets really bad you start having memory problems and that has to do with the GPS in the brain there’s actually a GPS in the brain birds have this structure in the brain I’m not going to give you the name because it’s kind of a medical term but that’s how they’re able to locate their self in time and space to fly back to the south during the winter months we have a GPS that helps us locate ourselves in time and space so the connection to that gps becomes inhibited with high levels of adrenal stress and so you start having a lag time of finding out what you were talking about like you might be talking like okay what am I thinking about or where are we going again or have to backtrack when you go downstairs or where do we park okay so that could even happen with adrenal stress as well so again in summary there are many cognitive effects that can happen with adrenals that are all related to stress dates this is dr. Berg I hope this was informative

This Post Was All About Effects of Stress on the Brain.
Effects of Stress on the Brain

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0:28-1:06 Adrenal hormones and dispersed thinking
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1:46 2:49 Intolerance to stress
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Dr. Berg discusses the cognitive effects of your adrenal glands which regulates based on your stress. In the video, Dr. Berg explains what constant stress does to your adrenal and your brain.
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