Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation)

Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation)

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Whole Foods does not have to be the most expensive place that you shop I promise you yeah people joke call it whole paycheck I totally get it the reality is we can walk into Whole Foods and we can get in and out of here for under $200 for a family of three or four I know it sounds like a lot but that’s really not too bad considering you’re getting good healthy food that you can’t get other places so let’s go ahead and let’s take a dive through there and see what we can find and we’ll break down all the science we’ll break down all the details and we’ll get down into the Nitty Gritty of just the good the bad and the ugly and some of the sneaky stuff that’s out there that you need to be watching out for so let’s head on in to Whole Foods and spend that whole paycheck alright so today’s whole premise is clean keto on a budget clean keto at Whole Foods not dirty keto not greasy burgers all the time we’re talking good clean healthy stuff we’re going to go straight to the meat department first and start off there and then work our way back towards the produce department and then hit the aisles in between so that we fill in with other things there as we need it as you learn your grocery store you might have a different pattern in terms of how you shop but I always like to go hit the meat department first simply because it gives me an opportunity to kind of get what I so I like to hit the meat department first because it gives me an opportunity to sort of blow my budget on the most expensive stuff things that I know I’m gonna need so for me the meat ends up being the most expensive fees so why not go ahead and select what we can there and then see what my budget looks like after the bathroom okay so here’s the thing Whole Foods is a little bit funny with their meat just because it’s that Whole Foods does not mean that it’s organic and some of the things I want you to remember with chicken for example see how it says no antibiotics are no added hormones that doesn’t really mean a whole lot I’ve talked about in many videos it needs to say never any antibiotics or never any hormones this just means that there’s no hormones or antibiotics in the last 30 days so we don’t want to go with that one we do actually want to spend a little bit more and go for the organic one in this case let’s see what we’ve got you know what okay so 749 a pound Trader Joe’s is like $6.99 a pound for organic so this really isn’t even bad so chicken raised with no antibiotics ever okay that’s what we want that’s the most really important raised without added hormones super super important there so this is actually a really good price for this I’m gonna get this okay so I know it stills 25 bucks but we’re get this is like enough for I don’t know realistically three meals I mean I’m totally gonna get that so that’s a great great deal cheaper than what you’re gonna find at most grocery stores all right check this out this is the nice thing about Whole Foods you don’t always find this at other places so what do we have here you have chicken livers I don’t know if they have beef liver here hearts and gizzards some people might get grossed out by this but when you’re doing keto this is going to be the best source of coenzyme q-10 and the best source of vitamin D that you can possibly find okay now I’m gonna go a little bit of got a meat saw going on in the background so I don’t know if you can hear me okay but anyway point is coenzyme q-10 is going to help out what is called the electron transport chain when you’re in quito you’re trying to optimize as much as you can in terms of the energy that travels down what’s called the electron transport chain that is literally what creates energy in your cells one or two of these little things is all you need so I’m gonna get just the smallest one thirty dollars and forty seven cents and this literally is gonna last me for the week and it’s going to be way cheaper than spending a bunch of money on coenzyme q-10 vitamins so I am gonna get that okay let’s go take a spin around the other side here so actually let’s take a look at bacon real quick I could do a video just on bacon in itself so many options with bacon the main thing with bacon I don’t want you concerned with the nitrites and nitrates generally speaking if you’re at a store like Whole Foods the nitrites and nitrates are going to be coming from celery and things like that anyway so really not a huge huge deal we’re mainly gonna look at just the type of cut I really like okay you always want to go for a fattier ribbon let me show you an example of what you might want to avoid you see how the fat here is super marbled in that’s actually not necessarily a good thing with bacon we actually want bacon to have a thick ribbon of fat along one side because that tells it it’s coming from a better area of the pig to actually get a higher-quality cut of meat in terms of the fat content pork does not have the best fatty acid profile okay it’s high in specific polyunsaturated fats that are not as good for you so we need to find a cut that is going to be leaner and it has a thicker ribbon of fat because that’s going to mean that that’s pure saturated fat which is the kind of fat in this particular case that we want I know it sounds totally backwards so this particular one isn’t what we want to go for but let’s see if we can find Applegate’s usually good there we go that’s actually not bad no sugar uncured bacon yeah we want the uncured no antibiotics ever humanely raised it’s always nice yes see how it’s nice and lean and we have a thick ribbon that we could trim out if we need to this is actually much better let’s look at the ingredients organic pork water sea salt that is really good Applegate’s done it well okay so I do want some bacon so I’m gonna get this now it is expensive that’s the only hard part so it is being that we’re on a budget this makes a little bit tougher let’s see if there is a cheaper one to go with hmmm looks like we’re spinning around the same amount of money no matter what so I can spend a dollar more and get the really good stuff or I can spend a dollar less and get the not-so-good stuff let’s see what this one has about $5.99 pork sea salt spices vinegary this one’s actually not bad it’s a little marbled though let’s just find a good cut I’m gonna try this well Shire yeah this one just is a good cut here do we get a little bit more 74 cents per ounce versus 99 cents per ounce yeah that’s 25% cheaper so I’m definitely gonna go being on a budget I’m gonna go with the Welsh Shire brand and again you shouldn’t be overdoing bacon you should be keeping it nice and easy anyway let’s go ahead and look at the other side of the meat department then we’ll go take a look at take a look some cheeses and some produce see we got real ground turkey I highly recommend you go for ground chicken instead of ground turkey ground turkey is much higher in hormones much higher in antibiotics now it says no antibiotics ever administered which is nice complete traceability that’s always nice but the fatty acid profile of ground chicken is going to be better than that of ground turkey so let’s see if they have some ground chicken and if they don’t all get ground turkey because this isn’t what’s the price on this $7.99 a pound okay we’ll come back to that it’s not a bad price and see if they’ve got chicken cool we got bison here I’ve done a lot of videos talking about bees and things like that if you’re going for let’s say pasture-raised here’s the sucky thing as pasture-raised doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t mean that
it is grass-fed grass-finished it just means that at one point in time it was on pasture so sneaky let’s say eel river organic ground beef okay here we go oh my gosh I actually found this I don’t even know what the price is on this I can’t looks like it’s like an 11 or 12 bucks a pound but this is actually good stuff okay we’ve actually got grass-fed grass-finished a perfect example of what you need to be looking for at your grocery store it has to say grass-fed grass-finished okay no added hormones no antibiotics perfect okay now fun fact though bison has different FDA requirements so bison has to be grass-fed it doesn’t necessarily have to be grass spinach but it has to be grass-fed even if it doesn’t say it so that’s the cool thing let me check on the price on these really quick because I can’t see because I can’t read upside down $9.99 for ground bison yo River Organic ground beef nice $6.99 oh my gosh that’s a really good price to the point where I’m gonna bother with the Bison this time I’m gonna get two things of this this is a $7 for grass-fed grass-finished unbelievable eel river way to go okay let’s go ahead and see ground chicken so we do have to get the ground turkey okay so ground turkey forty-three cents per ounce here’s the interesting game with ground turkey you’re gonna want if you go with the ground turkey Isetta ground chicken you want to get the leaner one so here we have ground turkey and here we have white ground turkey I recommend going for the white ground turkey in this case because the fatty acid profile of ground turkey is not good okay ground chicken the fatty acid profile is decent ground turkey it’s not so if I am to get a ground turkey I want to get it lean and white meat so this 798 bucks okay but I think we’re set for meat for you know a family of two to three okay I’ve got oh it’s a pound of white meat ground chicken I’ve got a bunch of chicken breasts I’ve got a bunch of ground beef looking pretty good there hey what’s this we’re literally filming a grocery haul what’s going on man this is probably yes December sometime good to see you man talking all about chicken livers good to see you Rick so the difference between the air chilled so the difference right here so we’ve got 549 per pound versus 749 per pound okay the difference here is that one is organic one it’s not but it’s very deceiving that is a really just a not a bad market for organic so we really wanted that the other thing it’s really important to know with chicken is you actually want to go for the lean breast versus the chicken thigh on keto you don’t need to go for the high fat cuts of white meat go for the high fat cuts of red meat so the chicken thigh you’re gonna have a bunch of the fats from the skin and the fats from the actual dark meat itself and it’s just not the best fatty acid profile you’re gonna get all the toxins that come in from the soy in the grain of the chicken inevitably ate and that’s going to carry through in the fat whereas the fats and the beef aren’t as big of a deal the fats and the chicken are keep it lean when it comes to poultry and lean when it comes to fish let’s go ahead let’s take a look really quick at the the eggs so you might be looking at this being like is that enough protein for a family of three like really not maybe not if you you know just relying on that peers we have to focus on the eggs the eggs are interesting I want to talk about the egg whites for a second egg whites are the most inflammatory part of the egg so you’re not doing yourself a service by getting a carton of egg whites it actually doesn’t help you out a whole lot and the reason is is because the egg white is that’s like the placenta that’s what’s feeding the yolk to grow which means it has all the immunoglobulins it has all the antibodies and things like that which sound like a good thing but those antibodies aren’t what humans want those are antibodies for a chicken we are going to have an immune reaction to that because those are the wrong antibodies so if you ever feel like your ears get hot or you get flushed when you have eggs it’s because it’s the whites so I just don’t want you to waste their money on the whites thinking that it’s a healthier option especially if you’re doing keto so let’s take a look at what we’ve got here I’ve got so many different options and it’s so much to try to decipher I will just cut to the chase here until you write in there that vital farms is the cleanest in terms of pasture raised here but we have some organic pasture-raised and regular pasture raised $5.99 versus 6:49 so right now these are on sale if you could go organic and pasture raised that’s the cream of the crop that’s really what you’re after so 649 for a dozen they’re non-gmo pasture raised just means there’s still fed soy they’re still fed grain but they’re just not fed GMO soy and grain so at least here we’re gonna be reducing the amount of soy and grain that we would normally be getting in don’t worry about going for the Omega ones it doesn’t make much of a difference the Omega ones really that just means they’re given a little bit more in the way there may be some flax meal and stuff like that it’s not gonna translate into high Omega threes for you because a time it gets into your body has to go through multiple fermentation processes converting what’s called alpha linoleic acid in two different forms of echis a pentanoic and Jocasta hexanoic so oh you know what though bang for the buck though 38.3 cents if I if I get the 18 pack versus even though this is organic pasture I’m okay with not going organic if I can still get battle farms and get it at that price 18 it’s a much better deal let’s see 54 yeah 38 cents and out up that’s that’s a really good deal seven bucks okay you’re gonna spend maybe four or five dollars at a regular grocery store for regular eggs and not pasture is like that’s just a no-brainer cool thing is we haven’t even hit the fish department or the frozen department you can absolutely get your protein requirements in okay let’s go ahead and let’s take a quick stab at the produce department and just get through that cool thing is you don’t need as many veggies from the fresh produce department as you might think I get a lot of my veggies from the frozen department which will flash forward to in a little bit the frozen department is nice simply because you end up with things that are flash frozen which ends up making it a lot cleaner for you because they’re not oxidized let’s go ahead and let’s see what I do want to get fresh and then we’ll go back through we’ll click a look at the nut milks we’ll take a look at the cheeses and we’ll go down some of the aisles aisle by aisle and show you what I might get now if you’re on a but if you’re on a budget and just gonna stop here for a second this probably isn’t the best route to go on a budget that’s gonna be really tough to get like smoked salmon and stuff like that but there’s a lot of evidence showing now that caviar and fish roe and masago this is that very high in a specific kind of omega-3 called lyso DHA really interesting stuff crosses through the blood-brain barrier and gives you specific fats to the brain so if you’re trying to get good brain function caviar is not a bad way to go it’s expensive though right I do think they actually have yeah you can usually buy masago the straight like the fish eggs you would normally get on sushi and things like that and that’s a lot cheaper that’s like three four dollars a pound anyway smoked salmon also good too you just want to be careful of Norwegian salmon let’s see if I see it anywhere Scottish Nova yeah I don’t even see Norwegian right now Norwegians under a lot of scrutiny heavy mercury content a lot of scrutiny right now scallops Oh if I wasn’t on a budget I’d be loading up on scallops just so you know if you’re not on a budget frozen scallops are totally ok wild-caught they’re frozen immediately one of the best profiles of vitamin D that you can get one of the most abundant amino acid profiles truly is a superfood in my opinion Wow plate shrimp Fork white strip this is not a bad price 20 bucks for this but I’m go
nna get right now with 20 bucks for two pounds of shrimp $10 a pound I’m bad okay sorry about that diversion there a lot of times we get kicked out of grocery stores Whole Foods it’s usually really really cool because I think the management here knows me and knows that it was always positive stuff so hopefully we won’t get in trouble let’s see Wow not a whole lot out of the fresh Department I would really need maybe some fresh berries let’s go grab some various actually that’s that’s expensive right now and that’s gonna be better to go the fresh the frozen route okay we might have to come back to the produce okay here’s a good chance to talk about the nuts for a second I am a big fan of doing Kido without a ton of nuts and the reason I say that is simply because nuts they can be pretty inflammatory on the system if you consume a lot of them it’s just easy on Kido to go overboard on the nuts so let’s see if we can find what I would go for is usually going to be the pecans or the walnuts and see if we’ve got walnuts anywhere yes we got walnuts here so still $9 a pound $8 a pound halves in pieces let’s say six $6.99 for this 43 there we go this might be the best way to go so walnuts the best omega-3 profile I’m getting them raw because I don’t want them to be roasted in expeller pressed or any kind of oil okay they don’t have the Blue Diamond here so I can’t show you a perfect example you see if I can show you an example of here we go so you get these flavored almonds and things like that they taste great but look at this almonds Multi dextran this actually isn’t that bad I take that back okay melted extra still is a bummer but these are steamed pasteurized that’s cool usually they roast them in canola oil and it defeats the whole purpose of getting a healthy fat from a nut even that in that a sugar macadamia nuts are one of the best sources of omega 9s and omega 7s these are cool these are roasted in macadamia nut oil – just look at the price I’m trying to do Whole Foods on a budget here I love macadamia nuts I just don’t think we’re gonna find them on a budget yeah we’re gonna stick with the walnuts almonds are cheaper but the problem is we end up with a high amount of what’s called phytic acid the phytic acid makes these hard to digest so again not a big deal but trying to get cleanest possible keto for the best possible price I get these and I might even scrap this if I find them in the baking section where a lot of times you can find them cheaper that’s a fun fact you get them in the nut section there are a lot more expensive and so we might find um in the baking section ooh okay so then seaweed snacks really important try to get them in olive oil okay there’s some employees here so we’re gonna I’m gonna grab two of these I’m going to talk about them in a second all right so seaweed is critical for your iodine levels in your body which is critical for your thyroid your thyroid takes iodine and combines it with an amino acid called tyrosine to create active thyroid when you’re on ketone especially as a female you need to make sure your thyroid is up regulated and working well and iodine from iodized salt is a very low quality way of getting iodine in get it from seaweed or kelp but usually these are going to have a bunch of canola oil this is seaweed and olive oil olive oil does some powerful stuff in the way of what is called a EI in the body converts into its oleic acid converts into olefin Alamein that does it’s a tongue-twister basically what it does is it helps turn white fat into brown fat so you burn more fat but it’s either way it’s just better than canola oil just canola oil is garbage I’m a big fan of a lot of these vegan cheese’s believe it or not because I try to reduce the amount of dairy I do consume with clean Quito again dairies not bad you just have to use it in moderation so I do sometimes use a lot of these things the hard part is on a budget they get really expensive okay so for example these things are great in moderation but five bucks this goes through really quick the other thing I just that upsets me a little bit we still have a lot of starches water cashews coconut oil potato starts modified food starch nutritional yeast I mean it’s clean for the most part but you’re loading up a bunch of weird starches that aren’t exactly best on keto so don’t fall victim to some of these vegan cheese’s you just want to use them sparingly again I’m not gonna like badmouth them they have their place I did an entire video just on nut milks I did it with bobbi from flake City where we just literally stood here and we broke down all the nut milks I would highly recommend when it comes down to the nut milks that you just go with the cleanest simplest one the forger brand is good it’s expensive a lot of these are really expensive Kalea farms you fall victim to it because you end up paying a lot more money and it really isn’t anything great almond milk it’s not organic natural flavors calcium carbonate sunflower or less than sea salt nothing is terrible in here but you get tricked because it’s not organic and the thing is with these kinds of drinks if it’s not organic it can be a problem because they spray the bottoms of the trees and then when they shake the trees for the nuts to come down to the bottom of the trees then they scrape them all up from the ground where they spray the bottom of the trees so you are getting a bunch of pesticides you are getting a bunch of garbage so if we get unsweetened 365 brand we have organic almond milk sea salt tri calcium phosphate okay these things gellan gum organic locust bean gum aren’t bad vitamin A palmitate is not bad these things are not terrible although ideal say this has a lot of a lot of things I would ideally like to keep out of the equation let’s see if there’s another organic one somewhere organic coconut milk is going to be a lesson flam Ettore option than almond milk but it doesn’t have the full-bodied taste a lot of people don’t like the coconut milk so go for the organic coconut milk if you’re trying to keep it as clean as humanly possible otherwise let’s see if there’s a different organic almond the other thing you really need to be careful with on these things is uh-huh the unsweetened thing look how similar this looks – this one’s unsweetened one has sugar in it seven grams of sugar okay all because you didn’t see this little unsweetened part I’m very very tricky so that’s why the most important thing that I could tell you here yeah now I’m having a hard time finding a good home and milk that isn’t gonna break the bank Wow cuz that three trees brand is great but seven dollars not everyone can just swing that all the time see what about flax milk I don’t think this is unsweetened no it’s actually okay flax milk flax P protein pea starch just tricalcium phosphate it’s actually pretty decent stuff might be good if you’re trying to get a little bit more in the way of omega threes all right looks like as far as I’m concerned here I can only really go for this one to stay on a budget because I don’t want to spend more than three dollars on almond milk depending on how much your family consumes of that you may end up getting two of them right Greek yogurts let’s see if they’ve got some good Greek yogurt veeeh is okay by the way it’s not organic but in small amounts it’s okay and it’s a good source of protein and that’s a good price on that so I’m gonna get two of these because this is a great way to have dessert okay you take some of this you mix a little bit of some like LeConte oh monk fruit or something like that you mix it up with a little bit of baking cocoa and boom you’ve got like a chocolate pudding it’s perfect okay you just need like a quarter of this tub okay so it’s only gonna be like six grams of carbs at the most and you just made yourself a delicious dessert that’s still probiotic filled so if you can find some good ones I’m just gonna get one of these actually that’s a really good price but I’m just gonna get one because I see something here that I want cottage cheese is very difficult but there’s one particular brand good culture that’s a really good job okay wher
e’s the ingredients on this is so clean okay gooding a skim milk full milk cream salt and cultures compare that to there we go nonfat milk organic milk cream and then tricalcium phosphate organic locust bean gum citric acid carrageenan vitamin A palmitate so you see and that’s still supposed to be an organic clean cottage cheese not very good and then the organic Valley is same kind of both skim milk pouch ice cream nonfat milk solids salt citric acid guar gum organic locust bean gum acid I mean okay this is a little bit high priced right now I will say normally there’s promotional items going on where it’s like 350 or for one of the best sources of protein that you can get because it’s a cleaner casein protein most cottage cheese is a casein protein you don’t want to consume but if it’s really clean like this it’s great I am so set on protein now and this is like I’m set like I could do my week like this if I really wanted to and just get some frozen veggies and call it a day okay but let’s go ahead and let’s grab some of this grass-fed butter yeah we got Kerrygold which is sort of the staple grass-fed butter which is what we want here’s what’s interesting okay 369 for that 49 cents alright it’s actually this everyone Vital farmers might be a little bit of a better option through goat milk butter it’s expensive stuff but lower what it’s called a 2 or a 1 casein so a healthier casein protein that’s going to be better for your body overall casein protein it clogs up in your gut it creates a gel in your gut which can be very hard for your body to break down I’m just gonna get one thing a butter I’ll do some light cooking with it new little things like that it wouldn’t be necessarily a necessity but let’s go ahead and get it and then I want to get just a little bit of heavy cream there we go this can be for your coffee or anything like that don’t go for the half-and-half ladies and gentlemen the half-and-half is going to be half milk which means it’s going to have milk sugar no matter what you do and then 1/2 cream it also has a lot more possibility to be adulterated through that milk you’re better off to go with cleaner straight-up cream let’s see what we got Jannik heavy cream we don’t need much because we’re gonna be using it with coffee and stuff like that 31 cents per ounce Organic cream that’s all we need [Music] all right when it comes to bars and things like that it’s easy to spend a little bit too much money but what I want to do here is I want to find at least a couple little treats for myself on the go let’s see what we’ve got here okay so here we go so primal kitchens got some good stuff ethic really expanding their product line but I just it gets a little bit expensive for the amount of food that you actually get I do like them those are 35% off let’s see what else we got here there’s not many true clean keto bars a lot of them will market themselves as low-carb when you look at it like even this like a bulletproof bar still 14 grams of carbs 5 grams of fiber you barely assault 10 10 grams of actual actual carbs in there that’s not going to keto friendly have 2 of those in your ruined see you oh cool okay we’ve got these guys I’ve talked about these I’m gonna grab a couple of these I’m gonna grab one of the non plant-based one and one of the plant-based ones my wife really likes the plant-based ones these truly so Suzie who I know really well and I’ve talked about them in a lot of videos before she this is legitimate keto 13 grams of carbs with 8 grams of fiber so we only have 5 grams of actual carbs here and then they also have a plant-based option it’s a really really good stuff okay that’s a good price you can also get them at Walmart you can also get them at sprouts you can also get them at Kroger probably even cheaper cuz Whole Foods always charges a little bit more but this is a really good price and probably the only legitimate keto bar you’re gonna find at Whole Foods so I’m gonna get one of each definitely want to check them out also I went ahead and since I work with them on so many other things I’ll put a link down below in the description so you can check them out online if you want to just get some if you don’t have a Whole Foods closeby because Susie is awesome I’ve known her for a while really sweet Canadian gal she’s awesome so get two of these I wish I could get more okay see I don’t think there’s a whole lot of other bars you can get same kind of issue with the drinks nothing that’s really keto friendly trust me I’ve scoured all right let’s keep on rolling don’t waste your money on the probiotic stuff you’re better off to get it from food [Music] see even in the refrigerated section with the bars it ends up in these crack me up so they’re called space shakes and I’m trying to I’m gonna spring me positive here all this is is coconut milk cacao powder sea salt and vanilla extract and some stevia it’s literally a can of coconut milk like a quarter of a camo program and they charge eight bucks for it honestly some I can’t understand marketing but geez come on eight dollars for that alright so when you get into the almond milks that are not in the refrigerated section this is where you run into a problem because this is where they have preservatives and stabilizers and things like that so even with the organic ones they have to add some starches rice starch all things like that just to help stabilize so you got to be really careful there unless you absolutely have to like you’re out of real discount grocery store just get it out the refrigerated section these superfood creamers are great but they’re just a little bit too expensive for us one gram of carbohydrates coconut milk powder Aquaman which is calcium from green algae and organic virgin coconut oil really good stuff layered superfoods is awesome it’s just not gonna fit our budget I’m gonna get some of these guys I don’t really I don’t feel fair adding them into my budget but I’m just gonna get them for the heck of it cuz these are a couple bucks a piece which is not the cheapest but this stuff is awesome these are seriously one of the only drinks that I can drink when I’m fasting and I’m fasting today so why not apple cider vinegar acetic acid you know help increase what’s called a NPK in the cells so it’s gonna make it so the cells have a stronger affinity to start burning their own fat and it’s gonna down regulate in the brain what that means it’s basically to make you less hungry in the brain but make your cells more hungry so they eat more fat almond butters get really sneaky with almond butters first of all $10 for that isn’t the best price but also you got to look at really careful with almond butter so look at this second ingredient evaporated cane sugar okay okay a lot of times will sneak that in there so you just have to be super super careful it’s not the best utilization of your money I will be honest okay why because this is such an easy way to overdo your calories I would much rather you just keep it clean and keep the food in your house that you know you want to eat and they know you should eat so what I’ll usually do is it’s not the best bang for the buck but I’ll usually just get a couple little packets of almond butter okay and what that does is that helps me control myself so sure I’m not getting bargain when I spend you know X amount of dollars on that big tub but a lot of times these will be like 79 cents they’re a little bit expensive right now but like if I were to get just a straight-up regular almond butter one which do they even have right now I don’t think they have the straight-up almond butter I can get it for a dollar I’ll get five of them and then at least I won’t be them all the time but as far as this goes price-wise let’s see the best almond butter this is crazy this is why spend this money for extra calories to be honest like I’m on a budget kiddos might like it there’s a solution there the kids might like this and 99 we’d have to get organic in this case because the almonds these Japanese don’t want to get the non-organic stuff yeah Wow I we have to 86 this we can’t get this herds organic sunflower butter school but they d
on’t have the unsweetened one roasted sunflower seeds oh wait no this is awesome wait we can get this that’s not a bad price let’s get sunflower butter okay let’s talk about that in a second okay so the cool thing with sunflower butter different form of fat less omega-6 so a little bit more in the way of the Omega 7 s Omega 9s which actually helped the utilization Omega threes in the body so just because the sunflower butter doesn’t have Omega 3s in it doesn’t mean it’s bad it has other fats that are gonna help you utilize those Omega threes in your body better with less Omega 6s the inflammatory time and you get an almond butter so this is cool and organic and no sugar added to it that is really epic okay baking section this is cool if I wasn’t on a budget these guys have some really cool stuff birch benders keto pancakes but 840 it’s just a bit much oh here check this up alright so remember how I was talking about making pudding with the yogurt and stuff like that we’ve got to get ourselves some LeConte oh I’m just gonna get a small one I don’t even need much that’s a good price because this is gonna last me a while this measures better than sugar so you don’t even need as much of this as you would sugar so for seven bucks although it sounds like a lot of money I put a teaspoon or two teaspoons of this in my yogurt and now I have a pudding right or I put this in my coffee it’s a really good stuff monk fruit has some really strong herbal properties in terms of antimicrobial antibacterial in our gut helps kill off the bad bacteria really good stuff I’ve done a lot of work with LeConte oh love these guys and I love it they’re in Whole Foods oh and they have they have golden version too but they don’t have it in a small bag the golden verse is just more like brown sugar has that taste so yeah if you’re making coffee things like that really good stuff and they have the powdered one oh man this is my jam so they take the same stuff and they pulverize it into a powder so it mixes with anything but you can mix it with a little bit of heavy cream and make yourself like a frosting and all this kind of stuff oh I mean just for the sake of budget I’m just gonna get this but this one is my jam and I before I could only get it online so really cool they have that now I’ll link out to it down below so you can check out some of the other Laconte products so a specific link down below in the description if you guys want to check out some of the other stuff they also have liquid sweetener which i normally I can’t find in the store but you can get online Oh Coco big piece of my life so the difference between cacao and cocoa cacao is totally unrefined cocoa goes through the refined process they’re both good cacao is going to be closer to the fermented state yes chocolate is technically a fermented food so really interesting stuff really expensive right here so what I’m gonna try to do is I’m gonna try to find cocoa yes here we go much better much better organic baking cocoa organic cocoa powder here we go six bucks why do I want this because this allows me to mix it with almond milk and make a tasty drink it allows me to mix it with this and this in make a chocolate pudding that is totally keto friendly and this is going to last me a month so remember although I’m trying to get out of here for under 200 bucks or under whatever a lot of this stuff is going to carry over into the next week it doesn’t necessarily reflect a one-week budget whoo kettle and fires awesome stuff to recommend been getting that online it’s a lot cheaper online that it is in the grocery store oh here cool we got the salt so Redmond real salt in order of okay iodized salt sea salt from worst to best lease preference iodized regular salt then sea salt okay then celtic salt then himalayan salt then best of the best is gonna be Redmond real salt mined in the United States it’s mined right in Utah but it has a plethora of other minerals and not just salt so you’ve got potassium magnesium so you’re not gonna get all super bloated like you normally would if you had a bunch of regular salt really cool stuffs just a few bucks and it’s my general seasoning for everything salt is good on keto you do not want to have those electrolyte imbalances it is okay to get this stuff so again next in line would be Himalayan salt then sea salt then of course iodized salt [Music] here’s one of my favorite sections I did a full video on canned fish then because canned fish really think it’s such a bad rap because there can guys canned fish are really really good we can get some really awesome stuff and a really good price so like when we look at wild caught salmon and why things like that this is a good price for it now it looks at you think 449 of hurrican at first that sounds bad but you think about this being a serving we’ve got a couple hundred calories worth we’ve got let’s say 40 grams of protein in the can that’s a serving and it’s only for 49 I have enough protein so I’m not gonna load up on this but I am going to get some of my sardines where are they ooh yes the good ones are on sale sardines go for the ones that have the bone in bone in whenever possible because the bone is going to give you that vitamin D it’s also gonna give you that coenzyme q-10 and we want the skin on – I know it sounds gross you know if you can’t do it you can’t do it I get it but we always want to go with like this one so wild sardines in water with sea salt okay so this way we’re not an alternative would be like skinless and boneless in ox extra-virgin olive oil whenever possible get them in water because then you’re not a adding extra calories in the oil but B you’re not adding a wild-card of a random oil that you don’t know where it’s really sourced I want the fat from the fish I don’t want the fat from the oil if I want it olive oil I’d go guzzle a jug of olive oil in this case I want my sardines in water okay with tuna it’s funny because people automatically think because a liqueur is like a higher quality and more expensive that it’s a higher quality health product it’s not skipjack or regular chunk light close to the same thing pretty much definitely gonna be the better route and it’s less expensive so we want 100% pull cut pulling line cut perfect dollar ninety nine which is a little bit steep for tuna because you can get tuna just about anywhere so do I really want to spend the money here but for the sake of the video in the budget yes I will just to show you we are so cent on protein now I don’t know if there’s anything else I really need if I was on a better budget I’d go ahead and I’d get some oysters where they’re always dip but four bucks what wasters I can get those for two dollars at Trader Joe’s this stuff’s awesome a little pricey for today’s haul for the budget but we’re gonna unsweetened ketchup it tastes a lot better than you think alright we get it to the world of oils I did a full video breakdown that break down all the oils everything talking about just what’s good what’s bad what you should avoid what you shouldn’t avoid for the sake of this video we’re on a budget g is going to be the best overall fat that’s going to get you that what’s called the short chain fatty-acids the ghee it helps feed the cells in your gut we forget that we have the cells in our gut that require specific fuel and they require fuel from short chain fatty acids that would get in ghee now he is not the cheapest thing in the world especially here at Whole Foods so I don’t know if this is going to be the best solution for you on a budget here however we can still get a lot of that same effect by having some coconut oil and a coconut oil I think we’re going to save a lot of money and coconut oil we’re gonna save a lot of money here I do think that quite honestly coconut oil would be better to just go get at a budget store because you can get organic coconut oil just about anywhere so do we really even want to spend the money here I recommend just go to your Albertsons go to your Kroger go to your Safeway wherever your basic store is and get organic coconut oil for three bucks because no matter what you’re gonna spend an arm a
nd a leg here and I just don’t even want to blow the budget on that when I know I can get it at any store wherever you are or get it online here usually I’d also get like some marinara see if they’ve got Victoria’s I’m gonna save some time here and go straight for the one that I know is good oh yeah so Victoria that’s vodka sauce see if they’ve got regular Victoria’s basically with Marineris they’re almost always is sugar added see usually make a liar out of me maybe not on this one yep so Tomatoes we just got to be careful though tomato sauce in general still adds up in carbs but it’s such an easy inexpensive way to cook things so like let’s say for example okay let’s say for example I wanted to cook up some of my ground beef or my ground turkey or anything like that well just simply mixing it with a little bit of marinara he makes it a meal right I can put it over some spaghetti squash I can put it over things and make a super simple but I want to find one that’s clean and inexpensive here’s organic Portobello let’s see seven grams of carbs not bad you got diced tomatoes tomato puree olive oil that’s nice it’s not using canola okay this one already wins look at that not a bad price let’s go ahead and let’s rock with that now I have something to cook my ground turkey and something to cook my ground beef in I can make a Bolognese anything like that super easy okay so when it comes to cookies on keto I always like to have a little bit of some treats here just on hand never calls them emergency food simply because he/she gets cravings everything she’s pregnant right now so occasionally she gets the cravings right so when you got to do something about that unfortunately we don’t always have time to make keto cookies let’s see what they’ve got so I don’t think they have any that are heavenly let’s see tons of sugar even sugar-free it’s oh sweet okay they’ve got fat snacks yeah these are if you’ve watched my videos before I’ve talked about these guys so I didn’t know they were in whole foods now so this is awesome so they’re 2 for 5 bucks which is a great deal but you’re really you’re already getting two cookies in there so it’s really cheaper than that it’s really like a dollar 25 a cookie which considering the ingredients completely frito friendly okay almond flour then real butter chocolate chips we got stevia extract coconut flour palm fruit oil organic palm fruit oil non-gmo non-gmo xylitol really clean stuff so I’m going to get a chocolate chip one and I’m gonna get the last of the double chocolate you have to check these guys out there at Whole Foods they’re at Walmart and they’re now at sprouts and I will go ahead and put a link down below for them as well because I do have an online discount for people that want to get them there too because people always ask so I featured them in a lot of videos so this is cool so for five bucks I’ve got my desserts essentially for the week I could take one of these cookies make it with the pudding that I talked about with the yogurt and I’m in business right I got a chocolate pudding my cookies and I didn’t just spend $100 on snack foods I’ve spent like ten dollars on snack foods between the Suzy’s good fats bars the the fat snacks the cocoa like I’m not like 10 15 bucks is awesome oh I’m not a beauty a big fan of getting a bunch of snack foods but these might be a good thing to get to placards just because all they are is flax seed pretty much so we got flax seeds apple cider vinegar garlic powder onion powder sea salt Organic basically really clean ingredients it looks like it’s expensive but two of these things fill you up here pure fiber look at this 11 grams of carbs so at first its Kito but then you’re like wait a minute eight grams of fiber so it’s really only three grams of carbs for eight crackers and these things fill you up and I’m telling you if you have issues going to the bathroom you won’t anymore after these a lot of fiber here I love the savory flavor really really good I’m gonna get one of these because this is good for the week I eat two of these a day and they keep me regular it’s perfect so far we’re having good luck we’re not getting kicked out I think they like us here I think they know we’re doing good stuff we still need to get some cheese and get some other things and nothing we can really get down the chip aisle oh you know what yes there is pork rinds are awesome 35% off right now too very important to pay attention to this pork rinds oven-baked pork rinds forty percent less fat okay when it comes to the pork rinds on keto people think oh I want more fat more fat is better it’s not the case you don’t just because your keto doesn’t mean you want to load up on tons and tons and tons of fats fats are still calories you want to lose weight you want to get in shape you kind of still trying to keep it lean just keep it low carb so the oven baked ones are way less fat I like the chili lime flavor but I’m gonna keep it clean and just go with pink candle and cinnamon churro interesting this brand is quite honestly tastes better I think I actually like for 505 but for the sake of budget I’m gonna skip on those these taste like cloud-like they’re so super super light and airy I need to do a whole separate section on the beef jerky a section here but I’m gonna I’m gonna do a separate video for that because in this case I don’t think we need to focus on this video oh very important to note just because it says cauliflower doesn’t mean that it’s this first ingredient cassava then expeller press sunflower oil then cauliflower then right slark just because cauliflower is in the ingredient list doesn’t mean that’s made from purely cauliflower and it’s not Quito if you’re not on a budget this stuff is tasty tasty tasty if you’re not Quito siete is a really good clean brand all grain free really clean stuff but not Quito so it’s not going to apply here my favorite section – myth bust and to debunk the frozen area the frozen section is where you find hidden gems my friends because people think the frozen section is just processed garbage but the frozen section usually you find some really good stuff I like to make pizzas so okay I’m going to grab check this out these guys talk about them in my videos all the time fresh cauliflower mozzarella egg whites basil garlic Italian spice super clean 12 bucks or 13 bucks but you get two pizza crusts it’s really only six bucks 650 and then you can put your meat on it you I mean talk about okay now you’ve got dinner for two to three nights for a family of three with this okay if you’re trying to just indulge and eat it in one sitting sure maybe it’s not the best bargain but if you’re trying to feed a family and have functional dinners on keto this is the way to go let me show you something I don’t know if they have them here but it’s very sneaky look at this yeah chali power it upsets me that this happens cauliflower crust cauliflower pizza crust okay let’s check it out cauliflower then brown rice flour then cornstarch okay 26 grams of carbs for 1/6 1/6 of this thing very frustrating that should be illegal you know what’s funny is and you know then you look at like cauliflower look at the carb content it’s actually legit so don’t fall victim you have to pay attention let’s see what else we got here now a lot of the frozen foods and things like that sure that’s not necessarily gonna work it’s not gonna work on keto anyway but there’s still some good clean stuff like Amy’s has some good stuff if you’re not keto I just don’t like that people bash the frozen food section I think back in the days of when it was like kids cuisine and fun feast and all the things that like us kids probably grew up on that was one thing but a lot of this stuff is really really clean now and again I’m I’m just I don’t want the processed stuff so I don’t ever look anyway oh here’s the here’s the veggies oh yeah you know what so when I was in the produce section I’ve skimmed over everything and I’ve ended up not grabbing anything I might go back and grab some avocados but for one there was a bunch of employees there that were giving us the eye so it was really difficult but – e
verything is so expensive and it’s gonna go bad in a couple days and on keto to be completely honest I don’t eat the ton a ton of veggies my system runs nice and clean because I’m giving it the fats that it needs so my gut actually gets the stem cell activity it needs to work I don’t need tons of fiber but I still like my veggies I still like my fruit and a little bit of fruit like a quarter cup per day is totally fine and look at how much cheaper this is to get organic blueberries let’s see okay here’s the organics look how much cheaper it is to get organic yeah $2.99 for organically wild blueberries these are the little teeny ones like that really good packed full of anthocyanins anthocyanins are one of the only antioxidants that can get into your brain so for $3 I get my fruit it’s gonna last me for a couple weeks and also it’s gonna get some strawberries for $2.99 and I’m in shape like I don’t need any more than this at least for the week if I wanted to put it in that yogurt again I could put that much in and be good I get my sweet tooth covered I’m good to go okay now if you ever on a budget 3:29 from frozen avocado people forget that you can get avocado in a frozen form so if you want to make guacamole and stuff like this or put it in a smoothie yes you can make keto smoothies and I made recipe for that recipe videos for them so I think I might just get this instead of actually getting whole avocado in this case plank 3:29 I’m gonna spend $2 for one avocado it’s gonna go bad in as soon as I open it right soon as I got it open so that’s perfect and then broccoli so here’s what’s cool think about how vegetables are harvested okay as soon as you pick something it starts oxidizing then you put it on a cart and oxidizes more then you put it on a truck and it sits there and oxidizes more and then it sits in a crate outside of a truck and oxidizes more and then it sits on the shelf and oxidizes more and then it goes into your fridge and oxidizes more by the time you eat that you have denatured so many of the vitamins you’ve lost so many of the antioxidants in the flavonoids you aren’t getting nearly as good of a healthy vegetable as you think whereas frozen it’s picked that’s put on a cart and then it’s frozen okay so everything we see here is great so for 229 I can get good quality organic broccoli florets that are gonna keep it’s just a no-brainer for me hi I shop like a bachelor sometimes I’m gonna get to I’m just gonna get one for the sake of this video but you might want to get two same kind of thing with brussel sprouts dollar 29 for Brussels sprouts and then don’t be afraid of getting some of this like rice cauliflower and stuff these are super convenient quick meals if you’re trying to just cook up something for your family really quick I mean it’s easy and then asparagus is going to be my jam and we’ve got some frozen asparagus that might be the one thing that I try to get fresh might as well just get that cut some tips because that’s the good stuff anyway like unless you want the spears but if you’re just trying to like make a casserole or something good it’s the way to go okay oh so this is the area we kind of skipped over before which is the cheese area lots of different cheeses to choose from but I do like keeping it kind of clean with the cheese you ever want good snacks then you’re not on a budget again these little things are great prosciutto over the salami the prosciutto is really just ham and salt the salami has a bunch of other stuff in it so those are really good cheese rolled up in that in terms of deli meat prosciutto it’s really clean other than that not a whole lot you can do in the way of telling me I know they’ll say that Applegate organics has some decent stuff no antibiotics ever the ingredients are pretty clean organic chicken breast organic chicken broth still some starches and just don’t avoid that stuff even with the highest quality stuff but I don’t see us spending $7 for that much meat I mean we just have a tuna sandwich at that rate right or a tuna sandwich lettuce wrap so cheeses you want to either go really clean in the way of high-quality fresh mozzarella or you’re gonna want to go with some kind of parmesan something that’s been aged the longer a cheese has been aged the lower the lactose content so I usually say go for that or go for goat cheese which let’s see if we can get some good goat cheese here so sheep’s feta don’t milk feta great great stuff on keto the cleanest cheese you could possibly get that way let’s see here I’m just gonna find some simple goat cheese I do want to get some gray would be good too so gray it’s pretty aged trying to see if there’s a good grass-fed grass-finished one cheese again remember gonna have that a to casein protein so not the best stuff that’s why I’m trying to go for an aged one so bear with me here we go Oh check this out okay on sale 379 and like at grass-fed cows good old we actually have aged cheddar here we’re gonna go with this so I do like to treat myself to a little bit of cheese cheese is good stuff you know it’s just if you overdo it then yeah you’re gonna have a problem so aged cheddar it’s gonna be the way to go let’s see what else we got over here that’s a good deal on that yes okay so we just did 350 because it was kind of hidden look at this Organic Valley same stuff raw sharp cheddar cheese pasture raised cows 749 okay we just got a good deal by getting the carry goals that you have to look around it doesn’t always have to be a $7 block of cheese okay this is a really good deal if you do want regular mozzarella things like that mild cheddar Monterrey’s stuff like that that’s good way to go there I do need something to grab a goat cheese whoo goat cheddar you know I’m gonna hold off on the goat cheese here the goat cheese is expensive and I think we’re good on the cheese that we got if I was really stocking up for a family maybe I get two or three of these [Music] we say that whole area over there says organic grass-fed non-gmo cheese’s so those are expensive cheese’s but let’s see what they got yeah see this is the fancy stuff so in this case I’m not gonna be able to afford it but it is nice to know that this is all grass fed grass organic so aged gray would be great yeah I need to I need to brush up on my cheese stuff vintage cheddar also would be really good yeah Gouda hasn’t really fit the vibe too much to be honest I will say if parmesan is one of the best inexpensive aged cheese’s you can get Parmesan Romano already naturally aged aged for about 12 to 16 months so you’re getting rid of a lot of the lactose already so really powerful step there I think we’re looking in pretty good shape I don’t know what else I would really need for my family to get through there good week there’s obviously gonna be the erroneous things you know the spices and things like that all those are gonna add up of at stake of an educational grocery haul I think this is all you need just to get the basics of a budget grocery haul at Whole Foods so a pretty basic grocery haul hopefully we can get out of here for under $200 you can tell that I’ve bagged groceries before and 184 bucks and this will absolutely fit a family of three to four Queen Tito you don’t need to be loading up on a bunch of trash here’s the thing if you shop the perimeter first just like you’ve always been taught and always been told you end up in a really good situation it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be so if I were to go and hit all the aisles first I would have loaded up on a bunch of snack foods and I never would have had the ability to get the stuff that I wanted to from the meat department it just allows me to set the standard first with the meats and the high quality eggs and things like that first and then after that if I have leftover great then I get some snack food I still had 15 bucks to spare I probably would have grabbed some more of those fat snacks cookies or Suzie’s good fats bars or something like that but it’s okay I’ll take that 15 bucks and go do something else with it so anyhow now you’ve got a clean Kito Hall at Whole Foods a family of four family of three
whatever or eating like a king as a family of one and you’re set so it doesn’t have to be whole paycheck it can be done and we could all honestly have gotten this even cheaper so I do invite you to just let me know in the comments section below what other kind of grocery haul videos you want to see me do or what other topics you want to see me cover regarding specific ingredients obviously my channels full of science but I’d love to be able to dive in deeper to some of the other things like specific fun things like what’s this on an ingredient label what’s that so just let me know down in the comment section below and as always please make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation).
Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation)

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Educational Keto Grocery Haul at Whole Foods (with Scientific Explanation) – Thomas DeLauer
You can find some pretty awesome Keto items at Whole Foods, and while some people will say Whole Foods is too expensive – and it can be – I’m going to show you that you can get in and out, for a family of 3 or 4, for under $200. You can use this grocery haul video as a guide for your next trip to Whole Foods. Staying on/under budget and getting quality Keto options at the same time. It’s a long one so, sit back, relax, and thanks for watching!
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