Eat Egg Yolks to Prevent Gallstones

Eat Egg Yolks to Prevent Gallstones

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so today we’re gonna talk about how to use egg yolks okay to prevent gall stones now I know you’re saying what are you kidding me egg yolks that’s gonna cause gall stones right actually not let’s talk about really what causes gall stones it’s a combination of high cholesterol decreased bowel salts a decrease in phosphatidylcholine and by the way this is just a compound that has choline in it that makes up your cell walls it’s also intimately involved in keeping cholesterol from forming into a cholesterol stone which is a gallstone so this is very very important and guess what this compound is in egg yolks out of all the foods its highest in egg yolks that’s why egg yolks will not cause gall stones it’s also in soybean oil which we don’t want to do because it’s GML you can consume in a grass-fed liver and peanuts but egg yolks is a good source that’s the connection there are four if your gall bladder is sluggish and things aren’t moving through that well it can accumulate in form stone number five if you have a decreased transit time of your colon let’s see if constipation why because the gut flora help you recycle the bile several times when you’re eating so if we get a bio deficiency that can cause the problem right there and number six you don’t have enough gut flora let’s say you took antibiotics it increases your risk for getting golf stones another reason why someone might not have enough bile salts is they have high insulin okay because they’re on a high carb diet or they have liver damage because bile is made in your liver not it’s stored in the gall bladder it’s not made in the gall bladder it’s made in liver and if you don’t have the capacity of liver function you’re not going to have enough bile increases the risk of getting gall stones okay you can also have not just feta liver but cirrhosis of the liver as well and have that same problem and I already mentioned the gut flora you don’t have enough gut flora you’re gonna actually not gonna have enough bile so you just have to realize that gall stones are created by something and a lot of things can contribute to these stones there’s a higher incidence of getting gall stones when you’re diabetic why because the high insulin this is a very important thing to actually lower to prevent gall stones you can take bile salts to help dissolve gall stones or you have the option of taking phosphatidylcholine by itself or just getting it from your diet and if you don’t have a gall bladder you are going to be deficient so you’re gonna need to take bile salts as a supplement alright guys thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Eat Egg Yolks to Prevent Gallstones.
Eat Egg Yolks to Prevent Gallstones

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DATA: Choline deficiencies (which is very high in egg yolks) cause a fatty liver and gallstones.
***If you research this topic, you will see studies stating the opposite; that egg yolks cause gallstones as in this study:

However, if you actually read the study (on dogs), the so-called egg yolk diet ALSO included soy protein, corn starch, cane sugar, and 44 percent of the diet being carbohydrate. A ketogenic diet is 5 percent carbohydrate, not 44 percent.
In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what causes gallstones and how to use egg yolk to prevent this condition.
Causes of Gallstones
1. High Cholesterol
2. Decrease Bile Salts (High insulin, liver damage, low gut flora)
3. Decrease Phosphatidylcholine
4. Sluggish Gallbladder
5. Decrease Transit Time Colon
6. Decrease Gut Flora
Foods with High Phosphatidylcholine
1. Egg Yolks
2. Grass-fed Liver
3. Peanuts
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