Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat

Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I’m going to share with you how you can eat bacon and lose your fat and I’m not kidding I’m actually totally serious so just hear me out okay I have this reference book it’s called Guyton’s physiology I want to share something with you but before I do I want to ask you a quick question do you know the hormone that acts as a primary switch but determines whether your body burns fat or sugar fuel do you know what hormone that is let me share with you some page nine-thirty okay since the role of insulin in switching between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism that means the role of insulin in switching between sugar and fat all right when the glucose concentration is low when there’s no sugar in the body insulin secretion is suppressed and fat is utilized almost exclusively for energy okay so basically insulin is the main hormone that controls whether you are going to burn fat exclusively or you’re just going to burn sugar okay so let me show you something okay so you probably already know that eating sugar triggers insulin right and that’s part of the glycemic index which basically is an index of all the foods and how fast they turn into sugar and raise your blood sugar right so that’s kind of a known thing and you probably know that sugar is bad so you avoid it and some of you are losing weight but some of you aren’t because the glycemic control over insulin is only 50% of what raises insulin there are other reasons why insulin could be high and there’s even a scale called the insulin index that I’m going to talk about so this is going to shock you if we take a look at the insulin index there are foods that do not trigger the glycemic index but do increase insulin the ones low on the list are the fats the butter the coconut oil the bacon bacon is only 9% that is why bacon is actually good to lose weight because it doesn’t affect insulin as we go up the list the foods that affect it more and more egg yolks is low because it’s mostly fat but egg whites are 55% amazing it’s a concentrated protein look at whey protein is 71 percent what does that mean it means that the more lean you go with your proteins the more low fat the more it stimulates insulin this is exactly what people have been focusing on the lose weight but it’s having a rebound effect it’s much better if you have whole fat products like don’t buy lean meat buy the fatty meats okay the bacon and it’s totally okay okay so that’s one thing I want to talk about now there’s other things too alright so we know certain proteins stimulate insulin to a certain degree some more than others we know fat does not stimulate insulin especially if it’s pure fat and bacon would be more fat than protein but there’s something else gut hormones really I mean gut hormones means every time you eat anything you’re going to get some spike in insulin okay now what does that have to do with anything it means this if you’re having breakfast lunch and dinner and you’re eating snacks in between even if they’re healthy you are creating an insulin response now remember we’re trying to take insulin and bring it way way way way down right so the best thing to do and this is why intermittent fasting is very very very good to lower insulin not necessarily lower your calories to create starvation but to lower the frequency of meals that you consume it’s just as important of what you eat so the frequency so let’s say in the morning you have breakfast and you’re you’re basically you want to go from breakfast to lunch without any snacks we want to go from lunch to dinner without any snacks we don’t want to eat anything after dinner that would be a very important thing to improve insulin in general okay now if in the morning you’re not hungry don’t eat so you want to basically go as long as you can then eat when you’re hungry because that way we keep insulin down again these are very powerful tips to be able to get into fat-burning most people graze so much and they’re thinking more meals it’s going to stimulate metabolism it really doesn’t is you’re going to keep a constant stimulation of insulin and eventually you’re going to get a condition called insulin resistance where your body now does not do good with insulin and even when you don’t eat the insulin is higher the way that you would know you have insulin resistance is if you can’t go between one male and another without getting seriously hungry because an insulin resistance if you take a look at this here’s insulin resistance and this is a normal cell an insulin resistance you only have a little bit of fuel that goes into the cell because it’s resisting insulin and glucose in a normal cell you have glucose that goes in there pretty nicely so basically the cells and insulin resistance are kind of starving of nutrition that’s why when you eat you might eat your food but you’re still not satisfied you need a little something sweet or some quick energy because the cells are starving of nutrition so that means your insulin has to go higher and higher to actually work better so that’s the condition where you have symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia you can have like high sugar and low sugar symptoms at the same time so you crave sweets you get tired after a meal you’re not satisfied you can’t go for very long without getting hungry so that’s just all it’s a good indicator to see if you have been some resistance or not if you have belly fat you have insulin resistance okay if you have belly fat you have a fatty liver most most of the time and a fatty liver can then create insulin resistance because a lot of that problem occurs in the liver so the point is to get out of the situation we want to avoid what originally caused the problem which is a high sustained level of incident over a long period of time so we want to be careful not to stimulate this incident too much so what does fat have to do with this what is bacon have to do with this bacon allows you to number one go longer without eating to satisfy you it also does not trigger insulin so it’s the perfect food or any fats for that matter to get you to go from one meal to the next comfortably so you’re not dropping your blood Sugar’s okay so it’s just more satisfying now some people get up in the morning they’re not hungry until lunch well then just eat one meal at lunch and then they’ll have one dinner and that’s fine so two meals are totally fine you can do that okay this is just one technique that can help fix this and help you lose weight but you’re going to need to add adjust your fats because if you can’t go from breakfast to lunch without being ravenously extremely hungry and that means you have to add a little bit more fat to your breakfast same thing with dinner if you’re if you’re extremely hungry at dinner you have to add a little bit more fat at that lunch okay if you’re extremely hungry at night add a little more fat and you can keep adjusting it into your satisfied that’s how you can have more fat especially bacon now if you’re concerned about having high cholesterol by eating bacon here’s the truth all of the the parts of the systems in the body work on a feedback mechanism which means that if you eat more of one thing your body will reduce this thing over here and I’m talking about the liver the liver makes 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day okay that’s like a dozen eggs so if you eat more cholesterol your body will just adjust from the feedback loops and actually make less it’s real simple where cholesterol comes into play it’s the carbohydrate that you’re eating that converts insulin converts sugar into bad cholesterol and triglycerides it’s not the fat that yo
u’re eating it does that that’s been thoroughly proven I’ll put some links below okay and you can study that but I’m not going to get into that in this this section but here’s the other thing that will trigger insulin cortisol what does cortisol cortisol is that stress hormone now in some of the other videos I’ve done I’ve talked about the relationship between to salt in belly fat but the relationship is this cortisol releases glucose and sugar it turns your protein into sugar okay even when you don’t eat sugar so if there’s a stress state or you’re going through menopause or even you’re diabetic your cortisol is going to go up it’s going to release more sugar and then that sugar is going to stimulate insulin so really the insulin is doing the damage but the cortisol is helping it do the damage okay and so what we want to do is lower stress one of the biggest things that I talked about is to improve and fix your sleep I have separate videos on that you can watch but sleep is very very beneficial and you can also do more exercise exercise will improve insulin it lowers insulin as well because it’s going to get rid of the excess sugar that’s stuck there okay so cortisol is something to look at these other intra minute fasting don’t snack anymore that’s going to help add a little bit of fat between meals now I’ll I pretty much have about five things that bacon every morning and my cholesterol is really good and that just satisfies me if you’re a smaller person have less but I’m just telling you if you have a high quality bacon there’s nothing wrong with that at all okay and then be careful of your proteins especially whey proteins okay I hope you learned something I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat.
Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat

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