Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula: How to Use It

Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula: How to Use It

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hey guys I wanted to quickly just kind of explain what this gallbladder formula really is and how to use it in some points about it the key thing about the gallbladder is it contains several factors that help the gallbladder basically one is bile salts now what is bile salts bile something that’s made by your body and what we have in here is called purified bile salts so it’s not all that junk in toxins it’s just certain salts that act like detergents that are natural for your body to help dissolve certain things especially grease or fats and the purpose of breaking down fats is to extract the nutrients from those healthy fats and what’s in fact that we need omega-3 fatty acids omega-6 fatty acids the other Megas fatty acids there’s there’s like other healthy fatty acids for your brain DHA epa like all these different and i’m not going to get into all the different ones but there’s a lot of healthy things in fact that you need is anti-inflammatories to help you with your hormones you name it okay and if you’re worried about cholesterol this actually reduces cholesterol because you need the bile salts to actually break down the cholesterol and then also this will help you extract more vitamin A for the eyes for the skin for the immune system all the fats I’ve added like by even vitamin E for the heart for your metabolism for oxygen to the heart it helps you absorb vitamin D which is very important vitamin K and vitamin k1 and k2 which is good for calcium transportation so it has a lot of different effects so it’s going to help you with your bloating it’s going to help you with constipation if you have that it’s going to help take the pressure off your liver so what happens is to use the bile down here and the liver is supposed to make it but a lot of times over time and your diet hasn’t been maybe that great you start depleting the bile but also if you have heavy periods from minstrel cycles or having pregnancies your bile goes right down and you don’t have any if you’re vegetarian you’re not going to have any if you’re in a low-fat diet you’re not going to have any so a lot of people just don’t have enough bile even when the stress goes up that can shut down the bile so taking a little bit of this is really beneficial because it goes through your liver and it helps you digest and it can clear up a lot of things like even acne as well so the goal is to give you enough so you can start helping yourself on your own and then over a period of time you can wean off of it because you might not need it and then you can just can’t take it as needed some people take neither longer some people need it shorter some people can get by with a couple months some people need six months but if you don’t have a gallbladder or you have a damaged liver or a fatty liver you might need this for you know a few years well if you don’t have a goal but you’re going to need it forever because you don’t have enough bile because you’re just going to have you’re not going to have this little sack down here the to hold the bile to be able to squeeze squeeze it out into the small intestine so all you’re getting is a couple drops that just trickle down there and I think doctors downplay the importance of the gallbladder you need that gallbladder so so this is this is a product that we would use it has also this is the new extra-strength one which has pancreatic enzymes because the pancreas and the gallbladder work together to break down those fats too now when I put that in there it really gives the person a complete picture from the pancreas producing the lip ASIS and the gallbladder producing the bile to really get that digestion to a full level at this level and then it comes down as full absorption of nutrients because the goal is to get the nutrients being absorbed also in here I have betaine hydrochloride which is actually something to acidify the stomach to help you digest the stomach level so it really hits the stomach the gallbladder and the pancreas all at the same time but with emphasis on the gallbladder so it’s a pretty powerful thing one way that you know you have a gallbladder problem is you have right shoulder pain or next step right here or even headaches because there’s a nerve that goes right up through here there’s other things in here too like stone Roop if the stone root if there’s a a gallstone there’s Spanish black radish to help lubricate the duck there’s slippery elm bark to help lubricate this area right here and a few other ingredients like an enzyme for the stomach so this is a really common thing that I use to solve a lot of problems now a couple things if it’s a kind of a moderate to severe problem we recommend take one beef right before you eat okay with each meal if it’s a real mild issue just take one with breakfast and you can always increase it so you have the flexibility of just testing it out now here’s some a couple points about this if you have low stomach acids and you take this you might feel more bloated because gallbladder this stuff is alkaline even though I have some soda Pfizer acidifies if instead of fires in here this is an alkaline substance so if you have a alkaline stomach and you take this it might kind of neutralize the acids even more so if that happens it doesn’t mean that this is creating a problem it just all that do does is it makes make sure it indicates that wow you need to start increasing more acid and your stomach and then this will really even work better because normally our stomachs are about like between one and three very very very acidic and when I starts going up to four or five it’s going away from acid now you don’t even release any bile so one of the causes of low bile production is low stomach acids and that’s a common problem so what I do is I just I take this but I a bit ain’t hydrochloride you can get it from the health of store betaine hydrochloride and take two or maybe even three with a meal so you take and take those right away and then you want to take this after the meal okay so if you have that problem you just basically switch it around a little bit add the betaine and my guitar teacher found that if he had nine betaine hydrochloride he can eat anything you want and it really digest I don’t recommend that but the point is that you probably need a lot of acid at four but because we’re not giving you a drug it works a little bit slower okay so how long does it take to work it takes about because it’s not a drug it might take a week or even a little bit longer to start to kick in but you should start feeling a lot better with this right here let’s see what else I think that answers most the questions that people have about this product if there’s any other questions you can go ahead and email us but that will kind of give you the rundown on the specifics of gall bladder formula

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula: How to Use It.
Dr. Berg's Gallbladder Formula: How to Use It

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Gallbladder Formula contains natural ingredients to help break down gallstones and provide bile salts for bloating and digestive stress. You can have gallbladder cleanse with the help of this product. Other benefits of this formula are: stomach acid support, Liver support, stomach enzyme support, pancreas support and bile duct lubricant.
In this video, Dr. Berg discusses how to use the Gallbladder Formula, how it helps you and what its active ingredient.
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