Dr. Berg’s Body Type Seminar

Dr. Berg’s Body Type Seminar

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there are people that exercise seven days a week workout two hours a day and still cannot lose even an ounce so the question is why what makes someone be able to lose weight and other people cannot today we’re going to talk about that if you look around you’re going to notice that most people fall into one of four body shapes some people hold a weight in the stomach as a sagging belly some people as a protruded some people hold their weight in the saddlebag hip area on the arms yet other people will be big everywhere so I developed the body type system of weight loss and today we’re going to talk about what’s behind that because if there’s something going on inside your body that’s off or out of balance the outside is going to be shaped differently and there’s nothing worse than doing all this work and not getting results I mean there are people that they just keep failing and failing and failing it’s not that they’re crazy or lazy or have low willpower it’s they’re not getting results so today is about getting to the root and what’s very interesting is you don’t really have a weight problem I know it sounds weird some of you’re lucky to have you see me in the mirror you have a weight symptom it’s really a hormone problem or a slow metabolism but let’s talk about hormones because there’s a lot of confusion I had a lady who’d say I don’t need to come to your seminar doctor because I had all my hormones removed you you have 600 hormones in your body we’re going to cover each one of them today I hope you have a notebook now we’re not going to cover all this thing but the ones we’re going to talk about are the fat burning hormones but let’s just define what a hormone is I need a volunteer how about you great once you stand right here she’s like do I have to go on this front row and I need to know the volunteer yeah how about you so you can just stand right here okay so you’re gonna be the fat cell okay you’re going to be the thyroid gland okay so now that I right and you’re going to communicate I’m going to just put your fingers in your ear just pretend like you can’t hear me okay okay good so now thyroid say hello to the fat cell No okay say burn fat burn fat okay now do you have any kids three have you ever talked to a child he ignored you the first time what do you do say it again okay good burn fat do you actually increase the volume – yeah burn fat okay after a while her face is going to get red so hormones are the communications sent across a distance over here and it’s supposed to connect into two little holes they’re called receptors hormones are communications they have millions of functions but that one we’re talking about is the fat burning hormone so we have the gland that makes the hormone it gets sent to the bloodstream it gets received and it’s supposed to burn fat most people this is what’s going on the communication is being sent but it’s not being listened to so that’s why they keep gaining weight so thank you very much and thank you very much see now that you understand hormones let’s go into the first body type which the which is the thyroid gland now the thyroid is this body type right here where you gain weight all over equally not in any one location now your thyroids located right in the base of your neck right here just put your fingers on your thyroid lower yeah right there it’s about two and half inches wide it comes from the Latin word which means shield thyroid because it looks like a little shield looks like this okay now if the thyroid is not working you’re going to start developing too much what is called potential energy what’s another name for a potential energy fat very good how many feel like you have too much potential energy it sounds better doesn’t it as a better ring to it we’re going to get a t-shirt I’m not that add potential energy so that’s what it is so fat how many of you be honest don’t like your fat yeah now why does your body make it if it just makes you miserable does it have a purpose like maybe people think it’s a cushion or an insulator to sit down now it’s a survival mechanism in other words it is developed on the evolutionary chain of survival so it helps you against it protects against starvation famine and stress so your body has stored fat to help you so now you’ll have a different viewpoint it’s trying to help you right but the question is how do we get rid of it right if we have too much well what do most people do they go on a diet what what do they do what’s a diet it’s a starvation hello so what’s going to happen the more they diet then when they starve themselves some other cut calories and while they count calories portion control everything in moderation you end up creating more potential energy the exact thing you’re trying to get rid of so the things that people do to lose weight are the things that are ruining the metabolism so with a thyroid you’ll have problems with excess weight because the thyroid goes into every single cell in the body you’re going to every weight your cell is going to expand and get bigger that’s why you’re big equally everywhere now the first symptom of a thyroid would be cravings – carbohydrates ok starches breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffin sodas juice alcohol Mad Dog 2020 all of those things are carbohydrates now how many of you ever ate something that you know you shouldn’t have eaten at least once before got one two three four five six how do people justify it when they eat something bad everything moderation I deserve it that’s a good one people are starving in Russia you got to eat everything on your plate just a little bit I’ll drink more water to flush it out you can’t be perfect all the time so when you do something like that what happens is you end up you have to make it okay so you invent a reason for eating that thing and so it stacks up I went to I was at the health food store and I was shopping and I saw one of my clients and she was I was just watching I was by the salad bar looking through the glass and I saw her way over there by the bread section and she kept going close to this little brownie tray I was just watching let’s see if she’s going to give it and she would go closer and then she would back up and she’d look back and come back here and then eventually she went before she grabbed it she looked looked left and right and she ate it and then she looked right up and we connected eyes her face turned white as a ghost and she just went with a shop card this way so I ran after her and I’m saying I’m like listen it’s okay just relax because if I didn’t if I didn’t talk to her make it okay she would just I would never see her again so people tend to hide those little secrets with cheating and stuff it’s okay to cheat as long as you tell me don’t keep a secret just get it out because all we have to do is we have to find out why you’re craving but if you have a thyroid problem you’re going to crave the the pleasure foods breads potato starch rice okay sourdough bread out of the oven with butter okay they like that for some reason so they crave carbohydrates they have problems with their hair the hair starts getting thinner brittle they they lose their hair on their comb it because those are proteins they have problems with their nails they get vertically ridged nails those are up-and-down ridges on the nails okay let’s see what we got here you got yours polish there okay so can you call 911 so the ridges the nails could mean thyroid the problem with the thyroid you’ll have loose skin right here right here how many of you know anyone like that maybe like a co-worker or a relative a neighbor yeah someone else so we have a t
hin skin dry hair you lose your eyebrows on the outer part right here first that would be thyroid thyroid cases have cold feet that there were socks to bed someone told me doesn’t everyone I go now that’s not normal so they have a temperature problem so they have problems they’re tired they could sleep for many many hours but there’s they don’t feel refreshed when they get out okay so that would be thyroid any question about the thyroid thyroid cases do not absorb vitamins too well okay so vitamins because the metabolism is so low they don’t break those things down there’s over a hundred intracellular enzymes those are those little chemicals in the body that break stuff down that are get shut down with the thyroid so it’s very expensive urine to be taking all these vitamins because it’s going to go right through you so let’s just talk as a side note not only is it a problem with absorption of vitamins that but most vitamins are made synthetically now let’s just show you something in nature vitamins always come in complexes score big acid is one part of the vitamin C complex okay it’s just the antioxidant its purpose is to protect the real good stuff which is vitamin j p k in copper these are this is a natural vitamin c complex that comes in nature this is synthetic right here which is ascorbic acid what’s very interesting about that is that this comes from cornstarch in sulfuric acid that’s how they make ascorbic acid there’s no vitamin C in corn yet they’re making vitamin same when it’s artificial though when you take ascorbic acid in large quantities which mainly you’ll see in synthetic over 500 milligrams and these pills which if it was natural be the size of a golf ball and as a pill when you take too much of this it will create deficiencies of these other parts it will literally create a vitamin C deficiency I had a guy he went to Mexico and he was going to cancer therapy he took all this 100 thousand milligrams of injected vitamin C but it was really a score pick acid he end up with bleeding gums that’s the sign of vitamin C deficiency varicose veins spider veins hemorrhoids and extreme fatigue that’s all the signs of scurvy so you always want to look on the back a label and be able to read the label to see if it’s real light comes from actual plants you don’t want to have to pronounce like can’t pronounce these chemicals okay so most vitamins are made synthetically 99% and even the most popular ones which I’m not going to mention any of those vitamins names okay Centrum silver but what happens is that there’s another one called calcium carbonate that’s a mineral that’s sold as a calcium supplement right calcium carbonate is limestone it’s not it’s like it’s like a rock you’d be better off chewing on the cement out there then you would taking that vitamin so when you take your vitamin and you feel this heavy bottle it’s like a paperweight it’s just mainly calcium carbonate which is limestone it’s not going to be absorbed it’s this going to cause kidney stones so read the labels make sure the vitamins and minerals come from plants that you can pronounce not synthetics most vitamins or minerals are made from metals or rocks or salts which don’t really get absorbed so there’s a big difference when people say there’s no difference there’s a big difference and then compound that the fact that you’re a thyroid case you can’t absorb anything no wonder we have that the vitamins that you take aren’t really working okay now the next body type we’re going to talk about is going to be called the adrenal now the adrenal gland sits on top of the kidney right here you got two of them go ahead and put your fingers on your adrenals now the adrenal gland is a stress gland how many of ever experienced stress before got one two three four five six give me an example what stresses people out work traffic children kids husbands being overweight school relationships life finances well you guys can relate to that how many of ever had a stressful relationship before at least once twice okay we’ll stop right there so the adrenal reacts and adapts the body to stress so if you pretend like you’re being chased by a tiger for the next ten years and how your body would react to that that’s what happens with the adrenals over time when it burns out well if you’re being chased by a tiger you’re not going to able to sleep okay you’re not gonna be able to reproduce so you’re going to have problems with hormones reproductive hormones you’re going to problems with digestion you’re gonna problems with blood pressure and cholesterol on all these other things with blood sugars because you’re running on sugar so I’m going to go through all of them but the adrenals regulate stress and stress does accumulate yes you’re like a bucket and you filled up in fact there is always some stress that has occurred right before you started developing a stubborn weight issue always if you ask a person they think it’s just calories right well if you take it back when did you start gaining weight what happened just before that you’re going to find that they had a baby c-section a surgery a hysterectomy tubal ligation they got married they got a divorce on that same date now now they have just a lot of different stresses I’ve had people even as kids be be overweight and many times it comes after an asthma attack or us or ear infection or a throat infection so many things that can stress the body out but stress does accumulate and over time you develop too many applications on your top computer which is your body so all these things accumulate and you’re just like a bucket of stress you’re kind of some people when we measure the inside of you are so jacked up they can’t sleep they can’t relax so I would say probably the biggest thing that stresses people out are other people is that true there’s certain personality types that kind of get to you you got the whiner right there like will you please help me when you please help me do the ever accept your help now you just want to help you just want to like okay let me push you downstairs now do you want my help so it’s like you have whiners you have the antagonistic person who’s rude you have the real depressed person that brings you down you’ll give them a solution they say now that will never work or you have those really happy people that are always this happy that doesn’t stress me out but sometimes it’s like if you’re depressed you don’t really like these happy people they’re just too positive all the time but there’s one personality type that really gets on my nerves and they call it the passive-aggressive called under minors now let me show you what they what they look like so everyone look at me very very hostile right now you’re smiling look at me very mean okay now smile hi nice to meet you they’re gonna backstab you to your face they told you they stood up for you but they actually ruin your reputation they love gossip how many v’n know anyone like that they give you a compliment but they follow it up with a sharp critical comment they’ll say something like hey that’s a nice jacket was it on sale like who would ever say that psycho that’s a nice haircut did you get at cheap cuts uncle I mean actually yes it was my uncle he goes congratulations you graduated as a chiropractor congratulations hey why don’t you wanna become a real doctor so you have people that are bringing you up and people that bringing you down right so those people they bring you down covertly so they’re very introverted they’ll they’ll do something like this are you feeling okay you look really tired are you sick and you’re like I was fine until you said that so I do have a way of getting back at these people if you’d like to know about that anyone want another technique okay just reverse the flow just do back to them have you has that been growing for a while you don’t have anything in the face they’ll be in the bathroom for hours looking at their face going is there anything on here because they’re introverted you so yeah okay so let’s move on to something less stressful but if you’re in a relationship like that or someone’s connected and you’re trying to reaso
n with them don’t hold your breath you can’t reason with them that’s what frustrates you because you just want to get them to see can’t you see that you’re crazy now they’re not going to see that they have to be right they’d rather be right than successful so you’re just better off just ignoring them okay so adrenal when the adrenal gland gets burnt out your tolerance for stress goes down you don’t tolerate people anymore people get on your nerves you become edgy especially incompetent people people that make mistakes you kind of like you might react more than you should right you’re not going crazy okay it’s the adrenals because the tolerance of stress your ability to tolerate stress stuff this kind of buffers it so sometimes that buffer goes down and you’re and you’re just kind of on edge all the time the way you think it’s not linear it’s like popcorn thoughts just come in like this your memory starts the adrenal affects the GPS in the brain so it’s kind of like you’re going on stairs you’re like um what am I looking for again I’ve got a backtrack okay you’ll be talking to someone but you’re actually having another conversation in your head you might be waiting for the person to stop talking so you can talk because you’re kind of thinking too fast it’s going too fast what you’re doing you’re solving problems 24/7 you can’t stop solving problems in fact you can’t stop thinking so with the adrenal they do a lot of thinking and because they’re in a survival mode it’s called flight or fight mode that is the problem with that is it stirs up the adrenals even more what they should be doing is just turn it off for at least I don’t know like a half hour a day go for a walk look at a tree a bird a cloud and just get space don’t get the headphones on and you know look at your computer all the time how many of you sit in front of a computer more than five hours a day 16 hours a day Wow that what happens is that it really kind of the computers everything kind of will stress your body too especially if you have the computer right next to your body I would try to get as far away as possible and even when you go to sleep at night make sure there’s no electrical stuff right by your head you got cell phones you know all that stuff I’m very sensitive to energies and I can pick up like I don’t like talking in that cell phone somehow just like feels like there’s a microwave in my brain so I’m like okay I gotta go you know just that’s why everyone’s like what’s your cell phone number I never pick it up because I don’t like that cell phone so the adrenal when the adrenal gets stressed you can’t tolerate stress and you start increasing hormones that are going to cause belly fat all right so this is an adrenal body type shape right here the weight is right there now why is it in the belly primarily because your body’s in survival and as a stress mechanism you’re going to hold it around the most important organs which happen to be in your midsection your body’s trying to survive it’s trying to help you it’s protecting you against starvation that low-calorie diet that you’re going to go on yeah so it’s like going to put it right here how many sit-ups will it take to flatten that belly it’s not going to happen why because it’s coming from a hormone your problem is not your weight it’s your hormones you have to reduce that cortisol the things that people do to lose weight end up destroying their and their hormones we don’t want to jack that up anymore so people take stimulants you’re already stimulated you don’t want to jack it up more so it goes there now over time instead of burning the belly fat off as energy it’s going to burn off your leg muscles before it even touches that fat in other words your body’s going to use up your proteins in your little in your thighs so guess what that’s connected to your knees that’s why you have a lot of knee problems with with the Drina land you have a lot of college and because all the the glue that holds about it together falls apart so you have loose skin it’s called pendulous abdomen it kind of sags right here and when you get it from a seated position you’re kind of like getting up climbing is a problem your legs are heavier don’t where it gets worse so after these legs become dissolved then your dreams will go after another muscle called a gluttonous a Maximus what muscle is that you’re behind so so what happens is not only do we get us thinner legs and bigger trunk but we get no butt so you got no butt no legs all belly you’ve seen people like that right so you have somebody look forward to I’m just I’m telling you you got it you have to kind of start now just preventing okay I’ve had relatives that before menopause oh my goodness waist like this after like that so yeah so adrenal glands will cause all sorts of problems with stress responses and it affects their ability to sleep normally when you go to sleep at night you’re supposed to go through four waves of sleep from a light sleep here to a deep sleep here now down here in the lower parts this is called the Delta wave sleep right here that’s where you burn ninety percent of all your fat not during the day all the fat burning occurs right there if you’re not sleeping you’re not going to burn fat but your mind you thinking you’re wasting your time I should be walking while I’m sleeping just to burn off those calories so let’s talk about calories for a second yes exercise does burn calories that’s true but not necessarily fat calories let’s take a look at something when a normal person exercises they they actually stress their body out okay it sounds pretty interesting but what all the benefit from that exercise occurs in the recovery 14 hours to 24 hours later when you’re in the deep sleep if you’re sleeping if you let yourself recover you ever hear that workout called the p90x or the insanity workout I normally see people like 45 they start doing that you ever see the videos they have like 18 year-olds if you have low recovery like low endurance low Fitness and you do that something that hot you’re going to hurt yourself you’re going to pull the hamstring I see it all the time my son I took them to wrestling practice and he’s like 16 17 I was a wrestle in college we go there and all the fathers are around the mat they’re standing around the perimeter with their shoes off with her socks on waiting to jump in there because they’re in their mind they’re still 18 one guy breaks the rib this guy you know he runs out of almost like had a heart attack it was hilarious so mentally you might still be 18 physically you may not be quite that level so it really all the benefit occurs in the recovery after the workout so when you exercise you stress your body and then you’re supposed to recover and that’s when you burn the fat not during the workout if you don’t believe me go workout 3 hours and weigh yourself before and after you’ll burn 900 calories but no actual weight loss ok so it’s all right here if you can recover adrenal cases don’t recover that well so they don’t adapt so the exercise only as good as if you can change or adapt to it so that’s really what we’re dealing with this how do you get your body to change from the things you’re doing it how many thumb when you’re 18 you much eat anything you want really you can just get away with it right how many fun you can’t quite get away with it now what is the difference the difference is your metabolism the rate your metabolism okay that’s really what’s broken you really have to exercise based on your ability to recover from it it’s better off for adrenals if you go walking on a flat surface than to get on that treadmill to burn off the calories so the thing that people do cut calories starvation exhaustive exercise is the exact thing that’s keeping that weight there and they’re frustrated because they been taught that Oh everyone knows that you just have to exercise and diet oh really well those people are saying that have never probably worked with one person I bet I’ve been there in the field of weight loss for 25 years I worked on 35,000 different people I believe a patient because I observe them they’re eating good
and it’s still not working they’re doing the treadmill still not working so it really has to do with the internal so we want to adjust the workout to your ability to adapt that’s why you have to you can’t put everyone in the same program everyone needs their own program so with adrenal either they can’t get to sleep because they’re so wound up and they can’t relax because they’re thinking so much or they get up in the middle of night bike too and just like they’re more awake at 2:00 than they are turning the day in fact right after lunch or 3:00 o’clock they’re just ready to go to sleep so even they can’t get to sleep you can’t stay sleep or the bladder which actually is controlled by the adrenal has to eliminate you know so they’re getting up urinating several times a night that’s adrenal the best sleep for the adrenal is a half hour before the long clock goes off right there right when you finally get to sleep that’s when you got to get out there can anyone relate to that yeah don’t worry it gets worse so we got the adrenal look effect the sleep create an inability to see change from a workout and it also will affect your cognitive it affects a lot of other things as well it affects blood pressure yeah that’s one of the symptoms from the adrenal is high blood pressure especially of the top number the systolic before the diastolic so always look at the top number if the top nerve is high we know it’s adrenal so because your body’s you lost that recovery mechanism to kind of keep the pressure down so you have blood pressure we have blood sugar yes diabetes is a symptom of adrenal because they control the sugars blood cholesterol is adrenal yeah cholesterol is needed to make adrenal hormones during stress the more stress you go through the more cholesterol you need to be able to build those hormones and then you have all allergies our adrenal including this sinus low vitamin D levels are hard renal yeah I know your doctor saying go take vitamin E you’re deficient but they’re not asking why okay arthritis all the itis is in fact anything connected with inflammation is adrenal poor handwriting and that’s me I could write the first part of the word but the last but just kind of gets all lost so what this means blood pressure blood sugar blood cholesterol oh geez vitamin D inflammation and cognitive issues and some Nia other than that you’re perfectly healthy now here is the problem what happens is that the medical system treats treats these they don’t ask why there’s no evaluation what they’ll do is take that symptom okay these are symptoms this is what symptom is and then they make it the problem okay they confuse the symptom with a problem it’s like one of those obvious things and like is it just me why is anyone asking this question because if you asked your doctor what caused this what they’ll do is convert it to a very scientific complex name okay you have lung Belgium what does that mean low back pain okay you have fibromyalgia what does that mean you got you’re hurting all over you have plantar fasciitis what does that mean you got pain in the foot you have dis data Kinesis sounds pretty scientific that means you can’t do this with your body you can’t rotate it back and forth you have spondylolysis what does that mean you have a you have a broken back there’s all these labels post-traumatic stress syndrome you means you you got some stress in your past they have one now called non-compliance to treatment disorder I’m serious I’m not kidding non-compliance to treatments order if you don’t do what the doctor says I told my son that and he said Oh homie don’t play that I’m like I said I said what does homie don’t play that mean he said that means I’m not going to do what you say like okay then you’re going to get a diagnosis from the doctor is he’s going to go you have non-compliance the treatment story well maybe you didn’t want the surgery maybe you want a second opinion and they’ll put this label they have manic-depressive what does that mean it means that you’re happy and sad what’s wrong with being happy you know you have a clinical depression it could mean that you’re not sleeping people that don’t sleep get depressed so it’s just amazing and then it’s treated with a poison I’m sorry of medication my whole thought is that what’s really missing in health care is the health part it’s kind of like that I mean I don’t know that sometimes I’m like did I just think of that is that original idea or does everyone know that I mean it’s bizarre there’s no health and health care it’s all disease care there are underlying principles to all subjects in life that are very high principles that everything kind of must revolve around okay my whole principle and weight loss is getting healthy lose weight not losing weight to get healthy you have to focus on your health now that’s pretty powerful because if you don’t know that you’re very susceptible to the next unhealthy diet that comes along or a little gimmick that might not be healthy but if you look at it from the viewpoint of okay is that healthy yes okay that might work let’s just take the word food how many of you eat food okay yeah how many of you never looked up the definition of the word food before okay I’m going to tell you what it is is that which is eating to sustain life provide energy promote the growth of a pair of tissue it comes from the Latin word which means nourishment nutrients so food is nutrients that’s why we supposed to eat we’re not supposed to eat food for necessarily anything other than health and nutrients but so when you go into the grocery store you can ask now and what am I in the mood for no no no don’t ask that because you’re going to get a brownie but if you say what couldn’t get me more nutrition what’s what can I eat that has more nutrition that’s very powerful because then you get it stay out of trouble I guarantee all the junk foods don’t have a lot of nutrition they don’t other than synthetic vitamins in politics you have underlying principles that you use like that I guess the principle in politics or the underlying senior principle it’d be something like on don’t spend more than you have right in the budget would that be kind of a smart thing get out of trouble so I guess we ought to worry about that one just being sarcastic and then you have what about in in the area of health in general you have to or health care you have to create your health can you imagine if we just put one percent of the of the money we put in sick care or health care into just prevention or creating health it’s over it’s over I mean prevention the problem is the doctors will say okay let’s check in six months okay and you keep coming back let’s check you let’s check you sorry to tell us you have cancer get your stuff together and it’s we’re going to do chemo what was to be done to prevent it what was done to create the health there’s nothing what are they going to do an aspirin a day I’d to get life insurance okay Reese I’m still trying to figure well my wife plan to get life insurance so I go to the doctor my cholesterol is a 180 it’s pretty good doctor says well it’s normal but we’re going to provide we’re gonna we’re going to practice some preventive medication what what are you talk about sir my goes I know but we’re just doing and everyone right now I’m like no thank you no because no no I have a free sample lipitor I’m like now that a side effects because oh now that’s you can’t believe the articles you can’t believe I’m like but like you’re going to kick back so the point is that there’s a lot of corruption in the area of pharmaceuticals and drugs you already know that but the point is that you have to start creating your health because the doctors just don’t know how I trained doctors I trained over 2,400 doctors they’re not taught how to get someone healthy other than the food pyramid drink more water eat more fiber you know it’s just like this not significant so you really have to learn how to create health yourself and start building your health because no one else is going to do it for you cancer takes 20 years to grow in your body I mean all of you probably have som
e cancer cells in your body it’s what you’re doing in your environment that’s countering that right now to protect you you literally you have to create your health every day so I look at people a little differently like what I’ll do when I’m listening to people I’ll just dissect them in half and I’ll go okay what are the things they’re doing to create their health and one of the things are doing to counter create their health because doing nothing is counter creating right so and it’s amazing it’s what makes it so simple I’m like wow like wow look at this like you don’t have you don’t realize that many people don’t realize that the cravings are a very simple nutrient deficiency potassium when you have low potassium you will crave sugar guaranteed when you get your daily amount of potassium you will not crave sugar it’s that simple how many of crave sugar okay if I tell you what to do would you would you do it to get rid of cravings within 24 hours or actually 48 hours okay so do this thing right here normal amount of potassium we need is 4700 milligrams a day now what food are is high in potassium bananas right that’s 400 okay how many bananas would it take twelve twelve bananas right so you’re not going to do 12 bananas okay so the amount of potassium you need is so high you don’t even realize it there’s a lot of potassium so what you can do is you can have all the leafy greens you would need seven cups to seven cups it’s not hard couple salads a day and you will fulfill your daily amount requirement for potassium you won’t you will not have cravings it’s wonderful to help protect against diabetes this right here because when you have that potassium and helps stabilize your blood Sugar’s but how many of you really don’t consume to seven cups of salad or day hardly anyone does how the heck are you ever going to get your potassium so this is the problem is we don’t really know what foods have the right nutrients and and the soils are so depleted if you would if you wanted to get your basic nutrients of trace minerals okay those are little minerals that you need in small amounts in your food right now with the soils the way they are you would have to consume 27,000 calories of food yeah so that’s going to be pretty hard isn’t it that’s a lot of food eating every day so you’re going to have to sub sort of enhance your diet with something just make sure it’s the right nutrients plant-based you have to concentrate but yeah that’s this is the problem is that people don’t know how to create health and so it’s kind of crazy so so we have the adrenal we have with the problem with the adrenal is you get fluid retention because all the electrolytes are controlled the sodium potassium is controlled by the adrenal in other words when you have adrenal problems you lose potassium your salts and elect all these things that keep the fluid moving are gone so the fluids going to pull in your ankles when you press your ankle that leaves a little dent that’s fluid retention you shouldn’t have that okay go ahead and press your ankle and see if you have any indentations there can you call 9-1-1 so fluid in the ankles is purely electrolyte problem because the adrenal it’s backing up fluid so we have that we’re going to salt cravings for adrenal to salt cravings that’s adrenal Sol is the is the mineral that recharges the battery that’s why you need a little chip at night when you go home I mean just to recharge your battery because you’re drained most of you are like a car in the freeway the battery is dead and you’re putting gas in the car why isn’t this thing start now you’re pushing the car it’s getting kind of heavy so electrolytes fluid now how much water should you drink a class is right who told you that they told you some day I’m going to find out navei is because that is a myth I was taught to drink I still can’t find the where do you find this information only drink when you’re thirsty here’s what I found the more water you drink the more dehydrated you become why because it flushes out the electrolytes that are supposed to hold the water there there’s a condition right now that I think it’s called hyponatremia which is actually too much water which is flushing electrodes and you can die die by drinking too much water so drink when you’re thirsty I have a machine I measure fluid in person’s body normally people that drink the most water the most dehydrated don’t worry it gets worse so they is everywhere it’s nowhere it’s like I don’t know who they is so you have fluids we have calcium calcium is controlled by the adrenal not just bone loss not just muscle cramps but you need calcium to have to wind down at night without good adrenals your calcium will deposit not in the bone but on the bone as arthritis bursitis tendinitis tartar no teeth cataracts kidney stones gall stones bursitis all the itis is and twitching and the left eyelid right here yeah that’s calcium so again what do people take cow carbonate limestone it’s in the one-a-days anytime you get a vitamin that’s prescribed prescription at a pharmacy oh my goodness that’s like how low can you go it’s just way off the deep end it’s just going to be rocks you need plant-based minerals this is how it works the plant is supposed to break down the minerals like rocks in Earth and absorb them into the plant and make them easy to digest the plant-based minerals are 10,000 times smaller than rocks and metallic minerals that you would get like sea salts yeah ten thousand times smaller so that would be the equivalent to a a golf ball to the Empire State Building so you absorb these plant-based minerals so much better you ever find that when you eat food you don’t feel satisfied like it just doesn’t quite even water just doesn’t satisfy you because the nutrients aren’t there why do you think you keep craving so it’s just it’s a deficiency so we have sinus problems oh that’s another diagnosis sleep apnea what does that mean it means that your sinuses are blocked like very I mean it’s just amazing how it’s gotten out of control and so right now the answer to health care is not spending more money on it it’s just to do more prevention the whole philosophy is broken but there’s no money in prevention it’s too cheap I mean it’s very cheap in fact I can take every one of your grocery bills and probably find a hundred dollars every two weeks of a food that you could just switch over to healthier food and just in and just take that in great health it’s not that hard it’s just choices what to eat in the grocery store why do I know this because I go in the grocery store and I see what they have so bad it’s amazing like wow people must be buying that because it’s there and then trying to find food and grocery store it’s not easy it’s like um so we have adrenal any other question about the adrenal body type it’s kind of an interesting type snoring because the sinuses there’s a nerve that goes in the back of the sinuses that if the adrenal gland shrinks it because the cortisol and it actually makes this thicker so you like you know snoring so we have adrenal now the other thing is that of course my wife’s is that sometimes I make that sound like no I don’t she goes okay I’m going to record you I’m like okay you can prove it so that’s adrenal now the next body type is the old ovary body type this is it right here see this body type look where they gained the weight lower part and the hips thighs that’s estrogen dominance take awhile a guess why you don’t see very many men that look like that they don’t have ovaries very good so the ovary will up produce too much estrogen the estrogen makes fat around the superficial from here down it will also make your arms get big and the breasts get big I had one patient she was so estrogen dominant she became a size H I didn’t even know it goes that high I thought D double triple D was the highest let’s see a b c d e f g h yeah that’s estrogen dominance how do you know if your estrogen dominant if you look like that and also you have heavy periods cramping PMS all that guess what that’s going to do it’s going to make a fibroid I see so many women fibroids its estrogen dominance so
what’s the solution cut it out I mean they’re not doing anything there are foods you can eat right now that will balance estrogen it’s called the cruciferous vegetable cruciferous vegetables are like kale broccoli Brussels sprouts cabbage all the foods that no one eats those are very estrogen they clean up the estrogen they balance it and the chemicals thank goodness we have those foods in our diet if we ever eat them but mainly people cook the heck out of them nothing so estrogen dominant will cause anything wrong with this cycle heavy periods headaches that time of the month cravings that time of the month PMS how many of you know people that are PMS okay I can see the husband’s are not like they’re like so you have all these different issues that happen that time of the month if it’s cyclic because the hormones go on waves just like all these circadian waves fertility infertility because estrogen you know it’s really amazing things you have this estrogen dominant patient and guess what they give them birth control pills what the it’s the exact opposite thing you’re going to put it more in estrogen dominance what food should they stay away from soy why because soy is very estrogenic and the soy that’s in America is not the same that’s another place it’s not fermented it’s like it’s just soy powder at soy protein isolates what does that do it’s going to grow tumors in your liver and your in your where else in the ovaries and the uterus it’ll grow tumors it’s very true myrrh producing yeah I see it all the time there were even some men that came in they were drinking so much soy milk they sort of lactating that was enough for me to cut it completely out of diet but there’s estrogen is very very bad for the liver and it’s very it’s in almost lot it’s in a lot of foods isn’t it it’s cinetic Lee modified it’s almost hundred percent channel IQ modified in the US and that means they alter the structure so there’s a lot of unknowns right now there’s no studies so the you know doesn’t have to be on the label to to be genetically modified they could just stick it in there so you have a soy it’s in also in a lot of prepackaged foods a lot of diets yeah isn’t it interesting the stuff that causes estrogen is in these eyes why did I use it because it’s so cheap it’s so cheap I made a kale shake with I was going to put some protein and the guy that was helping me develop the form a so you got to put some soy and it’s really cheap like what I’m not going to put that in there that’s going to like kill people so I put spirulina that’s like that vegetate a vegetable see vegetable so it has some egg white organic egg white and kale but the point is that you don’t want to do a lot of estrogen with that because it want to make sure if they’re doing meats and dairy that they have organic hormone-free this body type craves dairy they like ice cream cheese yogurt it’s wild they’re trying to get some hormones in there to try to balance something because they’re out of balance and won’t ever work though so they have a lot of issues with that and then when they get to be age 52 the ovaries stop working okay but guess what you have a backup organ here’s the ovaries the adrenals are little triangles on top of the kidney these start doing the work so now if the adrenal glands are weak going into menopause you’re going to overload those things and now this is going to do all the work and so now you’re going to have all sorts of problems with hot flash flashes night sweats okay does anyone have a hot flash okay so hot flashes are basically a short-circuit in the electrical system of your body that’s kind of like it’s blowing that heat right there someone’s having a hot flash right now so that would be hot flashes so this body type ends up looking like this body type after menopause so what am I trying to tell you I’m trying to give you a clue that you better do something now before it’s too late now some of you in your mind you’re thinking wow I’m a mixed body type on everything right you always have a primary too much estrogen will block the thyroid that’s why when you get pregnant you might end up with a thyroid problem because the excess estrogen will block this and then create all sorts of problems many many borderline thyroid cases need to take that red medication when the pregnant the spike of estrogen so all these things work together if the liver is bad which we’re going to get to next your thyroid can’t work the your thyroid needs that liver to convert like 80 percent of all the activation of that hormone cursor your liver so I had a lady she came in she did the wrong diet for her body type she did the high protein diet okay she was a liver type liver types should not do high protein diets okay what happened she lost weight but she also lost all of her hair well she had two gray hairs she had a wig a very nice wig um and she came in and she said doctor we gotta help him like okay what’s going on she goes look at she was like okay yes we need to we need to work on that so I said um what happened to you she goes I just did this diet I lost all my hair I said bingo you mess with your liver and then the block the thyroid now here’s the problem she was going to she was she was gonna get married okay her husband future husband had no clue she was completely bald okay that’s the situation when she rich it’s like it’s it’s like the honeymoon night honey now that were married um surprise like and then he pulls off his toupee I think there was like a movie where you can pull off your arm and your leg so I worked on her I do a technique which which works on old stress it’s an acupressure not puncture and we worked on her and worked on the liver and she got her hair back in three weeks tiny little hair she came back she was real happy got married never told them went great yeah so these hormones have dominating things dominating power to do certain things we when you actually age when you go from 20s 30s 40s 50s okay hormones change metabolism slows down would you agree with that you can’t keep doing the same thing with the calorie counting you have to look at the hormones in relationship to the triggering of the fat burning hormones I’m going to show you something before I get to the next body type real fast hormones there are three dominating hormones that if present in small amounts will completely block and cancel all the fat burning hormones okay in other words you have two things you have things that you should avoid and you have things that you should do the things that you should avoid are much much much much more important than the things that you should do it’s the little step okay so let’s take this one the first one is called insulin insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar it decreases sugar it’s triggered by sugar so every time you eat sugar it spikes the insulin okay you become a diabetic and then sugar goes high it doesn’t go down so you have to take insulin in the presence of just a little tiny bit of insulin it can cancel out and completely destroy all the good stuff that you did so let’s just make this real let’s take a cookie 80 calories you can walk that off in about a mile but the sugar in that one cookie will will block that burning for 72 hours if you have a slow metabolism like most people do a half a glass of orange juice a glass of wine unless dr. oz told you to do it which I’m just being sarcastic because like wine is alcohol sugar it’s like it’s going to completely block you so we got insulin right it’s the little stuff that’s going to really mess you up so we have to we have to give you substitutes for the thing you crave I already know a habit is almost impossible to break so we don’t want to take all the pleasure away from you in life we want to tweak it so there’s things you can eat brownies for example that have no sugar and no flour and you can eat those you just have to know how to make them and we have the recipes when giving you and you can actually have it in the refrigerator and go for that every night or when you when you like that number two cortisol too much cortisol that’s the stress you’re not going to lose weight and that
how do you get rid of stress sleeping walking I teach people to do an acupressure technique which basically pulls the stress that you do it before bed and you just get into a good sleep and it extracts the old stress so cortisol will block fat burning that’s why you have like when you have physical trauma and then you have losses loss of a loved one or divorce whatever that will hit the drain a thousand times harder than a physical trauma that’s why you have people that like after like this major event they’re just like they never recover that’s why you get autoimmune diseases like lupus and mess they all come after boxes okay so then we have the last hormone that makes you fat is called estrogen remember all those hidden sources of estrogen it’s in the hormones in Europe people are thinner than Americans in America we got girls going to the menstrual cycle out earlier larger breasts kids are fatter you might say it’s a lot of different things but I think the hormones are really messing us up if you now you guys realize that turkeys are fat hormones that’s why they’re bigger they’re huge right they can grow and fast if you consume the turkey that’s been injected with a hormone is it possible that some of that residue can get in your body if it makes a turkey a Butterball turkey is it possible to make a butterball out of you a Butterball turkey idea welcome to America you’re in the wrong country at the wrong time so some of these poor countries they’re really rich in nutrients but they come here and they just get that I see it all the time they move to America I’m like you doing fine till you moved here welcome to Virginia so we have to eat and understand how to fortify our hormones okay that’s really important so the last body type is called the liver body type the liver is located right here on the size of a football it’s three and a half pounds put your hand on your liver it’s on the right side the military right over here okay good your liver is kind of an extra organ you don’t really need it I’m just being sarcastic the liver if it becomes dysfunctional you’re going to start getting more of a protruded potbelly okay you ever see the guy in the beach of the speedo sorry to give you that image but that’s kind of like a basketball belly it’s hard it’s higher if you take your hand on one side and tap it it’ll create a little ripple why because most of its fluid it’s called ascites the fluid means fluid it’s leaked the livers leaking fluid into that sac right there so how many sit-ups won’t work sit-ups won’t work their legs are skinny it’s just right there it’s not just beer it’s actually fluid coming from destruction of the liver the two foods that destroy the liver our heavy cooked proteins animal proteins have you cooked texas-style steaks this thick big ones every night before you go to bed deep fried food deep fried catfish will do it to just all that fat in meat will just destroy the liver so the worse the liver the more you can’t tolerate the heavy proteins the older you get the less you can tolerate red meat so what happens is that you want to adjust the food based on your weakness but the good thing about the liver it’s the only organ that can completely regenerate a hundred percent but the bad news is it takes three years of eating a certain way okay the liver is the hub of so many things the liver will cause of liver problem will cause pain on the right side right shoulder why is it on the right shoulder the livers on the right it’s going to be swell up it’s going to go right here you have a liver problem don’t sleep on your left side because it’s too heavy it’s going to compress the heart you can feel uncomfortable you’ll sleep on the right side the liver will create little red spots on your skin little red dot skin psoriasis eczema little liver spots issue skin hot feet white tongue that’s a yeast chronic halitosis that’s bad breath sometimes they usually talk to you very close to turning your face they don’t know that they have bad breath it’s like really they have a lot of digestive bloating okay now the liver makes bile now there’s a confusion about bile some people think it’s bowel no no that’s bao bile b IL e bio helps it’s like the detergent that breaks down the grease it helps you digest the fats and it helps you absorb the fat vitamins that Seibel vitamins vitamin A if you’re deficient about M&A you’re going to have a hard time seeing at night you’re going to have sinus problems you’re going to dry skin you can have a little yellow thing in your inside of your eye right here a little tag there there’s a lot of issues with vitamin A vitamin D you’re going to problems with calcium you’re going to problems with seasonal depression vitamin E you’re going to have problems with libido vitamin C a e D and K you’re going to bruising so you have a lot of other issues just for me going to bile how do you know if you don’t have bile you’re going to bloat when you eat you’re going to get bloating burping belching headache on the right side ninety-eight percent of headaches and migraines are coming from that right there try and experiment next time you get a headache press right here on your gallbladder just press right there and just hold that for two minutes you will go right the problem is not in your head it’s in your down here because when you step on a dog’s tail he barks to his mouth right okay I’m just checking so we get bloating burping belching many people don’t have the bile and their bloat when they like at night they feel like you’re pregnant yet during the day they’re at flat stomach is that real to anyone okay so the liver they crave deep fried catfish they like deep fried anything because they’re not absorbing it so they’re going to want the stuff that you can absorb the other symptom is that when you eat you’re going to need a little sweet after you eat you need that little sweet because you’re not digesting fats to satisfy your blood Sugar’s okay you’re going to be grouchy in the morning because you have a low blood sugar in the morning how many work with people that are grouchy in the morning okay so what you do on Monday when you go back to work just go up to go up to the guy hey John listen you know I’ve been holding a grudge on you because you’ve been very kind of grouchy but now I know it’s just your liver I forgive you or the next time you go the all-you-can-eat buffet just go online excuse me sir I’ve never had your liver checked do you have any right shoulder pain do you ever H in the bottom of your feet let me see your tongue for a second here’s dr. Berg’s card you might want to get McCaul do you get bloating by the way actually don’t mention my name if you say that they might get offended see the problem with teaching you the seminar is you’re going to want to evaluate everyone you know everywhere you go you’re going to spot Oh liver Authority – sorry so that is liver liver is they do very well on cruciferous vegetables okay any other questions about the body types yes the man the male there with the liver mm-hmm and I know a male cannot have a very ovary about the other what would it look like to see a male um it’s very rare so she asked question why what would it look like if there’s a male was these other ones its did it’s very rare to have a primary thyroid body type it’s usually secondary to having the thyroid removed because of estrogen dominance too much estrogen is underneath most the thyroids I mean it’s just it’s almost non-existent this is very common this this adrenal right here just because of stress that’s probably that number one thing you see this because of just bad eating from yours but the ovary is very common to so this one here these three are very common so if if that guy was a erode they would just be big all over and that guy was adrenal he would have more of a sagging belly it wouldn’t be so high on the top okay and of course he wouldn’t have that typically let’s see he had a little soy milk now this next thing I’m going to tell you is so important it’s the most important thing that I’ve talked about so if anyone’s checked out check back in right now you hear you’ve heard tha
t obesity as a health risk right it causes a biddies heart attack stroke cancer bad luck right everything right that’s what I was taught to but I found that’s absolutely not true it’s a myth let me explain I had a patient come in 29 years old weighed 325 pounds did my program this is a long time ago take awhile guess how much weight you lost in the first month nope no no no now exactly it’s zero pounds she lost zero pounds okay now who would be depressed if you lost zero weight yeah but she was actually okay with it because she felt better okay the second month she lost 21 pounds the third month she lost 63 pounds who was at that point when I had a light bulb go off I’m like wow you don’t you don’t lose weight and get healthy you get healthy to lose weight see I’ve been doing it the other way around that changed my whole practice because now everything that I aligned was going to get them healthy and I started to see results on people that would normally ever get results it’s the health you cannot be fat and healthy at the same time being healthy the weight comes off as a natural side effect obesity is a symptom of an unhealthy body not the cause of it why are they doing that why are they pushing it so they can come up with the drugs to treat it again it’s a symptom does this make sense so here’s what I want you to do I want you to change your viewpoint goal from losing weight to creating more health go ahead and do it right now go ahead and just shift make the shift come on in the back there shift it okay good so have you decided that you’ll create more health because that’s how you do it forget about the diets we have to get your lifestyle corrected forget about vitamins unless you can get your eating corrected because understanding that is a superior principle that will take you not just to lose weight but to get younger as you get older I’m 65 now I’m just kidding now in 47 but I feel like I’m 25 I mean I wrestled my kids and I and I’m like I’m working on I’m actually trying to reverse the aging process and so that’s what I want you guys to do as every year you get older getting younger but all it takes is a shift of viewpoint rather than oh here’s the diet you have to understand what to do so there’s three things I want you to do number one find out your body type number two get in a plan that’s specific for your body type and number three stick to it through creating healthy habits that you can do long-term so it’s all about create your health every day it has to be built just like everything else in life I want to thank you guys for coming I hope you learn something I appreciate your attention this long have a great afternoon

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