Dr. Berg Scheduled to Do the Dr. Oz Show…Then THIS Happens! MUST WATCH

Dr. Berg Scheduled to Do the Dr. Oz Show…Then THIS Happens! MUST WATCH

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so I get this call from the dr. Oz Show and they wanted to do a whole show on body types a whole hour because I actually have a lot of information on videos an internet about body types I wrote a book on body types it was a best-seller been working with body types for 10 years so anyway I spent the next 30 hours straight compiling all the research I had and body types because we had to condense it into one hour and make it simple so I scripted it out I stuck stuck my jokes in there everything for each body type and I sent it to them so we were going to they were going to fly me up to New York on a Friday so it was Tuesday and I get I get an email not even a cog an email says sorry dr. Berg were going in a different direction sorry we’re not going to the show so I’m like oh that was a waste of 30 hours so a little bit pissed you know but I was okay with it I mean I told my mom and I told patients and things but what really got me about a month later I get this link from one of my patients can you see yourself in one of these pictures you carry your weight in your belly or you bottom-heavy or you shape more like a box if so you’ve just found the first secret down locking your body’s fat burning furnace your body type and with your Apple a pair or box your body type is a direct effect on your metabolism so today I’m giving you my secrets the turbocharged your metabolism for your body type dr. Jeffrey Morrison is a nutrition specialist he studied the link between metabolism and body type for over 10 years welcome to the show well dr. oz when you’re 18 years old basically you can eat just about anything you want and your weight doesn’t change and with each decade you get older your metabolism slows and your hormones change as you get into your 40s then the metabolism starts changing even more and the hormones keep on getting imbalanced and people’s body shape will change based on the hormones and that gets accumulated where the hormones are imbalanced so in your 20s anyone can lose weight but when you get into 30s 40s and 50s things change hormones change and your metabolism slows down in certain hormones will cause fat to accumulate in the hips versus in the midsection versus just all over the body and that also can be a predictor for what type of health problems a person could be at risk for if you look around you’re going to notice that most people fall into one of four body shapes some people hold a weight in the stomach as a sagging belly some people as a protruded some people hold their weight in the saddlebag hip area and the arms yet other people will be big everywhere well the apple shape but generally gains weight in their midsection they tend to have a round face they accumulate weight in their upper back and they tend to have small legs it has a lot to do with an imbalance in a certain hormone that is affected by stress it’s called cortisol and cortisol we all know is the stress hormone and cortisol causes weight to accumulate in the midsection and especially around our organs so you can see that this doctor is using my script in fact nowhere on this doctors website will you see anything about body types he’s not an expert I don’t know where they got this guy but basically he’s talking about my body types so why does cortisol that hormone cause that accumulation of fat especially in the belly well the belly has specific cortisol receptors that soak up cortisol when people are under stress and it directs back to be stored underneath the stomach in and around organs interest the thing about an apple metabolism is that they don’t they’re not the type of person that’s going to be able to go on a low-calorie diet because that the body would use that as a stressful experience also excessive exercise is also considered a neck stressful experience for somebody that responds to stress that way so the low calorie diet too much exercise equals increased cortisol level because the body is trying to be protective of a famine type of event well there’s a number significant health problems that people should be concerned about inflammation high blood pressure heart disease diabetes and even breast cancer can you just explain it for everybody why some people accumulates fat in some parts of the body and others in different parts their body well a lot of that has to do with different types of hormone imbalances so with as we said with the cortisol level with the cortisol body type it’s stored in the in the midsection with other types of hormone imbalances it can be stored in the hips or also just throughout the whole body so I’m curious I’m question for all of you what would it mean for you to lose your Apple shape in fact what would it look like if you were going back to age 18 and how you appear sounds reasonable huh get up have got a plane that is specifically targeted can burn your belly fat but first are you plagued with stubborn cellulite that’s a key symptom for our next body type you need to understand that one find out which one it is we come back okay I’m gonna doing my secrets the turbocharging your metabolism for your body type and we’ve already talked about the apples or plagued with belly fat the next body type the pear if you store fat in your hips butt and thighs you have a pear-shaped body like two-thirds of all women your bottom area is the first place you gain weight and the last place you lose it because your body wants to save this fat to convert for energy so what steps can you pear-shaped women take to trim your bottom dr. Moore so what’s up Aires biggest challenge well the pair’s body type stores weight on their hips thighs and butt and the reason for this is because of an excess of a female hormone called estrogen as the the issue with estrogen is that estrogen is actually produced in fat cells and it also spikes during pregnancy and every single menstrual cycle so it makes it very difficult for women that might be consuming an imbalance diet because every single time they’re spiking their estrogen levels they’re storing fat and once they store it it’s very difficult to get off the they’re saying a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips speaks to this body type explain sub DITA you’re all getting this message clearly I said why does the pair type particularly wreak havoc with your metabolism well the pair body type is its evolution so throughout evolution it was very important for women to store fat in their hips and thigh area because to get ready for pregnancy the didn’t pregnancy there’s a lot of fat that can be readily used for the baby during gestation one of the most important ones for women to know about is osteoporosis during a woman’s menstrual years they’re producing plenty of estrogen which helps to maintain calcium in the bone and after menopause the estrogen levels drop quite a bit and women are not able to keep calcium in the bone the other health factors include cellulite varicose veins and also joint problems can you change your shape over time well you can absolutely make an impact but an apple is almost certainly not going to become like a pear but a pear could become like an apple and well with all of these hormone imbalances they all can cause certain health risks but this body type has the highest health risk because it’s too low in thyroid hormone thyroid hormone is really about metabolism for the whole body and there’s some very significant health conditions that can occur and people should know about such as depression memory loss high cholesterol and enlarged heart for my box-shaped friends out there that’s not familiar som
e memory issues there cheering out there they’re chanting so how does a thyroid affect the box-type the thyroid hormone is really the hormone that unlocks metabolism for the entire body it literally is the key that turns on the metabolism for every cell in the body and for that reason it actually if it’s low it will slow down function for all body organs including the brain the heart metabolism and for that reason also there’s a lot of symptoms that can occur with this such as difficulty concentrating and memory changes high cholesterol and then like dry skin dry hair dry nails depression and even constipation the secret for all the apple-shaped folks out there the turbocharged metabolism is are you ready to eat foods that are low glycemic what does that mean low twice emic foods are foods that don’t surge into your bloodstream and don’t spike your blood sugar if you don’t get that big spike in blood sugar that change in your body that those stressful hormones won’t accumulate that sugar as fat in your belly and that you’ll be able to lose it effortlessly so here’s what they change they took all the solutions to the body types and they basically just made up something like for the Apple which is the adrenal they said consume low glycemic foods right well basically that lowers insulin but it’s not my solution for the adrenal so the reasons you want these high-fiber foods is they don’t bind up with the estrogen that’s already too much in your body and carry it out through the intestinal system so it comes out in your poop okay so you poop won’t look any different not gonna smell different it’s not gonna you know having anything special about it but it’ll have extra estrogen being pulled out because the fiber will have bound it just to bind estrogen that is absolutely not true you don’t get rid of estrogen by consuming fiber they’re so impressed so the first food that I think you ought to be focusing on if you’re a pear-shaped individual the turbocharged your metabolism is edamame okay edamame is rich in phytoestrogens do you guys like that well that’s our pear section yeah our sections happy over there Anna mommy has phytoestrogens there are a plant-type of estrogen they actually hinder block your own estrogen from doing things too much what’s a good thing but you want to have plant sources competing with your own sources so that you don’t feel such a surge of that hormone that causes you cumulation of that down below your waist edamame will do that naturally whole wheat pasta big opportunity here it’s a great swap out for white pasta as well and get any little bit of extra calories you take in your body if you’re a pear shape is going to accumulate down there because the body sees it as a safe alternative this is a nice way of reducing the amount of sugar surging into your body and then the third tip everybody are figs why do I love figs because they’re the fruit with perhaps the highest fiber out there that I have personally adore okay you like figs I do I like them even more now it’s right to make these part of your diet and you will turbocharged your metabolism and again I’m not giving you ideas that work for you six months down the road this will work for you so here’s the problem that I have it’s not that I didn’t get on the show it was that you are being fed the wrong information information that is just made up you’re not going to get results so then you’re going to have a failure so that’s going to stack up so you want to make sure that your information that you get is based on truth not hype

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg Scheduled to Do the Dr. Oz Show…Then THIS Happens! MUST WATCH.
Dr. Berg Scheduled to Do the Dr. Oz Show...Then THIS Happens! MUST WATCH

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On Oct 09, 2012, I was contacted by two producers of Dr. Oz show and then scheduled to do the show shortly after. They asked for a digital copy of my book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, which was the most complete works on body types in existence. They said they have been watching my content on YouTube: and really enjoyed it.
After spending 30 hours of preparing and organizing all the research I had on body types, I then designed the material for formulate the script.
The Tuesday before the week of the show, I was told via email that they were going in a different direction and I was no longer needed.
A month later, a patient of mine told me to look at this link she found on the internet.
It was Dr. Emmett Oz’s solution for body types – interesting!
Dr. Oz show apparently ran the show, but with another doctor and someone who claimed to research body types for 10 years, however nowhere on his site can you find anything on body types. They proceeded to use a good portion of the script I sent over; some almost word or word.
But unfortunately for the consumer, the solutions that were recommended by Dr. Oz for body types (low glycemic foods, fiber, etc,), were NOT based on what I found that works, instead I believe they were just random.
The consumer has no idea what is going on behind these TV shows and what is a true solution based on credible things that have been proven or solutions that come from thin air and “made-up’. This completely shifted my viewpoint on the credibility of the Dr. Oz show.
I am not even saying Dr. Oz had anything do with it or even knew about it. I think a lot of the information on the show is being directed by people behind the scenes that have nothing to do with what Dr. Oz actually discovered or what he uses in practice.
To really have solutions that work and get results, you have to be in practice and work with people day in and day out. Dr. Oz is a surgeon and on TV full time – so when does he have time to test these theories on actual patients?
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