Dr. Berg hosts a webinar on Anti-Aging and food

Dr. Berg hosts a webinar on Anti-Aging and food

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More specifically, you want help with Dr. Berg hosts a webinar on Anti-Aging and food?

welcome to the webinar everyone so in this webinar we’re going to talk about anti-aging I want to teach you so great things if to actually reverse aging process is it possible I think it is I’ve been working with a lot of people over the years and I found that they do get younger as they get healthier so the goal is to make you younger every year that you age so that would be cool um so um I’m gonna just go to some slides right now um let me just share my screen here make sure you can see everything ok so so here’s the thing when we talk about anti-aging you know if you do research on the internet you’re going to see there’s a lot of information about just skin creams taking vitamins looking good on the outside using different facial scrubs in that type of thing but there’s a lot more to anti-aging than just a superficial putting a cream on your face try to get rid of wrinkles so we’re going to talk about two things one is how to look youthful as you get older but we’re also going to talk about you know the heart of anti aging which is to postpone your life to prevent dying in early age we’re going to talk about that because it makes no sense to you know try to look young why you get cancer and dropped it a heart attack so I’m going to cover both things today and I wanted to mention that one of the things that really emphasized is to increase a health reserve to build up kind of a health insurance reserve and there is a test that can be measured to look at the internal health reserve and I have one of my patients that we just today we’re evaluating we’re looking at her health reserve and trying to build that up and I just want to kind of show you this little graph here you can see there’s a there’s this taller dial in a small dial the tall dial should be straight up and down and the small dial should be all the way to the right so if the small dial goes to the left that that’s indication that the person is losing their their kind of their recovery Reserve and I look at that as kind of like that the deeper health reserve this test just to keep it really simple without giving you a lot of big words is it’s called heart rate variability it’s a test that measures the data in between the heartbeats it measures how elastic the heart is it measures how the heartbeat varies from one beat to another and it’s one of the best indicators of overall mortality from heart attacks so I don’t use it for that but it will give a prediction on how healthy you are overall but also for the heart the reason I’m bringing this up is because it probably taken 10,000 of these graphs and there was only been one person that has ever had a perfect graph and he was 80 years old yeah and I’m like who is this guy he was walking down the street with his dog he falls in a hole hit knocks himself out he lays there for three hours knocked out unconscious wakes up his head’s bleeding goes back home he has a stiff neck he sees me three days later his wounds are almost healed um he has a slight stiffness in his neck so he had a perfect perfect graph and I’m like who the heck is this guy so apparently when he was younger he took the Olympics in water polo and he’s maintained his health ever since that so he could basically hold his breath three and a half minutes underwater at this point so out of all the things all the workouts all the sports events I would say that water polo is probably the most incredibly difficult I almost drowned right up through the sport in college with my roommate was into water polo he would just hold me underneath water until I let go of the ball he would anchor his foot into the drain pipe until I you know cooperated so it’s an intense workout so in other words I’m trying to just let you know that it is possible to measure your health reserve and it is possible to improve it so let me go to the next slide here so I think we should probably start this whole webinar by isolating what are the top causes of death if you look it up this is ill they’ll go ahead and tell young WebMD it’s the heart disease cancer chronic respiratory accident stroke Alzheimer’s diabetes influenza pneumonia nephritis that’s kidney problems and then suicide so those are the top causes of death but they forgot to mention one big cause of death and that’s probably the number one it is not probably it is the number one cause of death and that is conventional medicine now in the next slide you can look at the links because I’ll send everyone needs a these PDF files but the point is that seven hundred seven hundred thousand people a year die of reactions to prescription drugs and necessary antibiotics unnecessary medical procedures hospitalizations so that actually ranks number one so I guess the therapy the best therapy is to avoid doctors if you want to live longer probably you know the question is how many people actually die the vitamins in 2010 not one person in 2004 there’s three people who died of mega doses of vitamin D and vitamin E but I would in their synthetic and of course the one person died as a result of overdose with iron and fluoride but I don’t consider fluoride a nutrient so there’s been a huge push you know by certain people to pretty much make alternative care dangerous you know it’s quackery it’s scams but I personally think it’s just a way to camouflage just like their own secrets or skeletons because the amount of medication Pumped in young children nowadays even psych drugs that are pushing and the soldiers there’s 23 suicides every single day in the military and that’s from the side effects and psychiatric medication so I wanted to just share a story by a client she told me today she can you tell us what happened you you basically went to the doctor and you wanted some help and you started to you had a whole list of problems because we’re working with you but there’s some other issues that you wanted to kind of evaluate can you just tell us a little bit about you walked in there and you saw the nurse and what what was the first thing that she said well um first I she asked me what I was there for so I said well I have a list of things and I had had some symptoms going on so I’d been keeping track of them and writing them all down and I started list listing them off to her and she looked at me like I was crazy and she said ma’am you’re gonna need to pick the top two because she’s not going to have time to to deal with all of those issues look I’m a little shocked like it’s like when you go to a doctor you have a list of problems all those are connected yes suffer problems yes yes and that’s what I tried to tell her I said no the doctors going to need to listen to me because these are all connected and I need her to to help me figure out what is going on so she left the room sort of hurriedly acting very like almost rude but when the doctor came in I did make her sit there and listen to me with every single one of my symptoms because they are all connected like you and I spoke today yeah and so so one of the things that what’s lacking in in health care I mean look at this you got the top cause of death is over medicated patients unnecessary procedures with everything has become so specialized into um if you have a digestive problem you go to this doctor and er come problem you go over here but they’re not looking at the whole picture I think even with you you had I think you had some history of panic attacks or something right yeah and they bet what do they what do they say about that um so I talked to her about that and told her that I have been having some panic attacks he basically said okay so here’s a script for you to go to the
psychiatrist and I didn’t go to the psychiatrist and they said okay well here’s some lorazepam or I don’t remember what it was and you know um there wasn’t any let’s talk about why you’re having panic attacks or what might be going on it was well here’s this medicine go ahead and take it so it was very disheartening and frustrating yeah yeah I know it’s um it’s you want someone to listen to you to a by way to come up with some solutions um and then I think you eventually saw the doctor okay did he really what did he do did he say none okay so so as I went through my list of symptoms he she it was a woman she says okay so you’re having um some panic attacks and and feeling like this so here’s your referral to go to the see the psychiatrist and oh you’re having hot flashes okay here’s your referral to go to the gynecologist and oh you’re having some joint pain here’s your referral to oh in your hip and in your back so here’s your referral to go get some x-rays done oh you’re you’re having constipation so take some fiber thing you know what I’m it just she was treating each one of the things as as a symptom as opposed to as opposed to looking at everything that was going on that’s going on with me as a whole that there might be something happen um she just singled each of them out and sent me to other places and tried to treat each symptom individually yeah and that’s why I wanted to do this webinar just to give you guys some real basic things I mean even one thing with you with your hip I did some muscle testing I found out I asked you a question I said do you cross your leg a lot on one side and yes you do yeah I mean you constitute and then that’s the muscle that is weak because you keep crossing it and throws off the pelvis so um the some of these things are really really really um ‘is obvious but the problem is those are the sometimes hardest to identify so I wanted to get through so I’m going to come back to that point but I want to just go through a couple things about the third leading cause of death since we’re trying to live longer because I I kind of protest getting old I don’t want to get old I know it’s inevitable but I want to slow it down but it’s important to kind of know what people die of that they’re losing leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is psychiatric medications I didn’t even know that I looked that up and this is um in the cancer in USA and Europe over a half a million people die of either suicide or psychiatric medication that reactions to that I think that’s why the drug companies are being sued by the billions so there’s a lot of corruption going on with psychiatric drugs in the military all over the place and then you have this guy Stephen Barret Beret whatever his name is in quack watch which basically says he says most diseases have a little of nothing to do with diet it’s not um and he goes into saying that it’s most things are placebo you know don’t take vitamins you know alternative practitioners oversimplify he says when they say that milling that’s like rindy grain removes the B vitamins they don’t bother to tell you the enrichment and back so you can see that here is a person who is very anti natural vitamins he’s a psychiatrist which causes the third leading cause of death there’s no it’s just a joke so the philosophy that I wanted to teach you guys today is really going beyond the outside in and going the inside out working on the inside of your body if you want this the entire body to look youthful I think probably the one of the biggest in your seat industries out there is skincare and makeup and hair care and it’s all just superficial you’re just dealing with a layer of a very tiny layer on the outside of your body there is much better things to do to get the skin youthful prevent wrinkles and I’m going to cover what you need to do a better strategy would be to just really look at the quality of materials that you’re putting in your mouth and your digesting I will say that certain parts of your body are replaced at different rates for example like your your skin cells sometimes you replace every four days the liver is replaced every three years so the red blood cells are replaced every four months the colon cells are replaced every three days so you’re constantly replacing your cells and the question is what are you replacing them with I’m going to show you the best material to replace them with but there’s one thing that doesn’t rejuvenate or doesn’t replace itself and that’s the brain so once you kill off your brain cells you don’t replace them they don’t come back so what I want to do is I want to ask everyone who’s on the webinar um a question what food and I’m going to just make this what is the food that gives us the highest nutrient value okay it’s a category of foods and I want you to go ahead and I’m looking at your answers right now want you to take a well guess what category of food gives you the highest amount of nutrition out of all food categories I’m going to give you a second to answer that okay kale leafy greens vegetables kale veggies plants protein fats veggies protein okay well this is interesting because this is something that’s kind of unknown um yeah berries no I always like that when you ask a column in I’ll ask a question I’ll say um okay does anyone know this and you know they’re not going to know it so you just know that’s not right so you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong so um what about you you have any idea what Leslie would what the highest nutrient food is on the planet that you can get all of your nutrition I should know this ah I’m thinking um I’m thinking yeah I don’t know why but I could be wrong all right let me I mean I’m eating all the things on the side everybody’s saying good stuff yeah oh sure the one that one thing I’m not sure what the one thing with me um okay so now I’m going to tell you um it is I thought I had slide on it but I don’t organ meats oregon means up then yeah liver heart brains kidneys for it personally um I can’t eat those foods I just I just can’t eat them I think I was as a child that was forced to eat liver and I just can’t eat it I don’t know I have a hard time eating brains and kidneys but I’m just letting you know those foods I know a lot of them are toxic because of the animal feeds but I’m just telling you as far as the nutrients that are in those foods like it’s it’s really hard to find one food that has all the nutrients but there is one food that has all the and that would be the organ meats so if you like liver and you have an organic or free-range you know animal and you consume that it’s not you will get a lot of nutrition especially like iron and there is one type of nutrient types of vitamin e treants that are better for looking young young than others and that would be the fat soluble vitamins and that would be like vitamin A D e K those vitamins yes they’re in vegetables but they’re actually in vegetables they’re pre vitamins so in other words they have to convert into the active form and you have to have a good digestive system to consume that so you may if you’re lucky convert about 5% of those true fats and vitamins to help division to the skin even vitamin A for your skin if you don’t have vitamin A you actually dry out your skin you and you actually look older going on a low-fat diet is very very bad for anti-aging so let’s go into some of the the foods or the nutrients that will help you stay younger or look younger the first thing I want to talk about is foods for college and support whisk collagen collagen is like the glue that holds the body together it’s the UM it’s in the joints it’s in the skin if you lose collagen your skin gets thin and it sags and you get wrinkles and you look older so you can consume the collagen itself or bone broth or grass-fed animal products but you also need trace minerals to actually utilize that collagen you also need vitamin C to use the collagen so I wanted to show you something this is a grass-fed collagen that I got online Great Lakes gelatin I mean it’s it’s good if you have like a lot of joint problems arthritis and you don’t consume a lot of animal pro
ducts especially grass-fed that would be something you can try and but I found that most people are not really deficient in collagen it’s not something that are not eating that’s not why they’re losing your collagen I’ll get to the why but the point is that it’s not a bad supplement to take but just by taking this doesn’t is does not mean your skin’s going to look youthful you need several things to to make that work um the big thing is trace minerals as trace minerals are not in the soils I’ve done seminars on trace minerals use a version I use trace minerals it’s a plant-based it’s not sea salt plant-based minerals have our fifty fifteen thousand times smaller than regular minerals so they it go in like a rocket ship so you need the minerals you also need the vitamin C complexes and I I wanted to show you a food that’s very high in vitamin C but I want to first find out I’m going to ask you what foods are high in vitamin C what are the top three foods that are the highest in vitamin C let’s see who can get that one right okay people are saying camu camu yeah that’s a great citrus carrots broccoli kale spinach so you guys you you guys are doing pretty good on that one so I think you got that one down there the three foods at the highest in vitamin C which would be number one up ayah number two Kiwi and number three peppers now these are not from the grocery store these are from the farmers market these are freaking amazing peppers they’re crunchy there’s they’re loaded with vitamin C and vitamin C you got to be careful about vitamin C because most of it is synthetic and I’m talking about ascorbic acid if you buy Ottoman C and it has over 100 milligrams of ascorbic acid it’s just synthetic they make ascorbic acid from corn starch which has no vitamin C in sulfuric acid and you take this stuff you’re not getting any / C complex it’s not going to help your collagen if you do something like this you’re going to get the complete complex because in the complete version of vitamin C you have enzymes a copper enzyme called tyrosinase you have the J factor the bioflavonoids the route ins all the different great complexes provided and C to help build collagen and organic copper it’s a mineral in that thing and so it’s and by the way a lot of the drought the vitamin C is stored in your adrenal glands so the dream glands are tired you won’t have enough vitamin C to use that and the other thing is that when you take vitamin C in high dosages and synthetic versions it will create deficiencies of the other factors about and C causing spider veins and I’m going to talk more about this in the next seminar but Linus Pauling recommend large dose of vitamin C notice he has these spider veins around his nose that’s a vitamin C deficiency because one of the side effects of scurvy is micro hemorrhaging of the capillary blood beds and so the scoop the bleeding gums the spongy gums that you have when you brush your teeth that’s a vitamin C deficiency so and also fatigue is a vitamin C deficiency but also the arteries the arteries can in high-pressure areas have a micro hemorrhage hemorrhage and so the body puts a bandaid on it called cholesterol and calcium plaquing and that’s what makes the clogged artery but the first thing that happens is the micro damaged hemorrhage from the vitamin-c complex deficiency so those are some vitamin C things that you can look at and especially for your skin I mean you need that collagen so now I’m going to go back to my slide if I can do a screen share let me see here okay so we have collagen bone broth if you took an org let’s say some bones from and um let’s a cow or something and it was grass-fed and you were to cook it over a day or two and make some bone broth and there’s a great recipe that would not be a bad idea to drink that stuff it’s really good for collagen especially if you want really strong nails and hair um I can actually if I can either use trace minerals to make hair stop falling out or sometimes collagen or the combination of both but because trace minerals also help the collagen form correctly so the combination is very very important especially for a hair loss so the most important thing to do is to make sure that your animal meats are grass-fed and I’m going to show you I use them like here’s an example I do a lot of beef myself this is grass-fed um and the reason why I do grass-fed is because it has loaded with vitamin k2 if you’ve seen any of my videos you basically know about k2 it’s going to be the next super vitamin it improves elasticity of the arteries it decreases blood pressure it gets calcium out of the joints it’s quite amazing and of course we have the grass-fed Kerrygold butter that’s vitamin K it’s loaded with vitamin A and of course I’m showing all my food here um these are my eggs from the farmers market from a farmer that basically I have a video I’m going to put a video of this farmer because he has these cages in the grass field in the clover fields and they’re like the human lawn mower they will eat all this grass and then he rotates them I mean talk about a pasture raised grass-fed chicken I mean those things are those eggs it’s hard to even break the shell it’s silt loaded with calcium so it’s quite amazing um there’s a couple questions I want to just go right to the questions um said the webinar keeps cutting out nope no worries I’m going to record this and I’ll send you the link right when I get done what about fermented cabbage I love it I think that’s a great idea and vitamin I mean cabbage is is really huge in vitamin C and it has a complete complex can spider veins be repaired by taking proper amounts of vitamin C well I wouldn’t worry about the amounts I would worry about the type of vitamin C that you consume and yes it can be reversed if you have the whole complex just make sure you do not consume ascorbic acid um let’s see what else grapefruit has some vitamin C but it’s a bit too sweet if you’re trying to lose weight I always have to talk about that because fruit tends to slow down weight loss okay good what what if you have autoimmune and can’t do nitrates well then you can use the you know there’s camu camu is a great vitamin c complex you can do that there’s a lot of other things that you can do other than nitrates not a problem okay so there’s three things for collagen support one is you need you possibly might need collagen you might need trace minerals and you you might need to support your your stomach because if your stomach has um if you have like acid reflux or you have bloating or burping and you don’t have enough acid that could be the reason why you can’t digest protein and collagen is your stomach has to be really really acid to to trigger those enzymes in the stomach to break down collagen so as you get older especially during menopause you lose your stomach acids so if I were trying to improve my collagen and I was female and I was menopausal the first thing I would do before anything is I would make sure that I correct on that digestive stomach pH so if I had like indigestion or s reflux or heartburn that means that I would have to add more acid to that stomach to correct it so the valve gets closed called betaine hydrochloride so if you’re listening now and you have any digestive issues at all take some betaine hydrochloride maybe three with a meal get it from the help of store and then within a week or two watch what happens to your hair nails and skin it will improve because you’ll start absorbing more of the collagen from the food you’re already eating so we just have to look at those factors the next thing I want to talk about is very important and this is for those people that want to change the not just their health but the looking youthful and that would be the fat soluble vitamins and all the oils you don’t want to go crazy you have to be able to digest them you need to have a good gallbladder to digest them but the point is that when people are pushing the low fat stuff that’s when you start looking older you want to look at the shelf and get whole fat not low fat anything so if you’re going to do some yogurt you know make sure it’s whole fat of
course you go watch out for the sugars and yogurt nowadays um so there’s not a problem using the butter it’s good for the skin because it contains vitamin A so the first item I’m going to talk about is vitamin A and that is in egg yolks grass-fed butter shrimp cheese sardines to nuts and fish it’s in all the fatty stuff I’ll show you something here um I’m going to show oh yeah cheese I’m from Wisconsin so I love cheese and of course Kerrygold here we go Kerry gold butter Kerry gold cheese this is my favorite cheese right here it’s at BJ’s in Costco now I can’t believe it it’s all grass-fed here’s another grass-fed cheese from Trader Joe’s I do a lot of cheese that has the vitamin K it has a vitamin A even even some vitamin D those are fat soluble vitamins that you need for your skin for your hair to prevent wrinkles so those are things that will really really help you and take them from the inside don’t rub the butter on the outside of your skin that’s not going to do it I used to crave butter as a kid I used to eat it of course I had no idea why now I know why I was deficient in vitamin A hmm so so vitamin A it’s in these fattier type things that you were told to avoid mm-hmm so the other thing you can do is up coconut oil you can cook with it you can eat it fish oils the best fish oil that you can have is either krill or cod liver oil yes your grandmother was correct cod liver oil has a wonderful blend of vitamin A and vitamin D so don’t I mean just I would start consuming just you don’t need a lot of it you just need a little bit of it okay now let’s talk about vitamin E why is vitamin E important you’ve heard vitamin E for scarring for skin health for sex hormones vitamin E is a precursor for hormones and it’s stored in the pituitary when women go through menopause they don’t use their ovaries very much anymore so they’re not going to baby so what happens is that that dynamic that pituitary release every month is no longer it no longer has to work as hard so the vitamin E reserve tends to dry up in a lot of women and I find they end up with a vitamin E deficiency and they start getting unnecessary wrinkles so I fire you what I would do is I would don’t be afraid to start consuming some of these fats but the foods that are highest in vitamin E are almonds other nuts sunflower seeds very high but they have to be raw sunflower seeds because when you cook them and you roast them you destroy the vitamin E because vitamin E is very sensitive to oxygen and heat okay fatty your fish like halibut salmon shrimp sardines lobster um and it’s also in the leafy greens the spinach chard kale some eggs it’s an avocado so it’s an olives so those are just some some common things course vitamin D is the Sun fish oils eggs cheese um but other than that let’s say you’re not eating any officials or eggs or cheese because you’re in a low-fat diet you don’t get much Sun and you’re going to low vitamin D levels vitamin D is necessary for the aging anti-aging process okay so what I’m going to do now is I just want to double check just to make sure that there’s I’m answering any questions so someone says they love sardines cow’s milk allergy well if you have if you’re allergic to you know milk not a problem I’ve given you a list of other things you consume as well dandelion greens for vitamin A yeah well the the problem is the plant sources provide them an a they’re all pre vitamin A so you’re only going to absorb five percent and that is the challenge that we do if now I consume a lot of yes kale okay I eat kale I cut it chop it up my salad so that’s loaded with vitamin pre vitamin A but it’s C the cruciferous vegetables have other nutrients we’ll get into that but the point is that you need to be eating them but you’re not going to be getting the majority of your vitamin A from leafy greens because you only absorb 5% yeah I’m sorry okay let me just check these questions right here um you say BJ’s has good caracal yes BJ’s does carry the Kerrygold in bulk so yes tuna is is fine I know there’s some problems with mercury um but I think there’s certain time I’m actually going to do a video on tuna because there’s certain types of tuna that are actually good and some tuna that it’s not good I’m going to do a complete video because I don’t want to get into a side thing on that right now fermented cod liver oil is the best and you can get that online you can get it from Amazon I do take that it’s pretty good um I was given cod liver oil when I was a kid lasted until Easter yeah it’s really good stuff um I found I sweat really bad with out my vitamin D interesting graying of the hair mostly after exercise well that’s a stress see one of the things that we’ll get into next is stress so I’ll talk about that then can you get enough vitamin D from foods you need supplement that’s a very good question I think you can maintain your body with just with vitamin k2 foods but if you have high blood pressure stiffness you have tartar on the teeth soft tissue calcium you have arthritis or types of joint problems then you’re going to have to take extra and then once you get rid of that you can then maintain it after that so it is possible but not as a maintain maintaining thing okay now I’m going to show you something see if I can pop back over here now the accelerated aging of cortisol the hormone cortisol here’s a new word that I want to teach you is called catabolism catabolism what does that mean catabolism catabolism is a breakdown of things it’s something that breaks down in the body your body naturally uses the hormone cortisol to break down tissue but with the adrenal stress hormone being activated what happens is you get too much breakdown and not enough build up so you get this overall catabolic effect that means a breakdown effect on the on the muscles specifically your thigh muscles in the quad group so when you get up from a seated position or from a chair it might be difficult to mount this time to get up also the skin is very thin and almost paper like and I’ll see that with people I’ll look at their skin you can just see it’s like very very very thin that’s that’s the problem of excessive cortisol with stress and you’re losing your collagen you also have a disappearance of the elastic fibers and that’s why your joints it’s so brittle all the time as you age and that’s just one of the effects of of course now I did a whole seminar on cortisol that was the last seminar I did and I talked about stress and if you did not see that webinar go ahead and watch it but I will give you some tips on stress right now because I would say one of the biggest things that ages people is stress specifically losses loss of a person loved one loss of a job loss of a marriage threat of loss financial threat of loss bad economy all that will add stress and so you do have to constantly work on reducing corners so there’s a couple nutritional things that I recommend for cortisol I do recommend the adrenal day formula because it has a natural b1 and there that does not it’s from nutritional use but it doesn’t give you a yeast infection like some of the nutritional yeast out there and it’s not synthetic like a lot of the nutritional yeast are enriched with synthetic so if you did um a that product and you take the that natural b1 with all the other things in it it’ll tend to pull a lot of stress out your body you feel very very calm and chilled out so b1 is necessary to rid stress from your body and you’ll feel a difference how do you know if you have a b1 deficiency there’s a couple ways number one you feel a lot of nervous tension in your body you just like you can’t relax you have a low tolerance to stress you have a Deema and swelling yes a demon swelling is that b1 deficiency many times as well you have nightmares where very vivid dreams so if you have any of those we know it’s a it’s a b1 deficiency and stress will cause that another thing you can do is get space go up for long walks because stress tends to inhibit your space and you get it’s like you need to get outside and just get some space because that calms the adrenal gland down you’re just a picture of how proteins and dif
ferent things can break down fat can break down sugars can break down call it catabolism and just a breakdown okay we’re shifting gears now to cancer control because one of the things that um which is a process is dying early from cancer I mean there are people all around me that are dropping dead with cancer patients patients relatives family members so it is a problem and there are things that we can do to reduce the risk of cancer and I want to talk about that um let’s first define what cancer is cancer is a cell that is out of control it’s it’s duplicating at a very fast rate and the question is why there’s a mechanism a machine in your body that is constantly keeping these extra cells that are radically growing out of proportion in check so there’s a there’s another word I’m going to teach you it’s called apoptosis apoptosis and that that’s basically controlled cell death your body is killing between 50 and 70 billion cells every single day which they need to do that because they need to clean out all these you know mutated cells the cells that we need to get rid of so we can replace with the new cells so for an average trial between the ages of 8 and 14 about 20 billion to 30 billion cells die a day so that’s called apoptosis so now if we have if we’re getting cancer we want apoptosis to work correctly to kill that cancer so apoptosis is a mechanism that’s an important defense against cancer okay so that’s the foundation I want to talk about so there’s certain things that dis destroy this mechanism in block the your body’s ability to kill off these cells and there’s certain things that do it and this slide is out of order it’s called endocrine disruptors so I want to just touch on this for a second what’s an endocrine disruptor an endocrine disruptor is any chemical in the body pesticide herbicides fungicides insecticides heavy metals country-and-western just wanna see if you guys are awake that was a joke that was a dry sense of humor heavy metals country-western was a bad joke okay so endocrine disruptors are any chemicals in environment that alter your genes and cause disease there’s these I have this book it’s about three inches thick it’s called the modern text toxicology’s the basically the textbook of poisons okay the study of poisons and what poisons do with it to the body we are bathed in so many chemicals it’s it’s insane from walking out in the yard to our food to the air we’re just bathed in all these chemicals I mean there’s over four billion pounds of toxic chemicals releasing into our environment every single year that’s 72 million pounds of recognized carcinogens which actually cause cancer so our bodies are constantly hit with these endocrine disruptors okay well guess what these endocrine disruptors mess up the normal process of your body controlling cancer so you may have known that already but I’m just refreshing your your mind I’m just touching right now I want to see if there’s any questions real fast because oh yeah someone mentioned des diethylstilbestrol here’s a there’s a tongue twister diethylstilbestrol was used in the 50s from morning sickness I think over like millions of women were exposed to it and it caused problems not just in the offspring but in the third generation it it really destroyed our bodies and they did not test the long-term effects of that very very similarly to what they’re doing now with the GMO foods so they made a lot of money and then now they banned it okay that’s des so des is called endocrine disruptor destroys your how your hormones okay so now this really amazing car called the cytochrome p450 now I’m just this is another bad joke but it sounds like a car doesn’t at p450 now a cytochrome p450 is an enzyme that has incredible capacities to turn those endocrine disrupters those poisons into harmless particles yeah so cytochrome p450 enzymes are these special enzymes in your liver and they’re in different cells in your body that can break down thousands of chemicals toxins drugs and poisons and they basically just turn them into water-soluble particles that can go through the urine and it just so happens that the cruciferous vegetables increase your livers ability to make this enzyme that’s really cool so here it is right here insecticides pesticides going to the liver and your liver if you’re eating the right foods will basically dismantle those chemicals so your liver is like robust but if you have a fatty liver or it’s a liver that’s a bad liver from some type of virus or something then what’s going to happen is that you’re not going to get that breakdown how do you know if you have a fatty liver um a lot of people have it and they don’t know it one of the biggest clues is your stomach being too big and that’s causing visceral fat around the organs and especially the liver I sent five of my patients to the radiologist to get an ultrasound of the liver and they all have guts in five hundred a fatty liver so when you lose the capacity for liver you can’t detoxify as well and you get a lot more toxicity and what do you have to do if you have that condition you have to basically start consuming a lot of cruciferous and avoid the junk you need to get the junk out of the trunk all right so if someone check the questions here dr. Berg isn’t it more of a function of minerals actually being in the soil before you can assume that they’re part of the plant in a plant or an animal that is eat it yes well that’s why I really want to consume grass-fed animal products because our soils are so bad now that we need to and that you feed these animals corn and soy they’re not getting a nutrition from that at all and it’s all genetically modified so at least if it’s grass it doesn’t it’s not genetically modified if you have a lot more nutrition in the grass especially like clover okay okay let’s go back to the slides here okay at the liver very important with with your skin if you really work on your liver and you start consuming a lot more of these cruciferous vegetables your skin will start to change and you’ll start looking better and better and better especially with acne and dry skin and youthful skin I mean the liver is really the hub of all the digestion of of your amino acids your proteins so we’re going to talk about cruciferous for a second let me just fix the slide here cruciferous what does this moot word mean Chris crus which means cross it’s basically certain plants that have these little crosses in them okay and here’s some examples of cruciferous radishes Brussels sprouts kale cabbage bok choy and Swiss chard mustard greens arugula now I have some other vegetables in here too but I wanted just to mention the cruciferous family and this is this brings me to the next topic which is going to call um which is a different type of nutrient we talked about the fat soluble vitamins but we now we need to talk about the other nutrient that will not just help your skin and all that but it will help postpone your life cruciferous was studied by the World Health Organization and it was found to create some serious anti-aging effects and anti-cancer effects on your body each type of food is thoroughly tested to decrease the risk factors of many different types of cancer so one type of cruciferous will maybe handle like several type of cancers another one will handle a different other ones garlic is probably the top of the list that probably will that’s like the most anti-cancer properties these are two different types of kale tumeric is a an amazing final nutrient it has phytonutrients I’m sorry turmeric is kind of a root that has phytonutrients so the category of nutrients that we want to talk about next is called phytonutrients plant chemicals these are different than vitamins and minerals and amino acids they basically are natural plant chemicals that have extra health factors or properties so they’re there like they’ll actually help with macular degeneration prostate cancer many disease states and so the question is why are not what why are we eating these foods I mean very few people consume these foods here’s some good ones parsley cabbage and seek help seek help is great for minerals
and iodine um but these are the foods that I consume on a regular basses if you don’t consume them you need to start doing it for your liver and your skin will start to change as well even though these do not contain a lot of the fat soluble vitamins they do contain a lot of the phytonutrients which there are anti-cancer and again the GMO foods genetically modified foods are basically spreading all over the world right now and the two big ones are corn and soy and the animals that are consuming these are getting all sorts of inflammatory conditions and even the the pets that you have like even the dogs and the cats if you talk to a vet on these animals that come in with arthritis heart disease diabetes and inflammation in the gut it’s because they’re consuming GMO food when you just simply change the food not on GMO these things clear up but 90% of all the GMO corn and soy go to animal feeds that’s pretty sad so in the grocery store that so-called natural chicken that you have from Purdue it’s all GML unless it says organic it’s GML now what does GMO GMO is genetically modified organisms and what they do is they they actually have them resistant to the herbicide called Roundup Ready and so you can spray more the Roundup Ready on these crops and so you bet they do that and it’s around already the chemical name is called glyphosate and glyphosate is um pretty nasty stuff but of course they say it’s safe so I think it might be okay um there’s this French researcher by the way that was just a sarcasm um sometimes people don’t get my dry humor I don’t think they’re safe but there’s this French researcher who did studies animal studies and glyphosate and he found some serious problems with glyphosate and I’m on a semi I’m going to send you the link to it says that GMO and glyphosate causes tumors liver and any damage and rats within a week a smear campaign was mounted by the biotechnology industry with scientists primarily plant biologists and not toxicologists and they basically forced this study to be extracted from some of these journals so here the study comes out saying that GMO is bad and then it instantly was retracted not because they didn’t find a cancer link but their reasoning was it was inconclusive because the type of rats used were prone to tumors so now here’s the thing if they can do that you know that how they’re so powerful they are so powerful so um I mean you can this is totally political so the point is that you know the GMO food is pretty bad if you look at from 1990 to 2012 you can see how many millions of pounds of glyphosate is being put or GMO plants are being created and you can see corns going up soybeans is going up wheat actually some of the wheat is genetically modified cotton uh certain vegetables and fruit rice grapes alfalfa pasture and hay other crops oh my gosh it’s just kind of going up it’s just crazy so what happens is these chemicals GMO foods herbicides they can mimic hormones and they go into your glands that die right the ovary and it can go into the breasts the uterus and cause cancer so if you take a look at like they always say that disease is so mysterious and it no one knows what causes this take a look at any of the toxicology books they will list all the diseases and tell you what pesticide or chemical causes this illness or this cancer and they don’t really like you said Leslie they they do not connect the dots they don’t Connect toxicology with cancer and natural things everything is like their own Island and so it’s very obvious to me that all these things that are related to the toxins and we we don’t actually we’re not making the connection there of course we have psychiatrists like Stephen Barret without beret whatever his name is pushing out there that oh no that’s fine just keep eating the stuff I was a released a video I was on sports talk live and I had a dietitian and her husband was an MD get on the air and give me a hard time about the whole water meth so you can watch it on my website but um it was ridiculous there’s like oh yeah the tap water’s fine it has minerals to keep drinking it everyone’s dehydrated I’m like yeah okay alright so you just see the next slag here okay be the hormones like estrogen from the environment and all these endocrine disrupters act like estrogen in the environment they actually block the thyroid function so endocrine disrupters basically are chemicals that mimic estrogen and that’s why females it way way too many cancers in the in the areas that they have receptors for estrogen which are breast uterus and even the thyroid african-american women have a lot more receptors for estrogen which gives them a different shape and that’s one of the reasons why even African American women are getting more cancers than other cultures because of the estrogen so you really need to increase your cruciferous make sure you do consume things that are you know make sure they’re organic hormone-free because it’s going to create a problem sooner or later so I just wanted to put this slide up I had it created you can see if you go down the grocery store you see these incredible I delicious cookies and doughnuts and breads it’s all the same ingredients I purchased corn syrup hydrogenated oils chemicals high-fructose corn syrup artificial flavoring it’s all the same thing pretty sad so phytonutrients those are plant-based chemicals that have all these really amazing properties and all these different plant chemicals that do many things like even vitamin A for example vitamin A is not a single vitamin it’s a whole bunch of complexes like there’s over 600 parts of vitamin A so if you take a synthetic vitamin A you are not even getting close to what you should get that’s what I’m very much against synthetics so cruciferous vegetables help protect the cells from DNA damage they help inactivate carcinogens they’re antiviral antibacterial anti-inflammatory I mean they create all these wonderful benefits now I’m going to check check the questions here what do you think of wild yam well if you um have a problem with hot flashes with menopause I think that would be something you should take because that will it’s a natural source of it’s called phyto estrogens which are actually will help you there’s some other ones to call the clover leaf that’s actually very good as well um let’s see okay how much difference will it take to take a cruciferous supplement um here’s the thing it’s always best to consume the food but it is hard to get that so what I’m going to show you is a the cruciferous product that a lot of you are already taking right now and of course you probably have not been taking because I’ve been out of it since March but I wanted to explain kind of a combination of ingredients that I’m not even I’m just but I’m not even showing this image here okay so you can see right here there’s a product that I I created it’s called the Creuset organic cruciferous food and it has organic beetroot Brussels sprouts collard green organic asparagus organic kale organic parsley and parsley is probably even has more vitamin of vitamins and kale and then we have organic red radish cabbage garlic and tamarick so those are all the things that I personally think are the the superfoods and I put them in in one combination was 250 tablets in this and this is something that is convenient if you don’t have all the different variety of nutrients because it is hard to get all these nutrients so like it has all these these products in there has seek help because some people we go because oh my gosh is there’s cruciferous it’s going to cause a deficiency of iodine for my thyroid I’m gonna get a quarter no you’re not I put the sea kelp in there so it’s a really awesome product and and in these webinars I always get people at discount if you wanted to get some cruciferous um the bottle is 250 capsules and here’s I have some good news and some bad news what do you want to hear at first the bad news or the good news let me see what you guys say there’s a delay in this thing okay Leslie us you want the good news or the bad news um bad news look at good news okay good the good news is that I’m giving you a
discount on this product $10 off and here’s the coupon code and here’s the link and the good news is that it’s fun it’s almost in News is not in yet it’s in tomorrow morning’s coming tomorrow morning so but the good news it’s almost in and I’ve had people wait since March for this product because because here’s the problem I ran into um it is almost impossible to find a local farmer or something United States that has the soils that I want to get these products unless you go to China or you go to some other country I don’t I don’t do that so it’s taken us forever and so what will happen this is March March March April May June July August is it August or September September ok that’s seven months I haven’t had this product I’m getting it tomorrow morning it’s coming tomorrow morning Percy so what happened is I would get it would have like one ingredient tested would be it would have too much lead in it and like I can’t do that and next one I have like too much I don’t know another mineral that we don’t want in there that’s toxic or something like that so we had the thoroughly test every single ingredient and make sure that it’s all really really high quality from the exact farms that I wanted it from so it’s finally done so the good news it’s almost here the bad news is not quite here and so um there’s some more bad news which I’m going to tell you right now the other bad news is that um the cost of this product went up severely so I have to increase it a little bit more so that going to be five dollars more but the good news is if you wanted to get the product at the lowest fee you can actually buy as many of these as you want with on this on this webinar so that’s the good news so you don’t have to pay the big raphy if you don’t want so you can get some reserve if you want the only catch-22 is that I only want you to order this tomorrow morning not tonight because I do not want to sell you is product unless I am 100 percent sure it’s available yeah even though I’m tracking I’m tracking the guy who’s like pulling up in my offices I know what state he’s in he’s going to be showing it tomorrow but until it shows up I’m not going to take I’m not going to take the block off my website so no there was no one can really buy it until I actually have it in hand so if you wanted to check in early the morning in an infant actually everything works then it’s in if it doesn’t work then you know it’s not in yet so I just want to let you know that I’ve been really behind the scenes trying to get this thing out for a long time so so the good news is I’ll have it in tomorrow is a 99.99% chance and the bad news is it’s a little bit more expensive but the good news is you don’t have to pay that because I’m giving you a discount so anyway this is a good product to take for your liver it’s the best anti-aging because it fortifies the inside of the body and it also protects against a lot of different types of conditions that people are at risk just from the pollution in the environment so so now what I want to do is I want to give you a link and a code coupon code you can just highlight that coupon code and just yeah just save it for tomorrow and you can go to my website and get a discount you get as many as you want I I will be increasing lean the prices already increase but if you use that discount which is going to be good for the next three days I know it says the offer ends in one hour but that’s not true because I don’t even have the product in so no worries on that okay now if you are watching this as a webinar replay just realize I already have it in okay because I’ll have it in by tomorrow for sure um someone says can I piggyback on auto-ship order with my wheatgrass juice yes I think you could do that but you may want to call my office with that how long is to keep an offer for the next three days how long is the shelf-life the shelf-life is is good for a year but I think it’s actually longer than that but we we tell people a year at the because we’re being very conservative mm-hmm someone says don’t go to commercial I’m not I’m not going to commercial don’t worry I’m just good people asking me I’m giving them a discount um can you provide the price of the hoaxers food yeah the price was thirty thirty 4.95 now it’s 39.95 but there’s two hundred and fifty capsules in there um but the problem is that the the price trying to get these ingredients is off the charts even if you go look for a cruciferous product it’s hard to find um all these cruciferous and you may find them like in like broccoli or something like that but it’s only like 90 pills and it’s probably it’s going to be the same it’s like thirty dollars it’s the same thing so it’s it is a good a good program with with the quantity that you’re getting into quality as well if you shift candidate yes do they lose any vitamins when they are processed um well you’re not going to lose that much with the processing but if you keep them in the heat they keep it open you may even want to keep in the fridge to have them last a lot longer what is the dosage how many pills per day it depends if you want to make maintenance dose I would take three but if you want to correct something you want to take six personally this is just my own opinion if I had cancer I would take 15 a day Wow I’ve had a lot of people that just take them for weight loss but that’s just because it improves the the the fat release on the liver and it allows the liver to function better which is really connected to actually a thyroid being working better but so it doesn’t actually burn fat by itself um what if you have a thyroid problem well we have seek help in there so you have the I then that’s not going to be a problem is it safe to take if you’re pregnant absolutely because there’s there’s nothing else but those ingredients can I give it to my toddler depends if he’s like 1 or older just give them maybe one a day but of course if it’s a baby you’re not going to give him that unless he can swallow capsules yeah so so anyway I covered a lot of data a lot of information I’m going to send everyone a link to all these slides because I have a lot of references that you can see and I will send it out probably a little bit later on probably in the middle of a night you’ll go go to you and that way you can see the webinar I mean all the slides and I’ll send you the webinar replay too if you want that but I want you to apply some of the information that I shared tonight and I want to thank Leslie for being onto sharing her story of the wonderful example of trying to get some help of treating one person at our once condition and time so thank thank you very much next Tuesday we’re going to do another seminar and this one’s going to be on energy and it’s going to be really awesome I’m going to cover the topic on insulin very heavily you need to what you need to see that if you have any insulin problems and even eat if you don’t if you if you are fatigued you need to come to this webinar as well um so I’ll show you some techniques as well I’m going to show you an acupressure technique that will literally increase your energy yeah so I’m demonstrate it right in my office right here and then you could do it on your friends and family just don’t mention my name now I’m fine you can you can do that so I want to thank you guys for showing up tonight I and I will see you next and the next webinar so I’ll send you a link on that too and I will have someone reply to a lot of your questions because some people are having specific questions about this and that so I’ll try to answer those or go to my blog but I want to say thank you and have a great evening thanks Lesley we’ll see you next time thank you you’re welcome

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg hosts a webinar on Anti-Aging and food.
Dr. Berg hosts a webinar on Anti-Aging and food

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Dr. Berg talks about anti-aging principles including tips of improving collagen, hair loss, healthy skin and key foods to decrease the risk factors of many health problems.
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Overall Dr. Berg explains about anti-aging principles including tips of improving collagen, hair loss, healthy skin and key anti aging foods to decrease the risk factors of many health problems and enjoy a health life.
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