Dr. Berg gets Confronted by a Dietitian and an M.D. regarding the Water Myth

Dr. Berg gets Confronted by a Dietitian and an M.D. regarding the Water Myth

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sports-talk says it all when no one else will you know what the deal is you know I’m gonna ask questions in one go no more fake house I like to talk about things there’s nobody else talks about what I’m going to give you is the hard road oh yeah Sports talk with Glenn Harris I’m not very PC don’t dad slap it approve Washingtonian with grassroots sports experience we bring it to life the people in the city lie from you channel 8 this is for Yoda sports car with vegetarians well it’s another hot summer in the city and that means hydrating early and often and making sure that you pay attention to the quality of who are you drinking tonight of course all we’re going to expose some of the myths about drinking water and they can affect your overall health no question how you doing everybody and welcome to this is just a Toyota Sports Talk I’m Glen Herron starting starting your weekend with us thank you it’s another health and fitness Friday and we bring back one of the our original Fitness pro dr. Eric Berg author of the seven principles of fat burning Chuck how you doing great thank you been on the road and everything oh your back or back alright but you got something real important to talk about and it’s about drinking water I’m sure all of you have heard your parents say you drink water eight glasses whatever you mentioned any videos – eight glasses of water may not be right for all the people you know all the time that goes against what we’ve been taught well I just want to say that it’s just a lot of controversy with this water thing everyone’s pushing this water I drink a class size to be the guy pushing water you have to drink your water until I bought a machine to look at the hydration and I find the more people drink the more dehydrated they become because if you think about it when you drink water and then you urinate you are the urine is a lot more concentrated in all the minerals electrolytes and proteins and that’s coming out of the body so if you drink too much water you’ll flesh out your electrolytes and there’s even a condition called hyponatremia which basically means you deplete all your minerals from your heart and you get a heart attack so this whole myth of drinking all this water is based on just random opinion so the key is to make sure you don’t over drink now I know it’s hot out there so drink it but water doesn’t necessarily hydrate you because it’s filtered and it’s filtered through a lot of different systems lest you buy bottled water and then you’re drinking water without the minerals and that’s the danger of drinking too much water without minerals yeah now tap water has nothing in it right tap water has a lot of stuff in it as far as bad things clora it has chlorine and has all sorts of stuff but it doesn’t have them minerals like growing up you had a well you had well water yet spring water artesian water all those minerals were really good for us but how bad is chlorine chlorine is very bad it’s rickets I mean it kills bacteria but what happens is it it’s a it’s a very highly reactive chemical so you drink I mean it’s it’s not good I don’t like it yeah oh how much water do we need well you need to drink when you’re thirsty I know there’s this myth that you say well our bodies don’t know when we’re thirsty and you have to you know by the time you drink it’s too late you’re already hydrated that is based on someone’s opinion it’s not true you know when you’re thirsty you drink and then you drink to your fault but this whole thing when you’re taking this gallon jug and you’re drinking drinking drinking you’re basically diluting all your minerals in your body you start to develop all sorts of deficiencies in magnesium calcium and potassium and well I go to the gym and guys bring gallons of water a gallon audience frozen most atomic you know castellan in here just drink and drink if you sweat a lot well then definitely drink but just use your sense of thirst you know they when you’re thirsty I know people that do not drink water at all they don’t drink it at all yeah this is in what water do you know why they don’t like water because waters been so filtered that there’s no minerals in it it’s not satisfied we have some water here is called ice Icelandic this is a glacier water from an actual glacier Pellegrino this is from underground in Italy these are mineral waters there’s spring waters they have mineral mineral components and it’s very hydrating when I drink this stuff I mean like growing up in Wisconsin we drank hard water during the well right and that was so satisfying when I drink filtered water or I drink tap water or if it’s filtered it doesn’t do anything for me it’s just not hydrating because the minerals yeah yeah shall we drink filtered water mineral water symmetry well you got a lot of different types water you got spring water you got hard water you have distilled water reverse osmosis now I’m not saying you have to buy bottled water all the time but you should should think about getting some good mineral water some high-quality of course I try this glacier water that’s I’m kind of spoiled on it now it’s kind of expensive but Pellegrino is my favorite that’s carbonated but but if you get a good spring water I think you’re gonna be fine now get a filter in your house but try not try to also get some good water from a bottle bottle place yeah but you need the minerals now if you don’t have this type of water you can also put minerals in the water like electrolytes yeah but make sure it doesn’t have the sugar so I do not agree that you should drink distilled water because it pulls all the minerals out it’s like no vacuum it’ll pull everything out spring water is the best hard water from the well is the best what are they selling us if the distilled water is not good that somebody knows that while it’s filtered it’s just filtered you think you’re getting something good it’s like a dollar for a little bottle it’s just filtered water just like you do on your tap I mean it’s a joke it’s a room it’s like you’re not getting anything now unless it’s from a spring you know you can even taste the water should taste almost sweet if it’s the real deal huh I can taste this and I’m gonna have you taste it later and you just tell me what you think but I mean I can taste well water it’s it’s just it’s hydrating you know so you could drink one of these and be searched free for two hours yes that’s what I do if I drink other water it just doesn’t do anything fun right right oh okay yeah this XF will open up for your health and fitness call for doctor 703 287 1020 and all calls will have a chance to win a copy of his book the seven principles of fat burning and so if it’s nutrition product to see the complete line check out dr. bird calm or spunk Friday continues in a moment I’ll be right back hey check out dr. bird online and take the quiz to determine your body type at dr. Berg calm take a look at the blogs videos and other weight loss information from his best-selling book which I have so jackals got there at birth offer the seven principles fat burner you can schedule a consultation with him by calling just office at seven oh three three five four seven three three six let’s go to the first caller Mary go ahead you on the air oh yeah hi are you doing all right how are you all doing okay that’s good listen I just want to mention something because I’ve been drinking water and uh my my doctor told me to drink some water to make the blood pressure go up because my blood pressure had gone down so I’ve been drinking a lot of water you know cuz
just to keep it up I didn’t know if anybody had heard that you know okay yeah Mary what happens is if your volume of your fluid is too low of course your blood pressure’s going to go down one thing you may want to consider if that does not work to add a little bit more sea salt in your diet if you add a little salt then you’ll retain some of that water and it will slightly bring up the volume higher so it’s not just the water you need the minerals okay Mary you got that okay she’s gone okay Leslie hi my name is Leslie Ortiz I’m a registered dietician at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center and I have to say most of the stuff this guy saying is not scientifically correct and I would like to challenge him on quite a lot of points and I think he’s selling the public on something that’s just a whole lot of quackery well well let me ask you this how much of your how much of your body is pure water oh it’s a lot but you get a lot of water and mineral from the foods that you eat our thirst is actually a very very poor indicator of hydration it gets a lot of elderly people and children in trouble if they don’t drink even when they’re not thirsty the color of your urine is a much more appropriate indicator of your hydration status Leslie what is your objection really under your uh a lot of what he’s saying that maril water hold the medals out of your body people just still just do what mineral water to drink that’s motor using in your CPAP machine or in your your I mean this distilled water in your in your ironing but you don’t need to drink mineral water to get your mineral where do you get your minerals from how the food that you eat right so if you’re drinking a gallon of water a day what happens is it it doesn’t have the minerals to hydrate you and so whatever you jump drinking water doing today a lot of people are told to push that water drink that water and I think we’re over hydrated because there’s a condition called hyponatremia are you here air what still happens do you think I’m air yeah and so I have to chime in here too because I’m her husband and I’m also a physician and I have to say I agree I mean this whole thing that that regular tap water and all the stuff does a hydrator is actually not correct at all and any necessary well what minerals do you think people need what concentration of minerals do they need a lot of the things we get or whether they’re in water or not a lot of stuff that you drink out of the tap already has minerals in it most people don’t drink distilled water if the water is used for like infant formula CPAP machines those kind of things sir could you identify a circle so I wanna swing and oh and a lot of those those minerals you get from your food so but the problem is that a lot is ólafur second we want you to continue just want you to identify yourself please oh so yeah so my name is dr. adore teas and also from a physician and my wife here is the dietitian and looks and so we were just watching this and we’re just seeing a lot of stuff that’s just not actually correct and so that was like that was our concern is that you’re giving a lot of misleading information that people have to buy this mineral water or glacier water or all this bottled water and that affects the healthier and more hydrating when it’s not more hydrated that’s all not physically or factually correct that that’s not drinks for you you can’t use the money that they would be wasting on that water to buy healthy nutritious foods like fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables which is so desperately needed being in America yeah so here’s my point I’m not against drinking water but I think there’s a problem when people are just forcing himself to drink and drink and drink and drink because what happens is I’m also my clinic I see thousands of patients and they’re forcing themselves to drink so much water when you do the testing on their hydration a lot of them are at too much water retention I’ve had people have this drinking water and their ankles are swollen and they’re told by their physician that they need to drink more water you can so the point is that I’m not against water with your thirsty but I am against the over hydration of drinking so much water that’s what I’m against on okay thank you for your call please like we like these kinds of things the lines are open suburbia health and fitness call with dr. Burt 703 three eight seven ten twenty stay with the Sports Talk Friday consumers in a moment that me hey can catch all of dr. Berg’s informative videos on YouTube just search for dr. Berg on youtube.com and you’ll find a wealth of life-changing lectures and information at your fingertips that for back of the dr. Eggbert author of the seven principles of fat-burning reaching online at dr. Berg calm we had two very interesting callers and more comments yeah well I think I think the there’s this huge arbitrary opinions based on you know people say well there’s minerals in tap water but you know I’d like to see the references because the filters actually filter out the minerals and when you drink water too much water without the minerals you you can actually create an imbalance of electrolytes so the thing is you just have to think with it so but when I see people drinking gallons and gallons of water and then you just do the test and they’re just completely out of balance you know you got to speak up okay alright Don go ahead you’re on the air hey this guy here smart okay I can tell you I don’t care anybody’s on top it shows me in seventh grade okay I could knock you over 100 six-year-old and I can tell you this guy is very very brilliant I went to med star they did breathed in by he they are very brilliant there as well this man here he knows what he’s off to the foul thanks Don and I got to tell you they’re very smart they put they put fluoride or fluorine or ride all kinds of things you wanted it for our teeth no all that stuff is poison and poisoning the kids in the recycle water at 95% it’s considered healthy to reach drink it and pop it back in the river for people down river to drink about 95% of Cumberland all the way to Hancock then from Hancock to Hagerstown when you get to have your sound and direction you can’t stand the smell right oh how can you drink something that smells like something you flush God ray not tell me what are you drink I’m a Don I think you’re brilliant product going above the rest in normally that’s what I watch this better dumb huh there we go what do you drink thank you done he’s gone hey well thanks done here’s here’s the thing that like in the water they have it’s actually recycled we are we drink recycled water and from our waste so like it’s not healthy and also the other thing about the water I want to piggyback on what Don said was that the amount of medications antibiotics that are in the water they said that they’re safe I disagree with that there’s an antidepressant medication in our waters to apply and so if we’re going to drink excessive amounts of gallons of that drug water with fluorine and chlorides and chloro Danes but the chemical that drugs is what I’m against all the hormones I mean it’s in our water supply what about the machined and alkalizes water yeah so so this is another thing that when people get the machine they start alkalizing water you know normally spring water is alkaline but I don’t think that’s the big factor that is good for us it’s the minerals in the water when you actually alkalis water that doesn’t have minerals and drink that it can really throw up your ph when i tar testing people especially in the clinic with their urine and their urine is supposed to be like a six and it’s a nine or because we’re drinking all the alcohol water it throws off the entire chemistry so I’m not crazy about that the machines that alkalis the water if you have a machine you know you have to justify the cost maybe set it at 7.5 but don’t set it at 8.5 or 9 mm-hmm some final thoughts from dr. Bergin just a moment bill and alexander you’re next let’s take a look back into our sports our archival of this date 2011 at the Nationals earned the walk-off win over the New York Mets 3-2 at nasse P
ark it was a second of four wins in a row for Washington the Nets won go up on to finish 80 and 81 that scene under three different skipper great job four strikeouts in the game comes your way this Sunday at 8 o’clock Alex Park will take your calls and questions about the Nats and skin training camp so join Alex and join the conversation desk or stalk Athens games every Sunday at 8 p.m. we’re back with dr. Rick Berg also the 7 principles of federal available now on Amazon calm bill go ahead you kick it off you on there bill hello yeah I just want to say that uh I agree with everything that you guys are talking about there and I’ve got a first-hand story okay about that with I’m sorry what was that condition – of that Katrina over-hydration yeah hyponatremia okay there I’m your musician playing one night a gig with the guys and the one more band and a Randy our bass player had basically it was very hot day we were playing outside and Hernan Friday night live and he drank too much water right um he actually tried he and that’s exactly what the medics we couldn’t actually finish the show we had to cut off because he basically passed out on stage we were really worried about medics came and basically he had over hydrated and washes his body of all the minerals he didn’t have anything to eat I said maybe you should add a beer you know with that or something and that’s big joke but I know what you’re saying I just wanted to say I heard the other callers and I want to say that yeah thank you okay but yeah thanks for everyone is so focused on the dehydration not the over hydration what do you think about the two scientists that call uh I mean I think that you have to really look at the source of information that they’re taught especially a dietitian they’re funded Bob the continue education by coca-cola Burger King do you have huge funding into teaching them certain things so I think it’s altered that’s my opinion here’s a question do you think as educators is all two people were do you think that they could ever change now I think the more educated you are its heart you become more fixing your ideas it’s harder to be free thinking about different things so I mean everyone has fixed ideas but there’s definitely a certain dogma that’s pushed in the medical community about water and food and nutrition that’s a little different than an alternative medicine well you’ll be sword fighting the rest of your career man good well what do we get our body in the write-up pH what do we eat well here’s the thing like some people think they’re too alkaline or too acid let me just give you a couple things number one if you’re too alkaline you’ll get you’ll get pain muscle pain if you’ll get little twitching right here you get cramps so if you’re too alkaline you drink outside of vinegar in your water if you’re too acid your breathing you only have a sign like you’ll be like can’t get enough air yeah so you need to take calcium citrate for that and there’s other symptoms as well shake go ahead you on there oh wow hi I just wanted to say that I think this topic is great and I live in the Brandywine Maryland area and I’d like to know if they we have well water here but right now we are in a series of a time period we’re assessing the water to make sure that there’s no bacteria and letting it in terms like that but in the interim I’d like to know if there is a brand that you guys would suggest that is actually a real spring water that actually runs on them as you know still retains the minerals and everything like that and isn’t cover haven’t been affected by the antibiotics and everything that’s in the water thank you I should do the quick yeah quickly I like Deer Park is good but Pellegrino is the is the bomb it’s the best Pellegrino’s from Italy it’s the real stuff all right hey that’s going to do it for this to the sports all thanks for joining us for Doc Eric Burdon tired from Lynn Harris please go in French you’re back again a good one we’ll see you next week my from you channeling this is Toyota Sports Talk you

This Post Was All About Dr. Berg gets Confronted by a Dietitian and an M.D. regarding the Water Myth.
Dr. Berg gets Confronted by a Dietitian and an M.D. regarding the Water Myth

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Dr. Berg talks about the benefits of drinking water and clarifies water myths that people mostly think about. He talks about that drinking more water makes people dehydrated as it releases all the minerals, electrolytes through the urine. Tap water or filtered water contains chlorine without any minerals which does not benefit the human body. We need to drink water when we are thirsty and avoid over-drinking water. Our Body can benefit from drinking mineral water that is available in packaged drinking bottles. Spring water and hard water from the well is the best for getting the most drinking water benefits.
Dr. Berg gets into a debate with a dietitian and her husband, and M.D into the show at 8:51. about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. But then listen to following 2 callers as they support Dr. Berg’s viewpoint. Much of the tap water is recycled from waste water.
Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 50 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.
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