Double Your Flexibility with Tight Hamstrings

Double Your Flexibility with Tight Hamstrings

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hey guys in this video we’re going to show you how to fix tight hamstrings this technique can be used in any muscle in the body and it’s something that’s very very different nothing that you’ve ever heard before but it’s very very effective not just in tight hamstrings but any type muscle but we’re going to demonstrate on type hamstrings and I’m going to show you first of all why it works and how it works and then we’re going to demonstrate it okay so first of all here’s a leg looking from the side we have the back part right here which is the bottom part called a hamstring and that’s really really tight and what happens is that when the person goes down it won’t let him go down I used to have really tight hamstrings and so if you stretch the hamstring if you stretch the tight muscle it has a rubber band effect where it’s just it’s stretching and it comes right back and it has to do with how the nerves are activated anytime you stretch a muscle there’s certain little nerve things in there called stretch receptors that counter the stretch and that make it more tight so stretching a tight muscle is not the best way to loosen a muscle what you want to do is stretch the opposite muscle on the top part of the leg and that is called the thigh muscle or the quadricep okay so by stretching the top muscle it sends nerve signals to the hamstring to tell it to relax and turn off and that has to do with any motion because if I’m moving my arm right now this is activating and in order for this to move this has to send a signal to the opposite muscle to relax it and that’s why you could run and coordinate because you have on-off on-off on-off switches going on constantly coordination between the front muscle in the back and that provides motion so anytime you contract a muscle or you massage a muscle the opposite muscle is going to be doing the opposite action relaxing so this is going to long gait so if you want to make the tan strings longer and more relaxed we want to stretch the top muscles right here and neurologically the signals will come through the spinal column and relax your hands okay now it might sound kind of strange because I went kind of fast but I’m just going to demonstrate so I have my person right here that we’re going to have you stand right here and now of course I’m using him he doesn’t necessarily have tight hamstrings but we can still improve on his stretching so I’m going to go ahead and go ahead and just kind of bring your feet a little bit outward yeah and go ahead and just touch your toes as far as you can okay so we’re looking he could pretty much touch his fingers to the floor right there so that’s pretty good so now we’re going to bring them up and then we’re going to compare this and I’m going to take first of all that chair if you can be that chair and you’re going to take your your foot and stretch like this okay yeah perfect and we’re going to stretch this muscle the front part right here and as you’re stretching it you can kind of just like stretch it and kind of do this backwards a little bit so you feel tightness do you feel that okay good now do the other side and of course we’re doing a real quick demonstration but you could spend a long time stretching the opposite muscle okay now we’re going to do is we’re going to take a you can do this on your couch or your bed whatever now you’re going to actually kneel right here yes okay and now we’re going to stretch and kind of lean backwards and tell me where you feel this tightness do you feel the tightness rather right there yeah okay so just relax for a second let’s do that three times time okay good step off here and we’re going to move this back okay come back over here okay so go ahead and bring your feet back a little bit now let’s see how far you can go down you can almost pull mitt yeah interesting eh so we didn’t even stretch his hamstrings we stretch the opposite muscle you can do this for any muscle so that is how you can literally almost double your flexibility without ever stretching the hamstrings okay so if you’re if you like this technique I have a download you can click below and I actually give you a you can download a PDF it’s for free on how to do this on all different muscles and I go through step by step of giving you ideas of how to do it for the upper back the shoulder whatever okay so I will see you on the next video

This Post Was All About Double Your Flexibility with Tight Hamstrings.
Double Your Flexibility with Tight Hamstrings

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Dr. Berg talks about how to double your flexibility with hamstrings
Dr. Berg discusses about how to deal with tight hamstrings. He discusses about hamstring stretches and explains about hamstring muscles and what can a person do to loosen the tight hamstrings. Hamstring strengthening has to do with building up the contraction and relaxation of muscles in your hamstrings. He demonstrates the hamstring exercises a person can do in case of hamstring strain. These hamstring home workout can be done regularly to get relief from pulled hamstring and are a good option for hamstring workouts.
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