Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Diabetes and Weight Gain

Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Diabetes and Weight Gain

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so today let’s answer the question does skipping your breakfast cause diabetes or does it cause you to gain weight okay there’s been quite a few studies out there that show the link between skipping a breakfast and we’re sending your blood sugars or increasing your risk for diabetes and even gaining more weight okay guys so there’s a couple things you really need to know number one most if not all the studies that show this link are sponsored by the food industry surprise and the studies that are not sponsored by the food industry do not show this correlation so recently there was another article published November 2018 and entitled breakfast skipping is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes among adults a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies and this was published in the Journal of nutrition so I just want to kind of go through this because it’s quite comical okay first section in conclusion the study indicated that there is an association between breakfast skipping and risk of type 2 diabetes okay the key word is Association what does association mean does it mean that it caused anything no it means it’s a connection only it doesn’t mean that it caused anything okay point number two to strengthen the evidence on this association more studies are warranted especially from different geographic locations because the current evidence came from only the United States and Asia so if you live anywhere other than these two locations all this information doesn’t apply to you okay next point this was based on a question here with and without a validation so you’re just going to ask people hopefully they’ve remembered and hopefully they’re telling the truth alright next point interestingly the strongest association with type 2 diabetes was observed for the combination of breakfast skipping and having a Western diet pattern among men from the health professionals follow-up study okay what is the Western diet pattern that is the sad diet basically it’s what people eat in the West which is all refined carbohydrates and sugars all right so let’s cover the next point evidence from studies has shown that high intake of red meat comma foods with high glycemic index or load comma and sugar sweetened beverages were associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes whereas whole-grain products and coffee consumption were associated with reduce risk okay guys so you can see right there they’re not quite unbiased because they’re telling you whole grains will decrease the risk okay guys next point moving right along there was evidence for publication bias indicating that small studies with negative results were missing okay so you can see right there they’re basically cherry-picking we’re gonna show you this correlation but we’re gonna omit this little piece over here alright in the last little point I want to bring up is that there are different definitions of breakfast skipping among the different studies which again it doesn’t keep everything very standard so you can see guys that this study was completely filled with holes but there’s a really interesting paper that I put a link down below that you have to check out because it goes into this topic and how you can manipulate data and there’s just point after point after point but go ahead and read this in your spare time because it’s quite fascinating they list all the different studies on this connection between skipping a breakfast and diabetes skipping breakfast and weight gain and they basically show you all the results of the independent studies that are not sponsored by the food industry so you can actually see the true information and guys I just wanted to bring up the most important point okay and that is this whether you consume the breakfast or don’t consume breakfast has absolutely nothing to do with whether you’re going to get diabetes or not why because diabetes is a disease of what you eat okay these studies don’t talk about the diet they’re talking about skipping a breakfast that’s ridiculous how can you possibly determine if someone’s gonna gain weight get diabetes or have a disease if you don’t know what is being consumed okay you can’t it’s impossible it’s illogical you’re sleeping all night long right you’re fasting all night long you wake up in the morning and then you eat breakfast you actually break the fast that first meal does not stimulate your metabolism in some way that helps you lose weight that’s not what happens now people who use that and they’ll say well well I got hungry well that’s because your blood Sugar’s went up and then it went down and then you’re gonna be hungry that is not necessarily stimulating fat burning it may stimulate certain enzymes to help you digest but it has nothing to do with burning fat I mean there’s two things related to diabetes number one what you’re consuming how how many carbohydrates are you consuming and the data of eating in general stimulates insulin okay diabetes is a disease of too much sugar in the blood so when you eat especially carbs you’re gonna raise sugar take a diabetic who’s on insulin for example what happens when he or she eats they have to take insulin to reduce this sugar okay is that improving diabetes no eating worsens diabetes okay fasting lowers glucose lowers insulin there by how big diabetes it helps you lose weight it doesn’t worse than anything that’s illogical and when you combine in a minute fasting let’s say you’re gonna now skip breakfast and you’re continuing to eat a bad diet you you’ve never adapted so in other words you’re gonna have a heck of a time getting in the fat burning because it takes at least three days for your body to switch over to burning fat so you can go from one meal to the next if you’ve never adapted if you skip breakfast your blood sugars are gonna go down you’re gonna be really really hungry grouchy and tired and you’re gonna eat you’re gonna feel better but you’re never gonna fully adapt and another big problem is that the media picks up on these studies okay and of course it’s you know why they’re doing it the food industry wants to get people to keep eating the media picks it up and then it becomes truth and I want to show you something on that one point all it seems to take is some association or some link to make it a fact here’s some quotations that show breakfast is widely believed to protect against obesity this is by dr. oz the fact is when you’re trying to lose weight you can’t skip breakfast okay that’s false information here’s another by Web MD there’s ample evidence that the simple act of eating breakfast every day is a big part of losing weight lots of weight here’s another one by the US Surgeon General eating a healthy breakfast is a good way to start the day and may be important in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight here’s one by John Hopkins studies show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight here’s another one by Mayo Clinic in fact skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity and of course the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics want to trim your waist try eating breakfast alright guys in summary association does not mean cause we are being hit from every angle of research data being manipulated and camouflaged as this credible evidence-based science so in the future if you see something like this get the study read it yourself before you accept it
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This Post Was All About Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Diabetes and Weight Gain.
Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Diabetes and Weight Gain

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Does skipping breakfast cause diabetes or gaining weight? There are a lot of studies that shows the link between skipping a breakfast, worsening the blood sugars, increased the risk for diabetes, and gaining weight. But you need to know that MOST of these studies are sponsored by the food industry and the studies that are not sponsored by the foods companies, do not show this correlation.
Important point: Whether you consume or you don’t consume breakfast, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether you get diabetes or not, because diabetes is a disease of what you eat and these studies link between skipping breakfast and blood sugars, do not talk about the diet. The first meal or breakfast does not stimulate your metabolism at some way that helps you lose weight. Diabetes is a disease of too much sugar in the blood. When you eat carbs, you are going to raise sugar.
Two things related to Diabetes:
1. What you are consuming (How many carbohydrates you are consuming)
2. Eating in general stimulates insulin
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