Does Eating Saturated Fat Really Cause Insulin Resistance

Does Eating Saturated Fat Really Cause Insulin Resistance

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hello dr. Burks here in this video we’re going to talk about saturated fats and insulin resistance okay so a lot of times when you see in the news or on YouTube videos there’s a certain group of people that are really pushing that saturated fats are the cause of diabetes problems with insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance so I just want to talk about some of the studies that are out there that are so-called ER they’re using as proof so check this out there’s five really high quality studies that we’re done that compare consuming saturated fats to unsaturated fats and four of the five studies showed absolutely no difference at all in any difference in relating to infant sensitivity or insulin resistance okay now the fifth study called the can you study and that’s the one that’s most cited most used in this argument they use butter and margarine okay as their saturated fat and it showed that it was almost statistically significant and like being almost pregnant so if you’re almost pregnant does that mean you’re pregnant so almost is not proof that consuming cetera defense will lead to diabetes okay so you can pretty much invalidate that study and they pretty much omit all these other four studies and now there’s other studies too that were more of a trial and especially the large European lit the gene random controlled diet trial and they found that when you consume saturated fats that had no effect on insulin sensitivity after 12 weeks so I think the bottom line is number one latias does you have to pay for its pay like 32 dollars or $35 per study no one’s going to do that number two even if they have this studies it’s almost in Latin for most people they can’t understand they can’t really read it because there’s too many big words and they don’t have the time so they depend on other people who give you secondhand data on their interpretation of the study which they can just pretty much say anything so the next time you hear this on the news that oh it’s saturated fats are bad pull the string and find out who told you that word that come from get this steady and if you’re nervous about it pay for the study it it out read it or have someone that is credible translate it for you thanks for watching hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you report

This Post Was All About Does Eating Saturated Fat Really Cause Insulin Resistance.
Does Eating Saturated Fat Really Cause Insulin Resistance

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Dr. Berg talks about saturated fat and insulin resistance. 5 out of the 4 high quality studies showed no difference in either group causing insulin resistance. The Kenwu Study – the 5th study showed it was almost statistically significant.
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