Dieting IIFYM Full Day of Eating | What I Eat In a Day #2

Dieting IIFYM Full Day of Eating | What I Eat In a Day #2

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I just got home from a four and a half mile run which is kind of disappointing because when I woke up this morning I woke up early and I was like I’m gonna run eight miles before work and I don’t run guys I just thought I could go outside and run eight miles no anyways while I was on vacation while I was on my honeymoon I gained five pounds so I need to get back on track and today is probably gonna be a really bro day of eating just because I don’t know if this happens to you but when I go on vacation I kind of over indulge a little bit I eat a lot of kind of junk food even though I may hit my macros I just don’t need a lot of healthy food speaking of macros my macro goals for the day are 50 grams of fat 200 grams of carbs and 210 grams of protein so the same is episode ones full day of eating I’m going off of the shower trim this beard a little bit and then we’ll get the breakfast meal number one is all prepped and ready to go I have a hundred and forty grams of frozen strawberries not just any frozen strawberries though these chef’s ready cuts by dull so delicious guys pick these up oh my god tons of yum in here then I have a hundred and fifty grams of 99% lean ground turkey with a little bit of hot sauce and fried rice one serving 50 grams of brown rice with two eggs a little salt little pepper and oh yeah my favorite product at the moment is diet ocean spray and especially this cran lemonade kind oh my god you gotta try it it’s so good so if you watched episode 1 of a full day of eating then you know I started that episode with this cafe mocha shake and I told you guys I drink this every morning and I was drinking it every morning at that point in time but since we’ve gotten back from our honeymoon I have cut out all caffeine the reason being I was just like hi and I was low and my mood was all over the place and I just felt like I was kind of being a jerk also I’ve switched up only eating twice a day to eating like for two six meals a day and that is more for energy purposes I was feeling kind of sluggish also it’s because when I was eating that two or three meals a day I have a tendency to eat way too much fiber and I was feeling really bloated and I wasn’t enjoying that at all so smaller meals like the breakfast I had today and more of them throughout the day hopefully that just keeps my energy levels don’t think you guys saw my arm moving but hopefully to keep my energy levels level and I’ll just be happier in general my second meal of the day is actually a sneak peek if you will of this week’s upcoming recipe I’m gonna show you guys how to make this meatball burrito on Monday and I think you’re gonna love that I think you’re gonna love it I don’t even know what I’m saying I just I’m gonna go eat this burrito maybe film recipe for you guys and then Alyssa’s gonna come home and who knows what we’re gonna do somehow this bag of frozen strawberries ended up in my counter and then the bag ended up open and then I ate like a hundred forty grams or like a cup of them so I’ve got to add this to my log like I was saying as I was hoping to film a recipe for you today before Alyssa got home and I did I filmed low calorie pita chips so a two of these tomorrow’s tortillas while I was doing the filming this is the last tortilla that I have left that crunch though guys mm-hmm so I baked two these joseph´s wraps that you guys know I really like the lavash breads turn those in the lavash breads turn those into pita chips and I made some fresh tzatziki sauce my wife and I we got into tennis on our honeymoon and since we got back home we realized that US Open is going on we’ve watched pretty much the entire tournament so I think this is gonna be a perfect snack to enjoy some tennis with my wife it’s late guys it’s like midnight Alyssa’s and Ben already I’m super jealous cuz I’m exhausted but I need to eat one more meal my last meal of the day is half of a sweet potato this is like a hundred and 25 grams of sweet potato a little bit of olive oil and salt and then I have the turkey from earlier it’s like a hundred and fifty grams of Turkey a little balsamic vinegar little olive oil and 225 grams of tomatoes for this last meal into my log and you can see a hit 206 crams of protein 204 grams of carbs 53 grams of fiber I wish this numbers more on 40 grams because I made fifty grams they get kind of bloated and 50 grams of fat all in all pretty much hit my goals for today so that’s gonna conclude full day of eating number two guys I need to get some sleep and I need to eat some food so good night guys catch you the next one

This Post Was All About Dieting IIFYM Full Day of Eating | What I Eat In a Day #2.
Dieting IIFYM Full Day of Eating | What I Eat In a Day #2

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Dieting Full Day of Eating Ep.2 | What I Eat In a Day
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