Dieting Full Day Of Eating | What I Eat In A Day #1

Dieting Full Day Of Eating | What I Eat In A Day #1

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good morning guys I am super pumped today because I wanted to make these types of videos for you guys for a really long time just keep putting it off and it never happens so it’s happening today we’re today we are doing a full-day meeting video my macros currently 50 grams of fat 200 grams of carbs and 210 grams of protein so let’s make breakfast let’s get this day started it is get it going no I did not start the dishwasher before I went to bed last night so the dishes are still dirty now I have to clean it first world problems so in my shake I poor three cups of vanilla unsweetened almond milk this is really hard to take off with one hand all right one banana and lots of chocolate syrup a lot of times I I don’t weigh it probably like eight tablespoons I do way my coffee though usually it’s like 10 grams so it’s gonna be like 37 and then I had a whole bunch of ice but I honestly couldn’t tell you how much I said just kind of eyeball it looking good that looks like enough ice once you add an ice cube nothing happens to your blender that’s I know yet enough ice ebony delicious ounces of iced cafe mocha literally every morning starts at this thing brain freeze mmm so I did just get to the gym guys and this isn’t really a food this doesn’t have calories but I know the cool thing on YouTube is white monsters at least fitness YouTube everybody just loves these white monsters well I have a suggestion to make get one of these Rockstar peer zeros the punched punched yeah it’s punched flavored pure zeros let them sit in your car get a little warm don’t get all fizzy kids when it’s cold and bubbly and caffeinate know it’s caffeinated but carbonated that’s where I’m looking for I don’t know it doesn’t taste very good but if you let it get uncommon ated and warm up a little bit it tastes like i see like a caffeinated hi-c it’s so delicious and guys for your money more caffeine in here than the tall white monsters hmm I’m ready to work out it is dead ‘let just spilt that everywhere it’s dead lifting today you guys are getting a sneak peek at a future died chef recipe a sort of this isn’t exactly what it’s going to be a bit sort of and I’m not going to show you everything because I don’t want to give it away but basically I’m going to be making some open-faced Todd Zeki turkey burgers on a portobello mushroom anywho I am pretty hungry so I’m gonna start making lunch so I most of you guys out there in YouTube land within yourself Joe you didn’t put any garlic in your tea zeeky sauce that’s not real tzatziki sauce and you’re right the reason being because I’ve been making this for the past five days I put a ton of garlic in my tzatziki sauce I love garlic we woke up this morning Alyssa rolled over and she was like you smell like a clove of garlic is coming out of your pores I want to kiss my husband not a clove of garlic can you please lay off the garlic so out of respect for her I’m not adding any garlic to my suzuki sauce today I made suzuki sauce without garlic just for you yeah cuz I love my wife I mean some of it right now it’s delicious oh my god I have a serious to dzieki sauce addiction olisa just got back home and all my food is prepared I put it into my fitness pal this meal is 128 grams of protein 114 grams of carbs 19 grams of fat pretty standard for me I’m probably going to have one maybe two meals after this so I’ve got the two burgers with the mushrooms this whole deal I have two tortillas of the tomorrow’s it’s not focusing tomorrow’s two of those tortillas that I made into pita chips and then I already ate one of these flat out tortilla chips the spinach kind these so I made two of these and two of the tomorrow’s gonna dip that in what’s left of the tea zeeky sauce wish i had more because that’s a lot of pita chips for me a little bit Suzuki sauce so I’m gonna go eat with alyssa and then we’re gonna go celebrate her cousin’s birthday party so he just got home from the mall we didn’t meet up with Alyssa’s cousin yet he’s actually eating dinner down the road and she already left I’m gonna meet up with them after I my last meal today I brought any better poached huh I have brownie batter protein pancakes and a little bit of the turkey burgers from earlier this little piece is missing didn’t have enough protein to fit that in but all you need five ingredients to make these bad boys you need walden farms calorie free chocolate syrup about 4 to 6 tablespoons 350 grams of egg substitute or egg whites 80 grams or a cup of oats 3 tablespoons or 15 grams of Hershey’s ensuite and cocoa butter and half a package of chocolate fudge instant pudding make sugar-free fat-free and simply mix I’m also going to have about 4 cups of unsweetened and all almond milk so after this meal guys these are my macros 207 grams of protein 207 grams of carbs and fifty four grams of fat so that’s gonna do it for today guys those are my macros I hope you enjoyed the full day of eating we’re definitely going to do more of these because I think there are a lot of fun to do I’m gonna go eat this and then I’m going to go say happy birthday to alyssa’s cousin good night guys

This Post Was All About Dieting Full Day Of Eating | What I Eat In A Day #1.
Dieting Full Day Of Eating | What I Eat In A Day #1

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Dieting Full Day Of Eating Ep. 1 | What I Eat In A Day
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