Diet Rant: Why No ONE Diet is Best- (My Beef with the Fitness Industry) Thomas DeLauer

Diet Rant: Why No ONE Diet is Best- (My Beef with the Fitness Industry) Thomas DeLauer

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This Post Was All About Diet Rant: Why No ONE Diet is Best- (My Beef with the Fitness Industry) Thomas DeLauer.
Diet Rant: Why No ONE Diet is Best- (My Beef with the Fitness Industry) Thomas DeLauer

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Diet Rant: Why No ONE Diet is Best- (My Beef with the Fitness Industry) Thomas DeLauer… So I had this epiphany, this epiphany that really we’re all swimming in this world of different diet suggestions and different diet ideas and how we’re all just holding on to our little piece of cheese when it comes down to what we’re promoting as far as health goes. Maybe I’m wrong for saying this but I feel like we’re all kind of promoting the wrong thing. I was recently filming part of a documentary with the old guys from Bigger Faster Stronger that 2008 movie. So I was with Mark Bell and Chris Bell. Now I was out in Malibu and all of this kind of came to mind when I was chatting with them and it was really this aha moment and what it was that we don’t need to constantly be living only one particular diet lifestyle and the reason that I say this is I’m constantly bombarded with people that are hating on me for various reasons, right? They always say that the taller the tree, the bigger the wind. As I get more visibility, people are going to say things and they’re going to discredit things, et cetera, et cetera.
The fact is I hear a lot of people getting upset with the fact that I tout the keto diet or that I tout intermittent fasting or that it tout different diets. They say, “Well, you can’t be talking about all of these because you don’t possibly apply all of them.” The fact is, yes I do, because I don’t look at diets or diet structures or protocols or programs as a one size fits all approach that you do forever. One of the things that clicked with me was that who are we to truly think that one diet is better than the other. Now I’m not saying from a humble side of things or anything like that. I’m talking flat out from a research side of things. Do we truly think that we know every single thing about the body right now? Do we truly think that we know just even a fraction of what is truly going on in our bodies? This holier than thou approach that we think right now because we have all this research, that we know every possible thing that’s happening with every cell in our body, and that we know the exact way in what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s going to work for you and what’s not going to work for you and what’s going to make you live long.
The fact is, we’re on a constant evolution. We’re in this process where we’re getting better and we’re getting better each and every day, but even 10,000 years from now, we won’t know entirely what’s going on in our bodies. Who are we to play God and think that we know everything about the body to be able to dictate which diet is better than other diets? We can get fascinated with different things and we can learn, but the fact is, ketosis, fasting, not fasting, paleo, carbs, whatever, they’re all different tools in our arsenal. Now we may happen to like one over the other or we may tout the benefits of one because it’s exciting or because there’s emerging research in it. I love talking about keto because there is some amazing stuff coming out. I love the way my brain feels on keto. I love that. It is the same thing with fasting. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where carbs are a good factor in your diet. No one is having a fight against carbs except for the people that are trying to cast a bunch of negativity. Carbs aren’t the enemy. That’s not what I’m trying to say and I don’t think a lot of people inherently are truly trying to say that. I don’t think subconsciously that is what they mean.
You see, what I mean by this is everyone’s holding onto their little piece of the industry. We have people like Jillian Michaels for instance. She’s been publishing articles talking about how the keto diet is terrible. You know what I see? I see a sad girl that is afraid of losing her grip on the industry, afraid of losing her grip on the fitness industry that she’s built for so long so the keto diet comes in and it threatens her. So what does she do? She lashes out, holding onto her little piece of business that she has, what pays her bills, what keeps her going, what keeps her Jillian Michaels enterprise going. Do I hate her for that? Of course not, but she’s holding on. She’s thinking so small. Then we have the people that are in maybe the paleo community that are just anything that’s not paleo is just terrible to them and they’re just holding onto their piece and the second that something new comes in, the same kind of thing.
Seriously, by doing that, we are telling ourselves that we are the almighty God that knows everything about the body, that knows everything about and we know exactly. Even the smartest researcher in the world doesn’t know the smallest iota of what’s truly happening at a cellular level.

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