Diet Analysis – Live Event by Dr. Eric Berg DC

Diet Analysis – Live Event by Dr. Eric Berg DC

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welcome you know I’m doing this webinar I’m looking at myself the whole time in my head is so big I don’t know what you see on your in but I want to get started so tonight I want to cover your eating plan I want to cover your diet and what you should be eating a lot of you okay so some of you can see me and let me know if you can see me I can see myself okay good you can’t see me okay good so tonight we’re going to talk about your diet a lot of you have entered in your what you eat on a daily basis and we need to talk because I see some things we need to change but I went through as many as I could squeeze in for the next half hour so we’re just going to go through right through it and kind of analyze it and I recommend take some notes and I would take some of the things that I show you tonight and help your friends and neighbors and family so that way you can analyze their diets as well so let’s let’s just open my screen sharing here and go right to let’s see if I can find it here I think it’s where is this thing here all right where are you let’s see close this down sorry about to delay there we go perfect no it’s right here okay good so died analysis the way I look at someone’s food log is I pretty much draw a piece of paper and I look at all the things that create health and all the things that will destroy health and I just go right down the list and I look at it from the viewpoint of creating health versus destroying health there are some foods that are neutral foods for example oatmeal really have any nutrition in it but it’s not bad for you so I mean it’s like eating cardboard it’s not going to kill you but it is really not a nutrition in oatmeal unfortunately unless you have steel cut and there’s some more nutrition but a lot of people have the instant oatmeal thinking that they’re getting some nutrition they’re really not okay so there are also foods that you omit in your diet that will destroy your health as well we’ll cover that as we go through I’m going to be talking about from your eating plan based on fat burning are you burning fat how to burn fat what are you missing from your diet what’s going to stop you from burning fat we’re going to look at different hormonal aspects and then also your body type of course I did not ask those questions as far as to determine your body type but I’ll go it through some things with your body type so you can kind of understand what you should be eating based on your body type reducing craving some of you crave certain things I’m going to show you what to do to get rid of cravings because it’s impossible to do a program while your crave and then I’m going to talk about how to get all the nutrition that you really need from your diet okay so with that let’s go right into the body types now I want to flip back here from one second let me see here okay I just saw a button I to click so you could actually see can you see my powerpoint presentation can you see the body types on this hopefully because I want to make sure that I’m not doing like half the seminars and I find out that you can’t even see it I think you can see it says you are screen sharing presenting everyone so it should be fine so let’s if you look at the first body type on the left that is the adrenal body type and those types generally speaking need more protein than other types not excessive amounts but they need a little more protein because their body is breaking down more protein because the hormones are are called catabolic that means hormones that have the ability to break things down faster than they can build back up so those people need to have a little more protein with each meal okay they also are losing potassium through the urine and they need to consume a lot of potassium from their foods how do we get potassium from vegetables so they need to consume the greens but they tend to have a bit more bloating with certain vegetables so they might not be able to do broccoli so we don’t want them to bloat while they eat so any more protein I mean they don’t want to do a complete keep like a protein diet like an Atkins diet because they’re not going to get any vitamins or minerals from the vegetables so we need to beef up the greens okay they also believe it or not you know everyone’s pushing this alkaline diet you know alkalis or die alkaline water well with the adrenal their blood is excessively alkaline so we need to Sidda PHY them they do really well with things like apple cider vinegar with water and a little lemon with water kombucha tea they do very well with that and then because that’s an adrenal type and they go through a lot of stress they definitely need the D vitamins but make sure that if you’re that type don’t ever consume synthetic unless you’re doing some type of detox but not long-term you want to get a natural B complex I’m going to recommend nutritional yeast and that will take away a lot of stress mental stress physical stress and the more you use your your brain and your mind and you’re pushing yourself for the day the more B vitamins that you deplete is specifically b1 and one of the interesting things that will indicate B one is if you have nightmares if you have excessive vivid dreams then you need more b1 all right as we go through this I’m going to answer questions someone says my your slide show is frozen that’s because it should be frozen I didn’t move it it is just on one slide right now is salt substitute a source potassium no but they do have different types of potassium salts that you can consume I recommend get your potassium from vegetables but you’re going to need five to seven to even nine to ten cups of salad a day it’s not hard to do that especially if you have you cut it up and have it you know not like make it easy to digest you don’t have to always have lettuce you can use cabbage as your salad as well or spinach it’s totally fun alright so so to summarize this type right here first type needs more protein more potassium more of an acidic drink B vitamins and they also need some fat why because their blood sugars are usually off and they need some type of um don’t go low-fat with that type so I’m not opposed to having more fat even meaty fat in your diet because they they’ll do well on that it’s not going to turn into fat so as we go through this I do want to let you know that the way that you were probably taught that you have to reduce your sodium your fat grams drink more water or cut your calories that is soon to be outdated information it’s just that’s not workable all right so let me go to the next body type and the next one is the ovary type you can see the hips that is an excessive estrogen body type so let me make sure that you can see that hopefully you can see that um let me just make sure where am I here now it disappeared let me just try to find it because I want you to see this next body type should be right there let me see if it’s coming up all right entire screen try it again oh now where is it entire screen no hmm okay so I’m going to continue to try to figure out where this slide went let me just click off some of these other slides real fast so I can do this maybe it’ll work right now let’s see if it work no okay so this next body type is the the person that has weight in the hip area and those types they need to be careful about excessive estrogen so they want to make sure that they never consume food with with just the hormones they want organic foods they want meats that are grass-fed hormone free especially dairy yogurt kefir butter cheese all those things must not contain hormones because that’s what messed them up they also have to a
void soy products and that would be especially in the soy protein isolates and all the diet shakes read the labels make sure that you do not consume soy a lot of the bars that they have right now are totally loaded with soy and that acts as estrogen estrogen but the foods that they should eat are anti estrogenic foods and that would be the cruciferous that would be cabbage kale Brussels sprouts if they had a Cal shake every day the couple that would be very beneficial to help balance the estrogen they can consume a bit more protein and they can also have a similar eating plan than the adrenal because the adrenal over are very similar they produce very similar hormones okay third shape is the see if I can pull it up now let’s see if it came up I don’t know why that doesn’t show up that’s weird um the ovary type the ovary type let me see here now they dream the I’m sorry the thyroid type that is the person that’s gaining weight here we go alright good we got it perfect okay so the third type is the person that has gained weight all over not any one location that’s a thyroid type there’s two primary causes for thyroid one is that they’re not converting the thyroid hormone through the liver in which case you need to have them eat foods to support the liver and that would be not consuming too much protein maybe having a lot of vegetables to clean out the liver and I’m recommending that you have um when I talk about a more protein I’m talking about really six to seven ounces I’m not talking about 8 to 9 to 10 ounces I’m just talking about what you would consider average okay but if we want to clean the liver out because if we look at the last body type that’s the liver type you can see the pot belly that’s a liver type but again the liver malfunction can cause a thyroid you’d want to consume foods for the liver so that would be lower amounts of protein maybe 2 to 3 ounces of protein with each meal that’s all so this type if it’s if it’s like the question is how do you know if your thyroid problem is coming from the gallbladder liver or high estrogen well first of all ask yourself do you get bloating do you have gall bladder symptoms do you have liver problems have you had your gallbladder removed do you get burping belching all that you know those things you should find out and then if you do then you can go ahead and start eating correctly for that body type but when I talk about protein I’m talking about per meal not per day so if it’s over here on the adrenal type baby should be consuming about you know 6 to 7 ounces per meal and these liver types should have at two to three ounces per meal ok all right now trying to give you the basics there is definitely complexities because let’s say you’re a little bit of this a little bit of this a little bit of this what do you do don’t worry about that right now I will go through a lot of different cases and we’ll just show you what you should be doing generally speaking because let’s say you’re confused and you don’t know if your thyroid problem is coming from the gallbladder or high estrogen and let’s say it’s obvious and you have a you have good digestion but you have heavy periods that we know it’s estrogen so now I would have you eat according to the ovary type because that is the root cause of the thyroid problem it’s very rare to have a primary thyroid issue but what’s really even interesting if you have an adrenal case and you get an autoimmune situation that can also cause a thyroid issue so you really have to kind of take the data look at each part and see what makes sense the other way to do it is to start with one eating plan see how you feel see how you do and then go to the next one and see which one does better because sometimes you don’t really know unless you try some people do very well on high protein some people do not but the thyroid cases generally need they very well with cruciferous vegetables but make sure you have the iodine with seek help that works really good and they need a small amount of protein because metabolism is so slow they can’t digest large amounts of protein the other thing that they need would be trace minerals trace minerals help the conversion of proteins into body tissue like hair nails skin if you have brittle nails loss of hair you know skin that’s falling off your body then we know that you might need some trace minerals to activate the protein collagen versus just consuming more protein that which doesn’t work so a lot of people that consume trace minerals all of a sudden their hair gets stops falling out they do very well in fact next Tuesday I’m going to release a video on that another question is how much iodine should you take I always recommend that you consume it in a food based thing like seek help you know have like two or three seek help tablets a day to get your iodine and that should be enough you don’t necessarily need so much like four milligrams of iodine whatever like because iodine works in a complex with all the minerals and when you consume straight iodine not a plant-based iodine it’s very difficult for your body to utilize that it’s much better to have a food base because it breaks down easier last case is the liver type you can see the potbelly here this person should not consume large quantities of protein they need to do it they would do very well as a vegetarian because but a real vegetarian where they’re actually eating vegetables because with that they can clean out the liver support the liver and do very well with the gallbladder and lose a lot of weight because a lot of that weight in the stomach is fluid okay all right so that is the body types now we’re going to get into a couple other things here I’m going to go right to the next slide let’s see if you can see that oh yeah you can okay good well guess what they just found just found out that eggs are not as bad as they thought they were I’m talking about the government the new guidelines governmental guidelines from the nutritionist finally after 40 years said that eggs are okay to consume but they still say that butter is still bad first of all please please don’t get your health information from the government if you’re not going to get the correct information it’s 40 years – like eggs like I’ve been saying for 25 years is that the most perfect food that you can possibly eat um in fact let me just go to the next slide to show you what’s in an egg here we go I don’t know if you can see it but these are Canadian eggs but if you have eggs from chickens that are fed organically free-range they’re the best they provide a lot of vitamins a lot of minerals and the best part is the yolk the yolk is where all the real good nutrition is so if you just eat egg whites you’re just getting a real small portion but in the yolk they have lecithin to counter cholesterol so don’t worry about that I do four eggs every single day I’ve been doing it forever if you’re a female and you don’t weigh that much I weigh 210 pounds maybe you want to do two eggs okay maybe you don’t like eggs I’m just saying if you like eggs it’s a very good way to get your nutrition so don’t worry about eggs and also butter butter is actually good it’s not a bad thing again probably another 40 years they’ll tell you it’s okay to eat butter there’s a lot of nutrition in butter but I also always recommend the Kerrygold butter you can get it from any health food store okay so a lot of you filled out your food logs for me too – yeah eggs are good for all body types by the way Kim so I’m going to go through some of the some people who fill out the food lock so I can analyze their diet so let’s first look at April April for breakfast she had toast toast and meat or yogurt with fruit granola or a smoothie or shake for a snack she usually does not snack that’s fine grilled chicken wrap with veggies salad chicken salad no bread with lettuce and tomato I like that I like that so you push she probably wraps it with the lettuce that’s a very good idea dinner maybe nothing depending on how she feels or vegetable soup beans rice or vegetables with grilled chicken okay so the good things are she’s having protein with her breakf
ast some of it sometimes that’s good I love her lunch that’s really good I also if she has a good healthy vegetable soup if she makes it herself that’s really good again she has vegetables grilled chicken I’m okay with that but here’s the thing that I want to talk about you want the breakfast to have no carbs in it at all I’m talking about refined carbs and hidden sugars like toast why because that is going to nullify any type of fat-burning effect on your body now Beth just asked the question I find them very cyclically eating spring summer fall I eat a lot of vegetables winter not so much that’s totally fine Beth but here’s the thing make sure you get your vitamins and minerals from something believe it or not a lot of the vegetables that people eat provide most of the vitamins and minerals the question is where are you getting them do you have some type of substitute that you’re going to be able to get your vitamins from and minerals so make sure that you have that under control but toast is going to be a problem it’s also going to slow down fat burning and just a little bit of toast could knock you on a fat burning for at least eight hours unfortunately especially if your metabolism is low now there are levels of grains that are better than others Ezekiel bread is better than white bread but again if you’re trying to burn fat you might know what a consuming toast now the yogurt is something else I want to talk about yogurt make sure that you do not consume the plain yogurt why I’m sorry the vanilla yogurt or the flavored yogurt because there’s a lot of sugar in that yogurt make sure it’s plain and make sure that it doesn’t contain any sugar added sugar okay another person says how can I proceed my husband that eating a little carb will halt fat burning well have them read my book watch the videos and try and experiment try to eat little carbon C if you lose weight chances are you won’t if you cut the carb out then you can prove it to yourself that it works so I always like to instead of telling someone that this is true I recommend go ahead demonstrate it on yourself you put yourself in a place where you can just do what I’m recommending and see if it works for you then then I don’t you don’t need to believe me you can just try it I’m just what I want to do is give you the mistakes of a lot of people over many years so you don’t have to make the same mistake over and over and over okay so now by the way this video is being recorded so if you’re losing connection it’s not it’s basically your computer’s not working correctly but this will be recorded perfectly and it’ll be up right when I get done now the other thing that’s really high in sugar is the granola granola is massively high in sugar it’s not a good health food product at all the other thing is fruit for breakfast I don’t recommend a lot of fruit for breakfast maybe a little berries but not a lot why because fruit is turns in the sugar a lot faster than vegetables so we don’t want to create a blood sugar problem early under the day if you’re going to have some fruit it’s better to have it in the later part of the day because this is going to this fruit is going to affect your sugars and at the end of the day you’re gonna have a tendency to crave more sweet and be a little bit more tired so here’s a great thing to test out try this experiment consume a fruit breakfast granola breakfast one day and the next day have a completely protein breakfast and see how well you do through the day and you’ll be able to prove it to yourself at the end of the day you have a lot more energy if you have protein and you won’t have a blood sugar issue and mentally you won’t have brain fog so the next thing right here she had grilled chicken okay soup yeah rice and beans those turn into sugar pretty fast so you might avoid those April and the other thing is that I want to make sure that the quantity of vegetables are high enough to provide the nutrition so I don’t know that from what April typed in but I should have asked her how many cups of vegetables is she consuming here’s some hidden sugars we got the flavored yogurt the granola and of course the fiber one there’s just a lot of sugar of these things um so we labels look at the sugar grams don’t worry about the fat grams or sodium reps check this out french vanilla look at low fat this is what really ticks me off if you go to the store and you probably try to find some whole milk you know yogurt I want the fat in there that’s the good part look at this 28 grams of sugar what they’re doing is they’re putting attention on the fat but not the sugar the sugar is what’s killing them not the fat so if you’re going to have Stonyfield make sure it is plain and whole fat okay so that’s what I want you to do on that let’s look at Jim Jim has bacon eggs cheese on a roll so the first thing I’m going to say is Jim I have no problem with you doing bacon just buy the bacon from something like Trader Joe’s where they have no nitrates hormone-free totally fine it’s not a problem Jim it’s not going to hurt you it’s not a bad product some people freak out about you know pigs but pork but what happens is that chicken is much dirtier than pork just so you know so I’m not against bacon especially if it’s not nitrate free and it’s organic and okay eggs cheese good but this roll has to go we don’t want to do the gruel we don’t want to do the crackers we don’t want to do the bread with the cheese and ham you’d be much better if you just took some ham and melted some cheese over and consume that with a little bit of salad now the Apple Jim it’s not a problem especially in male bodies the only time I recommend knock and sending apples is if you’re really trying to lose weight and you tried everything an apple could be enough sugar to slow you down and so in some people to accelerate weight loss I’ll have them cut out all apples and I’ll switch them to celery and peanut butter okay so for dinner he has meat burger sloppy joes tacos and then he has a cheese cake okay Jim the cheesecake is going to pretty much you know sit in your stomach all night the sugar and you’re just going to cause you to gain weight unfortunately sloppy joes make sure that you read the label and it doesn’t have all these high fructose corn syrup and msg and sugar so you want to avoid that Carol breakfast two packs of instant oatmeal oatmeal it’s not going to kill you but it’s not going to help you it’s like eating cardboard there’s nothing really in it the other thing you want to realize is that that carb breakfast at the end of the day you’re going to feel brain fog tired craving for sweets and week you probably want to take a nap right around five six o’clock at night so you’d want to switch this but if she just switched the breakfast to a protein breakfast and let me just show you what I mean by that see if you can see this here so if you look right here we have a kale shake for breakfast and then we have eggs one day this person has a little piece of meat steak omelets eggs totally good good breakfast looking for lunch some vegetable with some protein fish perfect nuts cheese not a problem another vegetable protein and then look at Apple hummus cheese nuts snack this would be a like the ideal scene if you can do that let me just check the questions right here yeah so someone said that they mix blueberries bananas kale spinach cinnamon eat Wow it’s like ice cream so you’re mixing everything I think you said smart one I don’t know what that is Bradley but smart one turn beyond to almond milk with blueberries bananas kale spinach carrots and well that sounds like a interesting good thing to do probably like going to shake the berries in the kale shake I recommend blueberries and other berries because that is the lowest glycemic index versus bananas but you can do some banana I’m not against that but again I’m dealing with people that cannot lose weight no matter what and I just cut out some of that stuff especially in the beginning okay now Carol oatmeal granola bar it’s a lot of sugar I would I’m curious if your yogurt is flavored it might be again a lot of sugar to hot dogs make sure those ho
t dogs don’t have modified food starch so this is the ingredients in Oscar Mayer burgers I mean hot dogs you can see there’s a lot of dextrose that’s sugar hi dries yeast that’s msg smoke flavor not good sodium dices 8/8 sodium we throw bait made from sugar sodium nitrate sounds pretty dangerous to me so make sure you get high quality hotdogs snacks marble oranges okay you can do that I like the idea of having the whole Orange versus orange juice and then let’s say noodle pea carrot chicken I don’t know what that is but I like the chickens and the carrots and the peas I don’t know if I like the noodles granola bar again in 1/2 peanut butter sandwich okay so Carol we need to change some things here um Joanne 1 and 1/2 cups of coffee with four level teaspoons of non-dairy creamer and sucralose so there’s basically let’s talk about coffee for a second I’m not opposed to a small amount of coffee but I did have one lady who consumed like 10 to 15 cups today that’s way too much um 1 cup of coffee ok you can do that I like the idea of having some organic cream because the non-dairy creamers have a lot of chemicals in them so I would be careful of that I like the idea of you taking sucralose that is a sugar alcohol so there’s two types of sugars that are acceptable sugar alcohols and stevia the top of the list would be xylitol I like that one the best because it creates the least amount of digestive issues and it’s from birch bark and it tastes just like sugar xylitol with an X okay that could be your sweetener so as I’m looking at your breakfast where’s the food Joanne um there’s no food so she skips the breakfast at the evening time she might crave the wrong thing so she has pack of noodles of noodles again no nutrition all carbs dinner sometimes noodles again 2 cups of spaghetti or two chicken legs die breast with potato green beans rarely afford beef but if I do it’s usually only one medium to one Patty I wouldn’t have cut the Box mac and cheese green beans small piece of beef well then why don’t you buy eggs eggs are not that expensive you know you can get a whole dozen for $3 so that’s something you might want to try doing and also vegetables are not that expensive so if you can’t afford organic then just have regular vegetables that are not organic because some vegetables are better than no vegetables okay Karen so let’s talk about Karen um Karen oatmeal with blueberries again the oatmeal is something we want to avoid walnuts are goods good milk I’m not opposed to that make sure it’s one about free snacks orange juice with seltzer water there’s a lot of sugar in orange juice unfortunately in fact we just show you real quick minute mate look at how much sugars and minivan horseshoes versus regular orange juice so I rather orange juice really has no nutritional value because it’s pasteurized all the vitamin C is destroyed that’s why they add vitamin C back into it but it’s always synthetic there is no benefit towards juice other than causing a destruction in your health because it’s so high in sugar okay um it’s only good if you add vodka and you make now just kidding don’t do that that’s something you would do at college okay one slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter all right so why don’t you put the peanut butter on the celery two slices of turkey rolled up with Swiss cheese okay I like that that is great idea Karen this is good just mix your cheese with your protein snack one hard-boiled eggs few whole a few whole grain crackers or pretzels all right we need to cut that out that’s not a good snack sauteed onions garlic let’s see colored drained cabbage oh that’s good oh you stuck in the cornbread barbecue chicken you were almost there Karen but you you you add to the cornbread so that’s that’s the thing that would cut out but you know the barbecue sauce there are barbecue sauces that you can buy with with stevia so just do a search on stevia Sweden barbecue sauce and you’ll find some really good ones okay so I see you had some Italian ice cream just to put the icing on the cake so that probably will really just kind of destroy everything you did for that day Karen but that’s because your breakfast was not strong enough with protein that’s the only reason to be proudly crave okay Raquel or Rachel a breakfast protein powder ah let’s see she has hemp rice or peat I like that that’s fine those are three good protein powders let’s see warning vitamins okay so everything is good but where’s um okay so you’re just doing protein I think that could be workable um yeah that could be workable if you have enough of the protein but if you’re going to do just protein like that you’re probably gonna need at least 25 to 30 grams of protein okay next one is the snack is the whole oats oat milk chia seeds plain yogurt okay frozen berries okay I like everything except the oats okay let’s let’s nix that veggie tacos sauteed sweet potato sweet potatoes don’t have them very often that you can have them occasionally and full of kale orange bell pepper tortilla top with one slice what’s really hot sauce hard-boiled eggs okay so the cord if we could just mix the corn you’d be fine on that our almonds is a great snack quinoa quinoa is okay it’s better than rice in small quantities all right so now we have sauteed vegetables totally fun okay so far so good so she’s having a lot of veggies so she’s getting her nutrition she’s just throwing a few too many things in there that we need to correct Kimberly so Kimberly has the two eggs on the toast so that’s again you can see a pattern here with everyone right they like that toast um blueberry smoothie with almond okay that’s cool that’s good avocado I have a half an avocado with breakfast every morning with my eggs nuts are good two eggs buttered gluten-free toast again gluten-free but it still is a car now she has a blueberry smoothie with almond milk at night that’s interesting not a bad idea okay Activia low-fat yogurt but I bet you it’s flavored because it’s hard to find plain bacteria there’s a lot of sugar on that by the way bran cereal there’s a lot of sugar in that Apple okay salad with fresh fat-free dressing no croutons okay sandwich so just you know the problem is going to be the bread on that but I like the idea you’re having a salad that’s really good and also lean meat let’s see fiber one chocolate bar yeah I looked that up fiber one has a lot of syrup corn syrup rice syrup it’s ten grams of sugar per bar yeah it’s just a little too much sugar it’s not a little too much is actually too much so that is a situation so I would avoid that as your snack dinner um chicken fish small month of red meat with veggies usually a starch also potatoes yeah so we got too much starch too many refined carbs and the Beth is going to have a hard time losing weight on that okay Tony let me just make sure there’s any little questions here how do I feel about hemp protein yeah hemp protein is totally fine it’s not bad on some people it’s hard to digest so you might want to see if he goes down well under your system let’s see here I want to see something here I want to scan to see if there’s any more questions okay Tony let’s see here 12 ounces of kale smoothie with almond milk spinach apple ginger 2 eggs large glass 11 what I like that see this is good she has the Apple so Tony is the opposite of vinegar with lemon water that’s really good to help satisfy the blood Sugar’s as well she has the vegetables this would be a really good breakfast okay good a snack apple cheese rike RISP for those of you that don’t know what that is i’ll show you a picture this is an acceptable cracker that you could do it’s called rye crisp crackers the thin ones sometimes they have think caraway seeds but it’s really thin you can put cheese on it and it’s it’s totally okay all right not a problem with that oh you see if I okay we just go through here and find my there it’s gone again I try to find that thing see if I can do that there we go okay so let me just go back here for a second Tony all right so right Kris crackers with all the butter herbal tea totally fine homemade soup guacamole hummus omelet totally fine a bottle of water I j
ust want to make sure that you Tony you’re not drinking water unless you’re thirsty because people are told that they need a drink drink drink if you drink too much water um it’s going to flush out electrolytes so only drink what you’re thirsty oh if you’re disagreeing with that then watch my video on water and just get all the data okay so now we got dinner we got fish chicken veggie salad perfect this is what I recommend and then to snack at the munchies badly in the evening now if she’s getting the munchies in the evening then what happens is that we’re going to and more fat in the breakfast time so she may need to add a little bit more like avocado or butter or peanut butter with celery because she’s craving down here or a little more protein yeah or a couple more eggs but look at she craves chocolate bread products like an addict so if you create chocolate and bread you may want to consume the B vitamins from from it’s called nutritional yeast and that should curb your cravings for bread okay chocolate that could be an adrenal issue see I try to avoid and eat more veggies but I find it hard to yeah I would actually go with more fat of your foods than veggies like cheese like peanut butter with celery let’s see okay she likes chocolate alright let’s take a look at something here let’s take a look at this right here lilies lilies chocolate is flavored with stevia this would be a good chocolate to consume because if you really need chocolate at least it has zero sugars okay so someone Jim asked could your kale shake or almond milk be a good breakfast yes but it might not be enough protein I do have another Cal shade coming down the pike I’m going to take about two months to get it though it’s going to have a high amount of protein because I do some people are trying to get more protein so I’m going to add more protein but you’d have to add a couple eggs to that says which do you prefer egg protein powder or pea protein powder personally I would do the egg protein powder in the shake absolutely nutritional yeast is so powerful in flavor can it go in soup can it be heated good question um yes it can be heated but not overly heated but yes you I like to put it in you can put it in peanut butter you can put it in plain yogurt you can put it in soup absolutely okay let’s see here all right Lina breakfast let’s see what she consumes I guess that’s not 80 ounces of juice that must be 8 ounce glass juice vegetables and fruit wait a half-hour and a cup of coffee no sugar she has she has the pumpernickel bagel or toast bread with grass-fed butter so the question is what do you put your butter on I am going to release very soon a recipe for English muffins that you can make that tastes just like English muffins but they’re not made from any wheat at all or grains so I will settle it out so that way you can put your butter on it it’s from one of my patients who had this recipe I loved it it was amazing so I will make it and then share that of a video ok all right so we got let’s see occasion weekend’s omelet all right sandwich that bread needs to go i some day this skip breakfast just had my juice of coffee yeah well at night you’re gonna crave ok she also has for lunch vegetables good she has that without so let’s see mayonnaise mayonnaise is totally fine don’t worry about that um let’s see oh here we go one teaspoon of agave nectar agave nectar is very similar to honey it still turns into sugar fat I mean almost as close as is honey and so it’s not a low glycemic sweetener I don’t recommend it especially if you’re trying to lose weight ok so his barbecue chicken and she had the fries or rice ok that is an issue whole grain it’s going to stop weight loss potatoes so we’re gonna have to just avoid all the starches let’s see they’re meat eaters that’s fine but just don’t add all the starches and Barb’s okay alright here we go carry gold butter is the best butter because it’s grass-fed butter and carry gold also makes the best cheese I love this cheese it’s really good and it’s grass-fed so it has vitamin k2 so let’s say Jacqueline says all this works no doubt about it but I always fail to maintain the changes to my diet and revert back to old ways and gain the way back how do I stop this well I just created a video on that it should come out tomorrow on self-discipline because it’s something that people slide into because the thing with your body stantly create a healthy body and it’s something that takes work just like a relationship you have to constantly put it there so you might slide into old habits but I think what you should do is find these little substitute things that you really like recipes that are like healthy junk food you can download on my website and start incorporating healthier ways to make the junk food and make sure it’s healthy and that way you’re not necessarily depriving yourself ok Diane says I wake up very hungry um so so let me just see what she’s doing here if you’re waking up hungry then we need to make sure that you we add more protein or some fat but she wants salty pretzels a chocolate and a glass of good wine so here’s the thing if you have low blood sugars you really need to work on fixing of that I have a lot of videos on how to do with blood sugar issues and what you should eat so to the point where your blood sugars are better about or better because I will tell you that if your sugars are low if you have low blood sugars you will crave because of that so as you do this you’re going to have to start realizing that Ukrainians won’t go away until your blood Sugar’s are well established I used to have hypoglycemic so bad but I tell you that the eating plan that I’m showing you right here will correct it over time all right is Kerrygold organic as far as I know it is but it’s grass-fed so most hundred percent positive it is because I know they don’t put pesticides in it um I best as I find if I eat in the morning when I’m not hungry I’m starving all day oh you get up at 5:00 okay well maybe you should just eat at 8:00 or 9:00 so just yeah because the whole circadian rhythm doesn’t kick in because you’re waking up extra early so that’sthat’s fine you can eat at 9:00 or 10:00 not a problem and that works for you totally fun yeah I like that okay Cheryl two eggs so here we go with the toast again sourdough spelt steel-cut oatmeal honey it’s just going to be too much carbs Cheryl okay Greek yogurt blueberries avocado I like this I like this snack but the apple juice has to go sorry um lean protein good Apple or roll nuts with cheese okay lean protein everything else is good of course ice cream needs to go there are types of ice cream that are zero carbs you can try to find some I think I have that and my little booklet on my website you can download it here’s a little chart that will give you some data on fat burning on one of my links on my website fat burning foods after ebooks you can download this little sheet some of you have it already but it’s a good little summary of what we talked about with that burning of so it’s dr. Berg comm ebooks for slash fat burning foods for – burning – foods okay you could download that Albert breakfast he gets up too late around ten eleven maybe bowl of cereal you sound like me when I was 18 Albert snack whatever food is available okay lunch whatever’s available chili luxe beans in a can maybe frozen pizza of our camp food so Albert either you’re new to my website and you have not watched any of the videos that I had over the last 15 years or you know or maybe that’s the reason or you’re not complying with what I’m recommending but Albert I recommend get on my list start watching the video start getting educated on what you need to do but you definitely need some serious changes with your eating plan but I create you being honest Thank You Evelyn okay we have one egg bacon half tomato totally fine not a problem with this breakfast make sure you put no sweeteners in the coffee unless it’s a little I think maybe this is some rye cracker I’m not sure what that that is with cumin tomato salad with lettuce okay so this this is good this is good I think this is a right cracker thing thes
e are salt tannaz are like raisins they do have a bit too much sugar so you might not want to add that I like the roll nuts though I like to stay convertibles and fresh fruit so I think Evelyn you’re real close and again you’re having vegetables all over the place so that’s good here’s that little sheet that I listed and uh I’m going to every month that I do these webinars I always get people a kind of little little bonus for being on the website a lot of you are taking the wheatgrass juice powder um if you go to and you enter the code you you can take $10 off this product it’s basically uh it’s not wheatgrass juice powder its wheatgrass I’m sorry it’s not wheatgrass powder its wheatgrass juice powder one teaspoon is equivalent to fourteen of shots of wheatgrass juice powder if their days that I don’t have enough enough vegetables I will do the wheatgrass juice powder if I’m working out and training intensely I’ll do two teaspoons of the wheatgrass root powder there’s a it’s a bit better than my multivitamin mineral super nutrient and the trace minerals because it’s grown on soils that are very fertile with with the trace minerals so this is something that to really spike like it’s kind of like the best multivitamin mineral that you give because there’s a trace minerals it’s super concentrated and it doesn’t taste too bad but when you mix in water it’s a little clumpy because I didn’t want so it’s it it’s the real high quality stuff so again this is you can have to go to Amazon you click on this but all I ask if you get this all I’m going to ask you is to write an unbiased review on this product because I would really appreciate that okay so if you wanted to test it out but for those that are already getting this I’m giving you a little discount with that each month I’ll do something like this so it’s $10 off now I’m going to answer some questions okay so Linda’s said she’s on auto-ship for wheatgrass yes so what we’ll do Linda is call the office and have them if you’re already in auto-ship will allow you to take an additional $10 off because I don’t think you’re getting the auto-ship is not on Amazon so call the office and I will let them do that just tell them I said it’s okay okay you also mentioned you do the kale shake and refrigerate it overnight that is really good to do because though if you keep a kale shake in your refrigerator overnight the enzymes help break down the product more so it’s easier to digest in the morning what I’m doing now is I’m taking the kale already chopped up I buy it chopped up and then I add I add I’m sorry I put in the freezer so then I take that frozen kale and blend it with fruit it really turns out really good okay Patricia it’s she says it sounds like you are recommending a no carb diet what if I go to the gym to lift weights and play tennis should I have some extra carbs so Patricia you’re going to get your carbs from all those vegetables but let’s pretend that you’re not interested in losing weight that you can have more fruit carbs but what we’re trying to avoid is the carbs that turn on the sugar quickly the refined grains the breads pastas cereal crackers there’s this thought out there that you need the sugar to get energy but you really don’t because your body will turn that even protein into into the sugar that you need because your body is always storing a certain amount of sugar so it is a myth that you need excess sugar for energy in fact the excess sugar will cause you to become more tired so in other words if you consume the excess sugar it will take away from your energy that it will give you energy okay so let me see if I have any other questions here what type diet works good for scleroderma and all esophageal stomach intestinal issues again you would need to stick with the eating plan with the adrenal because that’s an autoimmune thing but I will say intestinal issues do really well on cabbage cabbage has certain product of a certain chemical in her that is really good for the digestive tract let’s see here Kimberly when a lot of protein in my kidneys hurt well then then we know that you probably liver case and I would consume small months protein three ounces that’s a situation you don’t want to consume if you’re eating a food and you have a reaction to it and we can narrow down what kind of body type you are based on that so that’s actually good data also says I don’t I don’t eat a full meal I feel pain around my liver and gallbladder well I would love Kim for you to send me what you eat so I can dissect that and see why that is you may need a more of something like some gall bladder formula to help loosen up the bile ducts to get more vile John says his frozen cap on the supermarket okay to use in this shake instead of fresh yeah because that is fresh it’s just frozen not a problem okay says I love the wheatgrass my husband and I have been using it for about one year it gives me lots of energy yeah the wheatgrass is the is the most powerful thing that I have because it’s so super concentrated and you’re getting a tremendous amount attrition because it’s it’s it’s a juice powder grown on ancient seabeds so it has all the trace minerals but I like that the best I I basically take that as my multi everything especially when I’m working out and has a lot of chlorophyll to and has no gluten Emily says well I’ve eventually stopped having intense cravings around the monthly cycle if I start eating no Emily what we need to do is we need to fix your menstrual cycle which is then your hormones off cause you to crave so what I’m going to recommend is you take the ovary support formula to handle the cycle and if you’re in the area I’ve stopped my office let me check you if you’re not I would take the ovary formula because it’s not really a food issue it’s a menstrual cycle issue that we need to solve by fixing the ovarian output of estrogen sarah says I developed a yeast yeast infection but we could go let there after starting nutritional yeast I highly doubt that the yeast infection that you have is coming from your nutritional yeast because it’s it’s actually not something that is going to give you yeast you have a balance of good yeast and unfriendly yeast a good use will only provide the good use it will not add the bad yeast in there the yeast infections usually come from something that’s destroying the natural good yeast inside your system so I have a hard time believing it came from that uh Kimberly says where do I send my data information I would call my office on the website in and get roxanna’s email she can be she’s my communicator and I get all the emails to her okay supplements for a diabetic besides nutritional yeast I should probably create a video on that but definitely number one my adrenal day formula an old Patriot trophy get that for my office that’s good for a pankratov in PG write that down and I would do those two things that would help your blood Sugar’s and support healthy sugars hair thinning well you have to watch the next video that I have a next Tuesday I’ll release that one own hair I’m going to talk about how to get your hair really solid in fact uh I use it on my wife and it worked very well in she’s 52 and she started losing hair I gave her this egg boom hair came right back okay I have a friend who had a pinched nerve at l5 now getting a foot drop I recommend her to take on ik minimalist Bao salts any recommendation well foot drop usually is coming from some type of pinched nerve at l5 if there’s no injury involved it could be virus related and that’s why the trace minerals help because trace minerals put viruses back in remission okay Jim says any recommendations for food to eat when you’re on the road travel lot that’s cheese celery fruit apples okay John if I could see wheatgrass juice powder with the BT need for organic cruciferous food don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables well the it’s the best way to get your nutrition from the wheatgrass other than eating the vegetables so yes that would be an alternative because think about it one teaspoon is equal to four 14 shots of wheatgrass juice 14 shots of wheatgrass juice that is like equivalent
to a huge tray of wheatgrass 20 by 10 inches 20 inches by 10 inches in one teaspoon so if you had one of those you did getting every single nutrient you would need including all the fat almost all the fat soluble vitamins in one teaspoon and you put that in water and slug it down and you’ll start feeling a lot more energy let’s see Beatrice says of 16 a probably a mix between adrenal and estrogen I do not like dairy except full fat cheese’s would you Rebecca how hood say how would you recommend getting enough calcium well I would get it from you don’t like well get the full fatty cheese’s I would eat the cheese that cheese feta cheese I would also get something called kefir playing keeper but also if you want to get your calcium that realize that you’re going to need vitamin D and vitamin k2 I have some videos on that so instead of trying to add more calcium get the vitamins that transport calcium in the bones will be much much better especially if you’re 60 ok so Bradley a teaspoon of turmeric and a half glass of water orange juice at night also do now that’s tumeric is totally fine it’s a really good product I like that not a problem Debbie says is it necessary worry about calories no it’s not it’s the type of food that you need not the calories ok so I would recommend basically sticking with what I talked about here and you’ll come out ahead but don’t worry about the calories so it’s been an hour and I want to thank everyone for coming out of the cemetery like I will continue to do these monthly just to share some good information and I’ll leave this up for a couple minutes uh if you want to test out the wheatgrass juice you can order that you have to go to and just type under wheatgrass juice dr. Berg and it’ll pop right out ok have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you very soon all right thank thanks for your interest everyone you

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