Diabetes Medication Effects: Metformin, Sulfonylurea & Insulin

Diabetes Medication Effects: Metformin, Sulfonylurea & Insulin

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hey guys in this video we’re gonna talk about the different effects from diabetes type 2 medication okay and this is based on someone’s question they wanted to know the different effects this lady was on different medications and she wanted to know what they were doing to her body so I said tell you what I’ll just create a little video on it just to give you the overall picture alright so now we have pancreas that makes the hormone insulin insulin is traveling through the blood it responds to carbohydrates okay and it actually even protein – it’s its goal is to lower the blood sugar so the pancreas releases insulin it travels through the blood and goes into an insulin receptor the insulin receptor then receives it and then creates an effect one being lowered blood sugar and then another of being storage into either glycogen which is stored sugar or cholesterol or fat so there’s mainly three different effects that certain medications create in this scenario one is there’s certain medications that increase the production of insulin being outputted right through here okay so there’s this little cell called a beta cell that makes insulin so what are the medication that is very very popular is called sulfonyl urea so this medication actually increases the amount of insulin being produced by the pancreas now if someone has type 1 diabetes and they don’t produce any more insulin this will not work so this just enhances what’s already there all right the problem with this medication is that they also use it for an herbicide yeah because it blocks the certain amino acids in plants so I’m like wow that’s interesting so is it safe for humans well I don’t know there’s some definitely some side effects one being increasing risk of cardiovascular disease and death that’s right that’s the warning on the label so here you are trying to regulate your blood sugars but then it’s increasing your chance of dying from a heart attack okay not good all right another a mechanism is works on the receptor the insulin receptor people with diabetes type 2 have insulin resistance so their receptors are not receiving that hormone very well this is going to create a failure of the return feedback loop to the pancreas so we’re not gonna get this shut off like the turn off because it’s an incomplete communication so the more that the receptor is blocked or resisting or downgraded the more the pancreas is going to produce more insulin so we’re gonna have a situation we have a lot of insulin but it’s not really working in the body so if you’re gonna take this medication that can actually just add more insulin to a body that has too much insulin problem it’s not working over here so you’re not getting the effect but you’re getting a lot of the side effect of having the high levels of insulin so metformin when there’s other names from it Foreman increases the sensitivity of insulin so it allows the insulin to be received more okay and there’s actually a black label on metformin that talks about one of the side effects being lactic acidosis which is a pretty serious condition because the pH goes way way up one of the real natural remedies for lactic acidosis is about mb1 the problem is metformin also depletes b1 so it kind of prevents the the countering of that lactic acidosis so it is a concern a problem but the way that metformin works is by opening up this receptor right here okay so then therefore the pancreas can actually lower the amount of production of insulin being pumped out okay then the other mechanism is just by giving someone more insulin so a lot of diabetics type 2 are also given more insulin on top of it just straight insulin so it’s not necessarily causing the pancreas to make more it’s just giving you more insulin well here’s the problem in type 2 many times the pancreas is already producing too much insulin because of the insulin resistance not creating this feedback loop does turn off so again we’re dumping too much insulin into the system for purpose of keeping the blood Sugar’s regulated in normalized at the expense of increasing cardiovascular risk because that’s another side effect from taking more insulin is you increase risk of heart problems right there weight gain and hypoglycemia okay so because what happens we have this push down blood sugar situation now you’re irritable now you have they tell you to eat more you know sugar or carbs to raise the sugar and then we start the cycle over again so in summary we have several mechanisms one is to produce more insulin from the pancreas another is to just give more insulin and the other is to increase the absorption of insulin all right so what’s missing from the picture okay what’s missing from this picture is focusing on the root cause of why the body has high sugar in the first place and that is because there are too many carbs in the diet this is ignored alright guys well thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will 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This Post Was All About Diabetes Medication Effects: Metformin, Sulfonylurea & Insulin.
Diabetes Medication Effects: Metformin, Sulfonylurea & Insulin

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the different effects of the diabetes type 2 medication. The pancreas produces insulin that travels through the blood and goes into insulin receptor, it then receives it and creates and effect of lowering blood sugar and storage of either glycogen, cholesterol or fat.
3 main effects that certain medications create:
1. Increase beta cell production of insulin – Medication called Sulfonylurea.
The problem with this medication is it was also used as an herbicide by blocking certain amino acids in plants.
Side Effects: Increase risk of cardiovascular disease and death
2. Increase the absorption of insulin – Insulin receptor failure to return the feedback look to the pancreas. The more the receptor is blocked and downgraded, the more the pancreas is going to produce more insulin. Metformin increases the sensitivity of insulin. It allows the insulin to be received more.
Side Effects: Lactic Acidosis, Depletes B1
3. Giving more insulin – dumping too much for the purpose of keeping the blood sugars regulated and normalized at the expense of increasing cardiovascular risk, weight gain and hypoglycemia.
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