DeLauer Recommended Keto Items for Cyber Monday 2019

DeLauer Recommended Keto Items for Cyber Monday 2019

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this year it’s all about clean kiddo so many different keto products so many different products out on the market in general it’s hard to figure out what is clean these days and I’m all about doing keto the right way from the start so what I’ve done this year for Cyber Monday is I’ve laid out my favorite clean keto products and I provided special links to special discounts down below in the description so you guys can get these items at a little bit cheaper price but also just see what I approve of so anyhow without further ado let’s just go ahead and dive in and make this short and sweet for you the first one that I want to talk about is kettle and fire kettle and fire has been on my channel since day one they are absolutely amazing when it comes down to collagen when it comes down to fasting when it comes down to products are going to support gut health kettle and fire all the way ok so the nice thing is they’ve got these keto soups now which I’ve talked about in some videos their keto soups are full on keto meal replacements ok so you can drink or eat this soup and it serves as a meal replacement with the perfect ratio of fats proteins and carbs so it’s perfect for that so will highly highly recommend them there’s a special link down below any product will be discounted but I highly recommend you check out one of their awesome flavors of the keto soups my personal favorite is the mushroom bisque honestly this stuff is so creamy it tastes like you’re getting cream of mushroom soup from like a five-star restaurant alright the next one I want to talk about is butcher box okay butcher box is on my channel all the time if you watch my channel you’ve seen them they are a meat delivery service but they use high quality grass-fed grass-finished meats that quite honestly you hardly will ever find at the grocery store if you go to a local butcher you might be able to find it and I will always recommend using a local butcher whenever possible just because it’s always the best way to go but if you’re someone that can’t get to your local butcher all the time in butcher box is the way to go 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and it’s delivered right to your doorstep and I can almost guarantee it’s gonna be cheaper than the grocery store especially when you consider that the grocery store doesn’t have grass-fed grass-finished more often than not so there’s a link down below in the description you can check out their chicken you can check out their fish you can check out their grass-fed grass-finished beef you can check out their pork they have it all so go ahead and check them out the next one that I want to talk about is going to be news foods okay when it comes down to treats it can get difficult on keto because so much of them are filled with fibers and fillers and starches and so much other nonsense nice thing about New Sh it made from flax and coconut oil and a couple other simple ingredients really clean basic stuff and the cool thing is they weren’t even formed as a keto company they were formed as a company to help get people off of sugar and teach people that can still eat healthy even without keto it just so happened that they launched a little bit before the whole keto Train took off so I love their mission their mission isn’t even keto related it’s all about helping people and getting people healthy period which leads me into my next one perfect keto ok perfect keto has done a great job of keeping things perfectly clean and now I’m a big fan of their collagen packets the reason that I like them the reason that they’re featured is because they’ve made keto doable it made it attainable normally when you consume collagen anything like that you’re having to carry around a big tub with you I love it they’ve been able to create these single surf packets that make it extremely extremely easy so you can just grab one of those suckers and mix it up with some almond milk and you’re good to go collagen is critical on keto simply because you lose some of those amino acids through the overall breakdown of collagen that’s happening on a ketogenic diet so whether you’re keto or fasting you definitely want to check them out again special link down below in the description and now we move into yu-gi-oh matcha ok Yugi dough is amazing because Yugi dough is a very very clean one hundred eighty year old matcha company ok tea is great matcha is a step above tea simply because it’s real good quality baby green tea leaves that are harvested properly has to be done in a very specific way they have to be grown in the shade so that they have a higher level of the chlorophyll and they also have a higher degree of photosynthesis is occurring at that specific point in time and straight from the source in Japan nice thing about use ito is they have ceremonial grade they have basic macho’s but then they also have these single serve packets just like perfect keto that are super awesome when you’re on the go and sweetened with stevia or monk fruit so you can have them and they’ll be keto friendly and they’ll be good to go whenever you want them and then last but certainly not least I want to talk about Sunwarrior who has made a huge stance in the keto world as being one of the only clean keto proteins so it started out with their warrior blend which was awesome to begin with ok the warrior blend was great because it gave you the Metheny in that you needed from other plant sources but also the complete protein from pea protein to give you truly a low carb plant-based protein source on keto but now they took it a step further and they created this clean keto product they’re clean keto product is literally like what this video is about clean keto so it’s taking all the benefits of their warrior blend but it’s adding a couple other things to make it even more powerful for people that are doing keto specifically plus giving you the additional fats that you need to help produce ketones within your body so anyhow it can’t be any more obvious than this that these are product plugs but I’m happy to have these product plugs because these are people that not only support my channel but every single one of these sponsors every single one is one that I have chosen to work with based on my experience with the products so I have zero shame and putting them on my channel and I have zero shame and exploiting myself to be able to show you the things that I use so I encourage you to check them all out down in the description below maybe get some for yourself get some for your family get some for your friends for this whole holiday season as always keep it locked in here in my channel and remember these channels aren’t free to create and they aren’t free to maintain so if you’re helping them you’re helping us as always I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About DeLauer Recommended Keto Items for Cyber Monday 2019.
DeLauer Recommended Keto Items for Cyber Monday 2019

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This year has been all about clean keto, and with so many different keto products on the market, it can be tough to find ones that are truly “clean” and not full of nasty ingredients that will wreck your progress.
So, in honor of Cyber Monday, I’ve laid out my favorite clean keto products that have various benefits when it comes down to enhancing your keto diet.
Some of these products will help boost fat burning and reduce cravings, whereas others will enable you to stick to your keto diet when on the road or if you’re pressed for time! These products range from meal replacements, sugar-free keto treats, to core keto foods that should be staples of your keto diet.
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