Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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More specifically, you want help with Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

hi guys dr. Berg here I want to give you a couple tips on what to do if you have these dark circles underneath the eyes okay just right here this is my image right here it’s not really just one thing it could be coming from multiple things many different causes and yes it can be genetic okay but if it’s not genetic if it doesn’t run in your family here are some things you can look out number one the sinuses if your sinuses are congested with mucus you have a lot of lymphatic congestion and the lymph nodes go all around the eyes and that can create a puffiness and also a back up of the venous which is the veins which is kind of blue which will look kind of darker underneath the eyes because you’re seeing this congested backflow of blood and lymph so if that’s the case that one of the best remedies to clean out the sinuses would be some of the nasal rinses that I’m going to put down below but there’s a really good remedy called colostrum which actually corrects the immune system to improve allergies and I’m going to put a link down below of some data on that but there’s another thing too that you can take which is more minty now what is more minty Worman T is a weak version of a federer I don’t know if you heard about a federal they took it off the market because it increases adrenaline but honestly the risk of that is so so small compared to even aspirin out there the amount of benefit that it did for people with sinus congestion and lung pneumonia and asthma and bronchitis I mean it’s very very effective it’s been used for over 2,000 years but of course you can’t patent it and it’s very inexpensive but if you monitor someone to make sure they don’t have high blood pressure and their you don’t take it when you’re pregnant it’s totally fine but Mormon tea is a really good thing to take in the early part of the day to actually handle a runny nose and to get rid of congestion okay and of course the diet make sure you’re not doing any milk products that could do it or any wheat products those two will definitely back up the sinuses and one more thing too if you ever go out to a restaurant and you eat something with meat and sugar or like anything like a bun and hotdogs or a burger bond and fries or coke you are going to create a lot of sinus congestion from that and that could be one of the causes too so as you clean up the diet this will clear up too and then we get to the liver okay if you’re detoxifying or your liver is toxic that can create this appearance underneath the eye as well the best remedy is milk thistle okay that actually can repair liver damage so it’s quite amazing and it’s very safe and you won’t get this detoxification reaction from that many people who even do colostrum or probiotics start having an immune reaction and then they end up getting this problem too so if you’re going to take anything for the first time always take small amounts including colostrum and I think you’re going to be okay with this one all right then we get to the adrenal adrenal fatigue with the amount of stress that you have with the amount of lack of sleep you’re going to have the dark circles as well and so you want to support the adrenal that’s a whole video in itself I put the link down below but of course start with long walks every day don’t sit in front of computer 24/7 good amounts of sleep whatever you could do to improve sleep is going to be a good thing in fact that brings us to the next thing which is sleep which is probably the number one thing if you were to improve what it would fix this dark circle underneath the eyes so that’s really important and then vitamin D not only helps the adrenal but it’ll help sleep as well so Sun every day if you can get it and then we have you know we talked about walking decrease the stress and lots of potassium foods potassium is the physiological tranquilizer it relaxes you it gets rid of sodium excess and retention the fluid which could create this as well but mainly the the sodium potassium ratio issue if that’s a problem we’ll create bags nci’s not necessarily discoloration but we want to get you to sleep okay so I’ll put some links down below and then allergies if you are allergic which kind of gives us puts us in this category as well high levels of vitamin C would be very beneficial for allergies and also colostrum is another thing that actually corrects allergies as well and there’s other things too I’ll put some other links down below but what you want to do is you want to just see if there’s anything that kind of pop out for you and focus on that part right now but the lining of the skin or nithi eyes is very very thin and you can very easily see all the different the venous pooling in there which is blue but it shows up as a dark circle all right so try some of these and put your comments below thanks so much for watching hey press the subscribe button and let’s keep you in the in the nel I’ll keep you in the know now those are the next section hey you probably 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This Post Was All About Dark Circles Under the Eyes.
Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Dr. Berg talks about what causes dark circles under the eyes. There are several reasons:
1. Sinus – because the tissue under the eye is very thin congestion in the lymphatic system or venous system will show up as blue. This blue color is what is seen as dark under eyes. This is congestion. Check out these videos:

2. Liver – if you try to detox your liver, the congestion will also show up under the eyes.
3. Adrenal Fatigue – this create stress and of course the appearance of dark circles under the eyes will reveal this.
4. Lack of sleep – this is the BIGGEST reason for dark circles under the eye.
5. Allergies – of course allergies cause sinus issues – see #2.
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