Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

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so you know that milky fluid that’s secreted right after a baby’s born okay you probably don’t but it’s called colostrum and it’s secreted after a mammal gives birth and basically what that call us room does is provide a big surge of immunity and antibodies down to the baby big difference between colostrum and milk though see what I’m gonna do in this video is I’m going to explain some of the research that is being conducted in the world of color strim and if it could be something that we can utilize from the bovine world into our human world you see the difference between milk and colostrum is that milk is providing the nutrition whereas call Ostrom is providing about 100 times the amount of antibodies and immune system support than milk so basically what you’re doing is you’re providing a surge of immune system a surge of antibodies down to the baby so that the baby isn’t as susceptible to disease and any kind of infection now how can we take this into a completely different sense and potentially use it for our own good I’ll get to that in just a minute you see the purpose of the call Ostrom is a lot more than just antibodies it’s also there to help tissue repair it’s also there to help deliver nutrients and it’s also there to help the gut biome in general and start building up a good healthy gut microbiota which we need in order to have actually healthy digestive system so is more to it than just antibodies so we are looking at a lot of potential benefits there now when we look at the different kinds of color strim we look at how it can be transferred we’ve got two different kinds you’ve got homologous which is the natural transfer of colostrum from a parent down to a baby so from the mother down to the baby then we’ve got hetero lodges transfer which is intra species so that’s going to be transferring from one species to another a good example is going to be that bovine version so if we’re looking at bovine colostrum and we are taking it as humans that’s a hetero logist transfer and that’s where a lot of the studies are being conducted right now see a lot of people are finding that bovine colostrum could be extremely beneficial when it comes to gut health but it could also be very beneficial when it comes to fighting off disease so basically they’re doing some hyper immune types of therapy with it where they’re actually giving how’s a vaccine which is causing a surge in antibodies which therefore they can take the call to strum and administer that to humans so let’s just take an example let’s take you’ve got the rotavirus like a stomach flu type of thing you’re going to give a cow the vaccine for the rotavirus which is going to cause the antibodies to rise for that rotavirus then that’s going to pass through in the college strim and you can essentially give that call Ostrom to someone that’s suffering from the rotavirus as a human and actually start fighting it or potentially even fight it off in the first place now there’s a 2014 study that went into more detail with this and it was somewhat inconclusive it was pretty much a wash there were some benefits but then some things weren’t working at all in fact the bovine version just wasn’t really translating directly over to the human version now what a lot of that has to do it is the fact that the colostrum makeup changes based on the reproductive style you see humans have a completely different style than cows will and when I mean reproductive style I mean how the fetus is actually fed and how the baby is actually fed and given the call Ostrom you see we as humans most of our development is happening inside the placenta so we’re getting all the color stream benefits the immunoglobulin benefits in the placenta whereas cows are getting it in their first few days so a little bit of a disconnect between what can actually transfer from a cow to a human and obviously there’s this the big obvious reason that one’s a cow and one’s a human but if you can make it work there’s some huge huge benefits especially when it comes down to performance enhancement when it comes down to fighting off sickness but I think what deserves a little bit of attention is talking about the immunoglobulins in general okay immunoglobulins are different versions of basically our immune system that are elevated when different things happen you know some examples are going to be like IgM IgA IgG IgE you look at them and they all have different reasons for being increased now i GM for example IgM is the immunoglobulin that is released when you have initial contact with an infection so that primary initial surge of a new foreign body that’s causing that IgM reaction scientists and doctors can look at these numbers they can identify exactly where an infections coming from based on what immunoglobulins are raised well those immunoglobulins can transfer in from the Coliseum so when we look at bovine colostrum for example it’s extremely high in IgG and IgA is the immunoglobulin that is proving to be quite beneficial when it comes to gut health but you may be asking yourself why can’t you just get that from milk why can’t you just get that from cow milk the thing is that IgG declined significantly as the cow starts producing milk so you have this opportune time right when it’s producing the color strim to get the benefits of the IgG now the question is are humans going to be receptive in terms of gut health to that IgG again the research is still inconclusive but right now there are no negative side effects being found so it seems like a pretty positive way to move seems like it might be a very very very productive way to start getting more out of your gut bacteria and potentially even start promoting some tissue healing if the researchers can manage to find the evidence that this really does work it could actually be a game-changer in the world of a lot of disease as well so as always keep it locked in here in my videos I’ll try to keep you up to date with as much information as I can when it comes down to call Ostrom and how it might be able to benefit you when it comes to getting in shape when it comes to feeling better but also when it comes to potentially fighting disease as well I’ll see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer.
Colostrum for Fat Loss:  Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

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Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer
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Colostrum is a milky fluid that is secreted from mammals the first few days following giving birth. It differs from milk in that the antibody levels are up to 100 times that of milk for the purpose of fighting diseases from bacteria and viruses.
Main purposes include:
1. Delivering nutrients
2. Strengthen immune system
3. Intestinal microbiota balancing
4. Gastrointestinal health
5. Enhance tissue growth and repair
It is high in nutrients and low in fat, making it easy for newborns to digest. It serves the purpose of both delivering nutrients and helping to pass immunity from pathogens from the mother to the child. Homologous transfer occurs from the mother to the child of the same species. Heterologous transfer occurs from the mother of one species to a member of another species, for example from cows to humans. Bovine colostrum is that from cows. It is hypothesized that bovine colostrum could help with intestinal problems in humans. Hyperimmune bovine colostrum has been created by humans by giving cows vaccines.
-The cows produce antibodies against these disease agents and pass these through the milky fluid
-Currently being tested for treatment of diarrhea caused by rotavirus in children, AIDs and following bone marrow transplant
-The hope is that these cow antibodies will work in humans, however thus far the antibodies do not seem to be very active in humans
A 2014 study published in the Nutrition and Reviews journal looked at 51 studies looking at the benefits of bovine colostrum in humans.
-Studies hypothesized that bovine colostrum could provide immunological and gastrointestinal benefits
-Of the studies that have confirmed these benefits, they had poor methodology and the results were not confirmed by repeat investigation
*Further studies are needed to draw clinical use conclusions
The colostrum makeup varies by mammal depending on their reproductive strategy – this means that the content and the purpose of the colostrum differs between species.
Immunoglobulins are a family of proteins found in milk, mucus and blood.
-The antibodies in colostrum
-Different classes: IgM, IgA, IgG, IgE, IgD
-IgM – associated with primary infection, the first time an organism is exposed to an antigen.
-low potency in preventing infection
-IgA – found in mucosal secretions
-IgG – the main immunoglobulin found in bovine colostrum and milk
Human fetuses receive the majority of their immunoglobulins through the placenta, not through the colostrum.
-The colostrum immunoglobulins seem to help gastrointestinal health here
-High IgA, low IgG and IgM
-Human milk and colostrum have very similar immunoglobulin properties
Baby cows receive the majority of their immunoglobulins through the colostrum.
-Very high IgG, lower IgM and IgA
-Bovine milk and colostrum have very different immunoglobulin properties.
-The IgG concentration decreases rapidly
There are other compounds and growth-factors found in colostrum when compared to milk.
Becoming a popular supplement for athletes:
– In spite of not well understood value of bovine colostrum in humans
– Intense training can strain immune system – possibility that BC could help with this
– Also hypothesized to help muscle growth and repair
– Increased nutritional concentration may help performance
– Bioavailability of components in unknown
Few side effects have been found, so it is currently considered safe.
1. Bovine colostrum overview information
2. Perspectives on immunoglobulins in colostrum and milk
3. Clinical applications of bovine colostrum therapy; a systematic review
4. Potential benefits of colostrum in gastrointestinal diseases
5. Bovine colostrum supplementation and exercise performance: potential mechanisms

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