Coconut Oil for Dog Health: Share Fats with Fido | Thomas DeLauer

Coconut Oil for Dog Health: Share Fats with Fido | Thomas DeLauer

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hey everyone its Thomas amber and rainy and today we’re talking about something a little bit different from what we normally talk about absolutely normally we’re talking about health foods for us right today we’re talking about health foods that are good for both us and our docs exactly and what that health it is coconut oil right and before I dive into the details in the food I just want to give a big shout out to a nonprofit organization that we’re doing this video in light of and that’s an organization called scratch my belly which is an amazing rescue organization I’ll put some details about that at the end of the video but coconut oil you want to lead off with what the benefits are absolutely so the first benefit of giving your dog coconut oil is well is your dog tired because your dogs have a weight issue feeding at coconut oil can actually help benefit your dog’s thyroid believe it or not dogs suffer from thyroid issues just like we do absolutely and they have a thyroid just like we do regulates their metabolism just like it regulates our just like ours so what kind of things does coconut oil do in addition to helping the thyroid I’ll get to the science in that just a minute absolutely so another thing that coconut oil does but it’s absolutely amazing is it helps clear up any skin issues your dog might have so if your dog is really itchy and scratchy maybe after having fleas or just in general give me your dog coconut oil coconut oil might clear up some of that stuff yeah and it wasn’t really an issue with many but our other dogs Bo who was a senior dog you know when he was getting a lot older he was starting to have a lot of skin issues a lot of dry skin so we can actually put coconut oil on his skin but also give it to him orally and it dramatically made a pretty big impact on very big impact the other thing it helped him with too is really making his coat nice and shiny so if your dog has a dull coat it really helps brighten them up and like I have a really dull coat too so I like to usually take I rub it on his hair when he’s sleeping I need it as far as humans go we get a lot of the same benefits except we’re not going to get as much topically as we are ingesting it so it contains some interesting things it contains what are called medium chain triglycerides those medium chain triglycerides not only help us metabolize and burn fat more but they also make a much more bioavailable form of fat for the body to actually moisturize our skin and get fullness help get rid of wrinkles and things like that right so the other one that I wanted to talk about with lauric acid okay we have to focus on the immune system and so many of us forget the fact that our dogs have immune systems – exactly and they function in a very similar fashion to humans that lourd acid acts as a super powerful antimicrobial antifungal and also an immune system booster by actually helping some of those leukocytes do what they need to do inside the body so what are some of the servings that they can give dogs well I would start small so for a small dog I would start with maybe a quarter of a teaspoon but a larger dog I would start with maybe a teaspoon and work your way up to a teaspoon for small dogs and a tablespoon for large dogs and you can do this every single day let’s go put it right on their food the other thing is they love it and Trader Joe’s has these awesome little packets that make it super easy if you’re traveling just need to bring a couple with you but there you have it at the end of the day treat your dog like you would treat yourself you still have a lot of the same physiological functions in the body just like we do they still to secure this I roid take care of their immune system so be sure to help your dog burn fat by getting it fat exactly healthy dog healthy you right see you guys in the next video and thanks again to scratch my belly nonprofit rescue organization for doing everything that they do to help dogs and to help animals all over the world and major shout out to highly as well for supporting their organization and helping us rep you shirts that are really throwing a bone no pun intended not to scratch my belly see you guys soon see you later

This Post Was All About Coconut Oil for Dog Health: Share Fats with Fido | Thomas DeLauer.
Coconut Oil for Dog Health: Share Fats with Fido |  Thomas DeLauer

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Coconut Oil for Dog Health | Share Fats with Fido
Most people that know me know that I am huge on helping my dogs live the healthiest life possible, but not everyone knows that I apply a lot of the same principles that I do in my life… to my dogs’ life.
That’s why I created this video, to start sharing some of the ways that you can take what I teach and apply it to everyone in your family, even the furry members. Coconut oil has so many benefits for us as humans, why not start explaining all the benefits for our dogs. Healthy skin, healthy immune system, even a healthy thyroid!
This video will take you through how Lauric Acid can make a big difference as well as the healthy fats in coconut oil helping your dogs (and your) gut flora!
Here we go!

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