Clogged Arteries, Osteoporosis and Vitamin K2 – Dr. Eric Berg DC

Clogged Arteries, Osteoporosis and Vitamin K2 – Dr. Eric Berg DC

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I wanted to create a video on clogged arteries osteoporosis and vitamin k2 you may have never heard of vitamin k2 but it’s very different than vitamin k1 vitamin k1 helps clot things and they even doctors if they want to thin the blood to prevent clots they’ll give people a drug called chromatin to thin the blood because it blocks vitamin k1 but vitamin k2 is very very very very different vitamin k2 works with vitamin D in calcium metabolism all right so let’s just show you how this works vitamin d3 has a function absorbing calcium so it actually what it does is it allows the calcium to be absorbed by 25 times more than it normally would so calcium doesn’t just travel on its own it needs help by other vitamins ok vitamin d3 is is the one that works in the intestine and helps you absorb the calcium from the intestine much greater than if you didn’t have it and what counts it what vitamin D does is it increases the amount of calcium in the in the blood now if you have too much vitamin D you can end up with too much calcium in the blood it’s called hypercalcemia but the vitamin k2 is the other part of the transportation because without vitamin k2 you end up with plaquing calcium plaquing in the arteries you end up with all sorts of extra junk in the joints calcium on the teeth is tartar in the soft and mainly in the soft tissues so vitamin k2 helps deliver that gunk that calcium gunk and the calcium that’s in the blood from the help of vitamin d3 into the bone so and the teeth so one of the purposes of vitamin k2 is make sure you have very very strong bones with strong calcium and other minerals and good teeth but what’s really cool is that vitamin k2 is the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification you ever notice when people get older maybe get stiffer and they start hunching over like this and they become like a stone that’s because they’re deficient in vitamin k2 because calcium just kind of randomly plugs everything up vitamin k2 also has been shown to improve elasticity in your arteries now think about what that may do to your blood pressure – it may decrease the blood pressure because it’s making your your arteries more elastic there’s even cardiologists now that have blogs out there recommending vitamin k2 for calcified a aortic or which is like the vessel in your heart to help reverse that but you’ll just have to do your research on that because it also helps clean out the joints and the t teeth the other effects is that it does have effects on the jaw bone and the maxillary bone and the teeth so with al k2 you end up having kind of a narrow jaw dental problems in need of braces cavities things like that they did three clinical trials and they did find that they did not see any prevention of osteoporosis by taking calcium and females which is interesting because I know people tell you to take your calcium to ruin osteoporosis but that’s absolutely not true because they three big studies failed to show any positive relationship between taking calcium and preventing osteoporosis and that includes about taking vitamin D and we know why because the person is deficient in vitamin k2 they also found that a side effect from taking this calcium is you start getting calcified arteries and heart problems even heart attacks so by taking calcium it can create problems but if you know about vitamin k2 then you understand why because they didn’t have the dump truck to deliver the calcium all the way over here now I did list down below what I recommend is how much dosage to take vitamin d3 in vitamin k2 because in order to make vitamin K T to work it needs vitamin d3 so they both work together and in nature we always look at things as an isolated event but really it’s a complex thing that occurs so the big question is this where do we get vitamin k2 from our foods well you get it from the conversion of K 1 to K 2 because K 1 is in all the leafy greens it’s in the grasses so when the cow eats the grass it then converts it to vitamin k2 and it’s in grass it’s in milk cheese butter from cows that have been fed grass not grains it’s also in goose liver so people don’t eat that they don’t eat butter it’s also an egg yolks from chickens that have eaten some grass as well so one of the two things that people or doctors tell you to avoid for clogged arteries cholesterol eggs butter cheese whole milk yogurt the exact things that have the k2 that would have prevented the problem in the first place so ok so now it’s another one of those everyone knows and they tell you to do this right but you can take it as a supplement but you don’t have to necessarily be afraid to consume butter from a grass-fed cow or even egg yolks organic egg yolks or even what I like to do is I like to have the European cheeses and because those cheeses are from cows that are on a mountain that if fed grass they’re not eating feeding grains mainly from Europe that’s pretty much what I do I consume a lot of cheese because I’m from Wisconsin of course but the point is that you can really help undo this and improve any osteoporosis if you get enough of the k2 and have the vitamin d3 and this is actually fascinating because it actually helps you reverse some of the aging process with the elasticity of your soft tissue the joints and the arteries okay so this is very exciting so I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you the next one

This Post Was All About Clogged Arteries, Osteoporosis and Vitamin K2 – Dr. Eric Berg DC.
Clogged Arteries, Osteoporosis and Vitamin K2 - Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Dr. Eric Berg DC discusses the amazing power of vitamin K2, not vitamin K1. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how vitamin K2 works with vitamin D and calcium. He also talks about how this helps with clogged arteries.
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