Clean Keto on a Budget – Costco Grocery Haul

Clean Keto on a Budget – Costco Grocery Haul

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Kito at Costco might be a little difficult to do on a budget but if we expand everything that’s look for shopping for maybe three weeks or a month I think we can still classify it as keto on a budget so here’s the thing when I walk into this Costco I don’t really know what they have each Costco has different Roadshow items they have different organic options different keto options the cool thing is is I’m going to show you what’s available at this particular Costco which chances are is available at your Costco but I’m also gonna break down just things as I go that’s the cool thing is you’re gonna be learning with me so if I don’t know a specific item that’s there I’m gonna look at the label I’m gonna learn about it I’m gonna see if it’s keto friendly we’re gonna have a lot of fun we’re gonna be able to do this together and you’re gonna get not only a shopping experience but going to get sort of a shopping education so hopefully we don’t get kicked out of Costco we have a bad habit of getting kicked out of grocery stores whenever we’re doing these helpful videos so let’s go ahead and let’s head on in to Costco let’s do a keto Costco grocery haul kind of on a budget oh that sounds good all right so not super familiar with this Costco but we’ll go ahead and we’re gonna go down the aisles individually I know what we’ll do is after that we’ll come back and we’ll hit this little front section where a lot of times they have sometimes the options that quite honestly are the healthiest they’ll have like the nuts actually literally like right there yep we’ll hit those afterwards so we can kind of hit the main aisles first now I might recommend if you are on a budget that you actually start with like your meat sources first I’m not gonna worry about it on this run but that way you can keep yourself a little bit I don’t know just in the parameters that you need to be in for example if you if you know the meats gonna be the most expensive portion of what your overall getting I highly recommend getting that first that’s kind of your staple that way your budget can build around the rest of that since I’m just kind of doing a walk through not as worried about it but just the hot tip for you all right let’s see if they got here okay so the beef jerky is tricky right people think it’s gonna automatically be ki doli here’s the hard part eight grams of sugar in the serving there okay so we did use just one package of this ninety calories but 10 grams carbs so that’s not gonna really works well on keto unfortunately let’s see what else did ya see if still it’s just tons of carbs 10 grams of sugar that makes it really tough the other thing that well actually I appreciate this so even though this has as a wheat free soy sauce which is great see people are catching on with the whole gluten-free thing they know that gluten triggers different problem and reactions within the body whether you have a celiac issue or not but these guys six grams a little bit better cane sugar yeah you might be out of luck on the beef jerky here you know if you’re in a pinch it would be okay but the thing is is that this one’s not that still gluten free so the Curtin signature ones actually seem to be the best one ounce you can have four grams of sugar I’ll go ahead and I’ll get it again something I would probably never have more than one ounce what about the turkey jerky no-go on that what I don’t want to do is blow my budget on snacks so Costco that’s the thing you have to worry about it’s really easy to blow your budget on snacks so you don’t realize like okay there we just spent ten bucks on beef jerky like was it really needed no but it might give me some snacks throughout the course of a month right I also feel like spending $16 on single serving nuts unless you really need them on the go I don’t know if that’s gonna be the best bet Plus peanuts and cashews peanuts are a legume we don’t really want those cashews technically not even a nut they’re actually a fruit they’re also the highest carbonate and we have almonds which although are okay really not that great I prefer macadamias or almond or excuse me walnuts or possibly even pecans that whole side of the aisle is just a no-go Oh a lot of this stuff by the way is very deceiving so you see like almond crunch like oh cool it’s just almonds but then you turn around and look at the carbs they add seven grams of sugar to it dry roasted almonds brown rice syrup cane sugar a lot of things in Cacak where you go it careful of there’s also a lot of hidden gems let’s see we got here this is kind of the process style which probably isn’t stuff we want but this is cool beef bone broth powder blue collagen Baker Z’s tomato powder chicory root fiber that’s interesting I’ve actually never seen that before okay so this is a cool product I wouldn’t really just call it an essential item for me though again that price like I mean I guess if you’re doing a lot of intermittent fasting this could be cool but 460 milligrams of sodium I don’t know my mom I’ll see where I’m gonna be at with budget with this I think I’m gonna put it back for now I don’t know if I trust that that’s gonna be really high quality stuff actually that price was chia seeds it’s actually pretty good so chia seeds you’re mainly looking at a soluble fiber so the cool thing about soluble fiber is one gram it’s going to hold a lot of water so that means that you have less potential risk of the fiber kicking you out of Quito because you need a lot less to get by so that’s what I use chia seed for I’ll use chia or I’ll use psyllium grind it up or honestly just make chia pudding something like that make it really easy [Applause] so don’t get thrown off too much by the carbs okay have you got dietary fiber 5 grams which technically makes it a net carb of zero but I still count it as partial so I’d probably say two and a half grams of carbs really that would actually count that’s cool kind of seems like a random thing but it will be effective well that’s kind of cool if you’re on on the run actually that’s really cool I mean they’re making some serious money on this ten dollars for six little pouches of rice cauliflower which quite frankly is like dirt cheap to make so it’s kind of cool is on the go and it’s already cooked and stuff but I just don’t know if I can justify the cost of that so again all depends on what your budget is this is this would be a cool item I just don’t think that it fits into a budget spending ten bucks on that okay tuna this is a good price on tuna and the cool thing is what I love about Costco is they have the chunk light options chunk light I’ve talked about my other videos actually better than albacore people think albacore is the higher quality stuff it’s higher quality in the sense that it’s more dense okay it’s more dense it has a little bit more protein but the chunk light is a smaller fish so it ends up being a little bit better when it comes down to how it’s affecting your body from a mercury standpoint from a toxin standpoint and what your liver actually has to process so I’ll go ahead and grab backs that could actually be some really good solid protein for the week haha now we are talking see this is where they get the cool stuff okay so perfect now unfortunately the sardines they have here are in olive oil I’m not anti olive oil like olive oil is great ok good quality fat a really good profile in it it’s just going to be a little bit more fragile and since you can’t cook with it the reason I usually go for sardines in water is because you can control the fat content a little bit more if you pick a sardine out of the oil you don’t
know how many how many ounces of oil are actually coming into your body when you eat a can of these first is if water and you can just control it the fat is purely coming from the fish but this is a good price on this and these are good quality ones so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna grab them it is important to get the bone in if you can these are boneless so normally I want skin on and bone on but Costco were a little bit limited a lot of the vitamin D a lot of the nutrients are in the skin and in the bone so if you eat the whole thing but in this case I’ll live with it and salmon while the last weeks in so people always have issues with pan salmon I don’t honestly canned salmon that’s great because believe it or not it’s wild cut so in this case wild Alaskan pink salmon it ends up making so we don’t have to go and get the farm race stuff okay we can actually get the good quality stuff 14 bucks for canned salmon I’m not I’m not gonna get this simply because I’ve already gotten can’t fish here with the tuna and I’ve already gotten canned fish with the with the sardines and I just don’t want to blow my budget on canned goods but still not a bad item there rice probably not gonna work here’s the albacore let’s go ahead and skip that as this stuff I frankly think is junk this is like yeah water seasoning modified food starch sodium phosphates it’s more filler than it is meat and I’ve seen a lot of people use that product before and I’m like yeah kind of a cringe looks like hey right okay so here’s a perfect example something that’s sneaky people be like sun-dried tomatoes I can put that into my spaghetti squash or whatever and make it okay here’s something that’s kind of interesting 70 calories we have a stringent oil but more importantly 52 servings per container you know how easy it is to eat 150 second of this okay pretty easy and that’s gonna be immediately six grams of carbs okay so just still only be careful there somebody wouldn’t skip that I mention that because a lot of people talk about them now artichoke hearts again I wish they were married in in oil but these are pretty cool so the cool thing about artichokes one of the most powerful prebiotic fibers that you can get seriously these grow good bacteria in your gut probably more powerfully than experice or asparagus I said pick asparagus asparagus or it’s better to take a prebiotic food into your system and then it is to take a probiotic supplement so I’m gonna actually get some of these because I actually need them and this works perfect I’m just going to drain them whenever I use them some rinse them up marinara is tricky too even if you get one that doesn’t have sugar the tomatoes themselves have a bunch that’s actually not too bad I just I got to watch the budget maybe I’ll come back to this it’s just it’s not a necessity and that’s the hard part with Costco you’re gonna spend a lot of money cuz you’re buying for a long period of time I could grab this I mean I definitely couldn’t use it in the future does this have sugar have intimacy you know sea salt really see that’s cool all organic nothing I am gonna get this it’s gonna last me honestly probably a month because what I usually do is I’ll take like ground chicken or take ground turkey or ground beef and I’ll cook it up and I will just add a little bit of that to it and make like a bolognaise and then add it to spaghetti squash stuff like that it makes it super simple makes it feel like I’m getting some you know good tasty meal in without having to spend a bunch of money so even though I just spent 1139 on that I think it’s gonna help me out in the long run I almost fell into this trap see you snacks Isles like oh cool seaweed chips and then okay family stole a bunch of carbs in them so basically we’ve got glutinous rice is the first ingredient so if that doesn’t tell you enough same kind of thing with the seaweed crunch okay this is seaweed crunch with almonds actually actually this one’s good take that back okay so this one’s a little bit tricky this is seaweed crunch with almonds at first it doesn’t look too bad it’s only one gram right one gram of carbs but 36 servings in the container I’m happy to be on the lookout stuff like that okay that’s where things get troublesome okay so here we have some iodine options right so iodine is critical for the thyroid okay so the thyroid takes tyrosine and it combines it with iodine to create t1 t2 t3 t4 to ultimately create your active thyroid hormones which regulate your metabolism your body temperature very very important for you if you’re trying to lose weight seaweed is probably one of the best natural sources of iodine now here I have an option to get seaweed snacks or seaweed flakes I mean it seems like because I can just throw this on anything so if I’m having some tuna throw them on there get my iodine if I’m having my Bolognese throw them on get myself some iodine it’s a great way to do it without adjusting the flavor a whole lot and not having to just munch on seaweed all the time okay so avocado oil cooking spray it’s kind of cool they have this if you want to spend the money on this this is good stuff the nice thing ekkada oil is a very high smoke point so it’s not gonna denature it’s not going to go through what’s called lipid peroxidation when you’re cooking with it so that means that you just end up with a you don’t have oxidative stress that’s occurring in the body because you used a low quality oil canola oil just get rid of that all together I’m not gonna get this because I usually cook a straight-up oil I usually use coconut oil or avocado oil in its whole form so if you want to get the spray because it makes life a little bit easier then they have it as an option cannot live without this stuff and that actually is a bangin deal $6.99 for three of these I know it’s not Bragg’s and I love those guys but you’re not in Costco so I’m not gonna work today apple cider vinegar the acetic acid does so much in the world of keto so basically acetic acid has been shown to drop your blood sugar which when you’re looking at what’s called your glucose ketone index which is the ratio between your ketone levels and your glucose levels you want a low gki you want low glucose higher ketones this is gonna bring your glucose down that’s why I sip on it throughout the day and I definitely step on it in the morning then like Foucault generally goes higher because of the dawn phenomenon cortisol awakening response first thing in the morning cortisol goes up blood sugar goes up bring it down with an apple cider vinegar that’ll last me by three months Olive Oyl I like olive oil but I’m not gonna spend money on it right now because that’s a lot of it mmm yes so this my friends is going to last you a long time so even though we’re spending looks like 10 bucks if I can read backwards yeah oh it’s okay yeah ten bucks that’s really not a bad price considering this is gonna last me honestly probably a year we’ve had one how long have we had one at the office probably so like two years oh sweet okay so monk fruit that’s a super good price on this stuff okay so here’s the thing I’m gonna give you a quick breakdown on artificial sweeteners Splenda very much so in moderation okay but the first thing you have to look at with Splenda is that Splenda this is gonna have multi dextran added into it so dextrose multi dextran and min super lows so for every one packet is you’re getting a big influence bike from dextrous multi-action that’s the biggest issue I have with Splenda plus there are some studies that show that it harms your gut bacteria okay then we’ve got trivia which is gonna be stevia but this is stevia mixed with the result so we got erythritol stevia leaf extract natural flavors nothing wrong with erythritol but if you’re going to go for something that has a rhythmic halt in it anyway you might as well go for erythritol with monk fruit because monk fruit has additional health properties whereas stevia there’s some antibacterial components and it’s not bad by any means I love my stevia but if I have an option to get monk fruit definitely gonna go fit plus look at the price difference 0.
45 cents per ounce versus 0.45 to 45 cents 31 I mean that’s a no-brainer so a lot cheaper but here’s the thing so this is a RIF at all and monks food extract monk fruit is much better for you in terms of what it’s going to do for overall blood sugar what’s gonna do for your overall health I would take between me is this one I talked about LeConte Oh all the time so this is pretty cool so they’re not probably at all Costco’s because I haven’t seen them at my other Costco close by but definitely going to get some of that so check them out if you have a Costco nearby mmm okay man it’s ten bucks Tommy and love is these things my baby absolutely what he loves I might grab him just as he loves him so much so okay maybe it’s an extra thing that we shouldn’t necessarily have in here but you can scratch it off my list if you want to I’m gonna give them says my kiddo loves them my kiddo it eats pretty close to Quito so I know they’re not not organic so maybe not the best thing but you also have to live life right yeah totally living in a box okay so here’s the thing so nuts if you get them the raw form sometimes they’re harder to break down if you get them too roasted form sometimes it breaks down the fight dates it makes them a little bit easier but in this case I like pecans and I like walnut pie omega-3 probably one of the higher fat nuts so you’re gonna find so sure we can get some pecans here but they do have given this option I can go footboard I can go for organic walnuts for $12.99 or and go for non organic pecans for $12.99 I’m gonna go organic when I had this option right definitely makes more sense for me and I know this is price per ounce a little bit cheaper but but I’m looking at bang for the buck and what I’m gonna get today higher omega-3 content with this we’re going that it’s important to note the omega-3 content from a plant source like this is going to be Moore’s in the way of alpha linoleic acid which your body has to convert into linoleic acid which doesn’t you have a pretty low conversion rate to actual active form of omega-3 but still a lot of cacao powder I like cacao powder but I’m not gonna get it here because I can get a smaller bag of it I just that would take you six months [Music] that’s kind of weird check it out because they’re dehydrated a lot of carbs and also I don’t like the canola oil melted extra and they add all these extra foods to give it more body to sort of a preservatives otherwise that would be okay mushrooms are really good source of vitamin D probably one of the best natural sources of vitamin D that you can get how people ask about lemon juice too good time to bring it up because I talked about using a little bit of lemon juice with a CD in the morning they ask can I use a bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon juice always use fresh whenever possible but this was preserved pretty darn well it’s only lemon juice in there so yeah you’d be okay if it’s just I don’t feel like spending that it adds up [Music] we’re not even into the unique Vito stuff yet we’re just in the normal section this is called the normal section right and we’re still finding things that are perfectly pedo friendly just hidden gems within here like we’ve got some weird things not things you would normally think about getting those wisps Parmesan cheese crisps those are good too you could do those instead of the moon cheese the the issue with those of course is still processed right I just I just don’t want you blowing your budget on the snacks it’s dangerous to walk through the snack section first always all this you know there’s one of the nice thing about keto this stuff doesn’t even look good like it doesn’t even look good anyone I just have no desire for it so organic almond butter they have regular almond butter here let’s see what this one is oh that’s peanut butter everyone so we’re still an almond butter so this isn’t a bad price 1169 for let’s say 43 cents per ounce 57 cents per ounce so this is nuts Oh which is interesting it’s got cashews almonds Brazil nuts flax Chia hazelnuts pumpkin and sea salt so 180 calories per two tablespoons 210 calories for two tablespoons we have leave more fiber in this 3 grams of fiber versus 2 grams of fiber we have 8 grams of carbs versus 7 grams of carbs honestly I’d probably be inclined to go with this just it’s higher quality and we get the Chia we get the Flex so we get the soluble fiber that’s gonna actually allow us to be satiated more plus we’re not getting pure phytic acid the pure phytates coming out this will chelate excess minerals in the body so what that means or it’s not just excess all minerals so if you overdo it on the almond butter you don’t absorb as many minerals in your body whereas at least if you balance it out with some of these flax seeds and chia seeds you get by with less so I’m gonna go with that even though it’s expensive it’ll last me a while I try to have more than like a tablespoon or two a day anyway that’s a no-go but it looks awesome that’s kind of cool chick stuff cold brew it’s probably got sugar in it actually now let’s just let’s say this 12 in there since it’s a little over a dollar a pop a lot cheaper than what you get at Costco so alright grab some minis and it’s not gonna last me a whole lot of time but hmm yeah honestly if you’re on a budget probably shouldn’t do that and this is kind of convenient mean a little over a dollar a piece for just a cold brew you’re gonna spend $4 $3 if you go to if you go to Starbucks to get that I’m gonna pass on that yeah Coffee up I just get in a regular store it’s all depends on what you’re doing here let’s see I’m Brad avocados $7.99 for five big avocados especially a good price it doesn’t seem like it’s a good price but honestly for this size avocado yeah it’s perfect I can cut one of these open probably have it for two or three days and little good hmm now mind you we’re doing clean keto so I don’t necessarily want to have like low quality cheese just as a staple in my house let’s see what they’ve got here vitamin water zero you’d be good to go on keto with that if you wanted it let’s see Organic cream cheese I think I’ve had enough in the way of snack stuff I want to try to get some higher quality cooking stuff that’s a lot of heavy cream alright so here’s my dilemma I always go for heavy cream instead of half in half because half-and-half I talked about this in all my videos right you have the milk sugars coming in and definitely end up getting some more that beta casein dates the BCM seven that you would get in half-and-half that you wouldn’t get in heavy cream just because it has more of the actual milk versus just the milk fat the hard part is that’s a big thing a heavy cream and I don’t think that I’d go through all that so I think yeah honestly I’d say something like that you’re probably better off they just get at a smaller grocery store it just doesn’t make sense it’ll go bad before use unless you have a big family right you’re feeding a bunch of people this isn’t given love my Kerrygold grass-fed grass-finished sued else we got here yeah the farmer John runs pretty low quality stuff not gonna go for that kielbasa sausage let’s see corn syrup dextrose that’s the hard part unfortunately the frozen food section is tough you really have to find the right kind of stuff you know a lot of people will say go ahead and get the beep hotdogs me fine I just don’t know if I want the process stuff in my body to be honest so I’m trying to give you the clean options whenever I get this whole aisle might be a little bit tough I don’t see any real good quality clean baked in there they do have the fully cooked bacon that’s kind of cool the nice thing about that is you can just kind of bring it on the go let’s go ahead and let’s get some see how much that’s actually pretty darn good let’s see what’s in it though water salt sugar sodium phosphates and let’s see probably more preservatives because it’s already cooked let’s compare that to okay he’ll still have a bunch of stuff can barely pronounce right sodium or Ritter bait I’m just gonna try to find the one that has the least amount of processed stuff pork wate
r salt sugar natural maple flavor so alright might be you might not have a choice here well I’m gonna be spending the money I might as well get a cheaper one because it’s all got the same garbage in it I’m kind of inclined to get actually the precooked stuff in this case so why am I going for the precooked because they all have preservatives they’re all equally bad to be completely honest I might as well have some convenience if I’m going to just have this stuff anyway you might want to have that just for cooking but honestly this is kind of cool just you can make a BLT on like a lettuce wrap things like that which again like my wife loves BLT so it’s perfect for that go ahead and flip around and see what’s over here most of this stuff’s gonna be a no-go alright Sears we gotta be careful right I see so many people fall victim to this cauliflower crust holy cow is just so great and then first of all what the heck is that second of all 27 grams of carbs and cauliflower crust lowboy should part skim cheese that’s all good okay and then we’ve got powder cellulose calc oh my gosh rice flour like what the heck like so we’re basically we have cauliflower we have cheese and then we have a bunch of rice flour so not only does that have a bunch of carbs in it but you’re also spiking your insulin with the carbs in conjunction with a bunch of fats which is just a recipe for disaster when you combine high amounts of fats and high amounts of carbs like that you’re going into storage like immediately so that’s just a recipe for disaster for someone that’s trying to be healthier it actually could be even way more dangerous here we go monkey if I wouldn’t recommend going for this but if you got kiddos and they’re trying to get goose fat cheddar you know what honestly if it wasn’t for a bunch of soybean oil and food starch I actually would probably say this is okay like they had to destroy B oil and we already probably have a high amount of soy from the exits in this I just don’t think it’s a go but it would be something to have really convenient now we’re talking this is the kind of stuff that this is yeah for easy microwavable bags so you seen it in the bag and you get cauliflower rice money six-fifty I’ve talked about this in a lot of my grocery haul videos but frozen veggies are the way to go like honestly they’re flash frozen when they’re picked so they preserve a lot more than nutrients and less oxidation you buy a bunch of fresh veggies they oxidize you lose a lot of the antioxidant effect just right in there because your body’s busy combating the oxidant of damage that occurs from that stuff the Normandie blend stuff like that that’s got a lot of carbs in it just because on this magnificent broccoli again we got huh contains four one-pound bags I got a steaming bag let’s go back down this way it’s kind of cool that would blow the budget for sure buy some good quality stuff shellfish is one of the highest quality proteins that you can get really abundant amino acid profile so if you can afford that go for I’m gonna keep the budget down so cooling it I like to go with a Costa shrimp you just spin them about the same amount of money to get literally the exact same amount almost 49 cents pound 49 cents per pound to get cooked tail on versus raw tail on so you get more pound for pound by getting it cooked in this case because it’s already had the water kind of cooked out of it so I’m gonna probably go for that quick way to get some good some protein in again put it with a little bit of spaghetti squash mahi-mahi good stuff you wild Alaskan halibut it’s real easy to blow your budget in the frozen food section when they’ve got good fresh stuff here but still just want to share things with you the farmed Atlantic salmon avoid the wild Alaskan halibut if again you want to spend 35 bucks 36 bucks you’re good to go tilapia avoid wild cut mahi-mahi high mercury content so out of all of these the winner would be halibut for sure okay I’m not gonna get it because it’s expensive and I keep the budget a little bit check Chilean sea bass also good but again very expensive orange roughy be careful with it even though it is wild cut Pacific cod is okay it’s just super lean flounder also very lean fish sticks not gonna go okay now we’re getting into a little bit more process stuff stuff it’s have already marinated and stuff like that so we’ve got salmon burgers again I’m not gonna spend the money here I can get some fresh stuff probably not gonna work grilled chicken patties same kind of thing let’s see what’s in here Wow what we count not bad chicken without neck raised without antibiotics okay that’s what you want to pay attention to antibiotic-free is different from raised without antibiotics okay that means that doesn’t have antibiotics added ever organic onion organic sugar it’s kind of sex sea salt organics but that’s you know aside from a little bit of sugar that they put in there and these are good if you’ve got kiddos like me oh it’s all a salt price that’s not that great this would be just a good convenient option fully cooked though you know what honestly that’s good to just have laying around I’m gonna grab some of those so these things are cool but what the heck a mystery flavor that’s kind of weird least usually have a bunch of super loss in them yeah we’ll skip that sparkling water is good to go when you’re fasting so like Perrier anything like that Pellegrino go for that when you’re fasting it helps you get through the day yeah kombucha will trick you six grams of carbs but there’s two servings in each bottle so 12 grams of carbs that’s you know half of your daily allotment of carbs right there that’s the one with the sugar you got got to be careful you got to find the ones unsweetened that ones traditional which means it has sugar and I’ve made that mistake many times organic pasture-raised nice not a bad price I can insert my whole spiel on eggs here but I’m going to save you the details the egg whites honestly the egg whites the most inflammatory part you want the egg yolk so don’t bother getting the cartons of egg whites so you notice I skip the lower quality cheese’s down the aisles go for the higher quality stuff we got here that’s always try to go organic cheese whatever you can I didn’t know Kerrygold made cheese you learned something new every day I don’t know if it means it’s grass-fed Patrick talked of Ireland I don’t know but I don’t want that particular kind of cheese okay so feta you can get away with not having organic especially if it’s cheap feta so usually it’s a possible sometimes Bettis sheep feta something that’s not i love feta just because it’s usually the right kind of casein protein it’s usually a to not a one which means that your body’s in the process of better not going to have that addictive quality to it so i will go ahead and get that that is a that is a really good deal on their cheese okay so again goat cheese we can get by without getting organic again because goat milk doesn’t have the same caissons that are damaging to the body as regular dairy that’s so I love my goat cheese here’s some slices at least it’s organically so point is is go to the cheese section don’t get the cheese that’s in the traditional dairy aisle and process aisle you’re gonna find better choices here I’m actually dip this instead of the feta a produce remember on keto you can have berries just a small amount of them I would recommend going for blueberries if you are gonna get them I’m not gonna bother right now because that will go bad by the time I would eat them because I only have maybe I don’t know quarter cup at the most per day if I wasn’t trying to watch the budget a little bit I’d probably grab some of the wild Alaskan a smoked sockeye there’s pretty cool it’s not a bad price but like honestly we’re getting enough meat you don’t really need to get that so this is kind of cool if you’re on the go okay simple hard-boiled eggs a little bit pricey you know these get how many 16 two packs we got thirty two eggs for ten bucks I think I’m just gonna get I’m good that’s just good if you’re on the go not saying don’t get them I’m just not gett
ing them on this trip be careful of all this stuff these are awesome I’m glad they have more actually need to get more of these so zero net carp so look at this stuff okay we’re talking cage free egg whites whole egg which is what I appreciate about them air dried cauliflower powder non GMO canola oil which again still lets canola but at least it’s non-gmo okay xanthan gum that’s the only kind of preservative it got in it these things are great so like make a little egg wrap with them or something like that where cook up a little bit of egg and then wrap it up in those like they’re awesome say there’s one little gem that you got out of this or two little gems I should say it’s LeConte oh and this stuff is pretty awesome again lots of snacks I’m gonna just I sound like a broken record it’s just so easy to fall victim to buying tons of snacks here so I’ve made a couple mistakes here let’s see if they have the one that I can point out that I made a big fatal mistake I’ve gotten some chicken here cooked it up ate a bunch of it then I was like why do I feel like garbage and it turns out I had soy sauce in it that wasn’t gluten free and I’m very sensitive to gluten you just have to be careful okay so you’re looking at sauces and stuff so you wonder like I’m eating clean I’m eating clean and then you just put a little sauce on something why am i holding so much water why do I feel so inflamed what I think well it’s because a little bit of sauce a lot of times have that in it that is so overwhelming for your body to try to process like for your body to just take all that stuff in it has to do so many different things so careful if you see a bunch of ingredients like that so this is this might be a better option for me to get in the avocados to be honest so I’m just looking for the quality out of the avocado I might just get some of this cuz we got Hass avocados water to hydrated onion distilled vinegar salt and garlic so I’m gonna put the avocados back and I’m just going to get this because this will last me a lot longer and then I can have it laying around so it’s kind of cool a kiddo likes these I like if they actually have grass fed little sausage links and stuff like that junior frankfurters and I grab some of these again see here I go I’m eating falling victim this stuff that’s tasty getting a lot of the snack foods things like that it’s so easy to do let’s go get some wholesome foods now you see exactly why I said start with the quality meats first sakes obviously forgiven here’s your panic ground beef some I guess they don’t have the Bison here here’s the reason I go for the beef the ground beef it’s easier to just to break down it’s already partially digested for me steaks I just have a hard time breaking them down I just don’t chew my food very well so not a bad deal for this for not a pound for organic beef sockeye versus wild cut oh sorry wild caught sockeye vs. farm-raised $9.99 a pound honestly that’s a good price but we’re talking like a dollar a pound cheaper I could get the frozen salmon and that is essentially the same thing just frozen so I just don’t know if I want to get this this week but again just so you know you want to go for the wild sockeye if it’s this color you’re the difference in color here all right that’s just what you got to know that’s all you gotta know okay big difference in color there halibut okay so remember that big old bag a hell of it I showed you those 35 bucks compare that to fresh being 19 bucks yeah I mean it’s you do the math like if you don’t really care I wish they had the Bison here okay so when it comes to the white meat chicken you want to go for the leaner cuts okay with chicken the fatty acid profile is not as good so go leaner okay with beef the fatty acid profile is better so you’re okay to have beef that’s fattier but with the chicken and the poultry go leaner that way you are not getting the nasty poor quality fats that are usually in poultry hire soy levels higher omega-6 just naturally this isn’t a bad price on this I’ll go ahead and drop this let’s see that’s 49 a pound for good quality organic chicken so it feels weird I did see one other thing over here that was kind of cool it’s it’s the rotisserie chicken meat nope here’s why do not get this I almost bought into this carrageenan today one of the most inflammatory things known to man why do they still put that in stuff it’s to give it texture frustrates me that’s a bummer that would have been a great thing is just like rotisserie that’s been pulled right off so easy even then they had to put carrageenan is used in research and clinical settings to literally in instigate inflammation so they use it to start inflammation in the body except they can measure things that reduce it so if in a clinical setting they needed to cause inflammation to test ibuprofen they would give them a bunch of carrageenan because they know it causes inflammation so oh right look at that that’s a good price per pound so if you know how to really prepare some fish that’s the way to go okay now a lot of times they’ll have some stuff up at the front that might be the way to go one thing I did not feel like I accomplished on this trip is good quality fats I got a lot of different protein options but not a whole lot of fat options so but again okay we’re making do with what we got right like once you have your home stocked it’s a lot easier like right now it’s as if we’re building from baseline really tough because my once I have a pantry stocked full of avocado oil and coconut oils it turns out I have endless supplies of healthy fats but right now if my fridge in my house were just to be stocked with this kind of stuff I feel like I would be deprived of some of the fats that I would normally get okay so here’s the stuff up front look at here’s where all the other nuts are let’s take a look at this okay mixed nuts not going to go for that too much cashews look at the carb content here should be about nine probably eight not terrible but very inflammatory compared to other nuts oh I wish pistachios are high in fiber but also one of the highest carb nuts so we’re gonna pass on those if you are gonna get pistachios get him with the shell on at least you have a barrier to entry so it slows you down a little bit it’s a little trick that amber came up with because she loves her pistachios and she was getting them like that and she was finding oh my gosh I just ate like 400 calories worth of pistachios but if you go like this it slows you down quite a bit so there we go that’s what I’m talking about macadamia nuts they are not cheap but that is definitely cheaper than what you would pay elsewhere so Trader Joe’s for a bag about half this size is 1099 so although it looks expensive this is not that because I found those I’m gonna probably I’m gonna put these back save some money in here all right just so you know guys these are not kitto friendly okay these bulletproof bars cashew butter so already have I mean that’s just a lot of carbs okay fourteen grams I don’t care who you are that’s a lot of carbs so love Dave Asprey but I don’t think those are gonna work here’s a good chance to talk about some some proteins here let’s see what they got whey protein concentrate blends if you’re gonna pick a protein powder here and go for this but honestly like with so many inexpensive online options all right oh these are cool these nut butters I just feel like they’re still they put dates in there and try to get some Wow okay yeah that one’s not gonna work oh these are bars nevermind I thought they were the nut butters you scrapped that altogether yeah I’m definitely a fan of plant-based protein powder instead of way in this particular case everyone jumping on the keto bandwagon all right I think I got some keto basics here I mean like I said this isn’t a full scale grocery haul because I’m feeding myself my wife and my kiddo and I don’t want things to go bad that’s the difficult thing with Costco if you’re feeding the family you could make this work but here we have different options there’s different things that you would normally see on someone’s typical keto shopping list ri
ght you don’t see a bunch of cheeses you don’t see a bunch of low quality fats you see healthy quality leaner proteins and good healthy fats coming into the equation now I don’t know what the price is going to be a lot more than I want to spend let’s see this is hurting okay take him under – all right wouldn’t be bad like Costco grocery haul one or two hundred I’m at x8 206 206 50 oh alright it’s a good thing that I’m eating this stuff cuz otherwise alright so if you want to know the honest truth if you watched my all the grocery haul and my Walmart grocery haul I think you can get in and out in a much better budget at those stores in you can in Costco even though I got a higher volume of food and a lot more stuff it’s definitely proving to be more cost effective cuz I don’t know like I don’t this is probably last me three weeks a month with my family but I’m still gonna have to go to the store to get more proteins and like things like I didn’t wanna buy a bunch of meat and have it sit in the fridge I could have gotten a bunch of frozen stuff but either way it’s cool to show you the keto options that are there and what to choose so if you do shop Acacio at least pick some of these things up I mean at the very least the helpful tips I don’t Thanks end our day with a hot dog or should I say start our day with a hot dog and our day on the toilet so this is just a hair under 300 bucks I guess when you look at it from the sense that this will last me longer than the week it might have been on par with the Aldi grocery haul or the Walmart grocery haul but the point is is that Costco has some really good options I mean I found some things that I really can’t find it a lot of grocery stores so I mean I got honestly I got so low Tonto which I usually can’t get I got a good quality meat which I can give a lot of places good deal in the coconut oil a lot of this on-the-go snack type things which makes life a lot easier so I think the general consensus is do like a once a month trip to Costco for all your like snack items and things like that because they have a lot of non perishable things that will sit in your pantry for a while so you could get away with having there for a while and then go buy weekly or every week and get into meats and things like that from the other stores where it’s a little bit cheaper so just make sense so like do a once a month toss go haul for all the stuff I can sit in the pantry you just got to get a little bit strategic if you want to save some money on keto so let’s load this stuff up and eat up all right so that was a successful trip I will say it again I I feel like I accomplished more in other grocery stores I feel like I spend less Costco you just somehow you do else here is with me like it’s like you can’t go to Costco that’s been at least a couple hundred bucks and no matter what so you always kind of walk out of there feeling I think a little bit defeated it’s like I feel oh man 300 bucks and then I look as I’m loading it in the car and I’m like and do I really get all that much stuff I always say that Costco leaves you with meaning filler material you get things that are random and then you get a bunch of them and then you have to go to other stores to get filler materials so it’s not always the most time efficient or time effective way do your grocery shopping done however we still find ourselves going to Costco semi frequently just because they have interesting items that I can’t get elsewhere but this day and age the ability to get things online I don’t know it’s it’s like do you need to get massive amounts of this stuff in you can just go in Amazon get it delivered to your door like LeConte oh it’s awesome to see them in a Costco because I just appreciate them and I know them very well it’s nice that they’re they’re winning big and getting it in Costco like that’s a good sign of the times right but you can also just get it online you know but if you’re shopping at Costco and you see that it’s just great to see that people are able to become aware of healthier options and that’s the big reason I wanted to do this Costco grocery haul but also just to show you you can still get clean things at Costco and Yukie semi processed cleaning things at Costco so I’ll say it one more time Costco is a great way to stock up your pantry with the non perishables and then go to the other grocery stores with specialty grocery stores and get your perishables you have to make two trips technically but I think you’re gonna end up better off that way if you have a grocery store that you want to see me do a video on put it down below in the comment section so maybe it’s Kroger maybe it’s Ralph’s something like that I love to do these as long as I’m not getting kicked out I’m down to fly to a specific area if it’s a grocery store that we don’t have I’m in California so anyhow thank you all very much for watching as always keep it locked in here my channel I’ll see you in the next video

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Clean Keto on a Budget - Costco Grocery Haul

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I might recommend you start with your meat sources first. Helps keeps you in the ranges you need to be in as far as your budget goes.
Beef Jerky is tricky, its not automatic “Keto”. The Kirkland brand seems to be the best. 1oz, 4g of sugar. Ill go ahead and i’ll get it.
One thing, i don’t want to blow my whole budget on snack. Thats one thing you have to worry about. Costco, its easy to blow your budget on snacks. A lot of things in costco you have to be careful of but theres also some hidden gems.
Bone Both, its a cool item but a bit pricey. we’ll see how my budget is looking throws the end. Now, Chia seeds you’re mainly looking at a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is one gram is going to hold a lot of water. Chia puddle makes it easy. 2.5 carbs i’ll actually count.
Califlower rice packets. it’s kinda cool its on the go but pretty pricey for the budget.
Ok, Tuna. What i love about Costco is they have the Chunklight options. Chunklight is actually better than albacore. People think that Albacore is the more higher quality stuff, its higher quality when it comes to dense. Chunklight is a small fish. Its better on your body.
Unfortunately, the sardines they have here are in olive oil. I’m not anti- olive oil, olive oil is great, good quality fat, good profile on it, its just going to be a little more fragile and since you can’t cook with it. I go for sardines in water because you can control the fat content a little more. When you pick a sardine out of oil, you can control how much fat comes out with it. It’s important to get the bone in.
People always have issues with can salmon. believe or not, i don’t. it’s actually wild caught. I’m not going to get this simply because i already gotten can fish and can tuna. But still, not a bad item
Rice, not going to work.
This stuff, frankly is just junk. It’s more filler than it is meat.
Ok, here’s something thats a bit sneaky: Sundried tomatos. People think “oh i can put this on my squash”, 70 cal but 52 servings per container. You know how easy it is to eat one serving? pretty easy an that’ll be 6 grams of crabs. Rice is the first ingredient.
Artichoke Hearts. These are pretty cool. Cool thing about artichokes are they are one of the most powerful prebiotic fibers.
I almost fell into this trap. Seaweed snacks. Seaweed chips. still have a bunch of carbs in them. Seaweed with almonds, but its a bit tricky. look at the servings per container. Seaweed is probably one of the best sources to get iodine. Seaweed flakes is a get way to get your iodine in.
ACV 3 for 6.99, great deal!
Coconut oil for 10 buck. this will last for at least a year.
Monkfruit is the way to go over other sweeteners. Lankato. Check them out. I like pecans and walnuts. high omega-3s. I can go organic or not, i’m going to Organic, higher omega-3.
People ask about lemon juice. This is a good time to bring it up. People ask “Can i use a bottled lemon juice instead of fresh?” always use fresh as much as possible but this is preserved pretty well.
Oh, Avocados. 7.99 for these big avocados is a good price. i can cut one of these open and have it for two or three days.
I’m happy to fly to a different part of the country to really done one other different grocery store. I don’t have Kroger’s on the West Coast so maybe I’ll fly somewhere to do a Kroger’s. Anyhow, thank you all very much. See you soon.

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