Cinnamon for Weight Loss and Brain Function- Thomas DeLauer

Cinnamon for Weight Loss and Brain Function- Thomas DeLauer

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how can you get even more benefit out of your cop you know in other videos I’ve talked about adding butter in your coffee I’ve talked about adding coconut oil to your coffee all to sort of mobilize the fat and get more brain activity but how can you get even more out of it and maybe you don’t want to put butter maybe you don’t want to put coconut your coffee but I can tell you you can add a little bit of cinnamon and it’s going to do some pretty epic things to your business to your body to your mind just to your overall sense of well-being cinnamon contains something called cinnamaldehyde cinnamaldehyde has been shown in emerging studies to stimulate proteins in the brain to level off that nerve activity within them so what that means is you’re going to reduce mood swings it means that your brain is going to have a constant electrical activity because those proteins are going to be balanced and everything is going to be working harmoniously with your body that means you’re not going to have these ups and downs in energy you’re not going to have these ups and downs in moods and it’s going to overall level that off which is good for business and it’s good for making the right decisions additionally cinnamon is metabolized into something called sodium benzoate and I know that term probably doesn’t mean too much to you but the fact of the matter is that sodium benzoate is shown to increase brain activity so now when you’re drinking coffee you’ve got caffeine which is going to mobilize fat stores into the bloodstream therefore giving your body the fats that it needs to run efficiently your brain runs on fats so once the caffeine is in your system and the body is running on fats then you’re adding cinnamon to it and that cinnamon is going to convert to sodium benzoate which is going to get more energy and more electricity to the brain so now you’ve got the right fats for the brain and you’ve got the electrical energy for the brain so it’s really just a recipe for success in both business and just making the right decisions whether you’re in the kitchen or you’re in the gym and lastly cinnamon will level off your blood sugar and it’s one of these things like blood sugar is a term that’s reserved only for diabetics but that’s not the case blood sugar is key to everything we do in life how we regulate how our bodies respond to glucose is key to our success and key to our energy so when our blood sugars are stabilized it means that you’re not going to have these drastic ups and downs they’re going to make you crash at 2 p.m. more than likely the reason you’re fatiguing in the afternoon is because you’re having a glucose crash so a little bit of cinnamon is going to sustain how your body metabolizes car and therefore you’re going to have a constant energy flow throughout the day so just by doing that by adding one to two teaspoons to your coffee you might just have enough energy to spend an extra 15 minutes at the gym subject

This Post Was All About Cinnamon for Weight Loss and Brain Function- Thomas DeLauer.
Cinnamon for Weight Loss and Brain Function- Thomas DeLauer

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Cinnamon for Weight Loss and Brain Function:
Adding just a little bit of cinnamon can change how your body metabolizes food. Thomas teaches you how to order at a restaurant here:
Cinnamon has loads of benefits, but what about to the top performing businessperson? Or how about to the athlete that is looking to get a little more out of their day and not get fatigued halfway though it?
The answer may lie in cinnamon. You see, cinnamon helps level blood sugar and reduce the insulin spike in the human body. This allows the body to remain more sensitive to carbohydrates in a good way (muscle growth and fat loss) but more importantly can help prevent a nasty blood sugar crash halfway through the day.
All you have to do is add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee or to your meals and your body does the rest. But there’s more! Cinnamon also helps your body activate portions of your brain that you may not ordinarily activate, therefore making you think clearer and ultimately make better decisions.
Add 1 bit of cinnamon to your morning coffee along with some coconut oil to get two times the added benefit and an energy burst that won’t make you jittery.
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