Cholesterol (Part 3): Problems with Low Cholesterol

Cholesterol (Part 3): Problems with Low Cholesterol

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hey guys I want to talk about cholesterol deficiency now I know you’ve been taught that you need to lower your cholesterol so far down because it’s so dangerous it’s going to clog your arteries but here’s the facts there are way more problems with low cholesterol than there is with high cholesterol let’s just let’s just take let’s say you had high cholesterol high total cholesterol do you realize that the risk for heart attack would only be 0.1% increase that’s 1/10 of 1% so if I were to tell you because of your high cholesterol you have 1/10 of 1% chance of getting a heart attack would you take the medication probably not right the amount of problems that occur with low cholesterol depression cancer strokes a or tick dissection where that’s where the aorta just splits and that would cause a stroke obviously internal bleeding prone to suicide Wow pry from the depression right why because cholesterol is necessary to make hormones short-term memory loss in the elderly susceptible to infection including MRSA it’s probably why so many people at the hospital getting MRSA because they put them on statins increased risk for a increased chance of getting allergy or asthma you can actually improve allergies and asthma by giving the person vitamin D but to get to make vitamin D you need cholesterol so here’s the thing in 1994 low cholesterol would be considered like 160 or less nowadays people are trying to get it down to like 110 and they think that’s healthy I put some links down below so you can learn about the facts about cholesterol but what you need to know is there’s way more problems with low cholesterol than there is with high cholesterol so let’s talk about the foods that are highest in cholesterol okay if you wanted to raise your cholesterol if it was too low now I don’t consume brain but brain would be the highest cholesteral you can possibly consume which is interesting because your brain are 20% cholesterol we need the cholesterol to feed our brains so you can also get an organ meats liver kidney loaded with cholesterol it’s interesting why is that because our bodies need cholesterol for those organs right caviar is very high in cholesterol cod liver oil egg yolks that’s where I get my cholesterol butter cold water fish lard so these are all foods that a lot of people ate back in the early 20s and 30s but of course in the 40s and then the 50s and 60s people just kind of got them out of their diet but the truth is that cholesterol deficiencies create more problems than high cholesterol thanks for watching I just want to take a moment to thank you for your amazing amazing successes that you guys are writing about and I would love to have a complete success story from you with a before picture and an after picture as well if you have that and I put a link down below so you can fill it out if you don’t have a weight loss before and after just put an image of yourself and your success I would love to read it and I would love to share it with others because it does give them hope that they could be helped too thank you so much

This Post Was All About Cholesterol (Part 3): Problems with Low Cholesterol.
Cholesterol (Part 3): Problems with Low Cholesterol

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Dr. Berg talks about cholesterol deficiency (hypocholesterolemia) – which is low cholesterol in the blood.
Here are some of the problems with low cholesterol:
1. Depression
2. Cancer
3. Strokes
4. Aortic dissection
5. Prone to suicide
6. Short term memory loss in elderly
7. Susceptibility to infection
8. Increased risk for AIDs
9. Increase risk for allergies and asthma

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