Cholesterol (Part 1): The Real Purpose

Cholesterol (Part 1): The Real Purpose

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hey guys in this video I’m going to talk about the real purpose of cholesterol the heart killer right well not really let’s talk about exactly what this cholesterol is there’s so much confusion people are freaked out about it because they’re worried that it’s going to clog your arteries so they get their blood test and it’s it’s high they freak out let’s just take a look at some facts related to cholesterol almost all of the cholesterol in your body actually doesn’t come from your diet it’s not coming from your diet almost every cell in your body will make cholesterol so the majority of cholesterol that you have in your body is coming from your own body your body makes 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day your liver makes a thousand the rest of the cells make 200 mm okay now that would be equivalent to a pound of butter or 14 eggs or 300 strips of bacon that’s a lot of cholesterol right your cholesterol is on a negative feedback loop so if you eat more your body makes less if you eat less your body makes more so here’s the question you need to be asking why why does your body make so much if cholesterol is so bad and by the way LDL HDL the good and bad cholesterol that’s not really cholesterol LDL is low density lipoproteins as a protein it’s a shuttle that carries cholesterol through the body HDL is high density lipoprotein that’s a shuttle a protein shuttle that carries cholesterol from the body so HDL is the cholesterol coming from the arteries back to the liver and LDL is the cholesterol coming from your liver to the body okay and they consider that it’s not bad I’ll put a link down below talking about LDL a lot more but I just want to give you some facts about the purpose of cholesterol so why do we need it why is it so important because your cell membranes 50% of the cell membranes and every single cell you have it’s like a trillion cells 50% of those cells are made from cholesterol okay the structure of the cells especially your brain and the nervous system and the myelin sheath around the nervous so what are cell membranes the cell membrane is permeable it allows nutrition electrolytes molecules to go in and out of the cell it protects the cell against microbes and foreign viruses and things like that so it allows electrolytes to travel it protects the central nervous system which is the brain in the spinal column it it actually is involved in making bile bi le that’s the detergent helps you break down the fat to actually assimilate the essential fatty acids and the fat soluble vitamins so you need cholesterol to make vitamin D to actually help make the bile that helps you absorb vitamin A and E and even k2 so these are all essential fat soluble vitamins that you need that without cholesterol you can make the bile to extract them from the food that you eat cholesterol is needed as a raw material precursor for adrenal hormones so the more stress that you go through the more cholesterol that you’re going to make because the body needs those hormones to adapt to stress sex hormones estrogen testosterone is made from cholesterol this is one of the reasons why statin drugs one of the side effects is men they lose their libido women have problems with estrogen and progesterone and even androgen so there’s a lot of issues with that your cholesterol is there to make myelin so there’s even another video that I just released has to do with MS in the relationship to dysfunctional myelin which is the lipid layer around the nervous system in the brain and if you’re actually on a low cholesterol diet you can worsen that condition so the cholesterol also is there to feed the immune system your immune system needs cholesterol to function partly because cortisol from the adrenal is necessary for the immune system controls the white blood cell and then also cholesterol is to fight infection and to combat the toxic effects from bacteria one of the purposes of LVL the so called bad cholesterol is to and I created a whole separate video on this is to neutralize the toxins from bacteria in the cell it’s always considered the the bad guy but it’s really yes it’s at the scene of the crime but it’s really there to actually heal whatever is there like a lesion or some type of ulcer and so people mistakenly assume that for that guy when really it’s a good guy trying to heal and you should just say wipe if your body makes it why would be considered a bad thing people never ask those questions so changes of season during the winter months the cholesterol goes up because it’s you’re actually trying to make some of these hormones to adapt to the the change of season also during stress and surgery your cluster goes up to make more cortisol but I just wanted to put this video together to show you that that’s the real purpose of cholesterol it has a purpose and anytime it’s high you have to ask why why is it high rather than just automatically bring it down with some drug okay thanks for watching hey you probably 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This Post Was All About Cholesterol (Part 1): The Real Purpose.
Cholesterol (Part 1): The Real Purpose

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Dr. Berg talks about the real purpose of cholesterol. Almost all the cholesterol in your body does not come from the body – it comes from your own body. Nearly all the cells make cholesterol. Your body makes 3000 mg of cholesterol every day. 50% of your cell membranes are made from cholesterol.
1. Allows cell permeability – allowing electrolytes to travel in and out of the cell.
2. Protects the cell againts microbes
3. Needed to make bile
4. Needed to make fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E, K1, K2
5. Needed to make adrenal hormones
6. Needed to make sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone
7. Your immune system needs cholesterol to function
8. Needed to combat the negative effects of bacterial toxins
When you eat more cholesterol, your body makes less, when you eat less, your body makes more.
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