Chocolate: Benefits vs. Dangers | Is Theobromine Safe? – Thomas DeLauer

Chocolate: Benefits vs. Dangers | Is Theobromine Safe? – Thomas DeLauer

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theobromine it’s what killed Fido so theobromine is the toxic component of dark chocolate for dogs however it’s a different mechanism of action in the human body and a lot of people think that simply because it’s toxic for dogs means that it’s going to be toxic for humans as well well I wanted to do this video because a lot of people have asked me my opinion on theobromine and its effects when coupled with caffeine well the perfect example with that is going to be dark chocolate because that literally takes caffeine and theobromine in just about a perfect ratio so I’m going to explain in this video what theobromine is how it affects your body some of the positive benefits but also what you need to be cognizant of so it doesn’t make you depressed and it doesn’t slow down your weight loss goals so dark chocolates been used in food and medicine since about the 16th century when we really sort of discovered that it has euphoric benefits it can help you feel better can really lift your mood and you may have noticed you may have read before that dark chocolate has the benefits but milk chocolate and white chocolate do not you see those levels of feel bromine are significantly higher in dark chocolate so that’s why you get the benefit from the dark chocolate versus say white chocolate or milk chocolate in fact little cacao nibs those little teeny dark chocolate nibs are probably the most concentrated form of theobromine that you can get but what exactly is theobromine you see theobromine is in a classification of something called AM excells anthing derivative noun excells anthing derivative is also going to be something like caffeine as well and what that ultimately means is this something called an adenosine and tagging Asst you see the way caffeine and theobromine work in the body you’ve got adenosine receptors in your brain and this is a very simplified way of putting it but those adenosine receptors in your brain have little things called adenosine that plug up the adenosine receptor when those adenosine x’ plug up the adenosine receptor it makes it so that it’s blocking fatigue it’s basically preventing the flow of fatigue getting into your brain for a number of reasons well then what happens when you have caffeine obviously you’re blocking that so you’re getting that extra boost of energy because you’re not being combated with fatigue well later on as that wears off the fatigue can pile up and pour in that’s why you can crash from caffeine so that’s basically what an excellent thing derivative is now theobromine is at a much smaller scale in caffeine much less effectiveness on adenosine receptors but still is this general kind of premise so the thing about mechs will say anthing derivatives is they can have an addictive component you see you’ve probably heard that copy can be addictive you probably heard that dark chocolate can be addictive well here’s an interesting study that shows not just addictive qualities but actual affinity for something and true enjoyment out of something that contains theobromine and caffeine so in one particular study that I found interesting there were two groups of placebo group and a regular group now that placebo group consumed a drink that tasted the exact same as the regular group placebo group strength did not have caffeine or theobromine in it the non placebo group did have theobromine and caffeine in small quantities over the course of a few weeks it was found that those that consumed the drink with theobromine and caffeine not only got more addicted to the drink but they actually developed an affinity for it meaning they created a drink they enjoyed it they saw pleasure out of it whereas the placebo group just really didn’t give a care that just goes to show you the power of an adenosine receptor when it comes to just developing a liking for something now that can play a big part because theobromine can be good if you’re using it in moderation now let’s talk about the benefits of theobromine theobromine is probably the most powerful antioxidant that’s out there it’s an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and it has a longer half-life than caffeine meaning it’s lasting about 6 to 12 hours in the body verses 2 to 4 like caffeine so it’s a more sustained response within the body and it can provide a more sustained anti-inflammatory response within the body which is pretty darn awesome but additionally it has an effect on DNA and RNA which is really more recent science what this means is it can actually inhibit or induce particular components of gene expression what that means in human terms is it can actually allow you to reach your genetic potential but sometimes hold you back depending on what the gene expression is now that’s a topic for another day but still pretty interesting science that’s emerging additionally theobromine has a huge effect on cholesterol raising your HDL cholesterol and lowering the bad LDL but that’s just one added benefit but let’s talk about how fee of roaming can affect your fat loss so you feel bromine isn’t this huge fat loss contributor like people think but it does have some effects and here’s why Sophia bromine is a mild diuretic anytime you have a mild diuretic you’re going to encourage gastric emptying so the contents of your stomach can be a lot faster which means you may not absorb as many of the calories you can see how that’s not a good thing for the long term especially when we’re always trying to maximize the absorption of nutrients but that immediate diuretic effect does have an impact on your overall calorie absorption but the real reason that theobromine is huge when it comes to fat loss has to do with insulin you see it helps insulin resistance and it helps improve insulin sensitivity you see in a 2005 study they took two groups one group that consumed white chocolate for 14 days and another group that consumed a dark chocolate for 14 days what was very interesting was at the end of the 14-day period those that consumed white chocolate had almost no increase in their insulin sensitivity but those that consumed dark chocolate had a fairly dramatic increase in their insulin sensitivity now when it comes to insulin sensitivity that really dictates a lot of that glucagon response and how much fat you can ultimately burn so if you can be more insulin sensitive you can ultimately be more sensitive to the good foods that you eat which unfortunately means you can be a little more sensitive to the bad foods that you eat as well but this wouldn’t be an honest video if I didn’t talk about some of the negative components of theobromine they’re out there a lot people are talking about it they’re definitely raising some awareness with it but what it comes down to is consuming it in moderation you see what we have to look at is the fact that when you consume about two to three hundred milligrams of theobromine which is about the amount of 50 gram chokolate bar like kind of a smallest chocolate bar that elicits a positive response that elicits those feelings of well-being that elicits that lowering the blood pressure that mean lists that feeling that allows you to get through the day and have a little bit more energy but what was found is when that level crosses up to 500 to 1000 milligrams you reach sort of a point of diminishing return at five hundred to a thousand milligrams at the Oboro mean it was reported that there were more feelings of dislike and more feelings of depression rather than that euphoric feeling so at the end of the day it all comes down to moderation but you know I’m a huge proponent
of dark chocolate use it in small bits and pieces throughout the day maybe one or two ounces throughout the course of the day as always keep it locked in here on my videos for more information about how you can get the best possible shape of your life while still being the best possible all-around for see you soon

This Post Was All About Chocolate: Benefits vs. Dangers | Is Theobromine Safe? – Thomas DeLauer.
Chocolate: Benefits vs. Dangers | Is Theobromine Safe? - Thomas DeLauer

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Chocolate: Benefits vs. Dangers | Is Theobromine Safe? – Thomas DeLauer:
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Theobromine and Fat Loss:
Theobromine is the major alkaloid in cocoa, giving cocoa its bitter taste. Theobromine is the substance responsible for chocolate being toxic to dogs and some other mammals. Humans process theobromine differently, leading the many health benefits rather than toxicity. Cocoa consumption began in the Americas and spread to Europe in the 16th century. It was traditionally used both as food and medicine. Theobromine concentrations are higher in dark chocolate than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Cocoa nibs and cocoa powder have the highest concentrations. It is a substance known as a methylxanthine derivative. Caffeine is also a methylxanthine → caffeine and theobromine are similar in molecular structure. Our affinity for chocolate has to do with the combination of caffeine and theobromine.
-A study had participants consume a drink with a capsule of either placebo or a caffeine/theobromine combination similar to that of chocolate. Those that consumed the drink with the caffeine and theobromine reported liking the beverage more. Just like caffeine, theobromine is a stimulant. This is due to their effect on adenosine receptors. These compounds act as adenosine antagonists, taking the place of adenosine on receptors in the brain. Theobromine is about 1/10th as effective as caffeine in the body, so it takes much more theobromine to feel its effects than caffeine. The half-life, the amount of time that it takes for your body to process ½ of a substance, of theobromine is about 6 to 10 hours, longer than that of caffeine. This means that theobromine stays around in the body for a long period of time after consumption. Theobromine is an anti-inflammatory and reduces oxidative stress in the body. It has been found to help with asthma symptoms. Theobromine has been found to increase HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol. Theobromine has been found to affect DNA and RNA structure. The full impacts of this are not yet known, but it is hypothesized that this can inhibit or induce gene expression.
-Caffeine has been found to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
-Thus theobromine may be effective to treat some diseases and could be used in future drugs
Theobromine and Weight Loss: Theobromine may help to speed up weight loss, but not as noticeably as caffeine. As a mild stimulant this can give you the energy to go for a run or hit the gym. As a diuretic, this can help you to empty the contents of your stomach. Also may act to suppress appetite, reducing our likelihood to consume unhealthy foods at moments of temptation. The quantity of theobromine found in chocolate and other foods, such as coffee, are unlikely to be high enough for you to notice any weight loss impact through the above means, especially when compared to caffeine in coffee. However, there are so many other health benefits, and the more all-around healthy you are the more able you are to live an active lifestyle. One of these has to do with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the most likely way that theobromine may aid in weight loss.
A 2005 study had volunteers consume dark chocolate for 15 days, and then white chocolate. Insulin sensitivity was increased during the dark chocolate period. Improved insulin sensitivity is crucial in weight loss.
Can You Have too Much?
Studies have found that the positive mood effects of theobromine turn negative when too much is consumed. Dark chocolate has roughly 200 to 300 mg of theobromine per 40 grams, so a typical 50 gram dark chocolate bar can be assumed to be at about 250 to 375 mg of theobromine. One study found 700 mg of theobromine lowered blood pressure, increased how interesting a task seemed and decreased calmness. Another study found that higher levels of theobromine, from 500 mg to 1000 mg, experienced more “dislike” feelings. So, eating one dark chocolate bar will likely lead to positive mood effects, but eating two or more could lead to negative effects.
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