Can’t Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS!

Can’t Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS!

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hey guys dr. Burke here I have another question can’t stick to a healthy eating plan well if that’s your issue you definitely need to watch this so number one you want to decide that you want to get healthy you want to decide you’re going to start and do this right the anatomy of a problem is indecision it’s a maybe so all you have to do is decide deciding is almost like a therapy in itself okay because at you you’re making your mind up okay so people are stuck in this doubt maybe I should do it I was the worst I had to wait till I was 28 years old before I decided to start eating healthy I ate like crap I had to be dying before I finally like that’s it I’m done I’m going to start eating healthy okay so don’t just learn from my mistakes so we want to secondly realize that our bodies are stupid they’re not very intelligent okay so that’s why they’ll demand like they’ll create this impulse like I have to eat this donut or some people are addicted to drugs or alcohol it doesn’t differentiate what’s good or bad it just does it it wants something for the moment if your blood sugars are low it will tell you to eat that sugar okay so you realize that the body is not very intelligent when it comes down to cravings and eating okay number three reduce your body cravings you might have a physical craving okay now you have habits of eating bad foods but let’s say you have physical craving that your body needs sugar or carbs okay you can get rid of that you can get rid of it but here’s the thing when you lower your carbohydrate it won’t work because in order for you to run your body on fat fuel you must understand that the purpose of fat is to act as a backup fuel for sugar and so you must starve your body of sugar before the fats actually burned starvation means zero sugar doesn’t mean reducing your carbohydrates it means zero sugar in the diet so if you do zero sugar what your body is going to do between now in the next three days two maybe two weeks it’s going to start to build new machinery to start burning more fat so it’s going to take a process but if you cut the sugar out completely you’re going to find your cravings going to go right down to zero because your body is now forced to burn fat when you’re burning fat you crave nothing okay I don’t expect you to do this with cravings so we must bring sugars down to zero we must start eating healthy but you can’t keep any hidden sugar in the house so you have to this is what I want you to do I want you to pause this video right now and I want you to go through the house go through your refrigerator go through the cupboards and get the junk out of the trunk take all the hidden sugar all your stash and shoot it in the garbage go ahead and just waste it it’s not helping you don’t give it to the neighbors don’t give it to your kids just get it out of the house why because the body is stupid it’s not it’s when you when the blood Sugar’s go low you’re going to be searching and roaming and trying to find that sweet and you’re going to eat it because it can’t differentiate for you it’s not going to actually give you the right answer all the time so you got to get this sugar out of the house okay just not make it available number four very very important we have to plan a little bit more in advance is this is kind of a hidden step that so you want to like let me just ask you a question first how do you know what you’re going to eat the next meal do you just wait for your body to tell you at eat or do you just eat what’s available okay in the house that’s why you need to get the sugar of the house you need to actually have your house like plan up for the week like have food in the house that you know is healthy very important don’t keep any junk don’t keep no food keep some good food in the house so you actually what’s available is only good food okay I mean it sounds simple but it’s very very important so the worst thing to do is like let your blood Sugar’s crash and go wow what am I in the mood for today Oh Chinese food no that’s not good okay I’ve been at a split no that’s not good so you want to eat consistently and you want to kind of plan out your meals whether it’s every three days or the whole week so you have a plan okay and want to make it simple because you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen like I’ll give an example my salad sometimes I will only have lettuce it’s really simple it’s fast make it very complex all the meals are very very very simple it’s a couple different ingredients I don’t sit there for hours and make all these complex meals I have simple things couple things and make it quick eat it and then out the door you want to just kind of again again we want to decide to eat for health not necessarily always for pleasure okay so these are some tips to help you stick to it I think they’re important because it’s really time that you do stick to it because you know I look at this as kind of a preventative measure you’re it’s like real health insurance you either you’re going to pay the farmer now and get healthy or you’re going to pay Big Pharma later for drugs so why not just invest in your health now as your preventive health insurance okay so go do it and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Can’t Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS!.
Can't Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS!

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If you can’t stick to a healthy eating plan or a diet, then you need to do these 4 things:
1. Decide that enough is enough
2. Realize your body is stupid and won’t give you correct answers.
3. Reduce the physical body cravings
4. Plan your meals – don’t just go from one meal to the next.
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