Can Calorie Restriction Slow Aging?

Can Calorie Restriction Slow Aging?

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so you may have heard this before maybe another video this concept of restricting calories and living longer it’s been a lot of research in this on animals insects bacteria and yeast and mice that if you actually cut their calories they live longer but that conflicts with all the people that have done low calorie diets in the past it’s been proven that the more you diet and you lower your calories you end up gaining the weight back becoming bigger and really struggling to stay on any diet and not only that it destroys your metabolism over time so how could the restriction of calories end up making you healthier and live longer that’s what I want to talk about so a couple things most of the studies out there we’re done in animals not humans there have been some studies done on humans using the fasting mimicking diet where you’re doing meals that are 500 calories a day there’s also a program out there called 5 and 2 okay where you can pretty much eat what you want 5 days out of the week but 2 of the days you’re consuming 500 calories per day so you’re restricting your calories so there are a couple problems with this and there’s some problems with this as well when you do the fasting mimicking diet you’re not doing this for any period of time you’re doing it for a short period of time and then you’re off of it you’re going back to it like a diet which I don’t agree with because what happens when you’re not fasting you can pretty much eat whatever you want and that is something that’s not very workable the other big problem when you lower calories is what are those calories made up of if you’re doing low calories but higher carbs you’re going to keep your blood Sugar’s up and down up and down up and down so you’re going to be very hungry you can actually be very uncomfortable you’re gonna be very weak you’re gonna be very irritable ok I’ve done these diets before the only thing in my mind is that big pizza I’m going to consume as soon as I get off the diet and then you have people that do low calorie and they’re doing with low fat that is going to stimulate a lot of hunger again very uncomfortable not sustainable and this is a real big problem people go on diets blood sugar issues hungry all the time you’re gonna binge you’re gonna go off the program you’re gonna then eat the wrong foods and you’re gonna do this over and over again and every time you do this you destroy your metabolism a little bit more a little bit more so let’s talk about the real benefit when you restrict calories the benefit is epigenetics okay epigenetics means above genetics so you have certain amount of genes and then you have the things that trigger these genes it’s called expression of a certain gene and the genes that affect longevity and weight loss have to do with really lowering your glucose and your insulin these are the two powerful triggers for the benefits of the calorie restriction not the fact that you’re restricting calories but that you’re restricting glucose in insulin this is where the benefits come from right here the other big problem I see when people do low calories is they lower the nutrients and they create nutritional deficiencies especially if they do it long term they end up with all sorts of problems but if you’re new to my channel this is what I recommend I do not recommend trying to restrict your calories I recommend you’re stretching your glucose and that that will indirectly lower your insulin because so a low carb diet very very important but not at low fat diet so you want to increase your fat moderate protein lower your carbs what will happen is your body’s going to now shift it’s going to shift its metabolism over to fat burning your hunger is gonna go away it’s going to be very easy to do you’re not gonna have the blood sugar issues why because your carbs are low it’s really about keeping your carbs low and keeping you in fat-burning it’s gonna be very comfortable and even pleasurable when you’re able to tap in your fat because your hunger goes away and this makes it sustainable so instead of going low calorie or doing a 500 calorie meal I recommend you do intra minute fasting okay so you’re gonna try to go without any food as long as you can okay until you’re hungry and then you’re gonna eat why because that’s gonna help lower insulin okay and when you’re lower insulin all sorts of things happen on the epigenetic level and the genetic level as well you definitely live longer you can have a lot of health benefits and when you go from three meals a day down to two meals a day down to one meal a day you’re naturally going to lower your calories because there’s no way you’re gonna be able to consume what you would consume in three meals in one meal but it’s not the fact that you’re lowering calories that makes the difference it’s this right here don’t focus on calorie restriction focus on healthy keto which is low carb higher fat focus on nutrient-dense foods so you have no malnutrition as well as infrequent eating so this way it’s sustainable you can do it long-term it’ll be comfortable you won’t be hungry and you feel good thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Can Calorie Restriction Slow Aging?.
Can Calorie Restriction Slow Aging?

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Today, we’re going to talk about calorie restriction. Can calorie restriction slow aging?
You may have heard before that counting calories can have anti-aging effects. But, that conflicts with all of the people who have tried a low-calorie diet in the past. 
It has been proven that the more you diet and lower your calories, the more you end up gaining the weight back. It also destroys your metabolism over time.
If you’re doing a low-calorie diet with high carbs, you’re going to keep your blood sugars going up and down. If you do a low-calorie diet with low fat, you’re going to be hungry, and it’s not sustainable. 
The benefit of calorie restriction is epigenetics. 
The two epigenetic triggers for the benefits of calorie restriction are lowering glucose and lowering insulin. The benefits aren’t coming from restricting calories. The benefits are coming from restricting glucose and insulin.
The other problem with a low-calorie diet is that people lower their nutrients. This can create nutrient deficiencies which can lead to all kinds of problems.
I don’t recommend calorie restriction. I do recommend restricting glucose which will indirectly lower your insulin. I recommend the healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. This is a low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet that is comfortable, sustainable, and provides a ton of health benefits including anti-aging effects.
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