Can a Frail Senior Parent Do Intermittent Fasting?

Can a Frail Senior Parent Do Intermittent Fasting?

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so I’m reading through all my comments I’m getting some great questions and I’m creating videos based on the questions so I had a question someone wanted to know can a frail senior parent do in a minute fasting okay so let’s just answer that there’s some pros and cons of course if they’re very very thin the concern is you don’t want to know lose weight but what about all the amazing benefits neurogenesis you actually regrow your brain cells increasing stem cell extend your life it’s real simple you do a version of in a minute fasting that doesn’t restrict your calories okay so if you actually calculate how many calories your parent has okay and you just push them to two meals less frequent without reducing the calories maybe even making sure that the fat is high enough to prevent any actual weight loss because then what will happen is the body is going to start burning up the dietary fat more than their own fat and that would prevent this okay but then we can get the benefits of this so I would work towards having them eat the first meal at 11 o’clock in the late morning and the next meal at 6:00 and absolutely no snacks in between or at night that’ll give you a nice fasting period to see some really good benefits and then go from there the key is keeping your calories high or the same as you were in the three meals and snacks not dipping down which usually means you got to keep the fat higher I would also recommend fermented vegetables okay very very important for someone that is elderly just to start reestablishing the flora and getting the pH correct vitamin k2 is vital as well because as someone ages they tend to calcify so they got calcification in the arteries the joints and so we want to remove that calcification vitamin k2 is what you need to do so if you give them vitamin k2 with the d3 together okay I recommend a ratio of a hundred micrograms of k2 mk7 version a to every 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D and that’s what I’d recommend and you can minimize the calcification but here’s the other thing about k2 it improves the output of the mitochondria it proves the cardiovascular output it’ll make them stronger they’ll have more endurance they’ll feel more energy and the last thing I would recommend is make sure that stomach is acidic as you age you lose the acid in your stomach making it harder and harder to digest the protein that they need a fat which is which actually the acid and the stomach triggers the gallbladder by the way so if you don’t have enough ass in your stomach potentially you’re not going to release enough file so that stomach acid is really really important especially if we’re trying to keep the calories higher so what you have to do is you have to give them the tain hydrochloride and or outside of vinegar pills right before the meal that would be very beneficial alright guys so that’s the answer to this question thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About Can a Frail Senior Parent Do Intermittent Fasting?.
Can a Frail Senior Parent Do Intermittent Fasting?

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Here’s a video where Dr. Berg answers the question if can a frail senior parent do intermittent fasting.
• If your parent is thin, you don’t want them to lose weight
• Neurogenesis
• Increase Stem Cells
• Extend Life
Do a version of intermittent fasting that doesn’t restrict the calories. Calculate the calories and push it into two meals or less frequent without reducing the calories. Make sure that the fat is high enough to prevent weight loss.
The key is to keep their calorie intake high which also means to keep the fat higher. Add fermented vegetables because it is very important for the elderly to start establishing the flora and getting the pH correct. Vitamin K2 is vital as well because it helps remove calcification as we age. It also improves and strengthens the output of the mitochondria.
Recommended K2: 100mg – 10,000IUs of vitamin D (MK7 version)
Stomach Support: Betaine Hydrochloride or Apple Cider Vinegar
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