Calcium & Magnesium Absorption Basics

Calcium & Magnesium Absorption Basics

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this short video I want to talk about calcium magnesium so let’s talk about the function first of all calcium yes we know it’s for your bones it’s for your teeth but really it’s for the muscles the nervous system and mainly cellular communication it’s one of the main minerals that helps the cells communicate okay and so many people have either too much calcium or not enough okay if you have too much calcium you have soft tissue calcium you have heel spurs kidney stones tartar on the teeth hardening of the arteries you’re going to get blood pressure that goes up you’re going to get stiffness in the joints you’re going to get arthritis bursitis tendinitis all the itis and that’s coming from too much calcium now if you did not take enough magnesium with it the calcium will build up in the body that’s why you should always take it together so for someone to take just straight calcium I would never recommend that okay so because you need magnesium to help mobilize and make calcium function so it controls the muscle the nerve function even blood clotting as well so magnesium on the other hand helps the muscles relax helps the nerves transmit especially in the heart if you’re deficient in magnesium you’ll typically have arrhythmias atrial fib and problems with the nervous system in relationship to connection with with the muscle itself it’s a central nervous system brain relaxer okay so it’s great for sleeping so now in order to absorb these two minerals you need vitamin D C people are associated by Dan in D absorption with just calcium but you magnesium needs it just as much as calcium so what is vitamin D do it helps absorb calcium magnesium by 20 X in these in the small intestines so it absorbs it and it brings it up into the blood and by the way as a side note when you’re deficient in vitamin d3 you can get nosebleeds and you can have excessive bleeding of the menstruation like the menstrual cycle so just realize one of the remedies to help heavy bleeding or nosebleeds is take some vitamin d3 you can get it from the Sun or just take it as a supplement okay so that’s what vitamin D does it helps to transport these minerals and up into the blood but you also need to go further into the bones right and to do that you need another vitamin called vitamin k2 okay vitamin k2 is a fat soluble vitamin so vitamin d3 so vitamin k2 is different than vitamin k1 it transports calcium from the joints from the arteries into the bone so if you have soft tissue calcium buildup it could be that your magnesium is fine it’s just that you need vitamin k2 so how do you become k2 division well just avoid all fats because vitamin k2 is in all the grass-fed butter in animal products okay it’s also in a vegetarian product called NATO which is a fermented soy make sure you get non-gmo but the point is that vitamin k2 is essential in the full transportation of these two minerals into the right place okay so we need we need these two in a certain balance we need these two in the body but we also need this last thing right here which is an acidified stomach so many people as they age if they have heartburn GERD constipation they have an alkaline stomach it’s too alkaline they need an acidic stomach to be able to absorb these minerals so if you have heartburn for example or indigestion we know your stomach doesn’t have enough acid and that valve won’t close so if the valve won’t close the acid comes up so if you have a nice enough of strong acid in your stomach the valve closes and everything is cool but if you have that problem that means you don’t have enough acid so you can’t mobilize these minerals and they don’t really get absorbed so what you have to do is take some upside of vinegar pills or the actual apple cider vinegar and some water drink with a straw and start to acidify the body to pull these minerals into the tissues okay now what are the ratios calcium magnesium number one you know people say well you need two to one ratio too much too – two times as much calcium as magnesium well I disagree because so many people that I’ve come across they have I already have too much calcium they’re like they have their stiffness they have joint issues they have Spurs they have all sorts of calcium issues we dumped more calcium into the body we’re going to have a problem unless they have osteoporosis if they bas prosess I might do a two to one but everyone else I would do 1:1 ratio why because not very many people get enough magnesium because they don’t have enough leafy greens that’s where you get it from all the vegetable family you get calcium from broccoli and other things but realize that broccoli and even kale have they’re a little bit higher in oxalates so sometimes that might block the absorption of calcium so an even spinach as well so that’s why you need the lemon juice I have that in the other video so there’s a I don’t want to confuse you but here’s the point I like to get my calcium from a little dairy so maybe there are some grass fed you know cheese or something like that a little bit each day and you have enough calcium so I don’t like to take too much calcium but if you’re going to take it take a small amount one-to-one ratio and you can take more of it if you’re doing some program or detox or you know you have osteoporosis or you’re maybe you’re trying to sleep or get rid of a cramp in your calf which that’s an indication that you need this but the point is that I want you to understand that there’s a lot of different factors involved in the balancing of these two minerals the absorption of these two minerals from the stomach having the stomach pH it’s not just a matter of oh I’m going to take this vitamin because someone told me to take it you have to think with it and take it when you need it and so you’re not taking too much alright so I just wanted to kind of review all that I’ll put some notes below and definitely continue to watch my videos and make comments below I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Calcium & Magnesium Absorption Basics.
Calcium & Magnesium Absorption Basics

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Calcium and magnesium go beyond just bone and teeth function.
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