Cable Abs Workout: 3 Steps to Shredded Abs- Thomas DeLauer

Cable Abs Workout: 3 Steps to Shredded Abs- Thomas DeLauer

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I’m a big fan of training muscles dynamically and what I mean by that is training a muscle the way that it’s designed to be trained by the human body you know for example we look at the abdominals the abdominals are always under tension they’re always flexing a little bit they’re always used to these little micro movements because we’re stabilizing our core all the time even when we’re sitting down we’re stabilizing our core so there’s a big reason on why I like to use a cable machine when I do my ab work see it allows for constant tension on the muscle when you’re using free weights or just your bodyweight sometimes you have these gaps when you have tension on muscle cables really make ously always have this tension and it’s a realistic way to train the abs so I’m going to take you through a three-part workout a simple three-step cable ab routine that you can do at a simple cable station you won’t even have to move the mostly you’ll have to do is adjust the cable pulley system up or down so it makes it really easy to go into a crowded gym or go to a gym and just get it done in no time at all and this is going to absolutely leave your abs completely obliterated so you’re going to feel like you’re really training your core the way you’re supposed to the first exercise that we’re going to start off with is just a traditional cable crunch cable rope crunch is one of the best ab exercises that you can do and the reason it’s so good is because it trains the rectus abdominis which is the traditional 6-pack just the way that it’s designed to be trained designed to flex the trunk and the nice thing about a traditional cable ab flex is that you’re training the muscle through its natural range of motion now the trick here is to keep the chest puffed and keep the butt sticking out just a tiny bit so that your back has a slight concave effect to it and you’re going to train the muscle just like you’d train any other muscle you’re going to train it to the point where it’s fatiguing train it with a little bit of resistance you don’t have to go super light on your abs you can go heavy enough the other thing that you want to do when you’re doing this exercise is slightly suck in your stomach and the reason that you do that is you’re going to begin engaging the transverse abdominus which is going to allow you to work on the muscles that directly affect the 6-pack directly affect the ABS that you want to see just remember that when you do this rope crunches you want to make sure you’re hinging at your upper back and you’re not hinging at your hips if you hinge out your upper back it allows you to get the proper flexion that you need and go really slow on your eccentric contraction on the way up now this next exercise that I show you is going to be a little bit different from what you’ve probably done before it’s a variation of a plank and the reason that I’m incorporating this is because it really works those intercostals it works the side of your core a little bit and a lot of us overlook that you see a lot of us want to train the obliques we want to Train the sides of our body like that but problem is when you build those muscles up it gives you a square look above your hips and it actually defeats the purpose of what a lot of people want by having a narrow functional waist this exercise however works on the transverse abdominus which is the sheet of muscle underneath the visible abs but it also works in the intercostals and it works on the internal obliques so you get a lot more stability up here which makes it so that it takes the pain off of your back if you’ve been sitting in a desk job all day so here we go here’s how we do this one trick is getting in a traditional plank position grabbing one hand in front of you and doing a simple plank row you’re going to row your arm back as if you were doing a dumbbell row except you’re rowing from the top of your body so you’re reaching out in front of you grabbing the cable and rowing back now don’t worry too much about utilizing the back in this motion even though it’s becoming incorporated you want to focus on squeezing the ABS as much as you can and keeping the core tight and not letting the bus sink down if the bus sinks down you’re going to start putting pressure on your lower back if you let your lower back dip too much it’s taking the tension off the ABS and putting stress on the lower back and especially when you reach up forward and you start rowing you’re liable to twist something and tweak your lower back to make sure that you keep the abs tight keep the back flat keep the butt up this next one is a personal favorite of mine simply because it looks so dang girly it looks like it’s not going to do much for you but again it’s going to engage those intercostals and engage those internal obliques and it’s going to torch the ABS more than you’ve probably ever experienced especially after this sequence so all you’re going to need on this is a simple stability ball and within that with that stability ball you’re going to get on it just like you’re going to do a traditional ab crunch but you’re going to position it to the side of the cable machine and then all you’re going to do while holding the handle is rotate to your side and again doesn’t look like much but after you’ve done the circuit of abs you’re going to feel a lot more tension on it you’re going to feel most of the tension when your arms are in the down position because that’s when the tension on the intercoastal isn’t on the internal obliques as you extend forward it’s actually stretching those obliques and you’re not going to feel the tension as much so you’re going to feel more more of a tug on the ABS when your arms are in the down position and you’re simply going to knock out 12 to 15 reps of this then you’re going to switch sides and do it again so you’re going to go through this routine about three times and if you’re working a desk job where you’re constantly sitting down you may even want to go through it four or five times because the purpose of these exercises aren’t necessarily to get you the shredded six-pack that you want they’re more so to stabilize the spine give you the core strength that you need so that you don’t sit there in constant pain all day at the office now do keep in mind that abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym so be sure to check out one of my videos that talks about post workout nutrition so that you can get the right nutrients to the muscle immediately after than this workout so that’s it for now keep it locked in here on this channel and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Cable Abs Workout: 3 Steps to Shredded Abs- Thomas DeLauer.
Cable Abs Workout: 3 Steps to Shredded Abs- Thomas DeLauer

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Learn more about how to build a stable core when you’re at the office at
It’s easy for us to lose our stability muscles if we are sitting at desks all day!
This cable abs workout was designed by OptimizeCEO to give you a quick and easy ab workout that you can do in about 10 minutes in ONE location in the gym.
We all know how difficult it can be to find equipment in a busy gym, especially when you just want to get in and get it done. So this simple and effective ab routine focuses on using constant tension from the cable pulley systems to activate portions of the abs that you wouldn’t otherwise really activate well.
You can rotate through as many times as you need, but in this video, we will rotate through three times.
Exercise Number 1:
Rope Ab Crunches:
In the video I explain how to properly perform this exercise to get the most out of it. The goal here is to really stretch at the top of the movement and not to sink the butt back out too far.
Exercise Number 2:
Plank Single Arm Rows:
This exercise is great for building core stability and for bringing in the internal oblique muscles which will help create the illusion of a smaller waist, especially if you’re just starting to get lean enough to see some abs! Be sure to stay in the plank position and slowly row with the one arm. You can modify this exercise from the knees as well.
Exercise Number 3:
Stability Ball Russian Twists
This one can take a little bit of getting used to as it can be a bit wobbly at first. But for the most part, you’re stabilizing using your obliques and of course your transverse abdominus which is the muscle that truly holds in your gut, if you will.
Slowly rotate through this motion being careful not to jerk the cable too much and maintaining control on the sides of the abdominals.
This is a workout that you can get done anywhere with a cable machine and you’ll never have to leave the comfort of that one area. Perfect for the lunch break ab workout or to tack onto a day of cardio for a little extra core burn!
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