Burn More Calories at Rest – WARNING! Super Nerdy Science

Burn More Calories at Rest – WARNING! Super Nerdy Science

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[Music] new science really cool stuff like really brand spanking new awesome cutting-edge hypothesis that are coming out surrounding the world of how you use more calories when you’re on a low-carb ketogenic diet than when you’re not like just literally at rest okay so there was a 12 million dollar study that was led by a particular Harvard group and ultimately published in the British Medical Journal a while back that found that we know that people that are on ketosis or in a ketogenic lifestyle are burning more calories at rest but the study didn’t really answer why and whenever you have a study like this that gives out a glaring detail all of a sudden you have to start poking holes and you open yourself up to scrutiny so what’s interesting is through some other research we’ve been able to see what is actually going on and what could be an interesting hypothesis as to why we burn more energy at rest on a ketogenic diet you see with this study they didn’t notice any increase in physical activity they didn’t notice any increase in body temperature they didn’t they didn’t notice any increase in non-exercise activity thermogenesis the point was is that they just saw it straight up that if someone needs carbs they burn X amount of calories and if someone burns fat for fuel as ketones they burn like Y amount of calories they just burn more but they didn’t know why we’re gonna investigate what’s going on hey please do make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications also after this video if you are doing keto or you’re interested in doing keto check out thrive market down in the description okay so I’ve been able to create grocery boxes specifically for low carb diets for fasting things like that because thrive is an online grocery market so you don’t have to go to the grocery store you just get stuff delivered right to your doorstep and I’ve been able to create these really cool bundles and boxes people always watch my grocery videos but this just makes it easy this way you’re like this is what Thomas would recommend I get on keto make it simple wham bam done so go ahead and click on that link after you watch this video and check it out alright so here’s the cool thing given what I do I’m privy to some pretty interesting details that come out in the scientific world I do some work with a particular guy named Nick Nour wits to works with my team and he’s over at Oxford so he’s part of an Oxford group that’s doing a lot of interesting research so this particular research group has uncovered why we might potentially be burning more energy at rest on a ketogenic diet and it has to do with our brain burning more fat so literally our brain could be burning the extra energy on a ketogenic diet the mystery energy you see there’s a couple things that we know about the brain and ketosis already okay ketones are superior brain fuel okay if the brain had a voice it would tell you that it prefers to consume ketones for fuel over carbs simply because ketones are cleaner and they just work really well for the brain the other thing that we know is that when we metabolize energy in the brain it is a process known as oxidative metabolism which means we are going to have reactive oxygen species or free radicals that are a byproduct newsflash anytime you create energy from any fuel source you have some degree of free radicals that are released okay it’s just like exhaust in your car you can’t really create energy without having some kind of by-product some is more some is less okay now the paradox here is that ketones also combat reactive oxygen species so this is where things get confusing right the brain creates this extra energy this extra reactive oxygen species but ketones burn cleaner so if ketones burn cleaner wouldn’t it imply that they would actually burn less calories it’s like if you were to compare a diesel truck to a Tesla since a Tesla burns cleaner isn’t it more efficient and therefore have less waste and use less calories okay so at first glance we see that right we see like okay ketones burn cleaner so they must actually create less waste and actually utilize less energy but through some really cool mechanisms that we’ve discovered we’re finding that ketones burn extra energy in the way of heat via uncoupling proteins okay so this is complicated stuff but hear me out stick with me through this video I will bring it back down to earth a little bit so there was a study those puddle in the Journal of biological chemistry that was actually done by this Oxford group that I actually worked pretty closely with now and what they found is that when ketones were present via exogenous ketones in this case there was a 50% increase in what is called uncoupling protein for now uncoupling protein 4 is in a classification of five different uncoupling proteins and to make things really simple what an uncoupling protein is is a protein that dissipates heat in some way or another if you’ve ever heard of brown fat before brown fat is the kind of fat that’s on our body that generates Heat okay it’s like non shivering thermogenesis it’s it’s fat that literally has a way of radiating and dissipating heat so we actually stay warm and burn calories well it turns out that uncoupling protein 4 is the only uncoupling protein that exists in the brain ok so when we see an elevation of 50% uncoupling protein 4 just when ketones are in the equation we know that something’s going on here the short answer is we know the extra energy is now going to the brain so this is really cool but why is this important and what’s actually happening when a neuron is firing and sending a signal for an action potential for something to happen okay that neuron fires and it sends sort of a surge of voltage an electrical signal through the mitochondria into what is called ATP synthase now ATP synthase is basically just a turbine it’s like a hydroelectric dam so imagine just a surge of electricity surge of protons coming through and spinning something really fast to create energy that’s in a nutshell how energy is created within the body okay so when neurons fire they do that okay now as a result of that you always have some of these electrons that escape and go and create damage throughout the body just normal just day-to-day life but what’s really interesting is that when neurons are resting they dissipate that energy still into the mitochondria but through uncoupling protein 4 ok so what the heck does this mean Thomas please bring it back to earth for us I’ll make it really simple when the neuron is firing and you’re actually trying to create energy in the brain it’s like the voltage is going down a 10-lane freeway just boom it has a clear ride okay nothing in its path when the neuron is resting energy is still getting into the mitochondria just not at the same search so instead of taking the freeway it’s gallivanting around through a side street but it’s still getting there okay now the side street is called uncoupling protein four here’s what’s cool uncoupling protein four isn’t just a side street into the mitochondria uncoupling protein 4 dissipates the extra extra heat okay so what’s going on is not only are we getting a cleaner burning fuel when the neuron is firing when the neuron is not firing the that energy is coming through and it’s passing through uncoupling protein for and dissipating as extra heat it’s basically getting wasted but as hea
t okay think of uncoupling protein for like this have you ever seen those radiator heaters okay they’re kind of funky looking you plug them into the wall they take a little while to warm up and then all of a sudden they generate heat well that’s kind of what uncoupling protein 4 is like in your brain okay the cord is the energy coming through the cord and the uncoupling protein 4 is the radiator dissipating Heat so basically it’s taking extra energy and dissipating it as heat in your noggin okay so all the extra energy that we’re trying to figure out where it’s coming from could very well potentially be coming from this increase in uncoupling protein 4 with extra brain heat so that little boost of cognitive function that you feel on a ketogenic diet isn’t just because you’re burning cleaner fuel ok you have more energy and more activity going there in the first place and more uncoupling protein activity it’s a really interesting thing and I encourage you to share this with your friends and family because it’s just exciting stuff then please do make sure that you give a low carb ketogenic diet a shot and do it the right way if it’s something you’re interested in so when you add it all together the brain is now literally using more heat ok it’s cleaning up after itself but then also you have all the other advantages of the ketogenic diet when it comes down to preserving muscle and keeping lean body tissue so it turns you into a fat-burning machine because muscle mass is gonna equal more body heat and it’s gonna equal more overall just resting energy metabolism right resting energy expenditure okay and then you have the brain now using more heat it’s pretty interesting and we’re burning fat in multiple different ways and this is just at the beginning not even counting the histone deacetylase inhibition effects and all the hormonal effects so I know this has been complex but I invite you to stick with me through my other videos on DS when I’m filming a bunch of videos I know that I need to be super articulate I need to be on my game my vocabulary needs to be good I need to be able to retain information I need to be able to have the repository of information that I already have in my brain be readily accessible so what I’ve done is I’ve actually written down what I do on a day where I need to use my brain and I figured I’d share it with you guys because my other videos explain things a little bit more detail but in some simple form because this video is very scientific I understand that so as always please do make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel make sure you’re always watching my videos keto fasting you name it and I’ll see you in the next one 

This Post Was All About Burn More Calories at Rest – WARNING! Super Nerdy Science.
Burn More Calories at Rest - WARNING! Super Nerdy Science

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