Burn Fat Over New Years: 3 Easy Ways- Thomas DeLauer

Burn Fat Over New Years: 3 Easy Ways- Thomas DeLauer

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hey it’s Thomas de Lauer without to my CEO and now that we’re getting around the holidays you’re not at the office and you’ve got holiday parties all over the place and it’s time to dive into some good food right but let’s face it we’re not all robots we’re not going to stay completely stripped through the holidays it’s not really realistic we’re human and the thing is we got temptation around every corner you’ve got holiday cookies and cakes and all that stuff bouncing around everywhere and you’re going to likely succumb to temptation a little bit and I’ll tell you when I was 280 pounds I definitely succumb to temptation that’s why I was 280 pounds so I get it but nowadays I get asked a lot how do you stay so lean throughout the holidays how do you stay magazine shoot ready how do you stay fitness model ready all throughout the holidays the fact is I’m not going to lie to you there’s a lot of temptation everywhere and a lot of it just comes down to just discipline and abstaining from the foods that you know are really going to be detrimental but there’s also some things that you can implement they’re going to help reduce the impact of some of the foods that you might eat over the holiday season and they might not just reduce the impact but if you leverage them properly you can actually skyrocket your body into some fat burning if you follow these tips so let’s dive right in I’m going to show you my three tips to reduce the impact of holiday treats and possibly even burn some fat so number three is taking some chromium when you go to a party and I don’t know if you’ve heard about chromium before but chromium is a trace mineral that will help your body uptake glucose into the muscle cell so the way that it works is when you consume carbohydrates and your blood sugar goes up a lot of times that blood sugar doesn’t have a place to go so it goes straight to the liver and the liver process it as a triglyceride and then that triglyceride can be stored as fat what chromium will do is chromium will help your body absorb those carbohydrates and that glucose and shuttle it into the muscle cell where it can later be used for energy whether it’s in the gym or doing cardio or whatever the case may be now the fact is so much of the food that we eat over the holiday season is carb centric and bicarb syndrich I mean we’ve got cookies which are totally loaded with carbs we’ve got cakes we’ve got pies we’ve got all kinds of starches and pastas at parties so you can really see how much of the food we eat is focused around car and much of the goal that we need is to be able to utilize those carbs properly so if you simply take a chromium tab maybe like 200 micrograms of chromium along with a carbohydrate rich meal it’s going to help make those carbohydrates go to where they should go and recently a study by the school of food and biological engineering in china is showing that chromium male 8 is the chromium to take not the old school chromium picolinate number two is sipping on some ice cold water I don’t mean that we’re just drinking water to fill up a stomach and satiate you I’m talking about utilizing the metabolic benefits of drinking ice-cold water when your drink ice-cold water your body has to raise the temperature of that water that you just ingested up to your core body temperature which takes energy it takes a lot of energy for your body to heat up that water so simply by drinking a liter of ice-cold water you can burn an additional 50 to 75 calories which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you think of 50 to 75 calories that’s like 15 minutes on the treadmill or that’s realistically like a half a cookie and again doesn’t sound like a whole lot but that kind of stuff adds up plus you get the benefit of drinking the water filling up the stomach and not necessarily craving the food that you ordinarily would crave in the number one thing that I want you to do when going to a holiday party or going to any kind of holiday function where you know you’re going to indulge in some food is organizing and structuring your workouts surrounding that event and what I mean by that is doing a full-body resistance training workout what we want to do is we want to deplete the body’s carbohydrate stores are also known as glycogen so the glycogen that’s stored in the muscle and when we deplete that it makes our bodies much more sensitive to insulin and our bodies also produce something that’s called ampk which helps enhance the shuttling of glucose back into the muscle again rather than going to the liver and being turned into a triglyceride which can be turned in to fat so what we do is we go to the gym and we do a full-body resistance training workout it’s even been shown that simple leg extensions like three sets of leg extensions can burn up 40 to 50 percent of the stored carbohydrates within the quadricep so you can imagine what will happen to all your stored carbohydrates if you do a full body workout then a couple hours later you go to a party and you indulge in some carbohydrates but because your insulin sensitivity is so high and because you have that ampk production your body is going to take those carbohydrates and utilize them properly you will have much less of a chance of them going to storage but the trick here is you have to do a full body workout you can’t go to the gym and do your traditional chess workout or your back workout you have to deplete the body’s glycogen stores so you get the most insulin sensitivity outfit the other thing that you can do is you can do some high-intensity interval training high-intensity interval training is going to activate that anaerobic system within the body it’s going to trigger that same ampk production and also trigger that same insulin sensitivity ordinarily I would say don’t consume a lot of fat when your post-workout meal and it still kind of holds true but in this particular case I wouldn’t worry too much about it because we’re looking at really a pretty seldom situation something you’re not doing all the time plus if you have a surplus of calories post-workout more calories than you normally take in you might trigger the release of leptin which is going to skyrocket your metabolism a little bit more and send you into a fade where you might actually burn fat from eating those holiday foods well there you had a few ways that you can capitalize on some not so good food and spin it around so that it gives you the energy to be the best possible version of yourself in 2016 I’ll see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About Burn Fat Over New Years: 3 Easy Ways- Thomas DeLauer.
Burn Fat Over New Years: 3 Easy Ways- Thomas DeLauer

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Burn Fat Over New Years: 3 Easy Ways-
OK, You’re out of the office for the holidays and it’s time to let loose a little bit, but you still want to make sure you’re maximizing your efforts in the kitchen and in the gym. The purpose of this video is to give you MORE tips for staying lean and alert through the holidays. The last video was a big hit and I was asked to create some more New Years Fat Burning Tips. If you’re still going out to eat a lot, you might benefit from my “Going out to Eat Cheat-Sheet” at
The first tip is to take chromium with your carbohydrate rich meals. This trace mineral helps shuttle the carbohydrates into the proper ares of the muscle so that it can be better used for energy, and not stored as fat. In the video I explain when you should take chromium and how much.
The next tip is to orient your cardio surrounding your workouts better. In the video I give you the exact formula to help the body utilize more fat for fuel and to incinerate carbs before the body even knows what to do with them.
Lastly, I give you an example of a full-body style workout that you can do to zap up the rest of the muscle glycogen that might be preventing you from burning fat during the holidays.
For those of you that watch a lot of my videos, I am a huge proponent of priming the body to run on fats for fuel. Since most of the people that I coach and work with are entrepreneurs and executives, it is important that not only they look and feel good, but that their brains are operating at maximum performance. These are specific tips designed to help busy people stay on track through the holidays.
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