Brown Fat & Body Heat Activated by Olive Oil!

Brown Fat & Body Heat Activated by Olive Oil!

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why aren’t you consuming more olive oil why aren’t you consuming more avocados seriously you have to be doing this especially when we start looking at the awesome new science that’s coming out proving that I could honestly say that I think olive oil avocado could be the most powerful fat burning fats we can consume so while everyone is focused on chugging MCT oil which is not bad by the way well not literally chugging it but while everyone’s focused on consuming so much MCT oil they’re forgetting about the powerful effects of olive oil and avocado oil when it comes down to oleic acid and the conversion into something in our body known as oh yay I know this sounds complicated and I promise I’m gonna take this complicated science and make it into something simple but the gist of this is consume a lot of olive oil consume a lot of avocado oil alright let’s go ahead and roll into the science but first hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you know whatever I post a new video and then after this video check out thrive market down below in the description online grocery store just blows the doors off of the regular grocery store because it’s cheaper it’s easier and it goes right to your doorstep but best of all I’ve been able to create my own custom boxes Kito boxes fastening boxes you name it with recommended groceries from me personally so that way you can just go grocery shopping with Thomas just online it’s pretty cool so check them out after you watch this video all right so first off we have to get this the complicated science out of the equation and the big gobbledygook jargon words first okay the whole purpose of this video is talking about something that is in olive oil known as oleic acid oleic acid turns into something known as o EA oliel ethanolamine and i’m not gonna say that word one more time throughout this video i’m gonna refer to it as Oh a so that I don’t get jumbled instead I don’t confuse you but this Oh a a is the magic stuff because what it does is it activates very specific transcription factors that ultimately allow us to literally mobilize more fat out of our stored tissues and ultimately burn it so increases what’s called beta oxidation how the cells use the fat it increases lipolysis the actual fat burning and ultimately can increase what’s called ketogenesis creating more ketones so if you’re on a low-carb diet and that’s what you want heck yeah we’re in business okay so Oh a creation how does this happen first of all so you consume some olive oil okay maybe you drizzle it on your salad maybe you had some avocado with your eggs this morning okay so the fats from those avocados and from that olive oil come into your system and they hit the small intestine and they hit the liver and they get synthesized into this Oh a through a multitude of different enzymatic functions what’s interesting though is that they also get converted or synthesized into oea in peripheral tissues unlike other fats now what that means is that once you consume in and they absorb they go to tissues within the body and they get converted into oea throughout the course of our body and then they spill over into the bloodstream so it’s literally by like a happy accident that we end up with this byproduct of this amazing fat in our bloodstream and this happy accident ends up making it so we burn more fat okay here’s the mechanism of action in which that works the OEA then travels through the bloodstream and binds to what is called a transcription factor fancy jargon again a transcription factor is basically something that activates a certain portion of our DNA to activate a certain building block of some part of our body so there’s a a a binds to a transcription factor known as PPA our alpha for you science nerds there you go does PP a are alpha then travels and binds to what is called a response element on the DNA I want you to think of it like this the DNA is ready to go okay it’s a series a group of construction workers ready to start building something based on our genetic blueprint but they don’t start working until they punch the clock well that response element is sort of the the clock so we needed this transcription factor to come in and punch the clock so that the construction workers could start working based on our genetic blueprint that’s the amazing thing with genes and all that stuff so this was called gene expression where all of a sudden now the DNA is building based on what our genes are now it just so happens that Oh a activates a portion of our genetics that trigger high amounts of beta oxidation which is our cells using fat for energy it also triggers a lipoprotein uptake so basically means that specific fats are gonna get utilized for the right thing and not stored in the wrong thing okay additionally what really does is it activates something known as CD 36 which is specific transport protein for fats basically it opens a gate so that a bunch of buses can now leave and transport fat from its storage form over to the cells so we just turned on all the fat moving buses but it does one other cool thing it activates something known as uncoupling protein – one of my favorite proteins in the body why because what uncoupling protein does is is it turns white fat into brown fat white fat is ugly unsightly stored fat brown fat is fat that has a thermogenic purpose in our body it actually burns calories because brown fat actually has a sort of a mitochondrial vibration that creates Heat okay white fat sits there it’s ugly does nothing but insulate us brown fat serves a purpose because it actually generates heat so what this does is it means that olive oil and avocado oil end up making it so that white fat turns into brown fat and actually serves a calorie burning purpose now as if we couldn’t get more nerdy and complicated this Oh a also binds to a vanilla lloyd type receptor which triggers a surge of oxytocin which basically means that you have a signal that goes from your vagus nerve up through your digestive system up to your hypothalamus in your brain to tell you to stop eating if you ever consumed olive oil you will tremendously notice that you don’t feel hungry afterwards this is why huge surges in oxytocin let’s talk about some research journals so that you know I’m not full of baloney so the Journal of biochemistry published a study they took rats okay and these rats they injected with a EA okay this stuff we’re talking about what they found is after injecting the rats with oay they had a huge uptick in circulating glycerol not esterified fatty acids and ultimately ketones okay so what they discovered through this what this means is that when they gave the rats oay it released fat in its whole form from a triglyceride into the bloodstream okay fats are bound to a glycerol molecule so fats are three fatty acids bound to a glycerol backbone triglycerides so what they found is that well magically there was a glycerol floating around and there were fatty acids floating around that indicates only one thing it liberated triglycerides it liberated those now the rats that didn’t have oea that’s didn’t happen so Oh a with no calories coming in just straight up oh yay triggered the release of the triglycerides ultimately leading to an increase in ketones because fats magically got released and I say magically because this is about as close to magic as you can get they also found that that whole PPAR thing I was talking about the transcription factor they found that was required for the fats that were mobilized to ultimately get burned okay so is a two part eq
uation that Oh a a solved the problem with okay they also found of course that oh wait did trigger oxytocin which is known as the cuddle hormone or sort of the hug hormone okay it’s like that good feeling you get when someone gives you a hug that’s oxytocin which believe it or not hugs will make you less hungry because oxytocin has a blockade effect on that vent aloin TRP V receptor in our brain okay now let’s move it forward a little bit more and let’s talk about a review that was published that took a look at 28 individuals these 28 individuals were divided into two groups one group consumed oleic acid one group consumed palmitic acid two different kinds of fats one with oleic acid that turns 208 and one that does not I so fat meaning they consume the same amount of fat they consume the same amount of calories and at the end of 28 days they found that the group that consumed the oleic acid lost body fat via DEXA scan and the group that consumed the palmitic acid gained body fat via DEXA scan same calories same fat just literally different kinds proving that the OEA ended up triggering a big fat loss okay the oleic acid can into oliel ethanolamine I promised I wouldn’t say that again but I did ultimately triggering the fat loss so here’s the point when in doubt olive oil up when in doubt avocado up do not cook with olive oil but cook with avocado oil add olive oil on top of salads okay just make sure you’re tracking your calories cuz the end of the day calories do still matter but I want you to know that when you’re in doubt for a fat to use it’s okay to use olive oil it’s not it doesn’t need to be demonized like it’s been demonized so much anyhow this breaks it down I love follow up season

This Post Was All About Brown Fat & Body Heat Activated by Olive Oil!.
Brown Fat & Body Heat Activated by Olive Oil!

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Brown Fat & Body Heat Activated by Olive Oil! – Thomas DeLauer
Olive oil might just be one of the most powerful fat-burning foods that we can consume. Don’t get me wrong, MCT oil is great, too, but the research surrounding the fat-burning abilities of olive oil is truly astounding. In this video, we will do a deep dive into the INSANE benefits of Olive Oil, and discuss its magical component, OEA. Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!
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