Breathe Better / More Oxygen with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

Breathe Better / More Oxygen with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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so let’s talk about the benefit of breathing better than actually getting more oxygen when you’re doing the ketogenic diet there’s something called a respiratory quotient so it’s really just this exchange of oxygen and co2 that happens in your body so it just so happens that fat has the lowest RQ so you’re going to get the least amount of carbon dioxide and the most oxygen this is why a lot of people will report that they’re breathing better on the ketogenic diet if they had COPD or at the cyma or asthma they seem to breathe better when they’re exercising they can go longer because they have less co2 and more oxygen now a ketone itself depending on the quantity of ketones could range even a little less than that to about 0.6 62.73 protein has a higher RQ a little bit more co2 less oxygen but look at this carbohydrates have the highest RQ which means they give off the most co2 and the least amount of oxygen now that being said I want to bring up this concept of something called ketoacidosis when your body is in an acidic state it you also will have a difficult time breathing you’ll have more co2 being produced and less oxygen from a different reason now if you’re concerned about ketoacidosis let me just define what it is it’s not only a drop in your ph and your blood pH by a slight degree but it’s super high blood glucose okay I’m talking like 300 or more so when you are on the ketogenic diet and you’re not a diabetic your blood sugars are gonna be like maybe 80 70 over 60 extremely low they’re not going to be over a hundred you’d have to be a diabetic type one two how this happened and this occurs when there’s actually zero insulin going on so you’re a type 1 diabetic you have no more insulin there’s no regulation or control over this blood glucose so it just goes super high so the combination of super high blood glucose and massively high ketones okay with an acidic blood creates this state which is dangerous but this only occurs if you’re a type 1 diabetic and you’re not taking any insulin you’re not paying attention to your insulin levels ok so I just want to bring that up there is other forms of acidosis one would be lactic acidosis which by the way is one of the side effects when you take metformin if you’re diabetic and there’s other reasons for this as well but one simple remedy would be to take vitamin b1 that reduces this lactic acidosis so b1 will help establish this pH so will calcium and the point of this video is just to talk about the extra added benefit of the ketogenic diet generating less co2 more oxygen not just for lung stuff but for your physical fitness for your metabolism and to get a better quality sleep at night alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Breathe Better / More Oxygen with Keto (Ketogenic Diet).
Breathe Better / More Oxygen with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the benefit of breathing better and getting more oxygen when you’re doing the ketogenic diet.
A respiratory quotient (RQ) – Ratio of CO2 production to oxygen consumption
Fat has the lowest RQ, which means you will get the lowest amount of CO2 and the highest amount of oxygen. Carbohydrates have the highest RQ. This is why many people report better breathing on keto.
Fat — .7
Ketone — .66 – .73
Protein — .8
Carb — 1.0
Ketoacidosis – It’s not only a drop in your pH and blood pH by a slight degree, but it’s super high blood glucose. You would have to be a diabetic type 1 who is on keto and is not paying attention to insulin to be put in this dangerous state.
A simple remedy would be to take vitamin B1. Calcium will help as well. 
The main point here is that one of the incredible added benefits of keto is that it generates less CO2 and produces more oxygen for:
• Healthy lungs
• Physical fitness
• Metabolism
• Better sleep
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