Breakthrough ANY Weight Loss Plateau: BEYOND LOW CARBS!

Breakthrough ANY Weight Loss Plateau: BEYOND LOW CARBS!

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More specifically, you want help with Breakthrough ANY Weight Loss Plateau: BEYOND LOW CARBS!?

hey guys how are you can you hear me okay it’s kind of a delayed there so let’s get start I want to jump right into this and I have all this probably is the most important webinar that I’ve ever done on weight loss you’re going to learn some seriously powerful tools that are going to just crack through any break through any plateauing you have okay now I have a series of slides that I want to present to you so I’m going to open those up right now all right cool see if I could do this here not try to make it bigger there we go let’s try this one okay does that work I think that worked cool alright so welcome how to bust through any weight loss plateau and get your body amazing okay so let’s let’s go through some things here now I know you’ve heard you know all you have to do is eat less and move more and you just going to lose weight this is this is a concept that all experts do agree but the theory has been thoroughly disproven it’s complete utter failure it just doesn’t work you know it’s based on this concept that one pound of fat equals 3500 calories and if you just eat 500 calories less each day you lose one pound a week well there’s more to this you know calories in versus equals calories out so we’re going to get into the truth behind this thing this is it’s just a failure now we do know that low carb diets do work for lots of people but why don’t they work for everyone that’s my question so we’re going to cover some things that go way beyond just the low carb okay but the main thing I want to do today is help you bust through your Plateau okay I’m gonna give you a lot of stuff just follow through the notes the Downloads you should have them by now and just fill it out as we go okay so so a plateau what is a plateau it’s basically a weight right your body is very comfortable and it doesn’t like to move it wants to stay right there okay unfortunately the three facts are this dieting slows your metabolism the more you diet the slower your metabolism so if I meet someone for the first time in my office and they say well I’ve never been in a diet before those people are a lot easier to work with than people that have diet dieted their whole life but I’m going to show you some things that we can reverse this whole set point okay also one little tiny little note here age slows your metabolism sure you already figure that out but unfortunately as we age things slow down so we have the combination of many many diets and a an aging which is even a compounded effect on your metabolism unfortunately but there’s two main problems number one we have the problem you know decrease calories in you know every time you cut your calories every time you diet your body adapts so it just slows your metabolism down so let’s say you want to get to 140 and you’re 170 and you lose weight and all of a sudden you stop losing weight if you continue to try to lose weight past 140 your body will either get extremely hungry and craving or it just will slow your metabolism down even more it just won’t let you get past that point now the second problem is that your body has not been burning fat as fuel it’s been burning sugar is fuel these are the two fuel sources and if you’re not losing weight and you’re stuck then we you’re not burning fat okay so we need to you know switch things over so now I would just have a question and you could if you could answer this this would be great if you can or if you’re watching this what you can’t that’s fine but I want to know do you know what hormone effects the switch which determines whether you’re going to burn fat fuel or what are you going to burn sugar field do you know that fats which if you do just go ahead and type it in there okay now before I get into what the switches I just want to quickly introduce myself for those people who don’t know me a lot of you guys know me some of you don’t been in practice for 26 years I work at my Northern Virginia clinic on over 45,000 people I taught at Howard University as their associate professor in the nutrition department best-selling offer seven principles of fat burning I trained over doctors and alternative medicine so I certify them in my methods I delivered over 4,900 seminars to all the governmental agencies in DC and I’ve done some of those to churches all over the place I have over a thousand YouTube videos with over 13 million views and muscle the developer of the four body types and real quickly my story in a thumbnail sketches I lived on junk food and sugar I’ve never eaten any vegetables until I think I was 22 years old I just didn’t like them so I would consume massive nuts my grandmother was an incredible cook she made these huge cakes for me all the time and I would eat the whole thing by myself so I just kept going and I pretty much I started getting blood sugar problems when I was 13 I noticed I didn’t know what it was at the time it was very dizzy and then I got into sports I got into wrestling I went to state and wrestling wrestling college but honestly my nutrition was so bad so I would go into the the the season undefeated and then I start getting weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker I knew nothing about health and if I could only go back in time so I got really bad to the point where I pushed myself to the point where my bones became actual actually fragile and I fractured fracturing bones fractured my neck fractured my leg my shoulder then I decided to go in the military so I went into basic training and during basic training it’s very stressful and you also you’re eating his neck right you don’t sleep so I barely passed the PT test when I got out of basic training Fort Jackson South Carolina and to 1983 so that was really kind of rough on my body too so I just kind of went through a series of stressful events and then when I started getting to be about 28 years old I started really starting breaking down arthritis insomnia chronic fatigue blood sugar issues going right in the diabetes um constipation oh my gosh I was a basket case I was always tired okay but all of that forced me to be interested in helping myself with nutrition and fortunately to push push beyond points of knowledge that other practitioners might not go to because I personally was desperate to figure this thing out so I really respected tremendous amounts of data to try to come up with solutions and to make a long story short I figured out what was wrong with me I started to get better and I’m 51 right now I’m way healthier than I’m now that I’m back when I was 28 and so yeah your body can we can bounce back so that’s my story in a thumbnail sketch now let’s get into this switch okay now before I just show you something okay this book right here guidance physiology this is the Bible of physiology this book I studied in pre-med and it has incredible data on how the body works so it’s not necessarily some study it’s like actual facts and I want to share with you on page 9:30 some amazing information you can see this is in college these are coffee stains okay so I’m going to share with you something that actually will blow your way okay so let me just pull up the page and I made a little clip of it so you can see it okay so let me just have to go through these there we go okay boom okay now you can see check this out role of insulin and switching between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism Wow this is down here when glucose concentration is low insulin secretion is suppressed and fat is utilized almost exclusively for energy now what does all that mean it means that insulin that hormone that lowers blood sugar is the switch between sugar an
d fat and when your sugar concentrations low your insulin is low and your fat is utilized almost exclusively for energy so in other words your fat is only going to be utilized when we keep the glucose low okay that’s part of the answer but this is the switch so insulin is the switch okay so insulin is a switch and now what is in some insulin is a hormone that lowers blood sugar okay what happens when you eat too much sugar or eat sugar insulin secreted and it takes the sugar out of the blood because your body considers sugar as a toxin okay so now your set point which is that weight that your body loves to be at exclusively is controlled 100% by insulin okay here’s a picture the pancreas secretes insulin it gets the sugar out right very simple so how does it do this it increases the absorption of glucose into the cells the muscle and the liver so it makes your body sponge like to pull in the glucose okay and it converts sugar into stored sugar called glycogen in the liver and the muscles and it also converts sugar into fat and cholesterol fat cholesterol and triglycerides number three it prevents any fat from being born I’m served so basically insulin controls whether you’re storing fat or you’re burning fat when there’s no insulin there you’re burning fat when there’s no insulin there you’re not absorbing glucose into the cells liver muscles okay so that’s how it works okay so now if you look at the actual burning of fat the actual burning of fat is controlled by an enzyme it’s controlled by the enzyme and the name of that enzyme is called hormone sensitive lipase okay just the primary enzyme that burns fat and guess what insulin in activates it and it turns it on when insulin is very low so in other words when we get the insulin out of your system clean it out this enzyme will start working too how people in fact okay that’s how it works so this is straight out of guidance physiology I’m going to give you a little quote check this out all aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin Wow interesting and the down here the most important effect is that the enzyme hormone sensitive lipase okay in the fat cells become strongly activated Wow it’s right there so again I’m just kind of making a point that insulin is in charge with this thing okay now here’s the problem most people with stubborn belly fat or stubborn weight or a stubborn setpoint have a insulin problem okay and it’s called insulin resistance okay let me explain what that is the receptors for insulin in the cells and the muscle deliver become blocked so if here’s a good analogy if you’re let’s say your your house was underneath a train or a metro and you heard these trains going over your your house every single day at first it’s going to drive it crazy but after a while you’ll start to become immune to it you won’t even hear it so the same thing with this when you have high levels of insulin being pumped on that pancreas over a long period of time your body will start to reject it as a poison and start blocking it and that’s what happens okay so insulin resistance is created from high levels of insulin being pumped out over and over over a period of time so you have a situation where you have high insulin and you have low insulin in other places so you can have symptoms of hyperglycemia which is high sugar or diabetes and low sugar which is hypoglycemic so it’s really really weird so what happens is when the cell or the liver becomes low with insulin there’s a feedback loop that’s going to tell the pancreas to make more insulin so even when you’re not eating sugar your insulin is going to be high if you have insulin resistance okay here’s if you’re curious if you have insulin resistance okay maybe you have a stubborn weight but maybe maybe you don’t have all these other issue that if you do so here so that this is the cell of insulin resistance okay belly fat a fatty liver and by the way if you have belly fat you have some fat on your liver okay they go hand-in-hand brain fog your belly bloats and swells either after meal or at night not in the morning sleepy after meals okay you need a nap I’ll show you why in a minute okay not satisfied after meals why because you can’t pull in the nutrients everything is stuck there it’s blocked high blood pressure cravings for carbs and sweets inflammation cannot go without eating from one meal to the next excessive hunger having a snack at night and even bladder problems you having to go up and urinate in the middle of night isn’t a symptom of insulin resistance now here’s some other symptoms check this out polycystic ovarian syndrome if you’ve never heard about that that’s usually when a woman gets acne in facial hair infertility that comes from insulin resistance now if you look that up a lot of times you’ll say oh one of the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome is insulin resistance unlike no insulin resistance causes polycystic ovarian syndrome resistance increases androgens okay alright so you can also have estrogen dominance so insulin resistance can spike estrogen unfortunately estrogen can then increase insulin as well and that’s why when women take birth control pills they gain weight when they have their cycle then gain weight when they get pregnant they gain weight which then blocks the thyroid oh my gosh so it’s a it’s a real terrible cycle here okay so on the Left we have a normal cell to the right we have insulin resistance now remember insulin resistance blocks this receptors right so look at this the cell on the right is literally starving of energy okay yet you have all this energy stuck in the blood so it’s people with insulin insulin resistance are kind of tired they’re weak you don’t have the strength they used to they don’t store sugar in between meals like they used to and they’re always craving for sugar but they’re never satisfied that is what’s happening to the at the cellular level they’re going right in the diabetes okay so people with insulin resistance have a higher fasting insulin level so that means like at night when they’re sleeping their insulin is high even if they’re not eating any sugar isn’t that crazy okay now I’m sure you have heard of the glycemic index right basically that’s the foods that break down the sugar faster and they can spike your insulin okay so like a jelly bean is a lot higher than um celery okay so that’s the glycemic index and so when you eat foods high in sugar it spikes the insulin do we choose things low in sugar it doesn’t stimulate as much but the glycemic index is just not enough it turns out that many people still fail at losing even when they avoid foods high on the glycemic index why is this because glucose or sugar is only one of the factors that triggers insulin in fact glucose accounts for only 50% of the insulin okay so let me just show you this right here let me just I have to leave this up here okay so again what we’re going to do is we’re going to take out my favorite book gagging okay and right here I’m going to show you this right here other factors that stimulate insulin right there see the other factors amino certain amino acids Wow does that mean amino acids that’s protein let’s take a look all right there is there is something called the insolent index an insulin index okay it’s way more important than the glycemic index because it covers a lot of other things that you know that we need to be looking at okay and one thing is amino acids unfortunately certain amino acids will trigger insulin okay now here’s the insulin index of certain foods you can see down here beef fish okay but eggs are pretty low and I tell you why in a minute okay protein can increase insulin but not necessarily increase glucose that’s fascinating if you combine carbs or sugar with protein you can increase the insulin by 200 percent MSG triggers insulin by 300 percent if you add carbohydrate to fat you can also increase insulin but guess what the glucose goes down which is fascinating okay so this is all really good things but there’s other factors that potentiate or increase glucose and insulin one is fructose now fructose is in all the high fructose corn s
yrups I mean the amount of the problem right now is that almost all of the sugar in units sold the United States is subsidized by the government so you can see the companies that sell it are making huge profits and they almost get it free because the government pays it so you end up paying the farmers to produce this GMO sugar and yes it’s GML a beet sugar is mostly all GMO they passed this regulation that now all the beet sugar has to be GML unfortunately so now we have the corn the GMO corn sugar which acts like a pesticide and then we got the beet sugar you see the problem oh my gosh okay so here’s the other thing I’m going to teach you whey protein whey protein stimulates insulin a pretty-pretty majorly like on the insulin scale it’s like 71 so egg white protein stimulates insulin but egg yolks hardly at all so here’s the interesting point the point is this let me just pull this up right here so you know there’s there’s great articles out there on the insulin index but you got to pay for them there rent them I don’t know why so I had to buy this article and I actually read it and I actually really read it and studied it because I looked up probably maybe 9 to 10 or more words on every single page and it looked them up to make sure that it was comprehending and digesting and it wasn’t just reading the summary like a lot of people do because I wanted to really get this but I actually typed out an insulin scale okay and what I want to share with you is this fat does not stimulate insulin hardly at all it’s very low butter being very low olive oil being very low olives low coconut oil is low heavy cream is low okay bacon is really low why because bacon is mostly fat okay so apparently the more concentrated protein is the more concentrated the protein powder is the leaner than meets the low fat the meat or the product the more that insulin spikes Wow Wow so these people that are going to the store buying low fat protein low fat carbs low fat fat all right now low fat um actually just fat with with sugar oh my gosh they are setting themselves up for getting in some resistance okay now I’m just kind of increasing your awareness because we’re going to build on this so we knew about the sugars now there’s certain proteins so if you take the egg white and egg yolk and combine them you can lower the insulin index okay but nuts the nut that is delete the lowest on the insulin index is pee cons then you get macadamia nuts and the avocados sour cream bacon peanut butter so these are all really really low but if you start going leader lean meats low-fat goes higher higher and higher and higher and higher fascinating okay so that’s one thing okay so let me show you couple other things okay amino acids that’s protein Peter concentrated proteins whey protein isolates like like the soy protein isolates that are a lot of diet shakes have high insulin triggering response verses proteins with more fat so full fat yogurt Greek yogurt is way better than that free yogurt whey protein um is not as good as whole milk cheese lean meat is not as good as value me and I kind of you can say have this reverse but you can see the point there okay so now when we add sugar to protein like in barbecue breaded meat burger with bun burgers with fries burgers with soda burger with ketchup you’re really just spiking that in some way way up there okay so I have a list here and you can see pecans are really low butters really level avocados Bacon’s pretty low peanut butters below egg yolks are pretty good the whole egg but look at egg whites 55% amazing Wow bananas way up there fat free pretzels way up there holy bread oh my goodness look at how high that is white bread baked beans sweetened yogurt potatoes jelly beans look at this these are all the things that people think I should be eating oh my goodness okay alright so now I want to get into something else if we’re trying to get rid of insulin resistance we’re trying to heal it we’re trying to get your body to recover from inside what caused it the first place was sustained eating and snacking because here’s the here’s the other other thing that insulin resistance can be I’m sorry here’s something else that will trigger insulin that you might not think just basically general digestion so there’s hormones in your your stomach that trigger insulin okay so basically every time you eat there’s going to be some spike in insulin that’s what I’m trying to communicate but very poorly of course so if we look at this right here we got the breakfast we got the spike of insulin we got the snack we got the lunch without the snack we’ve got the general got the snack and then at night you if you graze you pretty much will never ever get rid of insulin resistance okay pre-diabetes you won’t get rid of it you’re not getting rid of your stomach so why because what we have to do as a technique is we have to get more recovery between the meals we have to do a little bit of intermittent fasting so the first thing I want you to do is not snack between the meals okay now if you have a hard time doing that that just means that you have insulin resistance we have to work on that because you should be able to go from one meal to the next without craving or getting excessively hungry okay so this would be the first step just do three meals because look at you’ll get a little dip in insulin reduction between breakfast and dinner and between lunch and dinner and then after when you’re sleeping okay so that’s a really good thing but if you if you’re not hungry in the morning and you’re only hungry let’s say at 12 then go for just eating two meals a day and I’m not trying to do this to cut calories all I’m trying to do is to heal the insulin resistance that is keeping your setpoint completely fixated okay so we want time for your body to recover and heal and if you’re constantly eating it’s not going to work okay so two meals is great if you can’t do that then do three okay but what I’m going to suggest is if you’re having a hard time going from one meal to the next add a little fat to that meal and it’s not because that necessarily dissolves fat or burns fat it’s just going to get get you to be able to sustain your hunger a lot better and fat does not trigger insulin so it’s a safe food and it does not cause any heart problems and I don’t want to get into a too right now but if you are concerned about cholesterol and heart please watch my videos and cholesterol because I explained it thoroughly it’s not the cholesterol or fat that causes heart attacks strokes or high cholesterol it’s the sugar okay that’s what’s converted all right now so you got that so we talked about sugars proteins we talked about snacking between meals all of that messes you up but there’s something else that causes insulin resistance and that is high cortisol levels okay high cortisol levels now cortisol is a stress hormone let me show you see if I could find it right here okay this is another book my favorite Sybil okay so in here it talks about cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone it’s part of the adrenal body type which just like right here so check this out cortisol increases glucose output okay so stress that triggers cortisol increases glucose so you don’t end up Sara Lee have to be eating anything or doing anything you go through stress and your glucose goes up okay when the glucose goes up the insulin will go up so cortisol induces diabetes Horsell induces insulin resistance I have a very good friend he had an injection of a prednisone shot developed diabetes and he’s just been struggling ever since so here’s the here’s the thing sometimes your friends don’t comply with my advice for us they could they could overcome it because he just can’t give it up but the point is this insulin lowers sugar cortisol raises it so when you see this belly fat right here that is that causes so cortisol causes this what it’s doing it’s causing insulin so it’s cortisol is indirectly raising insulin that’s making the belly fat that belly fat all the fat in your belly is controlled by insulin but cortisol just one of the triggers okay so that’s an insulin belly and what happens is that co
rtisol just happens to be one of the triggers so on the scale of insulin index that is a big one okay so because I want to talk about cortisol for just a little bit I wanna let me just go ahead and switch it to the slides again okay cortisol can cause diabetes because it’s constantly turning turning on your body to make sugar raising insulin and this is the reason for the belly fat now there is a difference between the visceral fat okay in the superficial fat on your belly all that visceral fat the fat around your organs the fat around your heart the fat around your kidneys the fat in and around your liver the back fat the fat over that surrounds the organ come from insulin it’s insulin derived but the superficial fat is different it’s estrogen derived and that’s why you see women that have like in this extra layer of fat than men like men don’t have as much but men do have that when a male body gets the superficial fat what’s happening the estrogen is going up and the testosterone is going down that’s why they get the man boobs right so the superficial fat is the same thing with the breast tissue and that is estrogen estrogen inhibits testosterone so in a male body this is not good okay but that’s I just wanted to point out the difference between the two and you know if you if you if you’re if you don’t have a lot of this work that maybe you just have some superficial fat then what we need to do is we need to address the estrogen piece okay so I just want to talk about the adrenal body type okay because many many people this is the most common adrenal body type and I want to cover some important data on this the adrenal glands are the stress gland of the body sit on top of the kidney they create various symptoms excessive thinking you know tired eyes the need for coffee in the morning can’t wake up fatigue dispersed multitasking but not can’t focus on any one thing for any period of time low stress tolerance decrease libido that’s this little fence down here in the left lower corner high blood pressure ah that’s a inhaler asthma allergies diabetes it’s a pinprick on the finger acne sleep apnea leg cramps LP Shore hair loss brain fog hot flashes facial hair the need to go to the bathroom frequently sinus swollen legs cravings for mainly salt uh breads and chocolate okay also they get loose skin and by the way that loose skin is being converted into sugar by the way loss of memory and concentration out of breath climbing stairs a digestive problem because when you’re in stress mode you don’t digest like you should heartburn acid reflux GERD and irritability especially when with people that are low calm like low I um I guess it’s like incompetent people people that are slow Oh stupid people you just they get on your nerves easily and also the need to take a nap after you eat and that’s because of the spike in sugar and insulin okay I just showed you this book right here but right up here it talks about increased glucose output and increases insulin so Wow interesting okay so it messes with your body cause osteoporosis a buffalo home so this cortisol is being pumped out so here’s the thing the interesting thing about the adrenals is that they don’t have an off switch no they don’t and what caused the adrenal gland to get stuck on and pump out cortisol is the accumulation of stress and I want to just show you something because all stress accumulates the old stuff accumulates especially as relate related to your eating I’m sorry related to when you started gaining weight because take a look at how many people have started gaining weight when they’re after a pregnancy hysterectomy menopause after some change in hormonal shift after a loss of level and injury why is that because of stress activates cortisol and increases insulin they develop insulin resistance from the cortisol interesting so if you just fix the cortisol that you don’t fix the insulin resistance you may not get better okay so the point is that all your stress accumulates in your body so that’s why it’s important to get a history of all the past stuff that happened to you okay I have a machine that measures the stress in your body and it’s interesting because I can I can actually see and even tell you what you what you feel based on this graph this person will wake up on the top you can see that they’re just totally jacked up completely wired for sound they’re probably they’re mine is racing a mile a minute and they just can’t wind down but this person down here has very low recovery because the recovery should be all the way to the right so the tall dial should be straight up and down in the small dial should be all the way to the right so when someone has very low recovery they don’t tolerate stress there it didn’t sleep that well okay they have a high degree of overwhelm okay all right so if we look at the causes of insulin resistance we know the higher sugars will do it we know lean proteins will do it especially the concentrated whey protein and combination so protein sugar will do it lots of snacking and frequent eating will do it msg and cortisol those are the main factors okay the insulin is a dominating hormone so even if you’re exercising and eating good if that insulin is still high from insulin resistance you’re not losing any weight because it inactivates all other hormones and this is why people you know they try to overcompensate with exercise exercise is not going to work if you haven’t some resistance just try it see how much weight you lose okay cortisol also is a dominating hormone so in the presence of stress it really is hard for anything else to activate so we really it really boils down to two things stress and sugar and eating too frequent okay let’s just I’m going to get into now some solutions okay number one sleep why because sleep reduces cortisol sleep reduces insulin resistance if you’re not sleeping you’re going to be more hungry and you’re going to want more sweets so it’s a really really key factor okay now I developed a tool to help people sleep it’s very cool I want to show you I’ll show you how to calm one right here okay so this is a little tool that I have right here this is an um this is developed by my hand there are certain acupressure points on your body that release stress and there’s one right in the back of the neck right here and you can sit back on your couch or a tall back chair and sit back and hit those points I do this every night before I go to bed two minutes out cold because it hits these two points these two points if you’re if you know anything about anatomy physiology are called the parasympathetic points it’s right by the brainstem it triggers a relaxation these are the sleep points back here and there’s about actually where is it I have a little booklet with all the maneuvers there’s about 15 different maneuvers that you can do with that tool and it’s basically designed to help extract stress from the body so you can sleep better it’s wonderful okay so that’s one of the techniques that I personally use to sleep okay now let me just get back to this one thing here okay okay so this is one technique there’s many other techniques number two exercise exercise greatly helps insulin resistance exercise also can help a hike or so if it’s low intensity but the key with exercises you must make sure you don’t over train because you’re going to trigger cortisol but if you’re not exercising you need to start because that will help insulin resistance okay but go like that first okay zero sugars now um this is a this is the big one because the purpose of fat check the sound the purpose of fat every time I click off it goes way back okay here’s the thing the purpose of fat is to protect you against the starvation of sugar okay so it’s a backup fuel for sugar so in order to tap in the fat we must bring sugar down to zero okay so if we’re doing a low carb it might not be zero low carb just has enough in sugar to keep instant high because remember it’s only the lack of insulin that does this so we have to go ultra low so now we’re going to take away something from you and you’re not going to like that so we have to substitute it with so
mething that’s why I created this book right here this is a really good book that shows you recipes and brownies I have a lot more in my adrenal portal membership site which I’ll explain in a bit but these are amazing recipes that allow you to consume the foods you like but with no sugar these are the good recipes there’s eighteen of them this is a good one right here bread and also the cookie and the peanut butter cup one so what I suggest you do and I do this I take a certain type of chocolate that’s that has no sugar and I put it with certain salted roasted seeds or nuts like sunflower seeds or pistachios or enough or almonds and I’ll put it in the freezer and then I will just consume this right after the meal not in between the meal but right after as a little bit of a snack now I don’t need that anymore but that was something that I did in the past and I do it occasionally just a little bit but that’s something you can do because that way we don’t have to anything away from you you can just add to it okay so there are solutions so you don’t have to feel deprived alright and you can eat things and as you transition to this if you had a recipe for a chocolate cake for example you probably be happy so if you had a recipe to substitute anything like even ice cream then you’d be happy so that’s what we want to do is to give you some ingredients but it’s going to be a little bit more fatty ingredients but it tastes really good so I show you how to make those as well okay so now let me get back to the slides all right okay hidden sugars fruits grains including oatmeal yogurt especially even plain because it has like ten grams of sugar it’s too much alcohol starches I’m sorry look at an apple has 19 grams of sugar give me a break it’s like eating a candy bar yeah we can – the fiber but we still have way too much sugar okay so apples a nice to recommend them but not any more why because if you have stubborn weight you’re going to have to give up apples right now I’m sorry okay here are some just pictures of some of the substitute foods now all of these foods are loaded with fat and no sugar okay so you get the you get the pleasure you get the sustaining from one meal to the next and you get no insulin secretion so it’s really cool okay now number five one of the things that you must do is increase your potassium if you’re going to reduce both cortisol and insulin okay and potassium will do it they will help you but the problem is you need 47 hundred milligrams a day and that’s a lot so that would eat that would be like having ten bananas or five avocados that’s almost impossible so what are we going to do we’re going to get it from our greens okay so one ounce equals let’s see one ounce of salad equals one cup so we need about seven to ten cups of vegetable or salad every single day okay you what you’re looking at is the size of my salad of course it’s hard to hard to see this but it’s really not that hard it’s like a fluffy salad set in the ten cups I have a big salad for lunch big one for dinner I might blend kale with water and I’ll put a little of mine instant Cal shake and make it taste better but the point is you can drink your salad or consume it but we need to increase the salad for two reasons one is the potassium and number two is to keep the liver free of fat because we’re going to be dumping a lot of fat through your body because you’re going to lose weight and the last thing I want to do is have you end up with a fatty liver and this is writing guidance physiology where he talks about one of the problems with reducing glucose is that it can cause a fatty liver effect of insulin lack of lack on causing a fire liver so that’s why the amount of vegetables that you eat is really really really important okay seven to ten cups every single day okay number six if you’re not hungry for breakfast then make your lunch your breakfast but this is what I consume for breakfast this is what I did for eggs avocado but guess what I barely have a dinner so I really have like two and a half miles but this gets me by and I can go from one meal to the next I can probably go all the way until two o’clock if I need to without any problem at all I’m adding the fat in there to improve the sustainability now if you’re a guy weigh 201 pounds right if you are smaller just eat less you don’t have to have that much but it’s very important to have the protein breakfast because then it sets your blood sugars in a good place for the rest of the day and also the fat buffers some of this protein that you know I just love egg yolk and bacon and avocado I just dig that okay number seven intermittent fasting two to three meals per day no snacking add more fat per meal if you are hungry so you just keep adjusting it right listen our bodies I don’t know whoever came up with we need three meals a day or six meals a day it’s not natural to have eat that often it’s much better to have less meals and just see a little bit more until you’re satisfied but your but you want to be living off your own fat okay so you say well what if I skip a meal what am i eating well one of your meal is your own fat on your body isn’t that the goal so you might initially feel a little kind of empty but that’s okay you know as long as you’re not too hungry okay apple cider vinegar is really good to reverse insulin resistance so I would recommend you can even take it in pill form I have it on my website or you can drink it take two tablespoons in a glass of water and drink it with your meal and you’re going to see some really cool effects also episode of vinegar into plot gets rid of fat on your liver additional small things lowering your estrogen to are lowering high estrogen because high estrogen can also increase insulin like like I said the birth control pills you know sediment helps a little bit and increasing fiber does help as well okay so I have a question for you are you willing to make these changes is two of whelming if it is that’s fine take it on a gradient just do what you can and work up to it I just wanted to give you some really good solutions because some of you already are doing a lot of the things but you might not be doing some of the things I’m talking about okay so for a lot of you you need a little bit more help okay you need a little bit more solution so plan a come to my office and let us evaluate you and you might be in other parts of the country this might be very difficult so there is a plan B and Plan B is my adrenal body type exclusive membership site let me explain what this site is this is an awesome site because what I did is like I actually have two goals I fixed your lifestyle habits and I fixed the inside of your body many people have a lot of additional problems that go way beyond just the weight they have digestive problems and sleep problems hormone problems thyroid problems um they got arthritis they got high blood pressure they get diabetes they get all these other issues right well we need to get you healthy so you don’t have those issues that’s getting healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy this is what it looks like there are over a hundred and fifty eight videos that are in this portal and this membership site and it’s sectioned out into categories one thing at a time so I give you step-by-step things to implement and I ate you along the way and then I give you all the barriers and solutions like like temptation social eating what do I eat when I go to a restaurant at all that and then I get into substitute pleasure food recipes and most ninety percent of all the data here is not on YouTube is not on my website is just on this portal so I also give you a tremendous amount of additional great substitute recipes like a chocolate cake chocolate seeds all these great things now and they’re in video for video most of them are video format then we get into the body problems so if you have a certain condition fibromyalgia back pain neck pain let’s say you have high blood pressure whatever I show you what to do to fix it okay and then real-life case studies I show you my technology of how I evaluate people then I give you real live example
s of people just like you that have similar problems in what we did to them and how it worked out okay and then the other thing that I have is advanced techniques this is where we show you how to do advanced acupressure techniques on the adrenal on the thyroid on the ovaries and this is where I mean that alone is worth way more than what I charge for this which is 36 hours a month or 18 dollars a month if you want to go here lean but the point is that in this portal you will have all of the solutions to be able to handle just about any body problem that you have and the goal is to get you healthy and what I mean by that is the great digestion perfect sleep lots of energy no heavy period no inflammation no stiffness and no extra weight okay and then I give you a lot of other bonuses now so you get access to the advanced techniques to fix all the body problems including the adrenal you get access to me personally I answer all your questions I’m on this portal several times a day and you’ll see a lot of success stories that everyone is very very happy I have very few people that ask for a refund and we give it with it you know 30 day refund and I have most people upgrade for a year because of the amount of service that they get and you get access to me so if you have questions I answer them personally and I can do that for right now but as we grow there will be probably less and less of that I not only show you what to eat and give you charts and everything I should give you an understanding of why you should eat certain things okay it’s targeting address the other bottom type problems that stop weight loss and stop your health from improving and also the members get a lot of strategies to make sure you stick to it live examples 158 videos and then here’s a question what does it cost it’s not $2.99 $1.99 it’s not even 99 bucks it’s 39 bucks a month so it’s really cheap or most people get in eighteen dollars a month and they get a year commitment so your pre paying for the whole year but you’re getting access to me all this data and I’m constantly doing Q&A live videos every two weeks okay for all the members so you can ask me personally in front of the group and I’m constantly adding more and more data to this so this is really your portal your access to me it’s the least expensive way to have access to me and to help me teach you bring your body to the next level okay so um full 30-day money-back guarantee okay if you’re not satisfied now if you get this program today if you sign it up there’s two bonuses that I’m going to give you better really cool for free unlimited access to the meal creator software okay so you can actually create all your meals if you’re a vegan or you’re a meteor I actually give you options for different foods plus you get all the recipes so you can generate a weekly meal plan within a minute and you can make it you can create variety so this is a really good tool that you’ll have access to okay plus you will also have access every month to my advanced evaluations software okay this is a very in-depth deep evaluation of your specific problem you take this very lengthy quiz online and pretty much we’re going to ask you every single symptom about that you could possibly have from acid reflux to acne air hunger brain fog polyps depression and listen I create a Saval uation and I programmed into it a certain logic to be able to find the one cause the primary cause to most of your problems and that’s how it’s designed and you’ll have access to this once a month so you can actually run these reports and see what your problem is this is really really cool one of my health coaches will walk you through the results and will give you a report but just think about what I have to do to create this I had to type in every single symptom every single cause I had to type in every all the explanations about what things are so it’s been it’s taken me a long time to break this so I really hope you appreciate it because I think it’s really cool I mean see some symptoms can come from multiple causes and some causes can have multiple symptoms and it’s very confusing because you’re like what do I figure out but we everything out for you so you just need to plug it in press submit and then we can do it here are just a couple success stories I wanted to just read it dear dr. Berg thank you so much for creating this portal it was truly amazing and look forward to the journey I just started it and I’m loving it Dory’s is doing fantastic she’s lost so much weight her whole body is doing better I put her on my website as well first of all thank you my fiance and I had finally found an eating lifestyle we can both file and enjoy awesome thank you for everything you’ve done for me my family I lost 40 pounds together we have lost over a hundred and fifty pounds you have given us so many tools to help us through this process now I want to thank you again that’s from tomandbecky dr. Berg you’re an angel walking on this earth thank you so much for all your wisdom studies and support for all of us healing our bodies I am married to a general surgeon so you can imagine my struggle ten but I always prefer holistic approaches and feel so blessed I found looking forward to watching all your videos and learning more about you god bless you so it just keeps going on and on and on and the content is amazing I put a lot of time into it and I think that you will love it so I’m going to give you a link right now I can figure this out here yeah so the links should be up and you can go to the website and you can choose if you want to do the monthly or the yearly um it’s a I would get the yearly if I were you because you get a whole year it’s only 18 bucks a month okay I mean come on if you can’t invest that in your health like you’re not really committed yet but you need to be but the point is that you got a whole month to see if it’s worth it and I already know it’s going to be worth it because you’re going to it’s going to help you but the portal the membership site is mainly designed to tip to basically get you to be cause over your health so you’re not dependent on me or some other practitioner see my goal used to be I wanted to help lots of people with big health problems but I changed that goal because that’s kind of a stupid goal a better goal that I switched to is I want to help people help themselves with their own bodies and to do that I have to teach you how your body works how to get healthy and you have to learn how to do it so therefore now you have the knowledge and you can control your own body your family your kids and be an example for other people so you know you’re not calling me going I have a zit on my nose what should I take you already know what causes the zits on the nails so that’s really fulfills my purpose of training you and I think you really would love it appreciate it so I suggest give it a chance and try it out and I will see you on the inside because I check it all the time and also the Q&A but I hope you enjoyed this very important presentation and I gave you a lot of great content that you can apply and get well even without the portal but the portal this is the icing on the cake because there is more to learn and I can individually help you with your problems as well so I want to thank you for coming on from this webinar and listening this far because it went on a bit too long I can see that and I will see you on the inside on the portal thank you very much and have a great evening

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Breakthrough ANY Weight Loss Plateau: BEYOND LOW CARBS!

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